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Band Members

I don't know how current these are.

Harry Dingman III

Paul Engelhard

Steven "Mave" Hinrichs

Jeffrey Runnings

post: 924 South 20th, Apt. 2, Lincoln, NE 68510


There's also an old address for the band that may or may not work:

For Against
P.O. Box 84265
Lincoln, NE 68501

Labels and Mail-Order

Randy's Music Emporium

www: see the stores page
post: PO Box 25315, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Words on Music

Independent Project Records

www: see my IPR site

Caroline Records


Jack Rabid

Jack is the editor of The Big Takeover, which is an awesome music magazine. He's a huge For Against fan, and often has the latest scoop on the band. His enthusiastic reviews of FA albums are what made me check them out! Jack also is the drummer for Springhouse, another great UK-influenced American band.

If you have a web page or email address you'd like me to add to this list, please contact me.