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  • Title: Extras
  • Artist: IPECAC
  • Timespan: 1989-1990
  • Theme: outtakes and miscellaneous projects
  • Length: 49:50
  • Tracks: 11
  • Lyrics: 8
  • MP3s: 11 play all locally
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Track List

# title lyrics time download listen started recorded rating
1 Dissonance Song lyrics 7:04 download listen locally - 1989-0?-??
2 Demian (with Luke) lyrics 4:54 download listen locally - 1989-0?-??
3 Jon Solo (1) - 2:22 download listen locally - 1989-0?-??
4 Jon Solo (2) lyrics 6:33 download listen locally - 1989-0?-??
5 Thirteenth Night (test) - 1:08 download listen locally - 1989-05-07
6 Thirteenth Night (with Luke) lyrics 7:39 download listen locally - 1989-05-07
7 Fish Time lyrics 5:20 download listen locally - 1989-1?-??
8 Three Pointer (2) - 4:34 download listen locally - 1990-01-??
9 Downpour (2) lyrics 6:34 download listen locally - 1990-01-??
10 Homeboy Rap lyrics 0:46 download listen locally - 1990-06-15
11 Whiteboy Rap lyrics 2:56 download listen locally - 1990-06-15
Total 49:50 play all locally album rating:


These songs don't fit on any of the albums.

Our friend Luke Marshall joined us for a couple school projects: "Demian" and the "Thirteenth Night" soundtrack. "Fish Time" became an Anchovies song. Jon's solos were filler on the end of the Live at Carnegie Hall tape. The 2 raps were from a video Jon and I made for my cousin Kim.


Dissonance Song

I'm not sure when we recorded this, since it wasn't part of any set of sessions. It might have been our first recording with Jon's keyboard (predating Best of IPECAC 2). It also could have been a warm-up for Live at Carnegie Hall... or anything in between. Since the drums were wisely kept simple, I'm guessing it came after Best of IPECAC 2 (which had crazy drums).

Musically, it was just an exercise. There's no melody or developed chord progression. Also, Jon's first note was a dud (which was rare for him at that point), which suggests that we hadn't rehearsed at all. Or maybe Jon was being intentionally atonal? Doesn't matter, really.

Despite the noodling and intentional jarring, this is actually a pretty soothing listen. I like the relentless bassline and metronomic drums in the first section. It was trancy, probably the closest IPECAC got to electronica or acid jazz.

The second section is a little less elegant, but it still floats by without getting cheesy or super-grating.

The short "Christmas in Cancun" reference near the beginning suggests that this was recorded around the time I wrote that song (late 1989).

Lyrics to "Dissonance Song":

fade out, fade out

Demian (with Luke)

We recorded this with Luke Marshall for an English project. I wrote the music, Jon and Luke recorded it with me, and then the class wrote and sang the lyrics in class.

I ended up remaking this as Tripecac's (on College Collection). I like my version better, probably because it has lyrics and all the parts are in time.

The clapping was to keep Luke in time; he had trouble matching tempos back then.

Lyrics to "Demian (with Luke)":




  he he he he he
  we'll think of a better ending later

Jon Solo (1)

This was filler on one of the later IPECAC tapes. I think Jon played all the parts, because I don't remember being involved in any of it. This may have been from his solo album (I Am Not Spock).

Jon Solo (2)

This is another weird recording from Jon, found on the back of an IPECAC tape. I don't think I had anything to do with its recording, though I hear my voice in the background. Very strange.

At the end Jon talks about "Thirteenth Night". I think he was explaining how we should play it. This suggests that his solo songs were recorded right before we did "Thirteenth Night".

Lyrics to "Jon Solo (2)":

  have fun
  need some [chord changes???]
  what do you need [???]

  only Jon [???]

  when are you gonna play right?
  how come you're not playing it?


  how come you're not playing?

  because no one else says
  [???] the whole thing appropriated [???]

  what is?


  what's [???]
  oh you mean [???]

  playing my guitar
  doesn't want to play coup d'etat
  he says go too far
  jon doesn't know what the hell he's doing anyway
  i think i should just stick around
  focus saxophone rule

  all right, this is my as-yet unnamed
  rhythmically dissonant, otherwise boring song
  uh, i'm going to be talking on the fourth track
  explaining what chords i'm about to go through
  since this is all improvised [chord?] progression
  this is c, by the way

Thirteenth Night (test)

This was from a test of the opening credits for the "Thirteenth Night" soundtrack. The song itself was playing in the background (on my parents' stereo, downstairs); we captured it with mics.

