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Tripalog Goes Live

A couple days ago, I made this blog live.  "Going live" entailed linking to it from the Tripalot home page and some of my other pages.  That's all.  No big fanfare.  No launch party.  I even forgot to post on the blog itself about it.

Well, here I am finally posting about it.  And to be honest, I feel a bit disillusioned when considering the relevance of this blog, or any of my pages or thoughts or creations, to people outside my family.  There's so much competition out there, so many people clamoring for attention.  Most of them probably have more universally useful things to say than I do.  My world is very insular, as I prefer it that way.

Music, tech, travel, myself and my family… my interests don't extend much beyond there.  I'm not interested in current events, social injustice, social observations, or anything people-oriented for that matter.  I'm much more focused on creative output and outdoor activities.  Fun stuff, in other words.  Hobbies.  Productive hobbies.

What path this blog will follow I have no idea.  So far it is has been heavy on music, web development, and introversion.  I assume it will stay that way, as long as there's no external feedback to nudge it in a different direction.  It's not like anyone reads this besides me!  So the blog will likely be just a bunch of notes to myself.  "Oh yeah, that's the day I upgraded to Wordpress 2.3.4."



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