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Oscillations film (Stephen on soundtrack)

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Oscillations film (Stephen on soundtrack)

Postby Tripecac on 2008-03-20 08:33:49

Stephen contributed some music to the soundtrack for a film called <i>Oscillations</i>.

Here are his notes about the development and release of the film:

2008-01-30 - Development:

An 8-hour session today at Ware House Productions has yielded the final mix to the movie Oscillations by Evan Blakley. I wrote one small instrumental piece especially for the movie, Lingering and Lost, that is heard during a scene where the brunette girl is walking through a book store. For those who aren't sure, this movie has 3 actors and 0 dialogue. In addition to Lingering and Lost, two older pieces of mine were used in the movie as excerpts, Look For Outstretched Arms and Mother's Leatherflesh. I've been involved in many great collaborative projects throughout my life and I think I can say that this movie ranks at the top of my collaborative experiences. It will premiere in Feb at the Omaha Film Festival so go to and watch for the 2 screenings. If you're a film fan, Oscillations is what you've been waiting for. It combines the best parts of David Lynch, Kenneth Russell and modern Japanese horror in the vein of Ju-On. Please make the effort to see this film. You will not be disappointed. SS

2008-02-19 - Release Accouncement:

Hi Everyone.. the movie I worked on, Oscillations, premieres this week at the Omaha Film Festival.

Oscillations is part of a group showing along with other short films. It is part of what they are calling the <b>Nebraska Shorts</b> or <b>Nebraska Short Film Block</b>.

You can see Oscillations twice this week: 6 pm on Thursday, 5 pm on Saturday.

Both showings are at the Westwood Cinema which is a multiplex located on the south side of the Westwood Plaza. To get there take Center Street to 125th Avenue and turn south at the lighted intersection. Drive about 2 blocks and you'll see it on your left. If you wish to buy advance tickets, click on the link below the poster.

We are planning for a concert & screening of Oscillations after the film festival. I will let you know where and when that will happen. We ask that you please come out and support the OFF this week and please come see Oscillations.

This is Evan Blakley's first film and he did an incredible job. Even if you don't care for the movie, I guarantee you will not be bored or disappointed. This is a rare movie in that it has no dialogue, is non-linear and at times is hallucinatory. I see influences such as David Lynch, Kenneth Russell, Japanese horror and the impressionist graphic design and movement of Vaughan Oliver & Nigel Grierson of 23 Envelope, the geniuses behind the best designs and packaging of 4AD Records. Kyle Harvey contributed 3 songs to the movie, 2 that have never been released, one that was recorded specifically for the movie. I wrote an instrumental interlude for the movie and contributed excerpts from <i>Look For Outstretched Arms</i> and <i>Mother's Leatherflesh</i>. Steve Humphrey also worked on the film, as did Richard Schultz. The actors are Jen Agnew, Jilawan Bunnimit and Andrew Nelson. The audio for the movie was mastered at Ware House Productions, the video was authored at North Sea Films. It looks and sounds fantastic.

If you cannot attend the OFF and want to see the movie as soon as possible, contact me. Otherwise please see the movie as it was made to be seen and please support the OFF.

You can view a trailer here: ... 2050346416
And please join the Oscillations myspace for future updates:

Help us spread the word by forwarding this email around. We look forward to seeing you this week.

Stephen Sheehan

<i>Love story. Horror story. Oscillations lures us into the sweetest, darkest core of the heart and mind, where evil is unseen and love is long lost. In a turbulent void left when two souls are severed, three young people gasp for balance and clarity. In time, the forces and tides of darkness are felt physically, threatening to consume even the most innocent of them all.

Drawing from classic cinematography and the innovators of horror in Japan, this multidimensional film was produced with the smallest of budgets, yet with a wealth of ingenuity. The sometimes haunting, sometimes visceral soundtrack leads us into the darkness, and whatever lies beyond.

Love has a frequency. Loss has no words.</i> ... d=47275914

2008-02-24 - Post-Release:

Even though there is an awards ceremony today, the Omaha Film Festival is essentially over for Oscillations. I posted a blog about it and since some of you aren't connected to those blogs, I'm sending a copy of it around via email. Thank you to those who made it out for the screenings. It really meant a lot to us. SS

Oscillations was screened twice at the Omaha Film Festival as part of the Nebraska Short Film block. There were technical problems on the first nite on the part of the OFF. Thankfully the 2nd screening was flawless. It roared from the screen unbridled and unchallenged.

There were Q & A sessions at the end of each screening between filmmakers and audience. After the first screening there was a barrage of pointless one-dimensional technical questions that had little to do with the content or stories of the films. Instead the main concerns were "where was it shot" or "what equipment did you use" or "did anyone contact the Nebraska Film Commission." The 2nd session was slightly better and the questions were more varied. Still, the combined sessions made it clear that what mattered most to those asking questions were how the movies were made and not so much why. The majority of the question-askers were left-brained and wanted organized, linear answers and they were seemingly confused as to why Oscillations wasn't made to entertain or amuse them. Apparently these people view movies as transient commodites that exist only for consumption and no other conceivable reason. We were the ugly and unwanted stepchild of the festival. On crutches.

