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2001-11-17 to 2004-03-06

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 17 15:03:27 2001

Yay, nice and clean! yes, that last page was getting "heavy" in many ways...

I ordered the Brain Donor CD last night, to celebrate finally getting out of debt! :) :) :) I also bought this and this and this....



Billy Sat Nov 17 15:10:51 2001

[Reposted by Travis]

Indepdendent thinkers, check this interview with Noam Chomsky out!


And another - http://www.rabble.ca/news_full_story.shtml?x=4166

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 17 15:21:17 2001

That typo ("indepdendent") was my fault, not Billy's...

Okay, geek talk for a second... I have been using FrontPage 2000 for all my web pages. Unfortunately, FrontPage has a nasty bug where it sometimes deletes and sometimes duplicates text within invalidly nested tags. The "problem" is that FrontPage itself is the thing that's creating the screwed up tags, so there's not much I can do to prevent those INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING errors... I've patched and reinstalled FP2000 and scoured the online support pages but have had no luck fixing this problem.

Therefore, I'm switching my pages over to HomeSite. This means banners, headers, footers, navigation buttons, backgrounds, justification, and fonts might look inconsistent in parts of the site. In others words, the site's probably gonna have a "split personality" until I am 100% HomeSite, 0% FrontPage.

If any of you use HomeSite to manage large webs, and *especially* if you have also used FrontPage, please let me know... I'd love to be able to ask y'all some quick questions about general management techniques (shared borders, themes-versus-styles, etc.).

That's it for now! Time to go jogging... :)

Oh yeah, I finally updated the Tribute CD ordering info; check my main Cope page or the Tribute CDs page.


PaulB ss@arc23.com Sat Nov 17 17:44:04 2001

HomeSite is a great HTML coder but I'm not sure it's the best tool for managing large websites. I'd advise you to get Dreamweaver which can do both. HomeSite does teach to code a lot cleaner tho.

Personally, at the end of the day, you can't beat hand-coding ;-)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 17 21:32:20 2001

I'm pretty anal about clean code (and a lot of other things), which is part of what drives me crazy about FrontPage, which is slop-city in terms of HTML. However, I really like the way FrontPage handles site management: shared borders, automatic updating of links when files are renamed, easy-to-apply themes, etc.

You're the second person to recommend Dreamweaver. I might have copy of it somewhere... I'm using HomeSite now b/c my work uses it too.

Anyway, thanks for the info!


Billy Sun Nov 18 01:35:42 2001

Congradulations, Trav, on getting out of debt! You sound, or should I say read, very happy. Let us know what you think about Brain Donor Cd. What other goodies did you get/order? Anything worth mentioning?

I'm in the market for a new sound card. Trav, or anyone, have any input on products?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Nov 18 16:09:53 2001

I am, indeed, VERY happy, Billy! :) I've been perpetually "psyched" ever since I moved here; Bellingham is awesome! I loved it here all those times I visited (en route to Alaska) and I *love* living here. It's great!!!

This morning was particularly invigorating... I woke up curled in a ball, could see my own breath, rolled over, opened the blinds of my window, and just lay there for about ten minutes looking out at the blue sky, the pine trees, the seagulls, the yellow leaves... Ahhhh....

The air is *so* clean here; it makes East Coast air seem stinky and humid in comparison. I don't know if it's the proximity to the ocean, or the fact that the air hasn't just travelled over three thousand miles of farms, swamps, cities, and, of course, West Virginia. :)

Anyway, as for what I ordered, I also got Ivy's Long Distance, which I Napster'ed along with Idlewild and Fall (both of which I bought last Spring). Once I have the Ivy CD, I can honestly say that I have ended up BUYING all the albums I napstered (all 3 of them).

I hadn't napstered the Idlewild, I don't if I would've bought. I never heard of the band before I read about them in the Big Takeover. I *probably* would've bought it eventually, but there's no guarantee. As soon as I heard it via napster, I wanted and I bought it ASAP.

For Ivy, the reviews of Long Distance have been mediocre. I *love* Ivy's first 2 albums (they're my favorite "girl band"), but I don't know... I think maybe I would've been turned off by lukewarm reviews. Anyway, I heard it on napster and I *loved* it; yes, it's "lighter" than their albums, but it's catchy, and I'm all about catchy. So napster DEFINITELY convinced me to buy Ivy's new album.

Fall The Fall... Napster had no impact on my decision to buy the new abum. I love the Fall, and will buy every new album that comes out.

Plus, having mp3s of those albums earlier than their releases got me "plugging" those albums earlier as well (and old albums too). If my positive comments about the Fall or Idlewild or Ivy convinces a single person to go out and buy one of those albums, then that's even more sales that can be attributed to Napster.

Anyway, the net effect of Napster (while it lasted) for me is: record companies and artists did not lose any money off of my usage of Napster; if anything, Napster acted as advertising and *helped* them get my money.

So why is Napster dead?

If everyone used it like I did, then napster was providing free, safe advertising for the artists and record companies. Of course, not everyone's a collector...

You know, I think napster provided advertising, but with varying risks. If the songs cater to older collectors [e.g., the Fall], then the risk is kept low (since downloaders are highly likely to be purchasers). However, if the songs cater to kids who don't have the money or attention span for entire albums [MTV bands], then Napster might be high risk; some of those downloading kids might not *ever* buy CDs!!!

In any case, I think Metallica were cowardly and shortsighted. Yes, they were totally "right" in that bands should be able to decide whether to have free mp3s. However, they were [I feel] "stupid" for using themselves as an example. Metallica is an old band with lots albums, and they currently don't have a lot of airplay. That, to me, implies that napster would've been a smart, low-risk form of advertising for them.

