Topic 012 - Zangband for Fun

started 1999-01-20

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2006-10-22 I recently found this set of notes from 1999. I don't know how useful they are anymore, but I thought this was an appropriate place as any to put 'em. -- Trav

Target Audience

How much do you know about Zangband?

Huh??? What's Zangband?

...Then you probably found this file by accident or in someone's trash.

If you really don't know what Zangband is or are just curious as to how I'll attempt to describe it: Zangbang is an addictive, challenging and *free* single player CRPG (Computer Role Playing Game) ported to: DOS, Win95/98/NT, Mac, Amiga, OS/2, and UNIX. In order to benefit from this guide you'll need to first check out

This document is aimed at people who either:

  1. have never played a Roguelike game (but are ready to jump in)
  2. have played Roguelike games but not Angband (or its clones)
  3. have played Angband (or a clone) but not Zangband
  4. have played Zangband but became confused, frustrated, or bored
  5. already enjoy Zangband but are always on the lookout for ideas

I've heard people say that Zangband is one of the hardest Roguelikes to win (or even do "well" in.) However, I think Zangband is one of the easiest Roguelikes to learn, thanks to its:

What's my objective?

** O B J E C T I V E ***  The main goal of this document is to make  **
*** O B J E C T I V E ***  learning and playing Zangband more fun!  ***

In case *fun* is not good enough for you, I also try to provide advice that's either helpful (and if you want to be helpful in return, you can let us know what parts you liked best), amusing ("Ha ha! these guys really don't know anything!!!") or inspiring ("I think I'm gonna go write my own guide!!!"). If it *does* actually manage to give you a bigger grin, stronger grasp, or higher score, then you should go ahead and pat yourself on the back for having made a wise (and lucky) download choice!

Before You Ask... (Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions regarding this document)

Tip #1: Use the Windows version instead of the DOS version

If you're running Win95/98/NT I seriously suggest you play the Win95/98 version instead of the DOS version. Here's why:

First of all, the Windows version provides eight repositionable and resizable windows, while the DOS version has only up to three (static) windows.

What's so great about windows?

Well, every version of every Roguelike provides at least one window. Each window can be assigned a one of several screen views:

Having multiple windows is great because they keep you from getting tunnel visioned. Since multiple views remain visible during play, they constantly provide reminders of:

They also let you instantly see:

Other Tips:

don't play with graphics

play a mindcrafter

don't save and restore

Topic 012 - Zangband for Fun

started 1999-01-20