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Still Looking for the Point

Recently I discovered mp3 blogs. Basically, people post mp3s of whatever music tickles them at the time. Most of it is probably illegal-but-harmless. In other words: illegal… but also harmless.

Anyway, I never read their posts. It's boring. I just use FlashGot (a Firefox plugin) to grab all the mp3s on the page, and then cycle through each page of the archives until I've grabbed all the mp3s. Then I find another mp3 blog and "vampire" my way through it.

All those words people type… No one reads them. Just like this blabbering I am doing right now. No one reads it, no one cares. We just want the mp3s. Shut up and give us some mp3s.

So here ya go:

Tripecac – Gimme a Second (MP3, recorded 2006-08-03)

Happy now?