Now, I'm not Mr. Businessman. All I know about purchasing trends is based on my observations of my own personal buying patterns and those of my friends and family. Would *I* allow people to download free mp3s of *all* of my music? Well... ummmm.... I've moving that way, slowly... All my new songs are available for download. My old ones... I don't know. I'm resisting. If, in a year or month or week, *all* of the songs on The Hermit are downloadable, then I'm be "walking the talk" but until then, I'm being somewhat hypocritical. :)

Anyway, sorry for that totally old-fashioned tangent. Napster is, like, *so* 90s... I mean, like, gag me... ;)

Sound card... Billy... First of all, are you gonna be getting a new computer, one that can record lots of audio tracks? I remember your current computer is fine for MIDI but looked a little old. A pro-level 24/96 audio card might be overkill for your system. In other words, you might not be able to record more than 1 or 2 tracks at 24/96 or even 16/44. Investing $300-$400 in a 24/96 card might not be the most satisfying upgrade.

That said... When I had my "measly" P2-350 as my music computer, I switched from a SBLive to a 24/96 card (M.Audio's "Delta 44") and noticed an improvement in the recording quality, even when recording at 16/44. The SBLive sounded very noisy and distorted compared to the Delta 44. Of course, that noise could've been due to a fault in my SBLive, or interference from other parts of my computer, etc. Other people have said that their SBLive sounds perfectly fine to them.

Now, in my 1 GHz music-only machine, I use my Delta 44 for audio and a separate card for MIDI and SPDIF. The SBLive has audio, MIDI, and SPDIF, *plus* it has SoundFonts and its own sound generation, which means it's good for games and stuff.

Okay... here's my recommendation:

  1. If you're going "all out" and buying a completely new music-only computer, with lots of speed, RAM, and fast hard disks, then get a 24/96 card and a separate MIDI/SPDIF card. I personally like my Delta 44 but that's the only 24/96 card I've heard. If you go this route, you could get the "Omni Studio", which bundles a Delta card and the "Omni IO" breakout box, which acts as a pre-amp/mixer. Great stuff, *if* you're getting a powerful, dedicated music computer. It's probaby complete overkill if you're not...
  2. If you're gonna stick with your old computer, I'd get a SBLive or its brand-new sequel (SB-Audigy or something like that). The SBLive/Audigy is cheaper, has audio *and* MIDI *and* SPDIF, can do sound fonts, and might sound perfectly fine in *your* computer, when recording *your* equipment, and to *your* ears. Also, the SB cards come with lots of music and game software. It's definitely an awesome bargain.

What card are you using now?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Nov 18 16:15:25 2001

Sorry for all the typos in that post! It's cold in here and my fingers haven't quite warmed up. :)

Anyone heard the new Chameleons album yet?


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Tue Nov 20 23:05:42 2001

Trav, I've got the old SBAWE32. I'm just looking for a replacement, for now, of a sound card. I'm doing my recording on a 4-track mini disc and using the sound card for stereo wav files just to burn cd's. My SB card has a blown left channel input, which is the reason I need another one. I do use Soundfonts for all the midi stuff, so maybe I should go with SBlive.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Nov 21 12:27:47 2001

Yes, definitely the SB-Live or the SB-Audigy. There are a few different versions of the SB-Live: X-gamer, mp3, Value, and Platinum... There's also 5.1 (surround sound) versions of these.

I have the original SB-Live Platinum [not the surround sound one]. It has the front-mount, which is really cool. It cost me around $200 (about 2 years ago). The value card is about half that price, but doesn't have the front-mount.


ron Thu Nov 22 22:11:53 2001

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Day.

what? Fri Nov 23 09:04:10 2001

what? thanksgiving? what's that?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 23 15:00:13 2001

I've got a question for y'all... It's a bit weird, and I may have mentioned it before but I'm still interested in resolving this...

For the past 2 years (and 2 apartments), I've never been able to find an "optimal" setup for my computers, stereo, music gear, TV, etc. (all my toys).

Up until my last place, I had rented smaller apartments (and had less stuff), so I simply kept everything entertainment-related in one room. I also had a "loft" bed which I used for a desk and storage: it held my computers, my keyboard, my stereo, my CDs, and TONS of boxes of stuff. Basically, everything except the TV went on that loft. Sadly, I got rid of that old loft when I moved into my last place (my parents kept telling me it was unattractive and hard to move).

So, to keep this short... I have 2 computers I use for work, a stereo, speakers, a music station (PC + keyboard + gear + speakers), 2 TVs, a couch, etc. I have all these THINGS that I use every day, and I've never been able to get a configuration that meets all these criteria:

  1. looks good [for guests and my own morale]
  2. doesn't feel cramped
  3. lets me access PCs & stereo from 1 chair w/o having to REACH
  4. puts speakers IN FRONT of that chair (in a triangle with it)
  5. gives me easy access to the backs of the computers
  6. puts a TV in line-of-site of computer chair
  7. lets me easily watch TV when *lying* on couch
  8. gives me a window view when sitting at computers

... and so on.

I've made lists and diagrams galore. I've spent hours and hours, often several weekends in a row, moving stuff around, trying to find a configuration that works. For example, right now, my current configuration meets (g) and maybe (a) and (b) but that's about it. I'm not asking for "perfection", because I know it doesn't exists. I just have several requirements [like I listed above] that I'm trying to meet.

So I have 3 questions...

  1. Have any of y'all every gone through a period [of months or years, etc.] of constantly feeling the need to "tweak" your apartment/house in order to find an "optimal" configuration for all your stuff?
  2. How do you FIND an optimal configuration? I've tried logic, I've tried trial-and-error guesswork, I've tried modeling my apartment using The Sims, etc. I've *never* come up with a configuration that meets all my requirements.
  3. If you can't find an optimal configuration, how can you PROVE to yourself that one does not exist [without buying a new apartment or new furniture], and how do you get yourself to stop trying?

