Postcards #01

1997-12-06 to 2005-12-01

Trav Sat Dec 6 17:27:37 EST 1997

Hey guys! Welcome to the Springhouse discussion list!

Feel free to post whatever's on your mind!


Anna Mairs Sat Dec 6 22:39:26 EST 1997

~ Travis ~

You never cease to amaze me.... You do so much.

Thanks for the link to this web page.

I've never heard of this band before. I did hear the RealAudio Files and I feel that I would like this band.

Bye the way, I could be your first visitor to this site.

See ya

~ Anna ~

Jack Rabid Tue Dec 9 03:57:28 EST 1997

On behalf of Larry, Mitch, and myself, we would like to express our gratitude to Travis for designing and implementing this page. We can't tell you how exciting it is to open it up and look at it! I've already learned a few things; I had no idea that the on-line stores overseas listed in the merchandise page were carrying our releases!!!!! This was thrilling news indeed. We really, really hope that you enjoy this site, I will ask the other guys and perhaps we will have some things available only on these pages,if there is anything worth doing! And a heartfelt thank you also to anyone who is still enjoying our music, it was made for no other reason than the hope that it would stand the test of time, and we hope it does.Yours--Jack Rabid, Springhouse.

Jack Rabid Tue Dec 9 04:07:01 EST 1997

P.S. Welcome Anna, it is always great to hear from anyone who loves the Comsat Angels! I am proud to have written some of the liner notes on the CD reissues of "Sleep No More" and "Fiction," I think "Sleep No More is one of the greatest pieces of music ever released! And in 1993 Springhouse was covering The Comsats'later nugget "My Mind's Eye" from the LP of the same name on our U.S. "Postcards From the Arctic" tour. In fact, we sent a tape of us doing the song to Steve Fellows, who kindly said he liked our arrangement a lot and might even borrow the "call and response" vocal in the chorus we came up with when the band played the song live themselves, something that he apparently did in fact do, judging from the excellent radio version of the song from 1994 on the Unravelled CD. If so, WOW! If not, we loved playing it just the same, it is an fantastic tune!--Jack Rabid, Springhouse

Chieko Hashimoto Wed Dec 10 13:25:31 EST 1997


At last! Thank you Travis for starting Springhouse web page. This is a perfect present for this season!

I'd like to say hello to all the die-hard Springhouse fans all over the world. And I hope more people get to know their music thru this site and give them feedback.

I'll send my warmest affection to all the members of Springhouse- Mitch, Jack and Larry. Hope against hope you will come out of winter and play again sometime.

- Chieko

Trav Thu Dec 11 18:57:27 EST 1997

Howdie! Glad to see you guys! Thanks for your contributions!

Interesting that Jack mentions the Comsat Angels! If you are interested in that group, check out the Comsat Fellowship, which is their discussion group that I run!

I also have lists for Julian Cope, For Against, Digital Sex, and IPR. To see a list of my sites go to my root page.

Turn some people on to Springhouse!

Jack, you're awesome!

I'd love to hear your "My Mind's Eye" cover! Do you have it on tape? Do you think we could add it to the samples page?


jack rabid Tue Dec 16 14:10:32 EST 1997

Regarding Springhouse's cover of Comsat Angels' "My Mind's Eye": The version we sent to Steve Fellows of that band was actually a tape of us doing it in rehearsal before the Postcards From the Arctic tour. The two times we did it that day are the only versions we have on tape, as we have so few recordings of our 40-odd shows we did on that tour, as what little we had the song wasn't performed that gig. The better of the two versions sadly cuts out 2/3 of the way through, too! But if people want to hear it, I guess I could send it along for uploading, despite the somewhat muddy quality of a two-mike rehearsal room recording! Oh, and by the way, if anyone has any live tapes of Springhouse gigs, please contact me! I collect them, and of course, if I ever find a really killer one, we would like to release one as a live LP one day! Failing that, we could release one we have now and take a cut or two off other tapes, so this is important.Thanks, Jack Rabid, Springhouse

Anna Mairs Wed Dec 17 13:49:27 EST 1997

~ Jack ~

I would love to hear Springhouses's version of 'My Minds Eye'.

It would be so interesting to hear. I wonder how many other bands have covered a Comsat Angels song?

As far as I know Depeche Mode have done 'Gone'. I've never heard this version though.

Wouldn't it be great to get a whole heap of *covered* Comsat Angels material on a CD? Didn't Robert Palmer do something?

~ Anna ~

Trav Mon Dec 22 10:20:11 EST 1997

Hey guys, I added Springhouse to the Ultimate Band List, along with a link to this page!


