1. For Against
  2. The Millions

Note: I will say right off that all of the For Against albums are excellent! However, I figured newcomers would like some idea of how the albums to relate to each other, and for that reason, I have added a short, subjective description of each release. If you'd like to contribute your own comments or reviews, please contact me and I'll add them! I've also added The Millions' releases to this page.

For Against


  1. Autocrat
  2. It's a Lie

Independent Project Records 1985

Both of these songs are on Echelons, and are two of the more memorable songs from the album. As far I know, this was the band's first release and is no longer available.


  1. Shine
  2. Daylight
  3. Get On With It
  4. Echelons
  5. It's a Lie
  6. Autocrat
  7. Forget Who You Are
  8. Loud and Clear
  9. Broke My Back
Echelons cover

IPR IPC19 1987 vinyl, tape

Words On Music WM14 2004 CD

Less polished than their later albums, this still has some killer moments and catchy tunes. Its album cover was nominated for a Grammy in 1987, and Jack Rabid gave it his #4 pick in The Big Takeover #23. Good news; after being out of print for several years, Echelons has been re-released, this time on CD, by Words On Music.

In the Marshes

  1. Tibet
  2. Amnesia
  3. The Purgatory Salesman
  4. Amen Yves
  5. Fate
  6. In the Marshes
  7. Amnesia (Studio Version) [cd only]
  8. Amen Yves (Original Version) [cd only]

IPR IPR000029 1990 vinyl

Words On Music WM22 2007 CD

Allegedly recorded in 1986 [I've also read that it was recorded between Echelons and December], this was released by IPR on vinyl in 1990 in a limited edition of 2500. It consists of six keyboard and drum-machine laden demos of "4AD-like" dreaminess. With songs that neither overwhelm nor irritate, In the Marshes is listenable and occasionally memorable, though atypical of the band's material. Jack Rabid gave it his #38 pick in The Big Takeover #29.
NOTE: The 2007 CD reissue adds 2 bous tracks.


  1. Sabres
  2. Stranded in Greenland
  3. Svengali
  4. They Said
  5. The Effect
  6. December
  7. The Last Laugh
  8. Paperwhites
  9. Clandestine High Holy
December cover

IPR D2-74781 1988 CD, ???

Words On Music WM16 2005 CD

This is a fantastic album, full of deliciously icy vocals, blizzards of swirling, shimmering guitars, and crystalline rhythms, all coming together to form a perfect snapshot of the beauty of winter. Jack Rabid gave it his #1 pick in The Big Takeover #25. His advice: "If you only buy one LP this year on my recommendation, make it this one. It's too great for me to say how incredible it is, I hope you see for yourself."

You Only Live Twice

  1. You Only Live Twice
  2. Today Today

IPR 1993

Both of these songs are on Aperture. This was the first release with the new line up. By the way, "You Only Live Twice" has nothing to do with the James Bond song! Jack Rabid gave this single his #9 pick in The Big Takeover #31.

Don't Do Me Any Favors

  1. Don't Do Me Any Favors
  2. Breathless
  3. Spent

IPR 1993

All three of these songs are on Aperture. They are all really good! IPR calls this an EP (instead of a single), so maybe these are extended versions of the songs, but I wouldn't bet on it!


  1. Don't Do Me Any Favors
  2. Breathless
  3. Nightmare Life
  4. Spent
  5. Mindframed
  6. I Wish
  7. Unspeakable
  8. Over Nepal
  9. You Only Live Twice
  10. Today Today
  11. Memorial
Aperture cover

IPR IPCD45 1993 CD

Not so much an album as a collection of singles and b-sides; many of the songs have abrupt intros (almost as if the engineer tried to reduce the length of the album by fast-forwarding to the vocals) and a rushed relentlessness that, though sometimes fatiguing, often works perfectly, yielding some of the band's greatest songs. Aperture earned Jack's #4 pick in The Big Takeover #34.

Mason's California Lunchroom

  1. seesick
  2. vacuum
  3. crossed
  4. tagalong
  5. hindsight
  6. coursing
  7. vista
  8. infamous
  9. reinventing the wheel
  10. mirage
  11. blow
Mason's California Lunchroom cover

Rainbow Quartz RQTZ003 1995 CD

Despite the down-to-earth title and terse song names, this album tends to wander and linger in delicious otherworldly excursions ranging from the post-punk "Tagalong" and "Vista" to the tenderly contemplative "Blow". Though it sometimes lacks the incessant focus and energy of the band's earlier offerings (imagine sparkling slopes of sugar), it enrichens the band's sound via experimentation and a greater underlying maturity (thick, woodsy maple syrup). Jack gave it his #2 pick in The Big Takeover #37.

