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Four Years

Four years ago today I went for a long jog and had a very special encounter.

Right now it's cold. My hands are nearly frozen. It's hard to type. There's snow on the ground outside. Schools were closed all week. The driveway is still icy and slushy. We haven't moved our cars since Saturday. I hope recycling comes tomorrow.

Four years ago I was jogging for 3 or 4 hours and had a thrilling (social) adventure. Today I worked and stayed cooped up in my little office. My only time outside was to take the recycling to the curb. I really hope it gets picked up tomorrow.

Right now it's 8:37 PM. I am in bed, typing, trying to create and capture interesting thoughts. My fingers are cold. My mind is tired. I keep recycling thoughts. No school this week. Keep recycling. Cold.

Four years ago, I recycled step after step for 3 or 4 hours. And I had a nice encounter. A great encounter. Today I am cooped up. Not like 4 years ago. Although I did go outside. To recycle.

So I keep on recycling.

I don't mind though. I like routine.

It's 8:40 PM.

Where is she?