Jack Rabid Sun Jan 11 02:15:19 EST 1998

In actual fact, about a year ago, I conducted an inventory of my small collection of live tapes of Springhouse, looking to catalog every recording in it of a song that we did not release, whether one of our own or a cover like the Comsats one. It was a project I did not finish, but I got about 2/3rds of the way through, and found a good 40 or 50 of varying quality, some mere fragments of ideas never completed (the sort that Guided By Voices often releases anyway on their records). Some of them were merely Mitch's home portastudio demos of riffs he was working on. In any case, we have firm demos of 13 unreleased originals, and various not so hot quality recordings in our rehearsal studio from 1988-1994 and our live gigs during that period. I have always intended to fashion an LP out of this, for no other reason than I have always regretted that some of the better originals have gone unheard. So I'm not sure what would be best to give to this site, but I promise we will give something here, I like the idea a lot. There will be other news from me soon. Hope to hear from you all out there! Thanks! Jack Rabid, Springhouse

Trav Mon Jan 26 23:21:39 EST 1998

At last we have all the Springhouse lyrics online! Thanks, Chieko! :)

I've had quite a few people email me saying nice things about these pages, and wanting me to build up my IPR pages. To them, I'd like to say thanks, and "soon, people, soon!" :)

I just emerged (a little scathed) from the busiest two weeks of my life, in which web pages, music, friends, even nutrition all had to take a back seat. But now I'm stumbling back, exhausted, my life back in my hands where it belongs.

In the meanwhile, I think it would be interesting to see what everyone's favorite Springhouse songs and albums are!

Take care, everyone, and see you on here again hopefully REALLY soon!


Anna Mairs Wed Jan 28 04:35:55 EST 1998

Travis, Jack, Chieko and everyone else!!!

Guess what I have in my hot little hands??? Ok! You guessed wrong.

I have 'Postcards From The Artic' it's playing now in my CD-ROM. Found it for $18 in a second hand record store. I'll have a listen and I'll get back to you on what I think. : ) I know that I like 'Shattering Cold', 'Alley Park' on the first listen and of course 'Time To Go'. : )

I can hear a slight Chameleon influence in the opening music on Asphalt Angels, well it sounds like something to me. On the song 'Enslave Me' I can hear a definite 'Ride' influence from the Nowhere LP. I hope I haven't offended anyone by saying that. What do you all have to say about that? Overall I like it. That is only on one listen.

One question though, which one of the three on the inside cover is Jack?

I thought Jack was the singer. Jack, is it hard to sing and play the drums at the same time?? : ) Jack what are your favourite tracks?

Well!, maybe that was three questions...


Chieko Hashimoto Mon Feb 2 14:47:23 EST 1998

Hello Anna -

I'm glad you got 'Postcards From the Arctic'. I think your guess on influences are very accurate. You could become a good detective! Try and find 'Land Falls' too. I'd like to know what's your impression on this album.

My favourite tracks on 'Postcards..'are.. 'Ghosts','worthless','Misjudgment','Time to Go','Shattering Cold', 'the Light'. Well, almost all of them!

How about everyone else?

- Chieko

Paul D Tue Feb 3 01:24:24 EST 1998

Hi all,

I should listen to alot of my old records and CDs more, Springhouse included. Asphalt Angels has always been a favorite of mine. Okay, time to reload the CD player...Springhouse, For Against, Half String, Medicine, and Savage Republic. There, that'll do!!

Trav Thu Feb 5 11:29:58 EST 1998

The Postcards picture is really low-fi, but I think Jack is in the middle in the red shirt. For a better (though somewhat goofy) picture of him see: Jack sings on a song or two on each album.

Hey, does Medicine sound a lot like Fourwaycross? I really dig 4WC!

Eskimo rules! :)


Paul D Fri Feb 6 01:51:03 EST 1998


Does Medicine sound like Fourwaycross? Well, certainly there are similarities with Beth singing in both bands. Also the guitar swelling soundsation, as I like to describe it, is also a similarity. Medicine has more white noise and piercing guitar feedback as well, plus Brad's vocals and a slightly thicker bass sound at times. Recordings by both bands are well worth buying. Medicine can be found in most stores and some Fourwaycross material is still available from IPR mailorder.

Anyway, there was a remixed or rerecorded version of Asphalt Angels that was absolutely gorgeous. Was it ever released? If so, where?


Bob Crain Sun Mar 8 11:45:50 EST 1998

Wow! One of my favorite bands lives on, on the Internet. Why should I be so surprized? Just the other day, I was thinking about whether people still listened to and enjoyed Springhouse. One of the first shows I caught when I moved to Virginia in the early nineties at the old 9:30 club in Washington D.C. was Springhouse (I don't remember the other band, probably Strange Boutique or some other D.C. soundmongers).

Having listened a lot to the Chameleons when I lived back in Phoenix, I immediately sparked on Springhouse's huge similarity and tribute to the Chameleons in the massive guitar sound of Mitch Friedland. The awesome fretless bass playing of Larry Heinemann struck me as so original for their kind of passionate pop music, with Jack Rabid's drumming the perfect counterpart, solid and flowing. It was sad to see them split up (inevitably, as Jack's editorials in "The Big Takeover" made it plain).

It is great to hear that Jack is compiling an outtakes/demos/live collection. I have some old Walkman tapes of one or two of their 9:30 shows (but not of them playing on the Mark Burgess tour, unfortunately). I'll dig the the tapes out and send them along to Jack.

Finally, to close this first and long post, I was really excited to see a mention of Jack's new group in the latest BT. Let's hear some details soon, OK? Is Jack playing guitar in the group? Who else is in it? What style are they working with? I can't wait!

