Tea Time - Hosting Schedule (Summer 1999)

Page Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Summer 1999
  3. Summer 1998

1. Introduction

The previous Tea Time Tsars' hosting schedules were either ugly or nonexistant. I decided to make a "pretty" one, with colors, menus, and prices. The extra data (plus my detailed instructions) helped save me from answering the eternal questions "What should I bring" and "How much should I spend".

2. Summer 1999

We are looking for volunteer Tea Time hosts (either on an individual or group basis) for the remainder of the summer. To volunteer, please email me: (1) the week you'd like to host, (2) your planned menu; and after you host: (3) the amount you spent, and (4) the actual menu. Thank you.

Date Name/Group Menu Expenses
21may99 Liebeherr's group $86
28may99 Norman Ramsey's group $48
04jun99 Jim French's group $60
11jun99 Alf Weaver's group $____
18jun99 Kim, E-Ching, and Susan $____
25jun99 Dave Luebke's group $____
02jul99 Anita Jones's group $____
09jul99 Travis $21
16jul99 Bill Wulf's group $____
30jul99 Rashmi Srinivasa $55
06aug99 Paco and Staff $____
13aug99 Open $____
20aug99 Open $____
27aug99 Open $____

3. Summer 1998

Don't know what to get, or how much to spend?
Well, here's a glimpse of what people did for Tea Time last summer:

Name/Group Menu Expenses
Mike Nahas $35
John Karro $43
Rob Bartholet $78
Bob Zimmerman $48
Steve Geist $50
Rashmi Srinivasa $54
Allison Powell $48
James Gunderson $48
Jonathan Hill $25
Dee Weikle $48
Allison Powell and Mike Nahas $35
Sarah Schwarm $26
Paco and staff $70

When it's your time to host, make sure you check out the Hosting Instructions;
These will tell you how much to spend, where to get food, how and when to set up, etc.