Shelf Life

  1. Shadow
  2. Wintersong
  3. Starblind
  4. Lost
  5. Profile
  6. Lilacs
  7. Harbor
  8. Forever
  9. Times Square GoGo Boy
  10. Seascape
Shelf Life cover

World Domination WDM10072-2 1997 CD

It's a lot mellower than the previous albums (and I'm not a big mellow music fan), and the last two songs are covers, but there's something irresistable about the ultra-smooth vocals and guitars; I can't stop playing this album!!! For an in depth review, check out Randy's Review. Jack gave it his #3 pick in The Big Takeover #40.


  1. medication
  2. so long
  3. fuel
  4. coalesced
  5. outside a heart
  6. shelflife
  7. love you
Coalesced cover

Words On Music WM11 2002 CD

Only seven songs, but they're great! This is yet another excellent album. Jack Rabid gave it his #1 pick for 2002 in The Big Takeover. You can buy it from the Words On Music site, which also has some mp3s.

Shade Side Sunny Side

  1. glamour
  2. underestimate
  3. why are you so angry?
  4. aftertaste
  5. friendly fires
  6. game over
  7. spirit lake
  8. quite please
  9. irresistable
Shade Side Sunny Side cover

Words On Music WM25 2008 CD

Wow! These songs are longer, darker, and more aggressive than anything they've done since December (1988). This is a superb return to the old post-punk feel. I love it! You can buy it from Words On Music which also has some mp3s.

Never Been

  1. Sameness
  2. Different Departures
  3. Black Willows
  4. Antitode
  5. Of a Time
  6. Per Se
  7. Specificity
  8. The Tenebrists
  9. You Fade
Never Been cover

Words On Music WM27 2009 CD

More great songs... These guys are on a roll! You can buy it from Amazon or Words On Music, which also has some mp3s.

Black Soap

  1. Black Soap
  2. Dark Good Friday
  3. Amen Yves (White Circles)
Black Soap cover

Words On Music WM29 2011 CD

This first release in an "archive" series contains three very early studio recordings (from 1984), unavailable on any albums. You can buy it from Amazon or Words On Music, which also has some mp3 excerpts.


I don't know of any live material.


There are at least two videos, "Autocrat" and "Echelons." (information courtesy Randy)

The Millions

M is for Millions

  1. guilty
  2. smiling and shaking
  3. riga (freedom)
  4. agnus dei
  5. west
  6. sometimes
  7. breathe
  8. in the alley
  9. scream
  10. voices
  11. ordinary men
M is for Millions cover

Smash 314 510 108-2 1991 CD, tape

This is a very nice debut! Lori Allison's voice takes a while to get used to (well, so did Jeffrey Running's), but the album shares much of the early For Against sound. Many of these songs stick in your head, most notabye "Riga" and "In the Alley." Highly recommended for any For Against fan.


  1. play sacrifice
  2. led by beauty
  3. drain the pool and drown
  4. manic and slipping
  5. indians and drums
  6. answer with fever
  7. hundred ways
  8. raquel
Raquel cover

Thermometer Sound Surface 7007-41954-2-8 1994 CD

This is more polished sounding than the debut, though a little less exciting and memorable in the long run. The promotional version (mentioned below) looks more promising.

Special RAQUEL Promo

  1. indians and drums 7:38
  2. play sacrifice 5:01
  3. led by beauty 4:32
  4. hundred ways 4:57
  5. hands and knees 7:17
  6. drain the pool and drown 5:36
  7. ruth starkman 5:54
  8. manic and slipping 5:52
  9. raquel 5:20
  10. answer with fever 5:41
  11. vicious 5:46
  12. indians & drums (radio edit) 5:04

Dream Circle Records (Germany) DCD 94611 1994 CD

Bill Hunter writes:

The sticker on the cd says: 'This promo is the European version of The Millions' - Raquel. The Domestic version will include remixes of the featured Euorpean singles "Manic & Slipping", "Play Sacrifice", and "Led By Beauty".' Outside covers are the same, except the font used for the word raquel is different. Inside cover dedication excludes dorothy kushner, band photos have the band sitting on a fence in the dark and Lori kneeling in front.