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Wordpress 2.6.3 and Travart

Another update.  Or two.  I think I slept through the last one (2.6.2).  Shame on me!  Everyone knows that the world revolves around Wordpress.  Right?

So I'm wondering if my "uber-project" is doable in Wordpress.  It would let me get started sooner if it were, because I wouldn't have to implement anything.  It's the implementing that has me daunted.  I have a few weeks to make a decision, because right now I'm still working on digitizing my videos.  Once I'm done with that I will have to make a move on the uber-project.

Anyway, if I am to use Wordpress (or any software for that matter), I think I need the following features:

1) photo albums – Some days I took several pictures.  Some trips spanned multiple days.  It would be nice to see photos grouped by day *and* by trip.  This means a photo needs to be in multiple collections.

2) comments – I'd like to give people the ability to comment on individual photos or collections.  Ditto for videos, stories, and songs.  This isn't a must-have, but would let me get rid of my dependence on flickr.

3) category overview – I want to see a visual representation of all the "activity" in certain categories/tags (music, photos, videos, etc.) over a large date range.  For example, if I took lots of pictures in March 1998 and only a couple in April 1998, I want to see the difference immediately.  Ditto for 1998 vs 1999.  If each post is for a single day, and if single days can have varying numbers of photos, then I need to include different types of tags for photos (e.g., "1 photo", "2 photos", "5-10 photos", "100+ photos", etc.)  This can get complex, and goes against how Wordpress was designed.  I might need to find or create a completely different way of embedding quantitative information in posts.

There might be more requirements, but right now I need to go.  Life calls more loudly than Wordpress!