This is my web page.

Doncha love that? Every HTML hacker these days has his (yes, I am being sexist) own web page these days (yes, I am being redundant).

(yes, I am starting a second paragraph)

(yes, I am going to make you page down for each paragraph)

info about me, (yes, I am employing bad grammer) please (yes, I know how to spell) see (yes, I am beating this joke into the ground) : (yes, I am still beating it into the ground) (yes, it's also full of parenthetical humor)

(yes, I am lying)

(yes, I am lying right now)

(yes, I know I did not close the bold

(yes, I know I did not close that last parenthetical thingy)

(yes, I know the horse is well dead)

(yes, I am trying to kill time)

(yes, I am trying to be funny, and I am deeply hurt by your lack of laughter or even a grin)

(yes, I know sooner or later a teacher or particularly prudish student will tell me, "Travis, I read your web page - you really need to change it because we want our pages to reflect positively on the department and the university, and those pages are using university resources, after all" or more simply, "Travis, fix your bleepin' web page")

(yes, I know you think I am trying to be witty, but honestly, I'm not!)

(yes, I know you're thinking, "not witty, heh heh")

(yes, I think it's time we bring the parenthetical humor to an end)

(yes, my attention is wandering too)

(yes, I will try to do something unexpected)

(yes, the act of doing something unexpected at this point is expected, just like this very parenthetical expression and the meta-mention of it is expected)

(yes, I will try to type something profound now)

(yes, I mean right now. page down some more)

(yes, I know I broke my rhythm by including two sentences in that last parenthetical thingy)

(yes, it's time to page down)

(page down NOW!)

(no, I'm not gonna say please)

Howdie. Hey, I do have a point with all this. And that point is...


Oh yeah. That I have an interest in psychology and that I have, or would like to think I have, a sense of humor struggling to burst forth.

Yes, that's right, struggling to burst forth...








Okay, by this point I can tell you're either blind or morbidly fascinated by what I have to say. You probably don't think I am funny, but you do get a kick out of the unexpected, and that's why you're down here.

I appreciate the unexpected as well. As long as I have some sort of control over my introduction to it. The act of discovering something beautiful and new (yes, I know you are yawning and itching to get this over with) is quite cool. The act of creating something new is even more rewarding.

Well, I created this page and you discovered it. We should both be happy!

So pat yourself on the back!

Yes, that's the end.

Stop wasting your time and go get some exercise!

Stop wasting time and go get yourself some exercise!

Stop your time wasting and go get exercise!

Stop your wasting of time and go exercise some!

Stop thinking I'm gonna mention Zork!

Go get some exercise!