Jack Rabid Wed Mar 11 03:36:47 EST 1998

The 3 of us used to laugh when reviewers said we were influenced by the great U.K. "dreampop" bands such as Ride, as we recorded the majority of Land Falls in January 1989, before any of those bands had records! We thought we were being brave souls striking out in territory few others were working in! But those reviews were kind, so we couldn't complain. We did play with Ride at Maxwells in 1991, but they had no influence on us, other than liking the same 60s bands as them (beatles and byrds, etc.). We had a lot of 60s stuff in us, some of which was rarely documented in the press. Mitch loved the 60s brit folkies such as bert jansch, john martyn, nick drake (who has since come into fashion), fairport convention, and ralph mctell, it was a huge place his furious picking of his instrument came from, and it is one of the reasons he opted to play a vinyl-stringed classical guitar in the first place, to get those fast tones that go back to old leadbelly and Missippi John Hurt and Jimmie Rodgers records 60 years ago. That and because we wanted to try something new. We did know out share of early 80s U.S. post-punk bands (we used to cover Salvation Army live) and U.K. neo-psychedelic folks, not only the chameleons but comsat angels, sound, cure, echo & the bunnymen, etc. and we love old soul and motown (see the snatch in "eyesore."). we were always compared with whatever atmosphetic sound of the moment but we always tried to give out music a great deal of depth in the composition to match the music buyers we are. thanks this is fun--jack rabid

Jack Rabid Sat Mar 14 23:53:49 EST 1998

Whoops, sorry about posting the same thing twice, [fixed -- Trav] In response to another post, I am wholy unaware of any other mix or version of "Asphalt Angels." If there is one, no one ever told us! Considering how closely we worked with Joe C. on that LP, I'd be surprised. But nothing is impossible, I have found out! Artists sometimes are the last to know! And as for the picture of us mentioned from the postcards cd with me in red, that was taken in front of the Toronto Lee's Palace club by our roadie Mark Lamphert on the Land Falls tour, July 28, 1991. We picked it because we loved the cartoons on the walls behind us, we are posing around a Land Falls poster in the club window, and most of all, you see the affection we had/have for each other with Larry's head on my shoulder like that. Unlike all the "professional" shots we sat for, we felt that captured us in our natural state. Also, for those who have it, that's coincidentally the same brash red shirt I wore during the photo session for our one Rolling Stone article! Trivial yes, but I miss that shirt! I can't find it! Lastly, Check this space, we may have an annoucement of note soon!

Bob Crain Mon Apr 6 20:53:12 EDT 1998

Gang, here is some great news. In an email from Jack, he told me that he, Larry, and Mitch have decided to reform and record a new Springhouse album! Gigs are not planned, but they are such good friends and enjoy making music together so much that they are doing it for fun. Jack's NEW group (still unnamed as far as I know) is in the stages of auditioning a singer, but will be juggled with his already herculean Big Takeover and reformed Springhouse schedule (as well as a life, which I'm happy to hear he actually has!).

While I'm sure the former high standards of Springhouse will still be there, they are reforming in a less pressurized atmosphere than their major-indie label days and are taking in as it comes. I believe they have already done some acoustic practices, and their first band practice will be in a few weeks, with recording of the new album to begin on May 8. They will be cutting some Springhouse material that never made it on the original releases, as well as new songs(!).

There couldn't be better news for those of us who loved and were inspired by their incredible music.

Trav Tue Apr 21 10:15:04 EDT 1998

Hey guys! The great news is verified!!!

Jack wrote up a nice long article all about the band's regrouping! You can check it out on the Correspondence page...



Mark Suppanz Tue Apr 21 23:26:58 EDT 1998

Whoa. I hadn't checked this site in 2 months, and on the day I decide to check to see what's new, I find out that Springhouse has reformed!!! (Hmmmm...could this have been a psychic connection?) Great news!!! I first heard of Springhouse back in the early 90's when I lived in NJ (based on a review in Alternative Press and a song I heard on the radio---WHTG, I think), but didn't "get into" them until after I moved to CA ('93-'94, maybe?) and they had already broken up! So this is an especially exciting development! It's always fun to hear Jack talk about playing in Springhouse, because his enthusiasm comes thru so loud and clear, that I wind up feeling just as thrilled and happy as he does. I can't wait to hear the new songs! I always include a Springhouse song on every set of mixed tapes I send to fact, I had my friend Carol rewinding thru a set of tapes tonight to find "Time To Go" after I told her the news! (a "Springhouse" moment!) BTW...great job Travis, on the website!

Jonathan Wed Apr 22 08:47:17 EDT 1998

I can't believe it--!!! I was feeling really dried up, with a lot of my favorite bands drifting apart/breaking up/silent (New Order, My Bloody Valentine, Lush) and now Springhouse HAS GOTTEN BACK TOGETHER--!!! Incroyable . . . can't wait to hear the new stuff.

[I first heard Springhouse introduced on WHFS (before they went to the shitty "modern rock" format) and bought just about everything they produced afterwards . . . played the video from their first album LOUD in my college dorm a lot in order to make other proselytes . . . saw them on tour at the "old" 9:30 club in DC . . . in fact, I wore my Springhouse t-shirt and ran into the band on the street before hand, who were surprised anyone even knew who they were . . . so my friend Noriko and I were invited backstage for a beer--WOW!]