I know this might make me sound like a hermit with nothing to do, but I want my speakers in front of me, I wanna watch the Simpsons while I use the computer, I wanna see the leaves outside while I work, and I don't wanna have to contort myself in order to get at the backs of my computers. To me, these are very natural, inescapable ergonomic needs; I don't think I am being "picky" when I ask for these things. I'm just having a really hard time satisfying them, given: my stuff, my furniture, my apartment.

So... I'm anxious for your feedback!


P.S. By the way: I've seen Billy's and Andrew's apartments. From what I remember, neither of them can see his TV from his computer. Also, neither PC is in a triangle with his main stereo's speakers... Does this bother you guys? Or *am* I being picky???

ron Fri Nov 23 19:24:11 2001

thanksgiving (noun., american)... er derrived from 'hey we made it across the atlantic ocean in these rickety ass old boats to escape the tyranny of the british monarchy, and their oppressive regime.' So basicly these former brits (pilgrims as we refer to them) invited their native american neighbours over for a massive feast... and 300+ years later we continue the tradition.

be thankful,

oh i see Fri Nov 23 20:15:18 2001

oh. one of those fat american things

ron Fri Nov 23 20:20:34 2001

you left out stupid and evil... but close...

PaulB Sat Nov 24 19:03:31 2001

Trav: Years of mix n match usually sort this out ;-)

Also, invest in those 8-point extension boxes with long cables. Works for me.

ron Sat Nov 24 20:24:07 2001

er... no offense Travis, but I believe that you have misplaced your girlfriend ;)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 24 20:58:11 2001

Well, it *has* been a while (1997)... And you're right: girlfriends (a) arrange the house for you and (b) don't give you enough free time to start obsessing about speaker placement. :)

The Brain Donor CD hasn't come yet; it should get here next week. I'm VERY exited!!!

For my jog today I was listening to Teardrops live at the Old Waldorf (1981). The first few songs were so-so, but "The Culture Bunker" had a GREAT funky jam-like solo section at the end.

I have 3 comments to make:

  1. I really wish Cope would make more long jams... 3 minute "tight" pop songs are great, but 12 minute "loose" pop-jams are even better!!! Cope TEASES us so many times by ending a song with a jam but then fading out really quickly.
  2. In this live version of "Culture Bunker", the jam continues for a couple minutes but then the guitarist cuts short a note, gets self-conscious, tries to make it seem like he was supposed to hit the short note, and then the song collapses shortly afterwards and just stops. I think he guitarist "ruined" the groove and the band panicked and bailed out ASAP. My guess is that maybe long improvs are probably something only the really good musicians try. Phish loves to do it (and they are all awesome musicians), but their songs aren't really "catchy". Anyway, I'd *love* to see a good "pop" band tackle long jams. Do the Beatles have any catchy, long, jammy albums?
  3. The Teardrops had such a unique sound. It wasn't punk; it wasn't disco; it wasn't "flower-power" psychedelia... but every song [on Kili and Wilder] has that "Teardrops" flavor. It's the cyclic bass, the punk-ish drums, the repetitive keyboard and guitar... Anyway, it got me to thinking... There seem to be very few bands that have a similar sound to the Teardrop Explodes. I can only think of Jane Pow and, to a lesser extend, the Woodentops. Do y'all know of any others?


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Sun Nov 25 08:40:01 2001

You got that right, Trav, about the girlfriend thing. There good for asthetic purposes, organization, and occaisional sex, but they do try to sponge up free time. If you marry them, you can also add visits to in-laws (holidays, ect.). With me, when I have one I can't wait 'till their gone, or when they become occupied with their own hobby (right!!!). When I don't have one I wish I did. Ultimately, I think your situation is the best.

this is getting so boring@why do i bother?.com Mon Nov 26 10:41:00 2001



Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Nov 26 15:14:47 2001

It's the geeks who create stuff for the un-geeks to enjoy.

Any monkey can throw a tomato...

Or feces...

Fling that feces round and round
Fling it, baby, fling it!
Make it splatter on the ground
Sling it, monkey, sling it!
Paint a picture with your poo
You did it, dude, you did it!
Who's a geek now?  It is you!
Admit it, babe, admit it

Is that better? :)


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Mon Nov 26 17:44:36 2001

Ha! That's funny as SHIT!!!! You're ok in my book, Trav.

Willie-the-pimp Tue Nov 27 10:09:58 2001


el snoreo Tue Nov 27 16:04:21 2001

Ha Ha Ha He He He I'm the Laughing Snorer & you can't catch me!!

Have you all missed me?No?Oh Shit!

When GW has finished bombing one of the worlds poorest countries to fuck,do you think he couldspare me a daisy-cutter or two?


8 bloody months to fix a poxy set-top box.LuckyI could still read the posts even if Icouldn't reply.

But I'm back now,just when the posts get boring.

Mothra Tue Nov 27 18:22:20 2001

Seems the world wants all of-a-sudden to be either vocal and/or anonymous. Am feeling decidedly irreverent so here's a thought:

"sex in a cold place with hours to waste, wither my shrew then sit on me face"


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 27 21:14:08 2001

Listening to Brain Donor right now for the first time... I'll write my initial impressions as they happen...

Well, I wanted jams, so now I get jams! :) So far I like it! I'm on "Pagan Dawn"... I can't wait until I can crank this stuff up! (right now I am waiting for the delivery guy)

I'm now on the first part of "Odin's Gift"... Ummmm.... what is this??? It's not written by Cope, and sounds nothing like him. It's almost painfully slow and deliberate. Okay, it's changing...

I assume this is now Part 2: "Shamanic 4 AM". Sounds cool. Cope start singing. This tune definitely has his vibe. It's delicate and "tough" and the same time. Not much in the way of lyrics but still pretty cool.

