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I used to write stories all the time back in high school. Most of them were either fantasy, based on my dreams, or realistic, "what-if" fiction based on my friends.

Once I finish updating all of my existing web sites (to xhtml/css), I plan to get back into writing. I have tons of stories, essays, and (interesting) journal entries I can put online. And poems too.

Did I say poems? I don't mean poems. I hate poems! I mean lyrics. To songs. You can already see some on my Tripecac site. Enjoy. The lyrics. Not the poems. Stupid poems. Poems are for people. Who don't have the attention. Span. To finish. A complete sentence.

1. Journal

Birthday Thoughts 1998 - Text (1998-01-20)
Grad student drudgery. Resolutions.
Birthday Thoughts 1999 - Text (1999-01-20)
Disillusionment. Encounter with an owl.

2. Stories

Most of my fantasy writing was inspired by dreams.

Band in the Land of the Anchovies - MS Word (version 2.0 - 1997-04-14)
This was a play I wrote on vacation in Paris during the summer of 1990. I still need to fix it up a bit (that will be version 2.1) but due to popular demand (ha ha) I'll make it available in its unpolished state.