Andy Kellman Sat Apr 25 00:39:18 EDT 1998

[posted by Travis]

i was pleased as punch to find out that the mighty new york trio springhouse have reformed! for those of you not aware, they were around from the late '80s to '94 and put out some great records.

the catherine wheel tie-in (or catapult whelt as an italian simple minds fan might call them) is that springhouse's jack rabid has been probably the biggest single supporter of cw since the very beginning. he's published a fantastic magazine, the big takeover, for nearly 20 years now and has covered the boys many many times. he's turned me on to countless bands. also, those who liked cw's early style should appreciate them. totally phenomenal band, and a damn welcomed reformation. i imagine there are some fans of the band on this list, so i hope this mail makes a couple of you half as happy as i am.

a lengthy and informative message from jack himself can be found [on the Correspondence page].


Larry Heinemann Sun Apr 26 00:01:40 EDT 1998

Travis., I am an ironically late arrival to this webpage but, I just want to thank you for all your hard work on this - its truly amazing and I am very moved by the time, energy and love you've put into it! Seeing the posts from yourself and other supporters of the music we've created has really inspired me and I hope that we can do your enthusiasm justice with the new project that we have brewing. So far, the process has been very promising and I hope you all will let us know what you think of the results! Again, much obliged - it's nice to know our work was not created in a vacuum.

Larry Heinemann

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Richard Bensam Fri May 8 02:40:29 EDT 1998

On Thursday evening, I was privileged to attend a final rehearsal by the newly-reformed Springhouse prior to their heading off to the studio to begin recording their new material. I was only present for the last half-hour of the rehearsal; I didn't want to take the risk that my arrival might interfere with their practice, so I arranged to show up just as they were finishing...but still showed up earlier than planned because I just couldn't resist a chance to hear the new songs! Anyway, I'm delighted to report that Mitch, Larry, and Jack are none the worse for their four-year separation; I saw exactly the same group rapport and musical synergy that I witnessed during countless rehearsals during the writing of "Postcards From The Arctic" and the subsequent tours. Far from feeling like four years had gone by, it was almost as if no time at all had passed, as far as the three of them meshing together was concerned. The new songs are indeed different from the old Springhouse tracks -- my subjective impression was that more of the band's Sixties influences were showing. (At one point Larry played a bass line which strongly reminded me of Thunderclap Newman's "Something In The Air.") Mitch's playing in particular has definitely evolved. His tunings and chord structures are even more esoteric :-) and he was playing more intricate figures than he used to. Maybe the John Martyn influence showing through at last? The brighter sound from the Guild acoustic he now uses also contributed to a changed sound for the group. Early days yet, but I'm eager to hear the finished tapes...and very hopeful that this will lead to more work together...

(former Springhouse guitar tuner and rust repairer)

Trav Sat May 9 01:58:34 EDT 1998

Wow, Richard, thanks for the behind-the-scenes look!

And it's great to hear from Larry! :)

Gosh, it's weird (and terrific) having the band alive and breathing again!

Trav, still trying to figure out what old Egyptian Post Cards have to do with Springhouse...

Richard Bensam Sun May 10 01:49:11 EDT 1998

My pleasure, Trav -- in fact, it was this web site which led to my presence at that rehearsal, so it's only fitting that I share what I saw with everyone here.

But if you want real "behind the scenes" stuff...well, I could tell you some stories! What Mitch's lyrics really mean...Jack's bizarre sexual fetishes...the drunken revelry at Larry's bachelor party...the infamous "topless" rehearsal session in 1993...a sordid morass of debauchery and depravity. Unfortunately, they all know where I live, so I can't divulge these stories in public...


jonathan Mon May 11 08:36:52 EDT 1998


Just in case you were wondering, I think the title of the album currently being recorded by the Boyz is going to be "Postcards from the Nile." That's the connection (natch!).


Trav Mon May 11 09:33:22 EDT 1998

Man, I feel so dense! "Postcards", I get it...



Erich Heinemann Mon May 11 21:37:30 EDT 1998


Just wanted to drop a line to say that I'm surprised and delighted to see this website -- I once entertained the idea of building a Springhouse website, and now -- I DON'T HAVE TO! (It probably wouldn't have been appropriate for me to have built this site anyway, even if I am one of Larry's biggest fans ;-)

Keep up the good work!

(Larry's brother)

Jack Rabid Tue May 12 02:05:22 EDT 1998

Hello folks, i am here to report that the recording session three days ago went extremely well!!! The three of us were so excited in the car coming back home late at night we could barely contain it. Richard is right, we seemed to have gone back effortlessly to our former comraderie, in fact it is even better now, much like the 1994 tour when we first came out of retirement--it's the same good things, and none of the bad ones that came with the pressures of being a signed band with lots of debts and worries and external/internal pressure. (and i enjoyed richard's post about our final rehearsal prior to recordings--thanks rich, and yes we know where you live, and if you didn't know where WE live we'd return fire!). We traveled out to a studio 90 minutes from here in NY, out by the Pennsylvanian border, Mixalidian (sp.?), and worked with an incredible engineer (lovely man, too) named Don (last name, Larry?). Fantastic 24 track studio, really large and warm sounding, and it was in the country next to horses and deer (saw one). We recorded the backing tracks for eight songs, one of which, "Rescue Work" we did in one take, something we never did before! But we were so knocked out by the spirit and crazy energy of this take (almost a happy accident) that we just decided no other take was needed! It is a small miracle to finish the backing tracks all in one day, yikes! It took us a week last time, on Postcards. I tell you, producing ourselves really made this enjoyable, as predicted, and Larry has a really positive way of getting the best take out of the three of us when we are all trying so hard. It means a lot, you feel so much pressure, knowing this is your one chance to define Mitch's song. Work starts on other instruments, and vocals soon back at Larry's studio. This is really something. After six years since we recorded last, the thrill is truly in the air for us three, and we thank you again for the kind words on this site towards that small and happy minor miracle.