Changing again... Part 3: "Consecrate the Fucker", I assume... Neat trancy arpeggios! This sounds like Krautrock. Written by "A. Foster". Neat.

Changing again... Part 4, maybe? Heavy metal! Again, the lyrics aren't the focus. I wonder how Cope perceives this band. Is it a chance for him to relax and jam? The ending of this song is cool! It's almost hendrix-ish. I notice that it's longer than the 12:30 reported in the sleeve (more like 13:11). I'm glad this is a long album!

Okay, next song, "Hairy Music", credited entirely to Cope. Neat! It's old-fashioned rock n roll meets metal. Pretty cool. No high-end though... I wonder if the lack of treble on this song (and maybe most of the album) was intentional. Okay, that was a neat little idea of a song. Not much polish, but pretty fun.

"U-Know!" is cool! It segues into "You Take the Credit" which is a silly punk jam...

"Lughnasad" is written by Cope. It's actually pretty lame. ;) It's PAINFULLY bad. It actually gets better, though, towards the end.

Okay, last song... "She's Gotta Have It". It's a 20 minute monster.. Cool start. Energetic. Great guitar work. Really cool. Wow!!!! It just keeps going!!! Cool!!!!!

Overall impressions: very high ups and very low downs.

When they're rocking out, they sound awesome, like a totally kick-butt band. I'm talking TOTALLY cool (the last song especially).

However, when they're playing the slower, composed stuff, it's like listening to a child reciting the alphabet... VERY... slowly. Even when the [really cool] last song slows down in the middle, it's like the band forgets how to play their instruments.

It's almost like they don't know how to play slowly or quietly. They get self-conscious or something unless they're making a ruckus. Maybe they were all stoned when they recorded this??? That would explain the EXTREME sense of self-consciousness during the slow bits.

This last song is utterly killer... (Yes, it's still playing)

I've gotta go back and read all the discussion about this album. I'm now very curious about the circumstances under which it was made.

I'm also wondering what their live album's gonna be like (if they release it). Did they jam out like in this last song?

Anyway, for those of you who are wondering whether to get this album, I say definitely: YES! The last song "She's Gotta Have It" is mega-cool, a classic, up there with "Safesurfer". Some of the other songs are a bunch of head-banging fun too. Yes, a few songs suck, but you, it's like watching a bunch of stoners. They'll act pathetic half the time but the other time they're brilliant.

Man, what an experience!!!

That was cool.


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Tue Nov 27 22:35:21 2001

Interesting, though I was never very good at judging Cope's music upon first listen. Usually I dislike it initially, then after about the third time around it becomes something that I can't get enough of.

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Tue Nov 27 22:37:03 2001

Aliright you fuckers, what exciting stuff do you want to talk about? I'll participate!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 27 23:00:49 2001

Billy, I'm the same way. I am listening to Brain Donor for the third time now and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even notice the slow bits anymore!

Have you heard it yet, Billy?


ron Wed Nov 28 00:14:30 2001

yeah, there's awl-ways 'jeez, so wot is this shite jools is doing now?' and then it's like 'damn... that's some good shite'. I don't think julian has EVER been acused of ripping his own sound off. I mean whenst you hear a new U2(or insert any other band) song on the radio, it's immediate recognition. and with julian, i mean u-know (which by the way is my fave)that it's a julian cope cd, cos u bought it, but still it's like wot's that mofo trippin on now... he just sets a path an blazez it big tyme. i dig the fact that he challanges me to hear and think about music in a way that no else does.

dunno, william... wot do us fat, stupid, evil, nazi, self rightous mutherfucking (oh, and boring) americans have to say that could even remotely interest anyone other than our selfs? i mean all we do is sit around naked counting our money, eating mcdonalds, drinking budwiser, shooting our guns, having sex with the neighbours teenage daughter, and beating our kids... so... how was ur weekend?

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Wed Nov 28 23:30:58 2001

Yeah, that's exactly what I mean about Cope's music. It seems that the new songs that I hear from everyone else which appeal to me immediately seem to never last long on my favorite lists.

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Wed Nov 28 23:34:48 2001

No Trav, I have not purchased the CD as of yet, although I'm very curious as to what it's like. Thanks for the first listen details. I'm sure I'll get a copy soon.

Nat yawn@zzzzzz.com Thu Nov 29 11:00:00 2001

Crikey this site has gone all Julian Cope Related - whats happened to all the spontaneous drivel that used to be spouted! EVERYONE HAS GONE ALL SERIOUS!! ;o)

Think I need a good jabber - where's Morfey? WEIGH IN ON MONDAY, b4 I split my trousers hun!!!! tee heee....

Off I go.. see ya late y'all

nat xxx

amazon i'm up late @s usual.com going up to see moon cat again tomorrow, hurrah! @can't wait.co.uk Thu Nov 29 20:34:03 2001

Nat? Nat! Nat- a- leeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bah! Missed her......

Oh well, back to Julian Whatsisname.......

ron Thu Nov 29 23:53:31 2001

julina who? new luv in ur life... hmmm, and here i was thinking we had sumthin special that nite in the bush;)


AgentOrange dontbother, its a purpleturtle account Fri Nov 30 11:09:25 2001

Oooh my, its friday. Hurrah. Time for a quick surf which no-one is watching. How is everyone? Been a while eh Nat, what with festivals and diseases? G and me are off to Avebury soon for a small personal celebration. Ah!

I got the soft cell 12" singles CD thing for me BD. I am quite surprised how much I like it. That tainted love into where did our love go mix is just so, um so super!

Mothra Fri Nov 30 14:34:35 2001

hey AO! Have a fab time in Avebury, and G too, and U Amazon and Moony in mugtree land!!

