Travel-Related Music

Over the years, I've recorded so many travel-related songs that it would be daunting to list them all. Many Trex albums were recorded on the road, sometimes while driving. Here is a selection of the most listenable and/or travel-relevant ones.

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Artist Song Length MP3 Recorded Description
Tripecac Paris Medley 5:35 listen mp3 1990-09-0? Inpired by a summer in Paris.
Tripecac Christmas in Cancun 2 3:50 listen mp3 1992-12-25 Bragging about upcoming trip to Cancun.
Tripecac The Raft 3:33 listen mp3 1993-02-26 Rafting trip in West Virginia.
Tripecac Travis and Jon 2:11 listen mp3 1993-0?-?? Most listenable example from Band in the Land of the Anchovies (fantasy travel story).
Tripecac The SS God is Love 2:55 listen mp3 1997-02-28 Trying to sail an old rowboat on Vieques.
Tripecac California Greetings 1:11 listen mp3 1997-04-19 Long business trip to Los Angeles.
Tripecac Dog Street Jam 3:29 listen mp3 2003-10-23 Tries to portray Duke of Gloucester (DOG) Street in Colonial Williamsburg.
Tripecac Destination Snow 4:18 listen mp3 2006-02-02 Getting ready for a ski trip.
Tripecac XC 11:16 listen mp3 2006-02-28 About cross-country skiing.
Tripecac Marathongry 5:45 listen mp3 2007-06-21 Right before a marathon to Canada.
Tripecac Centuride 8:47 listen mp3 2007-07-03 Right before a 100-mile bike ride.
Tripecac Dust Castles 5:00 listen mp3 2010-07-01 Stilted houses we saw on a trip to the beach.
Trex Pleasure Trip 7:29 listen mp3 1988-01-14 Family trip in South Africa.
Trex Itching to Go 4:12 listen mp3 1997-06-2? Last song before my first trip to Alaska.
Trex Autumn Train 4:15 listen mp3 1999-10-05 Last song before my second trip to Alaska.
Trex Days Like These 46:49 listen mp3 2001-06-29 Very long, with music recorded in Bellingham and vocals recorded while driving in Alaska.
Trex Back to the Land 0:28 listen mp3 2001-07-06 Silly song about Canadians.
Trex Gas Station My Salvation 1:06 listen mp3 2001-07-06 Every traveller should recognize this!
Trex Down the Road 1:25 listen mp3 2011-07-14 A driving song.
Trex Alaska 6:13 listen mp3 2002-12-17 All about traveling in Alaska.
Trex Bike Ride 4:00 listen mp3 2007-05-14 Describes our usual bike loop.
Trex Mud Hike 3:44 listen mp3 2007-06-11 About a muddy hiking trip.
Trex Marathon Mic Test 1 2:29 listen mp3 2007-06-15 Getting ready for another marathon.
Trex Preparing for a Trip 9:36 listen mp3 2007-08-07 Before my last big trip in the US.
Trex Third Marathon 4:11 listen mp3 2007-10-01 Yet another marathon.
IPECAC Trek 11:33 listen mp3 1988-06-?? First song I wrote song for IPECAC, later inspired the name "Trex".
Master Anchovies Christmas in Cancun 4:24 listen mp3 1990-03-?? My favorite Anchovies song, completely different from the one I later recorded for Tripecac.
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