anonymous Tue May 12 23:06:21 EDT 1998

Ooops, hit the post button too soon! [fixed -- Trav] This is so cool to hear about how well the session went, Jack. I'm glad to hear that acoustic guitar will still be a part of the new Springhouse sound. Richard, you lucky duck.

Scotty Tue May 19 12:57:37 EDT 1998

Hi Scotty,

Guess what---school will soon be out and a busy summer will be on your way. May you have lots of fun! :-)...this is a smiley face.

Do you have any extra fun things to do this summer? I bet you go swimming?

Enjoy...your friend, Mary

Wayne Guskind Wed May 20 00:38:10 EDT 1998

Hello to all:

What exciting news.

Springhouse is back.

I am happy for everyone, and am hoping all the continued artistic success.

Just thinking back on all the wonderful Springhouse memories ...

... Having Chinese food with the guys at Jack's apt. prior to opening for the Kitchens at CBGB's. The band was a bit nervous that night.

Also, thanks TXE for this wonderful forum.

Be good.

All for now.

Wayne Guskind

Jack Rabid Sat May 23 04:10:43 EDT 1998

Recording on the new LP still proceeding. Today Mitch worked all day on additional guitar parts to a few of the songs, much as he did all day one day last week. I stopped by near the end to watch him go at it as Larry's direction, and Larry was kind enough to play me the augmented versions after all their work. It's really coming together. It's always interesting to hear all the pieces being added and how a track gets more and more fleshed out, long before you even add the vocals.

Thanks for the memories, Wayne. If we were nervous before we played with Kitchens of Distinction 7 years ago, it sure is a testament of how much all three of us admired them at that time--that was the Strange Free World tour for them. What I remember about that show is not our our own performance, but theirs. I am sure Mitch and Larry would say the same thing. That was an honor and a privledge to be warm up act for such a rare, unique, and impassioned group at their peak, and hopefully we were up to that honor.

Dan Ballek Fri Jun 19 17:54:50 EDT 1998

Well, I finally stumbled upon this place, and am glad to see a few familiar names from other discussions/sites here as well (Hi Anna, Travis, Andy!). I guess I've been spending too much time at the CIA for Kids page.

What great news-- a reunion!!! And me not finding out until today!!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to the new stuff! Glad to hear Springhouse is going the self-production route-- as Jack stated, less hassles, more time to be themselves, etc.

Trav, the site looks GREAT! Glad to see you've added it to UBL. I've got it bookmarked, so I'll be back!


Trav Mon Jun 22 11:45:23 EDT 1998


First of all, the new Big Takeover is out, so everyone should go buy it! Check out The Big Takeover Home Page!

I fixed a bug in the discussion list software today. The software was getting confused by people's attempts at typing in their own HTML for links. For instance, in his recent post, Dan typed in his own HTML for a link to the CIA for Kids page. I hadn't anticipated that people would continue typing in their own HTML once I added the auto-URL-expansion feature.

However, I've fixed it; you can now either type in the HTML, or just type the URL, and the software should be able to leave it alone or make the proper link, respectively.


jonathan Fri Jul 17 08:07:11 EDT 1998


any scoop on proceedings for the new Springhouse album??? inquiring minds want to know . . .

your fan at the NGA,


Bob Crain Sat Jul 25 16:11:40 EDT 1998

Yes, let's hear some more news of the S-House recording's an idea for Jack, Mitch and Larry: how about posting some RealAudio or MP3 files of some works in progress on the net?

Trav Tue Jul 28 11:50:49 EDT 1998

Made a bunch of edits to the site - check out the News page. This includes news from Jack on the new album! :)


Christopher Krakora Thu Aug 6 16:56:01 EDT 1998

Glad to hear that you guys have regrouped. I've enjoyed your two aibums, and I'll looking towards the new one when it comes out.


Jack Rabid Fri Aug 7 02:56:51 EDT 1998

First off, Trav, thank you for the super kind words over my/our new issue of The Big Takeover. We are intensely proud of it. First ever all gloosy, shucks! Who's have thought the day would come?

Second, since Jonathan asked for an update, Mitch and Larry have continued to meet about once a week or every other week at Larry's studio where Mitch records his guitar parts (Larry works alone for the bass parts). The last time I was there a few weeks ago, Mitch also set down a 9th song, which at this moment is called "Never Impossible," one of the ones that won't have any drums. Lovely guitar part, sort of busy-folk like.

Larry was kind enough to cut a cd for Mitch and I of all the backing tracks for all 9 songs we have finished so we could listen to them and criticize them as we saw fit. The takes sound real strong to me--again, very different from our past work which is real fun.