Haven't been around much as am going thru 'stuff'

all you neeeeeed is love x

ron Fri Nov 30 15:07:44 2001

oooh, have you heard the neu marilyn manson cover of "tainted love"? it's just started radio play this week, and is bone crushing... i could just imagine that thing blasting over at the ministry of sound er...hoorah... mothra leave the 'stuff' on the #9 and i'll take care... good thoughts be with you... izzy... people are strange when ur a stranger... nat...fustrated, been a while huh?

be at 45...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 30 17:27:32 2001

Brain Donor is SO COOL!!! I've listened to it 8 or 9 times now and I still think it's awesome. It's incredibly re-listenable...

(Billy, it reminds me of Trash Head!!!)


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Fri Nov 30 22:23:38 2001

Trav, I'll take that as the highest of compliments!

Just heard the worst news this morning about G. Harrison. That's Fucked up. I'm taking a long walk into the night.

B. Meredith Caple McMillen bmerf2001@yahoo.com Sat Dec 1 20:37:33 2001


Can anyone help a new fan acquire a few of Julian's live shows, like maybe the Paris broadcast from 1988 or one of his acoustic shows from the early 90's? I'm in the USA and assume I'll never see him...



andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Sun Dec 2 14:35:57 2001


Go to http://www.trampolene.ca

Then go to the music section and there you will be able to download a pdf file of all the tapes etc. that I have. Drop me a line with what you are interested in and we can take it from there.


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Sun Dec 2 23:14:40 2001

Trav, I went ahead and bidded on a Soundblaster Live on e-bay. As soon as I intall the card, I can get those Cope cover tunes to you on disc. Then, I'll be working on more originals. Thanks for the info!

About the TV/computer configuration, I've moved the computer to a completly different room from the TV. This is because the TV is increasingly failing to hold my interests. I may catch a movie from time to time, some History channel, and FSTV, but that's seldom these days.

Agent d'Orange Mon Dec 3 09:08:57 2001

S'funny Ron, cos when I was last listening to the Soft Cell version I thought, nah, though this ain't the original it is surely the best. No-one would be so stupid as to do it again...but its good eh? I haven't heard it. Thats probably because they don't play it on radio 1 between 7 am and ten-past when Im getting up the energy to turn that incessent noise off. Oh my I am old.

st Mon Dec 3 10:22:44 2001

And to go to the other extreme of soft cell coverage what about "say hello, wave goodbye" as done by David Grey? Never realized what a good song it was first time round.

andrew Mon Dec 3 16:07:07 2001

Love DG's version of Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. Wish he would play it live. Brings a tear to my eye it does! Haven't heard the manson song yet.

ron Mon Dec 3 18:08:16 2001

que es radio one, ao? what's that frequency kenneth? er... http://www.wrzk.com/ supposedly the manson track is off of 'not another teenage movie' soundtrack... good to hear julian get his whacky sense of humor back... 'rite to bear arms' heh, that's a good one;)


Agent Antique de l'Orange purpleturtleschmurtlegurtle Tue Dec 4 08:58:21 2001

st and andrew, do you generally like David Grey, or just SHWG? I generally do not like David Grey (wasn't he out of the waterboys? ;-) ) so would I be interested in his version of SHWG? Hmm.

Radio1 Ron? You dont want to know...though it has its moments - usually sometime after I have dozed off. Dear Mr Peel. Hasn't he got any honours yet? Bloody well deserves a few. Knight of the Strange Fruit Empire perhaps...

andrew Tue Dec 4 10:23:10 2001

David Gray as far as I know has always been solo.I think he has released about 5 albums now. I do like some of his stuff, White Ladder is a pretty good album, although I find some of his stuff a bit depressing. He is a bit middle of the road, but he supposedly puts on a good show, although I have never seen him live.

His version of SHWG is mainly acoustic and full of emotion.

andrew Tue Dec 4 13:51:15 2001

err, look out Trav, someone's talking about the Interpreter cds on Head Heritage, you may want to get over there and take a look...

I was wondering if anyone has the so called "interpreters" CDs from the rail on site.

I'm curious to hear them and feel that seeing as the fella who makes them is in breach of several area's of copyright law, it would not be wrong to ask someone to burn me a copy. I'll pay postage and CD costs etc.

Please let me know.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Dec 4 18:30:31 2001

Thanks andrew! I posted a rather lengthy response to it. You've read most of it before. The only real new thing is this:

If people want to copy Interpreters CDs for other people, by all means, go ahead!!!

I can't believe this topic never came up before, because it's one of those fundamental trading issues. The Interpreters CDs are, as far as I'm concerned, totally tradable, copyable, rip-able, whatever you wanna do with them. I don't really care about that.

Of course, if people try to re-package the CDs and sell them, that gets a little weird. *I* created those sleeves, and so if they are reused or "butchered" by other people I might feel a little uneasy, which is probably how Cope feels about his songs!!! :)

So, copy away; just try to be respectful of the efforts that Julian, the contributors, and I all made to those CDs. If you have good intentions, then you probably don't need to read this paragraph (and if you have evil intentions, then you're probably ignoring me!) :)


amazon Tue Dec 4 19:51:04 2001

very drunk and in love



tee hee!

malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Dec 4 22:15:05 2001

Don't worry Amazon. Sobriety and the cold reality of daylight helps to get rid of that illness.

st Wed Dec 5 11:18:18 2001

Izzy, I'd have to agree with Andrew that Davy G can be a bit middle of the road, but good MOR for all that and White Ladder is a very good album, (anyway my flat mates got it so I'm saved the dilemma of whether to buy it or not). Best track for me is SHWG, you can at least get a taster at


though it's worth hearing in it's entirety. I was shocked cause I never clicked what great lyrics it had first time round. And no he wasn't from the waterboys, are you mixing him up with Karl Wallinger or Mike Scott or someone?

