Tour Info

  1. 2008 - US and Europe
  2. 2007 - US and Europe
  3. 1998 - US

2008 - US and Europe

updated 2008-09-06

from their MySpace page:


from a Words-on-Music newsletter:

For Against will launch its first ever tour of Italy in late March 2008 in support of Shade Side Sunny Side. The trio will play Salerno and Rome with more dates to be confirmed soon. The band will also have CD release shows in Omaha and Lincoln prior to the tour. Check back soon to For Against’s myspace page for further Italian tour dates and details:

2007 - US and Europe


from Correspondence from Jeffrey:

On March 16-17 we play our first european dates, in Athens Greece of all places! [We will also] play Barcelona, Salerno IT, plus Germany, Holland, Belgium and Paris in November.


from Words-on-Music newslettter:


For Against will be playing their first shows in more than a year this month. On Saturday, March 10 the band will play in their hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. For Against will be the only band on the bill, playing two 50-minute sets. The Lincoln date is a send-off for the band's first European engagements - two shows in Athens, Greece.

For Against will be performing songs from their entire catalog at these shows, including old album tracks that have never been previously played live. The band will also offer a sneak peek at some of their newest material, which is currently being recorded for their 7th album, to be released on Words On Music in Autumn 2007.

Show details are:


More tour info from Jeff:

1998 - US


According to Jeffrey Runnings, if all goes well the band will try for a Spring '98 Tour! Some tentative tour locations include:

The band also performs occasionally in their home town of Lincoln, Nebraska.


It looks like the Spring '98 Tour isn't going to happen. The band has been playing local gigs off and on, but I haven't heard any word about an extensive tour. If I get any information, I'll post it here immediately.

Stephen Sheehan, a good friend of Jeff and lead singer for the former band Digital Sex and a stellar solo artist in his own right, caught For Against performing back in October (1998). His comments are brief but enlightening, and a little depressing:

For Against Live Review

Venue: 23-OCT-1998 Omaha, NE
Author: Stephen Sheehan

This was the first time they've played Omaha probably since a Digital Sex reunion show in '89 or '90.

For Against was musically right on the mark from the opening of "Shadow." The band was tight as always and flowing with airy melodies from Mave. Jeff and Paul were locked in as the best rhythm sections are.

Unfortunately, Jeff must not have been feeling good. His voice was very raspy and he struggled to stay on key. This was heartbreaking to witness... I know full well what it's like, to be up on stage in front of an audience, open your mouth, and out comes gravel.

Stephen's affection, admiration, and concern for Jeff is great. Has anyone else seen For Against recently? If so, I'd love to hear about it and post your live review on this page. It would be a comfort to Stephen and all of us if we could have a positive follow-up to this October review.

By the way, Stephen said that he overcame his own voice problems through breathing lessons. Hopefully Jeff will recover soon, or has recovered already. I'll post information as soon as I get it.