1. Roguelike Binaries
  2. Trav's Angband Index Linker (TAIL)

Roguelike Binaries

This page provides Windows (98,XP,etc.) users a convenient means of sampling the different Roguelike games discussed on the site. For DOS, Win3.1, Mac, Linux, Unix, and other platforms' binaries (or source code), you'll need to check out the games' home pages. Also, although I'll try to keep this table relatively up-to-date, if you want to be 100% sure of obtaining the latest [or most stable] version of a game, you should visit its home page, or browse some of the other Roguelike-dedicated sites on my Links page. So, use this page as a starting point, but be prepared to branch out to other sites later.

Last updated: 2008-07-15

Game Review Interface Version Released Download Size
ADOM @@@ A 1.1.1beta4 2002-11-25 836K
Alphaman @ A 1.1 1995-06-07 274K
Angband @@@@ ATGSW 3.09b 2008-03-19 1465K
TOME (Tales of Middle Earth) - ATW 2.3.5 2008-05-12 2359K
Zangband - ATGSW 2.7.4c 2004-08-01 1500K
Crawl - A 4.00beta26 2003-03-24 487K
Doom the Roguelike - AS 2008-04-23 2164K
Evets @ A 2.03 1988-11-04 156K
Larn @@ A 12.4alpha2 2007-03-19 203K
NetHack @@@@ ATG 3.43 1996-12-12 1094K
SLASH'EM @@@@ ATG 0.0.7E7F3 2006-12-30 slashem-007e7f3.exe 2331K
Omega @@@ A 0.90.4 1998-08-08 293K
Ragnarok @@ G 2.5 1995-12-19 1463K
Rogue @@ A 1.1 1986-04-07 49K
Rogue's Quest @ G 1.0m-p1 1997-01-11 1156K
Saladir preview A 0.34 1999-04-19 286K
Unreal World @@@ G 3.10-2 2008-06-10 urw-3102.exe 23738K
Link to recommended site; might not be official but will have links to whatever's needed.
@@@@ favorite, @@@ good game, @@ incomplete/unstable/unbalanced, @ needs work
ASCII, Tiles (optional), Graphics, Sound, Windowed display

Trav's Angband Index Linker (TAIL)

This automatically generates an index of Angband's (and probably any variant's) online help. You can view the index within the game via the help system. You'll need PERL installed to run it.

Version 1.2 2005-04-28