Though there is so much more to record before Mitch begins the vocals. Everything is real skeletel soon. We work slowly nowadays since we don't work every day as we did when we were a signed band. It gives us a lot of time to consider the material, it's nice. And Larry is working his butt off on the production, bless him. Right now my favorite new song is "Rescue Work," real interesting track. That's all for now! I wasn't at yesterday's session because I was vacationing in Orcas Island, Washington, communing with wild deer.-Jack Rabid, Springhouse

jonathan Fri Sep 4 14:23:16 EDT 1998

hey, Everybody--

check out jack's interview with bob mould in the 2 cd package of "the last dog & pony show," mr. mould's new effort on rykodisc..

Trav Mon Sep 21 13:07:36 EDT 1998

Hey guys! I've made some edits to the script that manages this page. If you see any bugs, let me know! :)

Anxious for the new CD...


Bob Crain Thu Dec 17 21:31:31 EST 1998

Hey Springhouse fans! Any new news about the recordings, and possible release of the new Springhouse album?

jonathan Fri Dec 18 09:01:00 EST 1998

Give us some figgy pudding! or at least some news about Springhouse...

Trav Wed Dec 30 15:27:00 EST 1998

Springhouse, springhouse, springhouse!

Hey guys the new Big Takeover is out! I didn't notice any mention of Springhouse progress but hopefully now that the mag is release things will have calmed down enough for Jack to be able to fill us in...

I sent Jack some email, and will fill you in as soon as I get a response...


Trav Mon Jan 11 11:28:49 EST 1999

Hello, I got some news from Jack:

"Supposedly Mitch and Larry began vocals for the new LP over the last 2-3 days, I have to call them and find out how it went before I go over and either hear them or do some singing myself. We were shut down over the last few months while Larry recorded (at long last) the Blue Man Group's LP which ought to sell big numbers thanks to the sold out show in New York, Boston and Chicago -- you can put that last sentence on the site if you like while I try to get more info for you."

I wasn't sure which sentence Jack was talking about, so I included them both. I can't wait to hear the new album!

I'll keep you posted - as soon as I hear from Jack again I'll let you know!

In the meanwhile, I am curious what kind of interest there is in a live Springhouse CD...


jonathan Tue Jan 12 08:17:33 EST 1999

hey, trav--

thanks for your persistence in wheedling the goods out of Jack! i, personally, would support a LIVE springhouse album--can there ever be enuff springhouse--?!?

best wishes to everyone for a great 1999!


Trav Tue Jan 12 15:32:02 EST 1999

Just noticed reading the new Big Takeover last night Jack's reference to Stephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage, which talks about Lewis and Clark. This was my favorite book of last year, and great to see that Jack actually has interests outside of music! :)

I really recommend Undaunted Courage. It's very exciting, and addictive. I usually do not read historical novels - Ambrose is the first. I loved D-Day and Citizen Soldiers (the sequel), but Undaunted Courage was even better. What an author!


mitch friedland Tue Jan 19 21:56:46 EST 1999

hi i'm borrowing my friends laptop to let everyone know what is happening with the new record. about two weeks ago jack and i were out and we were joking thinking that we may call the record "whenever". ok about the delay. larry for the past four months was obligated to work on two different projects. the first one is the blue man record and the second is a new code mesa record. after he is finished we go back cut the vocals and overdubs and hope (keep fingers crossed) that everything will be done by april/may. about 11 tracks all new. so thats it for now. jack as you know does most of the talking.

anyway, thanks to all who are still like our music and those who want to here more.

see you soon


Trav Tue Jan 26 10:43:09 EST 1999

Request for Feedback:

I've been considering changing the format of this site to that of my Digital Sex web site, which is newer and, after a lot of tweaking and feedback from band members and fans, has a more straightforward layout. I also need to add in some cover scans to the discography page, now that I have a scanner.

However, before I start updating these pages, I'd like to get some feedback regarding this site and the Digital Sex site:

Any feedback is welcome, whether it's questions, criticisms, compliments, or suggestions. Feedback also inspires me to keep working on the site. One of the reasons the Digital Sex site has evolved so quickly is that the band members and fans there have been really good at giving prompt and frequent feedback.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you!


Bob Crain Sun Feb 7 23:47:50 EST 1999

In regard to a Springhouse live album, last year Jack was asking for copies of any live tapes that anyone might have, in view of assembling some kind of live archival album. Drop him a line at if ya have any (I know I did!).

Travis, feedback on the site:

--Bob Crain

GIANCARLO Mon Feb 8 17:27:27 EST 1999
Jack Rabid Tue Feb 9 21:10:53 EST 1999

Hi folks

Sorry out of touch though glad Mitch is finally on line (via a friend) and gave you all an update! Lately I have been listening to the tape Larry gave me of the backing tracks we recorded for the new LP, I am really in love with the chord changes, which makes me look forward to the time that Mitch adds his vocals (it's a pity i was incorrect, the last session in Jan. had to be cancelled). It's taking a long time I know, but then again there's no huge rush. In regards to a live release, I would like to hear more tapes if anyone out there would send me some, I got a few from my last post, but I bet there are more. The more I can hear, the more likely I could find the best one. Any Larry and Mitch are rightly fussy about the quality of anything we release, so I need it to be the best possible before I approach them with something we might want to issue, even to just the good folks here. So if you've got em, please send em my way! Cheers! Jack P.S. Hope you all are enjoying the new Big T, I didn't mention the Springhouse LP outside of the Bob Mould int (it's in there Travis, actually), because I didn't want to talk it up too much so long before it would actually appear. Like, where oh where is that Moose LP?

