Tea Time

Notes from a Tea Time Tsar

Every Friday afternoon, the UVa Computer Science department has "Tea Time", where a research group or individual brings food and drinks. Sometimes there was a theme (e.g., Mexican).

I was the "Tea Time Tsar" (I refuse to spell it "Czar") for a few months. As the Tsar, I was responsible for coordinating which groups host and when. I also helped with setup and cleanup... if I was around. Usually I wasn't around, since I tend to avoid social events, especially when there's a strict no-alcohol policy. :)

Instead of showing up, I focused on documentation. I created a detailed set of instructions and a colorful (and hopefully useful) hosting schedule. Subsequent Tsars have abandoned my hosting schedule for a web-based signup form, but they are still using my instructions format, so I guess at least some of my hermitic documenting paid off.