Further evidence of the mentality of the festival is found on the reviews of the Oscillations page. After you read them, click on the reviewer's name and read what they have to say about other films and how they say it: ... d=47275914 It's rare for filmmakers to get direct feedback on their work yet these reviews say more about the reviewers than the films. Some of the comments are downright bizarre and seemingly disconnected from the experience of film watching. Yet, this is where we live and what we have to work with.

I like popcorn movies as much as anyone but they're not what I watch the most of, nor do I actively seek them out or much other Hollywood fare. I like fast food on occasion but it doesn't sustain me and there isn't much variety or satisfaction involved with it. Conventional art doesn't say much to me about my life so I don't spend much time around it. Sometimes I need meaning before the moaning but other times I just crave the moaning.

Thanks to everyone involved in the film and thanks to all who viewed it. It was quite the experience.

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Postby Tripecac on 2008-04-08 15:17:15

I received an update from Stephen today:
The film "Oscillations" will have a public screening on April 24 at PS Collective. This is the first time the film will be screened before the public outside of its somewhat controversial viewing at the Omaha Film Festival.

The screening will allow viewers not only a chance to see the movie, there will also be live music performed before and after the movie. Kyle Harvey, who has 3 songs featured in Oscillations, will start off the evening. The movie will follow Kyle's set, followed by a brief Q&A with director Evan Blakley. The evening will close with a special performance by FATHR^.

In addition to presenting the movie to the public for the first time outside of a cramped festival format, the goal of the evening is to raise funds to cover the cost of entry fees for other film festivals around the world. We are targeting film festivals both large and small, national, regional and international.


Below is a copy & paste of the press release in addition to the attached file.

Our thanks in advance,

Stephen and the other Oscillators.

Here's the press release:
An Evening of Unconventional Film and Noise Theatre

The locally-produced short film, Oscillations, will hold its Grand Premiere at PS Collective, 6056 Maple St., in Benson on Thursday, April 24th at 8:00pm. This is the first-ever official viewing of the film, following its screenings at the 2008 Omaha Film Festival. The film will be integrated between special performances by musicians FATHR^ and Kyle Harvey. Three songs by Kyle Harvey are featured in the film’s soundtrack. The goal of the event is to display the film to the public in an optimal setting while simultaneously raising funds to help enter the film in other festivals around the world. A donation of $10 is suggested.

Oscillations was shot in Omaha last year under the direction of Omaha artist Evan Blakley, who also wrote the film. An entire year in the making, the dark, 20-minute vision was shot on an initial budget of around $300. The film received a controversial reaction at the Omaha Film Festival in the Nebraska Short Films category as noted by Michael Krainak of the City Weekly, who declared it among the top films in the group. According to Krainak: "The most creative short, the only one to really push the medium, while pushing the buttons of its audience, was 'Oscillations.' Too many viewers did not appreciate or understand its poetic mise en scene or structure and thus wrote it off, suggesting two things: one, the need for a [possible] experimental video/film art category and two, a session on film appreciation and criticism for all."

Several key local artists were involved in the production of Oscillations. Stephen Sheehan, formerly of the band Digital Sex, is credited as production designer. He was involved in much of the preproduction work and contributed to the soundtrack, which includes a new piece he wrote just for the film. Acting in the film are Jilawan Bunnimit, a.k.a. Miss Cake, whose art can be seen in numerous places around Omaha; Jen Agnew, a Blue Barn alumnus and Shakespeare on the Green veteran; and Andrew Nelson makes his acting debut. Local musician Richard Schultz was the post-production audio engineer and patiently guided months of intensive and intricate sound design, which was then handed off to Omaha legend Tom Ware for the final mixing and mastering of the soundtrack at Ware House Productions. The film was then authored for DVD by North Sea Films.

This event is being co-promoted with loom, a monthly multicultural dance festival hosted by Espana, 6064 Maple St. in Benson. Later this evening at loom, international jazz fusion artist Kevin Yost will perform a rare DJ set. We encourage everyone attending the Oscillations event to walk down to loom afterwards for this rare and unique post-screening event. This is a full evening of art, music, film and dance and one that will not be duplicated.

Trailer for Oscillations: ... 2050346416

Images and music samples can found at the following sites: (website for FATHR^)
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Postby Tripecac on 2008-06-20 06:52:25

More info from Stephen:
The film portion of the Des Moines Arts Festival, called Interrobang, has accepted and scheduled Oscillations for next Saturday, June 28.

“Interrobang Extra” (Films for Mature Audiences)

Farm Boy


Transformers: The Student Film (2nd Showing) Total Running Time – 1hr 09min 30sec

Full schedule here: ... hedule.pdf

We are thrilled beyond words to be accepted. This is our first out-town-festival and was supported by donations made at the PS Collective fund raiser. Thank you to everyone involved and to those who have supported our efforts. We hope this is the first of many more.
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