Trav Mon Apr 5 11:39:33 EDT 1999

Hi guys! I've been updating the site, at long last! Thanks for the updated contact info and the latest on the album progress. I'm really psyched about it!

How's the live LP assembly coming?

Site updates will appear shortly.


Heda Mon May 31 03:25:35 EDT 1999

Springhouse is the greatest of all years!!!!

Trav Mon Jun 21 19:59:51 EDT 1999

Hey guys! I added some updates to the site. Thanks, Jack!

Please check out the new format of the Digital Sex discussion list. Do you like it? If so, I can make the same type of updates here. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me!


Sheila Valentine Tue Aug 31 14:02:34 EDT 1999

How is the new album progressing? I have been thinking of ya'll lately, as I recently met a woman who is knows Allison Overton (another NC fan). We knew it was a matter of time before we would discover the "degree of separation." Imagine was Springhouse! SV

Trav Wed Sep 1 15:03:08 EDT 1999

I updated the Merchandise page.

I plan on revamping the appearance of this page sometime soon, to make it consistent with my other sites. I'll also archive the current page. Before I do those things, however, I need to decide whether to add my new search tool directly to this page, or to the archives.

A demo of this search tool is currently available on my test page. [removed -- Trav] Simply replace "cope/rail-on" with "springhouse" and it should search the Springhouse web site for whatever keywords you type in.


Chieko Hashimoto Wed Dec 15 13:36:47 EST 1999

Hello to all,

I asked Jack and Mitch some comments about the new album.

Jack wrote:

"We recorded the backing track for a new song last week, but have so far been unable to do more than one vocal so far for all the 10-11 songs, and only a handful of overdubs have been completed, due to Larry's extensive Blue Man Group committments. We need to complete both these tasks for all the songs then mix yet, so it will be a while. But we are all hoping for a spate of time where Larry (and Mitch) will have the time in their schedules to do this."

and Mitch wrote:

"as of this december we are still working on the new recording. The problem we have is that Larry is very busy at work with the Blue Man Group. They have a new show they are working on in Las Vegas and their first CD just came out. Larry tells me that a good percentage of the music is his. All this means is a longer delay in getting back into larry's studio. In the meantime i am getting ready to start doing solo gigs around NYC. I'll let everybody know when this will take place. Right now I,m writing a lot of new material and I,m looking foward to playing for those who want to hear."

Thanks Jack & Mitch!

Jack Rabid Sun Jan 2 02:31:14 EST 2000

Hi everyone and happy 2000!

I have no new update on our recordings except that Larry is still tied up at present with Blue Man Group duties--did you all see him on again with Jay Leno's show last month?--but hopes to be more free either in Feb. or March, I know we are all chafing at the bit to finish what we started with such enthusiasm still running high. In the meantime I heard from someone at the All Music Guide who wanted background on the group as it appears they want to include us in their next edition (and on the web version). That is really good news, as we have been found in Trouser Press Guide to 90s Rock and Musichound's Rock Album Guide but never in their pages. Mitch has been writing a ton of lyrics of late, and from the brief sketches he showed me, I thought he was on to something good. In the meantime, thanks to Travis and Cheiko for the great support and hello back to Alison and Sheila who always put us up and came to our gigs down in N.C., far from our home--the sort of welcome every touring band is grateful for the most!!!

Jack Rabid Wed Jan 26 11:07:43 EST 2000

[I found this today on the Big Takeover mailing list -- Trav]

Springhouse's Mitch Friedland to play debut solo gig in New York

Greetings listees.

my friend mitch friedland asked me to post this on the list as well as on the big t web site (i will be sending this to shirley), for all those who might be interested--the gig is here in 9 days time, so this is as much warning as he can muster.

jack r

Springhouse's Mitch Friedland to play first ever solo gig.

Taking a break from recording our new third LP, singer/songwriter/guitarist Mitch Friedland of our band Springhouse told me he's going to be playing his first ever solo gig (not including low-key acoustic in-stores on tour), at CBGB Gallery in New York on Thursday, Feb. 3--the anniversary of the Buddy Holly crash, though I am sure that will not be a metaphor for the evening. This sounds great, and I can't wait to see it myself, free from having to play. Mitch will be playing by himself without accompaniment. Reached for comment/explanation for this list, Mitch said, "I'm really looking forward to playing out again, it will be the first time I've ever done this without Jack and Larry. I will be playing stuff from the first two Springhouse albums, previewing the new one coming up, and a few surprises. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of old and new friends." Mitch said he will go on at 9 P.M., and there's a $5 cover. CBGB Gallery is at 313 Bowery, 677-0455. Hope to see you there!

[Follow-up by]

Out-of-towners unable to find cheap transportation to NYC on less than two weeks notice can take small comfort in knowing that many of the CBGB gallery shows are cybercast. They don't have next weeks schedule posted yet but this week it looks like a live feed will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Lets hope the same is provided next week.

