So you're already hooked on For Against or are intrigued by what you've heard so far, and now you want to get your hands and ears on some of their stuff... Well, here's the page for you!

Randy's Music Emporium

Randy outside his store
Mail: PO Box 25315, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Randy writes: I sell all the cds [except for December which is out of stock - Trav] and vinyl for In The Marshes, Echelons, and December. I also sell the most recent FA t shirt--a FA logo that looks like a royal shield crest on navy blue [this is a really cool shirt - Trav]. I get my FA music direct from Bruce at IPR--so I'd have to say I am FA fans' second best choice after IPR. All orders that come in before 3:00 ship the same day; if they come in later the stuff will go out the next day. If I'm out of stock on an item you will be told so and not charged for it until it comes in--UNLIKE what so many other stores do. If I'm out of stock on something, your name and number will be taken and you will be called once it's back in stock."

You can now purchase from Randy either through PayPal (sending payment to Randy's email address) or snail mail (cash or money order).

Trusted Stores

Last searched: 2005-02-18

Stores' supplies change so quickly that I'm not bothering to keep this up-to-date.
For a starting point, I suggest you try Words on Music or Amazon.
I put individual "buy" links on the Discography page to make it easier for you.

Store Title Format Price
AB-CD Echelons CD $13
AB-CD Coalesced CD $10 Echelons CD $13 Aperture CD $13 Mason's California Lunchroom CD out Shelf Life CD out Coalesced CD $13 Millions - Raquel CD out
CD Connection Echelons CD $14
CD Connection Coalesced CD $13
CD Europe Echelons CD $21
CD Europe Coalesced CD $21
CD Europe Raquel CD $8
Parasol Echelons CD $11
Parasol Coalesced CD $12
Parasol Shelf Life CD $9
Words on Music Echelons CD $11
Words on Music Coalesced CD $10