Don't you think that as good a DJ as John Peel is, he's doing more and more voiceovers for weird and totally pointless products. Was watching some health and safety documentary last night and who was doing voiceover, JP, warning us all we'd die of dysentery or some such if a fly landed on our food. Ho hum, how the mighty have fallen.

Purely for postage costs, I think having someone burn the Interpreters in Europe (for non-profit) is a good idea. I really can't see any one from HH trying to rip it off.

Amazon, I'm neither drunk or in love, I think you have the better deal.

Slán, S

andrew Wed Dec 5 15:51:42 2001

Izzt &st. I do like white ladder, although I probably listened to it way too much when I first got it. The lyrics are incredible and anyone who uses one of my favourite English phrases "For crying out loud" in a song ain't all bad in my mind. On the strength of white ladder I did buy a few other cds of his. Sell Sell Sell is a close second in my mind, but the earlier his albums you go, the more you hear his influences in my mind, one of them being Van Morrison who I just can't get into. As you said st, it is MOR but it is good MOR! Plus I like the fact that White Ladder was his last ditch attempt at breaking through, very low budget, he recorded it in his living room (bet the neighbours just love him).

Amazon, I hope you make a full and speedy recovery :-)

(Anonymous) Thu Dec 6 00:08:54 2001

God Trav, I must be about the only one who has sent in contributions for Interpreters Vol.3! I can send more if needed. Let me know. I already feel a bit strange about having so many on previous compilations, so waiting for others to fill it up won't hurt my feelings. I have a version of "The Glam Dicenn" I could get to you. I've also made a wild mix using samples of a few Cope tunes if that's acceptable.

AO Thu Dec 6 10:09:01 2001

Ah, thanks st, but Im afraid I dont have speakers on this pooter.Bums. Everyone, I was joking about the waterboys! Am I the only one that thinks there is a startling similarity then?

st Thu Dec 6 11:38:26 2001

frayed knot, I don't see the similarity, vocally he reminds me of Brian Kennedy, anyone remember him?

andrew Thu Dec 6 16:49:32 2001

I used to be quite into the Waterboys during my art school daze and I see little to no similarity to them and David Gray, sorry! I used to visit the David Gray web site but gave up because it was full of wankers arguing things like Americans are better than Brits etc. It was quite sad really.

amazon Fri Dec 7 06:42:25 2001

I must apologise for my earlier rantings. I don't even remember writing that message. Sorry, everyone. However, having said that....I AM in love, tee hee, for the first time in ages. I feel like a teenager again, it's great! (Thank you so much, Moon Cat, for introducing us.) And I am off up to Manchester this afternoon again to see the gorgeous man..............

Wish me luck in stifling the girly giggles and controlling my naughty hands. Thanks for your well wishes and piss takes, hahahaha! Again, sorry for being drunk and silly.


x x x

AO Fri Dec 7 10:49:57 2001

Not at all Amazon, its good to hear you're happy. have a good time!

Doesn't anyone agree with me about the waterboys v david gray? Hrumph.

Phil phil@eskimo2.fsnet.co.uk Mon Dec 10 19:37:27 2001


I'm trying to track down an album that featured a track from Julian, it was released about 90/91 i think and was in aid of an anti-poll tax campaign. Can you shed any light on it? What label was it on, what formats, how can i get a copy etc.......?


Boolbar Tue Dec 11 09:23:42 2001

I haven't posted here for ages ! Is David Gray the chap who sings Babylon ? I find that annoying but another track by the same person (I don't know the title) was very good indeed.

ron not sure@cope.com Wed Dec 12 08:36:46 2001

hmmm, sorry Phil, hope you find it or Paul or Andrew can lend a hand. I checked Trampolene(finally the firewall lets me through after 3 months?), but no mention... so, I'm pretty sure someone knows... unfortunately itz not me... sorry. also, guess i wuz pretty 'racked' saturday as my post was racked as well. i had intended on agreeing with miz izz about the waterbouys and this grey fellow, but a premature enter key ended that... oh well... hopefully amazon found her clothes and is back @ home with wayland...


amazon Wed Dec 12 09:12:12 2001

Yes, Ron. I am back home again, (but off to Manchester again this weekend). And poor lickle Wayland is ill. So are my other two. Poor things. Sorry, have to rush, expecting a call from my Mancunian love......

Thanks for the emails, Nat. Will reply when I have more time.

amazon Fri Dec 14 17:08:20 2001

What's going on with Head Heritage at the moment? I can't get it to come up. Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble tonight?

Billy Sun Dec 16 01:15:56 2001

Have you seen that during the past week the TV screens have been full of Mr. Bush's program of providing Christmas gifts for Afghan children, while he continues to bomb their country. I don't know what Muslims think about Christmas gifts, strictly from a religious standpoint, but I can imagine what they must be saying to each other, from a patriotic standpoint. Suppose that we were in an all-out war with China, and the Chinese government, after destroying our cities with a surprise nuclear attack, announced a program of gifts for American children while they continued to mop up American resistance to a Chinese invasion of our country. The Chinese premier would announce that the war was not against the American people, but only against the capitalist-terrorist government in Washington, and that the Chinese were truly concerned about the welfare and happiness of American children. I suspect that most of us would be inclined to tell the Chinese to take their toys and stuff them. Of course, it should be clear to anyone with half a brain that the toys-for-Afghan-children program is strictly a public relations stunt aimed at American public opinion and that George Bush cares no more for the children of Afghanistan than he does for the Taliban prisoners of his Northern Alliance buddies, who're still being tortured and murdered.

And what about the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians and the attitude of the politicians over here to that conflict. The Jews are continuing to send murder teams into Palestinian towns to murder Palestinian leaders, still sending bulldozers to destroy the homes of the families of suspected Palestinian resistance fighters, still sending helicopter gunships -- supplied by the United States -- to shoot up Palestinian police stations for the purpose of killing the Palestinian prisoners being held there that Arafat has had arrested on suspicion of opposing the Jews, and no politician over here ever has a complaint about this Jewish terrorism, and that's the only word for it: terrorism.

