Game-Related Music

Over the years, I've recorded several game-related songs and ideas.

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Artist Song Length MP3 Description Recorded
Tripecac Blame the Game 4:18 listen mp3 Makes fun of people who take role-playing games too seriously. 1993-06-19
Tripecac New Moon 4:44 listen mp3 Specifically about NetHack. 1993-07-23
Trex I Beat Her 3:37 listen mp3 About beating my little sister at basketball. 1986-09-10
Trex Life of a Basketball Champ 6:00 listen mp3 Sequel to "I Beat Her". 1986-09-10
Trex Crater Games 1:28 listen mp3 Short instrumental, probably inspired by a moonlander game. 1988-01-12
Trex Preparation Zero 5:25 listen mp3 Semi-offensive improv inspired by the violent driving game Carmageddon. 2007-05-09
Trex Wizards and Warriors 8:47 listen mp3 Complete audio version of a choose-your-own-adventure game I made up when I was 12. 1985
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