Pet-Related Music

Over the years, I've recorded several dozen animal-related songs, including an entire Tripecac album called "Aminals" (2005). This page contains the most listenable and/or pet-relevant examples.

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Artist Song Length MP3 Recorded Description
Tripecac Intro to Louis II 1:43 listen mp3 1991 Intro to a song (since lost) about a girlfriend's pet hermit crab.
Tripecac SPCA 3:42 listen mp3 1994-03-21 What happens to animals at the SPCA when no one wants them?
Tripecac Woodied 7:34 listen mp3 2004-09-09 Instrumental recorded when my dog Woodie was put to sleep.
Tripecac Westy 6:27 listen mp3 2004-08-03 Instrumentals named after a cat and dog that we liked.
Tripecac Sadie 4:21 listen mp3 2005-03-30
Tripecac Chick 4:10 listen mp3 2005-08-16 These are the more pet-related songs from Aminals.
Tripecac Pup 5:08 listen mp3 2005-08-20
Tripecac Kitty 4:38 listen mp3 2005-08-25
Tripecac Hodgepog Plan 4:06 listen mp3 2006-01-23 My sister got a pet hedgehog a few years after I recorded this.
Tripecac Guinea Lying Pig 6:16 listen mp3 2006-03-22 Instrumentals about our guinea pigs Donovan and Coffee.
Tripecac Caving Cavies 4:36 listen mp3 2006-03-28
Tripecac Hay Student 5:26 listen mp3 2006-03-30
Tripecac Hay Day 5:47 listen mp3 2006-04-05
Tripecac Spilled Coffee 5:37 listen mp3 2006-04-06
Tripecac Mitey Mouse 4:28 listen mp3 2006-04-11
Tripecac Donofan 5:53 listen mp3 2006-04-20
Tripecac Command Ohm 5:05 listen mp3 2006-06-19 Silly song about the guinea pigs.
Tripecac Coffee Corn 4:12 listen mp3 2007-05-07 More guinea pig instrumentals.
Tripecac Donut Van 6:02 listen mp3 2007-05-08
Tripecac Coffee 6:44 listen mp3 2009-08-12
Tripecac Vet 5:35 listen mp3 2011-05-13 Instrumental inspired by the show "All Creatures Great and Small".
Trex Scatter's Flat 0:50 listen mp3 1977-11-15 One of the first songs I made up was about our pet cat.
Trex Jingle Jock 0:46 listen mp3 1983-12-?? "Jingle Bells" meets my dog Jock.
Trex Cat Jumping on a Piano 0:46 listen mp3 1988-01-03 Silly guitar-based song.
Trex Purple Pup 1:05 listen mp3 1988-04-2? Pretty horrid a cappella song about a puppy.
Trex Scratching the Cat
the Wrong Way
3:36 listen mp3 1988-04-2? Horrible mess of keyboard, fake percussion, trumpet, and vocals.
Trex Had a Friend 0:50 listen mp3 1997-0?-?? Piano improvs (mostly instrumentals) about dogs.
Trex Dog Dreams 6:50 listen mp3 1997-06-??
Trex Zippy 0:41 listen mp3 1997-06-??
Trex Have You Seen the Dogs 3:09 listen mp3 1997-06-??
Trex Petstrumental 2:41 listen mp3 1997-06-??
Trex Peta and Woodie 3:49 listen mp3 1997-06-??
Trex The Huntress Awakes 2:14 listen mp3 2003-01-04 Piano instrumentals about our cat Daffy.
Trex Tour de Yard 9:35 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Twitching Tail 3:10 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Treed 1:40 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Ode to Daffy 7:23 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Catnap 6:54 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Catnip 6:15 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Frisky to the Max 3:02 listen mp3 2003-01-04
Trex Cavies 2:00 listen mp3 2007-05-03 Silly songs about our guinea pigs.
Trex Fake Cavy Druid 1:31 listen mp3 2007-05-08
Trex Cavy Druid 4:43 listen mp3 2007-05-08
Trex Guinea Pigs to the Vet 2:52 listen mp3 2007-05-10
Trex Little Bears 4:08 listen mp3 2007-06-27
Trex Cavy Attack 1 4:23 listen mp3 2007-07-23
Trex Cavy Attack 2 3:49 listen mp3 2007-07-23
Trex Dog Choice xxx listen mp3 2007-07-28 Trying to find the ideal dog breed.
Trex Coffee and Donovan 2:53 listen mp3 2008-03-04 One last song about guinea pigs.
IPECAC My Familiar 3:19 listen mp3 1988-12-23 Silly but energetic instrumental from my high-school band.
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