Yet whenever the Palestinians strike back at their oppressors, whether with a suicide bombing or some other attack against the Israelis, Mr.Bush and virtually every other politician over here immediately and loudly denounce it as "terrorism." This week the governor of the state of New York, the present and future mayors of New York City, and a passel of other American politicians are all over in Israel, wearing yarmulkas to show their solidarity with the Jews in our -- quote -- "common fight against terrorism." And Mr. Bush, on orders from Mr. Sharon, refuses to meet with Mr. Arafat because Arafat, he says, isn't doing enough to stop Palestinian terrorism.

The crookedness and hypocrisy of this whole relationship between Israel and the United States really turns the stomach of any honest observer, but I guess it still plays well enough on American television to keep the public fooled. Anyway, just remember all of this crookedness the next time a lot of Americans lose their lives in another reprisal attack from the long suffering Muslim world, and the Bush crowd tells us that the attack was "unprovoked."

(Anonymous) Sun Dec 16 19:41:10 2001

The answer is easy. Do something for someone you wouldn't normally think twice about. Make it quite substantial, and I don't just mean throw money at the problem, but do something for someone that has an impact not just on them but on yourself too (and not just because it is christmas). Make a difference at a grass roots level. If everyone in the world did just one thing, imagine...

The big picture is just a jigsaw made up of millions of small ones and if each of those small pictures decides to change colour then the big picture will no longer resemble what is on the box.

mothra Mon Dec 17 05:48:47 2001

kiss that poster!

Robert Greaves Mon Dec 17 12:03:19 2001

I say chaps, could you possibly talk about something a tad more related to the great Julian H. Cope himself. He's a jolly splendid fellow, and after all, he is the reason we are here in the first place, I thank you.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Mon Dec 17 16:11:03 2001

Well not a Cope matter but i've been saddened by a phone call this morning from a friend with the news of my good friend Stuart Adamsons death. I've known Stuart for over 20 years from his early days with the Skids and we have had some good laughs over the years. My thoughts go out to his wife and family. It shows that even if you have a gift, it is sometimes not enough to help you though the bad times and Stuart has battled against alcohol for years but I never tought it would come to this...........Russ

ron drude@mounet.com Mon Dec 17 18:00:56 2001

My deepest condolences to you Russ on the loss of your friend. I had seen/read the article on the BBC site this A.M., and wondered how many on the list knew him. Wish I knew wot to say to make you feel better... unfortunately death sucks and there are not many comforting words to be found...

I'm very sorry for your loss.


amazon Thu Dec 20 18:00:56 2001

Somebody please help me...........I went to see Lord of the Rings yesterday and my mind seems to have been blown away. Help me get back to normality before I embroider myself a long white elf dress and squeeze my ears into little points.


andrew Thu Dec 20 20:45:29 2001

Amazon, does that mean the film was good? I don' think you'll get much help round here though, everyone seems to have either gone home or are asleep.

(Anonymous) Fri Dec 28 13:21:43 2001

from LAWeekly:

Jay Babcock: 10 Musical Pieces

12. Guilty Pleasures: Braindonor, Love Peace &Fuck (Impresario) (Stooges, Ash Ra Tempel, Groundhogs, Kiss); Spirit Caravan, Elusive Truth (Tolotta) (Sabbath, Blue Cheer); Actual Tigers, Gravelled &Green (Nettwerk America) (Paul Simon); The Strokes, Is This It? (RCA) (Wire, Velvets); BRMC, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Virgin) (The Jesus and Mary Chain, glam); Charlatans UK, Wonderland (MCA) (Curtis Mayfield, Stones circa '78); New Order, Get Ready (Reprise) (New Order); the Watt-Perkins-di Stefano Stooges cover band Hellride; Acid Mothers Temple (Grateful Dead, Hawkwind).

11. Gospel Brunch: Shellac serving Krispy Kreme donuts to the audience prior to its Sunday, January 28, 11 a.m. show at the Knitting Factory.

10. Songwriting of the First Order: Rufus Wainwright, Poses (DreamWorks); Eleni Mandell, Thrill (Space Baby); Pulp, We Love Life (Island) (note: produced by Scott Walker!); Black Box Recorder, The Facts of Life (Jet Set); Momus, Folktronic (Le Grand Magistery).

9. What the ?!?: The Centimeters, Lifetime Achievement Awards (Space Baby); Neil Hagerty, Neil Michael Hagerty (Drag City); The All-New Adventures of Rock 'N' Roll's Royal Trux comic book; Aphex Twin, Drukqs (London/Sire); Sparklehorse and Tom Waits' "Dog Door" (Capitol/EMI); Björk, "Pagan Poetry" video; Thighpaulsandra, I, Thighpaulsandra (Eskaton UK); The Residents' greatest-bizarrities revue at UCLA Royce Hall, May 25.

8. Jewish-Related Stuff: Random_Inc., Jerusalem (Ritornell); Mogwai, "My Father My King" (Matador); Perry Farrell, Song Yet To Be Sung aa(Virgin); Masada, Live at Tonic 2001 (Tzadik).

7. Beauty: Beachwood Sparks, Once We Were Trees (Sub Pop); Mercury Rev, All Is Dream (V2); Acetone, York Blvd. (Vapor); M. Gira/D. Matz, What We Did (Young God); John Zorn, In the Mirror of Maya Deren (Tzadik); Frank Bretschneider, Curve (Mille Plateaux); alva.noto, Transform (EFA); Richard Ashcroft live, alone, at the Knitting Factory, February 4.

