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Tech Updates

I upgraded to Wordpress 3.2.0 today.  This was the first update in years.  Nice to know it still works!

While I'm at it, I might as well catch you up with how the "uber-project" is going.

In 2009 I decided to implement my own blog for sharing photos, videos, and information with my family.   There are daily posts going back to November 2009, when we moved to NZ.  I've also retroactively added pre-2009 vacations and projects.  Posts can have images, videos, and comments.  Image thumbnails automatically expand when you hover over them, which is a feature that I wish Flickr had.  It all works pretty smoothly, and I update it almost every day, but it's private, so is worthless in terms of portfolio.  Anyway, the existence of that blog distracted me from this one, which is why there haven't been updates here in years.

In terms of music projects, Tripecac is inching along slowly.  I gave up on expanding the Triton's sounds and instead switched to soft synths, which required the purchase of a new computer.  Fatherhood has restricted my time dramatically, so I'm not churning out 5+ albums a year like before, but if I can do at least 2, and have some decent songs in there, I'm relatively content.

Trex has recently dominated my time.  I've digitized all the tapes, and am currently working on editing and making CDs of the 2007 recordings.  Once I finish that, I will be almost done; there's only an hour or two of stuff from 2008 and later, plus the possibility of extracting songs from videos.  I look forward to finally finishing the Trex project; hopefully it will be by the end of the year.

I've also updated the CSS for all my web sites.  They are a lot more uniform now, and look more modern.  I still need to normalize their urls and add Web 2.0 features like commenting and RSS feeds, but first need to decide whether to convert them to Wordpress or a similar CMS.  So I'm looking at other sites and researching best practices.

I have an idea for a blog and a podcast, but will need to solidify a plan before moving forward.  And I'd like to finish the Trex project first.  Right now I don't have enough time to move forward on all fronts and still be able to smile at people!

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