Trav Fri Feb 4 20:44:36 EST 2000

[Just got this from Jack... I hope some of you were able to catch the broadcast! -- Trav]

hey folks

mitch from springhouse is on at 9 tonight eastern if you want to listen to his solo acoustic gig on the webcast listed below. you'll hear me introducing him, as he called me last night and asked me to. not sure what i will say. can't wait to see the gig! it will be interesting to see which of our songs he will sing, both old and from the LP we're working now on, and what surprises he will have. I told him not to tell me!

jack r

Subject: [BigTakeover] some notable upcoming webcasts
Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2000, 1:19 AM


(all times eastern)

Thurs., 2/3/00 CB's 313 Gallery (NYC) Show Starts at 7:00pm

Ben Kweller
Mitch Friedland (of Springhouse)
Dave's True Story

Rhubarb Cake, w/ Douglas Wolk
Thrusday, February 3rd, 9am to noon
Solo Guitar, singing.

Live At The Stork Club
Sunday, February 6th from 7-9pm
Howe Gelb: vocal, acoustic guitar, Farfisa organ
Joey Burns: bass
John Convertino: drums
Nick Luca: electric guitar

Trash, Twang and Thunder, w/ Meredith Ochs
Saturday February 12th, 3 to 6pm
Kinks/Big Star-like pop with early REM jangle, from Minneapolis.

Trav Fri Feb 4 20:53:16 EST 2000

I was watching the Keith Moon special on VH1 last night, and kept getting reminded of Jack! The intensity in his eyes, and somewhat the shape of his face. Of course, I've only seen Jack in person once... Anyway interesting special! I just wish they'd played more music

mitch Thu Jun 29 13:11:30 EDT 2000

will be back in the studio this august hopefully will be able to finish this long awaited cd.Scheduling betwteen Larry and I is really difficult, but we ask all the those who have given us support to have a little more patience and your ears will be cleared of all the useless music you've been hearing over the past couple of years

Chieko Hashimoto Tue Oct 24 14:15:27 EDT 2000?

There's a piece of information about the new album from Jack -

"well we've finished mostly all of mitch's vocals now. i have some to do,then it is on to the overdubs portion. we still hope to finish before the end of the year, but that's up to larry's schedule."


Trav Tue Sep 17 19:14:33 2002

Check out the news page for info on upcoming Springhouse/Chameleons gigs!

By the way, sorry this site is so rusty/dusty!

I hope to be moving to a different server soon, at which point I'll ditch the FrontPage themes (which result in horribly buggy HTML) and convert everything to "normal" HTML, probably via HomeSite. I might also go "all out" and convert everything to XML/XSL... We'll see! I'll probably do the HTML first and worry about XSL later.

In any case, it's great to hear that Springhouse are performing again!!!


Lawrence Howard Sun Oct 20 18:23:02 2002

Flavor Record is an independent internet label and record label

Ronni Fri Feb 14 02:46:02 2003

I read on BYO Record's site that Jack was involved somehow with writing with them. Ignore this, if I am being noisy...I was curious as to what that entails.

ps...I was writing a little piece about one of BYO's bands and came across this info.

Tina Pinnix Tue Oct 7 02:19:10 2003

Spring house played at a party in mu house probably about 100, 150 people there in maybe 91 or 92 put a local managegment company in Raleigh payed for the food and beer. WHich they sometimes did becasue we had a big house, I also played in a band. I am a big Chameleons and Echo fan. Just thought you might fing=d it interesting, They had a great time and couldnt believe how cool it was that you could just have a big party like that, better than a club they said. Hung out a couple days then moved on I still have a few single by them. One of my fonder memorys of youth. Wish you could have been there, or maybe you were, who knows

karen Sun Nov 2 16:13:36 2003

can you find the christmas song called "come give us some figgy pudding"

Lindsey Williams 08/26/1993 Wed Feb 25 09:43:53 2004

Why are you alls web site so boring?

Trav Wed Feb 25 10:43:53 2004

This website is an unofficial, fan-based endeavor. It was implemented in FrontPage 2000, which turned out to be so buggy that I no longer trust it (or its generated HTML). I will overhaul the site (using Dreamweaver) when I get a chance; piecemeal edits are out of the question as long as it still contains FrontPage code.

These days I am trying to stabilize my music PC. Once I get it working smoothly (might be days or weeks before I'm satisfied), I will be able to carve out a little time every day to updating the web sites. My own music pages will be the "guinea pig" so that by the time I'm updating the Springhouse site, the new design and implementation should be clean and efficient.


sir ogun Mon Mar 28 08:27:48 2005

sir i love your site

Trav Fri Apr 15 10:31:11 2005

Okay, I overhauled the site! The layout is the same, but the underlying code is completely new.

The old contents of the discussion list can be found in the archives.

Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions!


ian Fri Apr 15 18:58:25 2005

im writing to people who may be intrested to there will soon be a release of a cd by andy clegg [the sun and the moon]his first cd since the sun and the moon and also it will include his younger brothers demo under the name of ian kizilok.included there will be bonus tracks from sun and the moon [demos,live recordings etc]if there is anyone intrested they can contact me @

Trav Thu Dec 1 12:26:45 2005

Hi, I moved us to my new server (

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