This excerpt is probably directly from the full soundtrack.

Thirteenth Night (with Luke)

This was the soundtrack to a movie that Jon, Luke, and I recorded for English class. It was a sequel to Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" play. Jon wrote the music. We later re-recorded it for IPECAC.

I really like this song. Luke played pretty well on it, too, much better than he did on "Demian".

According to the video, we started pre-production on 1989-05-08, which was a Monday. It's likely that we recorded the music on the previous day, which was Sunday 1989-05-07.

Lyrics to "Thirteenth Night (with Luke)":

  thirteenth, thirteenth, thirteenth, thirteenth night

Fish Time

We wrote this for the Master Anchovies. This was our demo version. We used Allen or Anand's drums, which were left in my basement from a practice. Since there is only one sax part and two keyboard parts, I'm pretty sure Jon played one of the keyboard parts while I played drums.

There were three parts to the song. The first and third were hectic jazz/funk. The middle section was reggae. I think the Anchovies ended up only playing the middle bit; the other parts were too hard.

The first Anchovies version of this song was recorded 1989-12-21, so I'm guessing that Jon and I recorded this demo in the Fall of 1989.

Lyrics to "Fish Time":


  yeah jon whoo
  all right jon
  woah jon  

Three Pointer (2)

This was our first mix of "Three Pointer" (from Live at Carnegie Hall). We really overdid the distortion on this one. You can barely hear the drums or any high notes in the keyboard. On the plus side, it sounds even more live, even more convincing.

Downpour (2)

This was an alternative mix of "Downpour" (from Live at Carnegie Hall). I'm not sure if it came before or after the album version. There's a badly overdubbed keyboard bit which starts off too loud and ruins the illusion of a live performance. Other than that, I think it's identical.

Lyrics to "Downpour (2)":

carnegie hall is proud to have: ipecac

Homeboy Rap

This is an excerpt from the second video that Jon and I made for my cousin Kim. The first video was mailed on or before 1989-11-13. This one was recorded on "Friday the 15th", which was probably 1990-06-15. (Clues include the shorts, the green lawn, the drum set, and references to girlfriends.)

Most of the video is boring, annoying, and/or offensive but the musical bits might be of interest to IPECAC fans.

Allen or Anand had left his drums at my house. Since Jon and I were filming in the same room as the drums, we kept gravitating towards them.

This excerpt is really short. I'm pretty sure that Jon is on the drums, but I won't know for sure until I watch the video again.

Lyrics to "Homeboy Rap":

yo, yo, homeboy
yo, yo
yeah, yeah, yeah
homeboy, what's up
talking to kim every night
on the phone
homeboy, homeboy
homeboy, homeboy
here's jon
what's up?

Whiteboy Rap

This is the second, longer excerpt from the video Jon and I made for Kim.

We were mimicking stand-up comedians, who were fixated with racial issues back then (this was the early 1990s). We took things to an absurd level. The humor might be thin, but I really like Jon's sax solo and the live drums. Also, it's neat hearing us improvise vocals on the fly.

Eventually Jon remembered that we were supposed to be making a video for my cousin (or perhaps he got tired of the metaphor). At some point, he put a big innertube around me to keep me from drumming (which didn't work); the "I know what to do" bit at the end was right before he walked to the video camera and shut it off.

Lyrics to "Whiteboy Rap":

  left, brother, left

  yo man, you ain't got no style

  left, brother
  left, brother

  i'm [???]
  and i know how to rap
  but my drummer's a white boy and he really sucks

  oh yeah


  sax solo
  no, forget it

  jon's on the sax looking really sexy
  all he's missing is a little bit of --
  oh yeah, we're rhyming really good
  black boy rhythm, in the neighborhood

  with a tripod, jon
  you better get ready with the tripod
  i'm not gonna hold this mic all the time
  hold this mic all the time
  please, please jon, go get the tripod

  we got the rhythm
  we got the soul
  but buddy we're white
  we're white as gold

  here's jon again

  i'm carrying a big tire
  and i look a little stupid
  but i don't [???] travis
  act of mercy
  this is an act of mercy
  i know what to do