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Blogs Are Stupid

Blogs are stupid. By stupid, I mean they're really stupid.

I hate reading people's blogs. Mine will suck too.

So why create one?

Why bother???

Well, I don't know. I would rather be constructing something atomic (e.g., a song) than just blabbing away about my soap-opera-esque thoughts. Not that my life/routine is mappable to soap opera dramatics/histrionics. Blaa blaa blaa.

You know, there's not a person on earth whose blog I would like to read *except* for people who know me and might talk about me. That's the only reason I would read a blog; to read about myself. Why else would I pay attention to someone else's thoughts.

Okay, I'll amend that idea. The other people's blogs don't have to talk about me, but they do have to talk about things that are "mine". By "mine" I mean things that I feel are closer to me than the average LCD or geek. If you don't know what "LCD" means then "LCD" is not yours. Does that make sense? Not really. Bad sentence. bad paragraph. bad capitalizeation. abd apelling. bad syphins.

Nice, trav. Real nice.

Anyway, my point:

The only reason to write and read a blog is to focus on myself. Therefore, I want to control every bit of info I type. I don't care if anyone reads this, really. Okay, so that makes this whole thing seem like a waste.

Well, it is.

Instead of a blog, what I need is a way to edit my own websites from multiple computers. That way, I can be refining my genuinely valuable efforts rather than blaaaabing away without adding any real value to the world.

Blogs are really really really stupid.

Plan of Attack

So what's the point?

Why create a blog on a 3rd party server like

If I want my words written in stone, I need to control the master files. How do I do that with Blogger?

Some requirements:

1) backup or publish blog entries (and comments) to a computer I control
– e.g.,
– e.g., my local pc

2) be able to turn those entries' files into legible text w/o needing software
– they should be xml
– XSL could turn them into a "full" page

Can Blogger do this? Can any blogging tool?

NOTE: This was originally posted on blogspot.