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Here's a list of web sites that I manage. I created them all from scratch, using strict XHTML and CSS (except where otherwise indicated). Feel free to check out the code via View Source; you can also click on the nocss link in the upper right of each page to see how it looks in a non-CSS browser.

1. Music

I'm very passionate about music, and love collecting, discussing, and creating it.

My Music

I've been making music since I was a kid. The following sites document my various bands and solo efforts. Each site uses a template which provides mp3s, printable album covers, lyrics, and notes for each song and album. The data files are XML. I use XSLT to generate static XHTML files, which I then upload. A makefile coordinates all the work.

Site Pages Description
Tripecac 107 My main "studio" effort. Songs are keyboard-based, sequenced, and edited.
Trex 101 My side effort. This includes practices, improvs, and demos.
IPECAC 41 Two-person band from the 1988-1990.
Anchovies 41 Five-person band from 1989-1994.

Other Music

I host several music-related sites for other bands (and their fans).

Site Pages Description
Julian Cope 67 Unofficial fan site featuring extensive discussion list archives, surveys, and tribute songs (downloadable mp3s).
IPR 37 Unofficial fan site for Independent Project Records. Features my online version of their mail-order catalogs, plus discussion list archives.
Digital Sex 17 Semi-official sites for real bands. Each site contains discussion list archives, cover scans, contact info, and articles sent to me by the bands.
For Against 17
Springhouse 14
Comsat Angels 8 Archives and entry point for my Comsat Angels discussion list.
UNME 34 For amateur musicians, focusing on gear reviews and discussion.

3. Hobbies

I'm not only focused on music. Here are some sites I created about my other interests.

Site Pages Description
Roguelikes 23 Provides starting points for people getting into Roguelike games. Contains reviews, screen shots, downloads, tips, and a discussion list.
Games 9 Focuses on Settlers of Catan, Flight Simulator, and Tolkien-related games. Also lists my favorite games, games I created, and some hardware-related issues.
Travel 5 Focuses on the Pacific Northwest, mostly on Bellingham, WA. Contains lots of contact info, advice, a travel journal, and checklists.
Pets 4 We have guinea pigs! This currently just lists our daily routine and provides helpful links. In the future, I might add my spreadsheet of guinea pig weights.

4. Other

These tend to be tech-based:

Site Pages Description
Issues 2 This "troubleshooting" site currently focuses on a single issue (programming fonts), but will be expanded when I have time.
Search 1 I wrote my own search engine. It's not very fancy. I also let you use Google to search the site.
Contact 1 This is the best way to establish contact with me, since cold-call emails usually go to my junk folder.
Forum varies I also run this phpbb forum, which replaces my old discussion list pages. Most of my sites have a dedicated area on the forum.

5. School

These are hosted at the University of Virginia. See also the links on my School page.

Site Pages Description
My UVa Pages 100+ Info from my grad school classes. Also contains Tea Time hosting tips and school, along with my "Birthday Thoughts".