6. Older People: Prince at the Palladium, May 4; John Paul Jones at the Universal Amphitheater, November 15, reclaiming Led Zeppelin songs ("When the Levee Breaks," "Black Dog") with some biting slide-guitar work; J Mascis &the Fog covering Stooges tunes with guitarist Ron Asheton at the Troubadour, April 26; Adrian Sherwood's dub party at Spaceland, August 29; King Crimson laying waste to Tool at the Wiltern, August 14; Paul McCartney, Driving Rain - sweet, melodic comfort food for the ears.

5. Younger People: Starsailor (fey Tim Buckley folk-rock sung by a baby-faced 21-year-old with ridiculous pipes); bawdy rocker Peaches wowing the pansexual crowds at Spaceland (May 11) and at the Knitting Factory (August 11); Sigur Ros' audacious U.S. live debut, midday next to the Rave Tent at Coachella, April 28; Mos Def's Black Jack Jackson project (featuring Dr. Know and Bernie Worrell) live at Coachella; The Fire Show's Above the Volcano of Flowers (Perishable); AWOL One and Daddy Kev, Souldoubt (Meanstreet).

4. Swedish people: The Hives, Veni Vedi Vicious (Burning Heart); The Soundtrack of Our Lives' entire catalog (Hidden Agenda).

3. People We'll Miss: Richie Lee, Pops Staples, Joey Ramone, Michael Karoli, George Harrison.

2. Albums That Should Survive the Test of Time: The White Stripes, White Blood Cells (Sympathy for the Record Industry); Boredoms, Vision Creation Newsun (WEA Japan); Dungeon Family, Even in Darkness (Arista).

1. Spiritualized at the Wiltern, November 13: an absolutely staggering two-and-a-half-hour set performed by the 13-piece band plus a six-person local gospel choir. Opened with a gigantic 20-minute version of "Cop Shoot Cop." Everything arranged to post-Spector bombasm. Tasteful lights, expertly mixed sound and fantastic ensemble and individual playing; Doggen's harmonica (gorgeous) and guitar work (subtle, ripping, arching) especially stood out. Covers of Spacemen 3 classics "Take Me to the Other Side" and "Walking With Jesus." Etc. The most amazing, purely rapturous show I've ever been lucky enough to witness - any performer, anywhere, anytime.

(Anonymous) Fri Dec 28 13:37:09 2001

hmmm, that worked... wonder if'n this will...


amazon Tue Jan 1 19:08:51 2002

Yes, Andrew. The film was absolutely fantastic. Have you read any of the reviews on HH? I have already been to see it again and I am going for the third time tomorrow! My new boyfriend Elrond looks better every time! (Arwen's quite sexy too)

Go see!!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 2 18:34:34 2002

I second Amazon's recommendation. The Lord of the Rings movie is a must-see for any Tolkien fan. Yes, it's cheesy in parts (and boring in parts) and yes, it occasionally veers away from the book, but the overall feeling I got from it was "Wow"...

Even my parents (who didn't read the books) liked it!

Bottom line: I can't wait for the DVD and the next movie!!!


Billy Thu Jan 3 12:00:02 2002

Hey Trav, about 7 inches of snow in central Virginia. Good day to work on some music, heh?

Dickie Davies Eyes HMHB Mon Jan 7 11:43:35 2002

"...mention the Lord of the Rings just once more and I'll more than likely kill you..."

amazon Tue Jan 8 21:01:07 2002




andrew Thu Jan 10 00:37:53 2002

Ahhh, Half Man, Half Buscuit...haven't thought about them in years. I think I still have a tape of their first two albums somewhere, hope I can still find it as I would love to hear them again. Thanks for reminding me.

Oh yes, "Lord of the Rings". There, I said it! (Still haven't seen it though.)

Agent Orange jesus christ, come on down! Thu Jan 10 09:58:08 2002

HMHB were touring last year. Or was it the year before? Very very good still.

Anyone heard of or seen 3 men and black? Im intrigued...

Saw Lord of the Rings. Smashing visually, very gripping, even whilst in the grip of a migraine (got seats within easy reach of the bogs). But for a 3hour film there was surprisingly little storyline, you know beginning middle and the other bit. Call me old fashioned. Looking forward to the next episode, but wont be seeing it too many times.

Got me a beautiful solaris machine at work. busily downloading freeware. Great big joy.

ron me@be@45 Sun Jan 13 22:43:57 2002

ought two greetings tu awl,

kan't 'member lord too very also much, fried brainsak an' awl many, many eons n' fort-nites ago-d... me twelve yo assures me that tis nuthing like the book... sadly a young beautiful spirit, carla, lost her battle with the big C during production in NZ, whilst working on Lord, so when i do see it, i hope that i can feel that youthful love that we shared...

wuz a wunderful holiday, hope awl enjoyed themselves and spent much time with family and friends, i'm truely enjoying my 'head on' julian tee, as it gets me into loads of trouble ;) many thanks for the card morfe! everlasting concentric circles of love onya dude... amazon warmly snuggled in the gatefolds of love eh? izzzy ambulatory? man there's a news flash;) hopefully gar is keepin' ya offa da stairs (just a precaution, honest babe), and babe-illceous nat wherst thou keeps thy self dez daze...eh? interesting review of the spiritualized show... hmmm, did it hit u that way tu andrew? i can somewot identify as my experience with julian was similiar... SPEAKing of... any insider neu-z on the stuff julian wuz on about in this months addy? well... best git me coat now as i know others are anxious to post...u-know? ;)

hangin' out on the loveboat...


AO Tue Jan 15 08:12:52 2002

Nah, and Im not bad with languages, but frankly Ron, cant understand a word. Try Dutch, or Shakespearian?

johnny Tue Jan 15 09:30:31 2002

Hey! Anyone else getting SPAM after posting on this list? I know my address was lifted from here coz one of the addresses copied on the same mail is a comic one I made up for a post here last year sometime and whatever tosser/programme tried to send some crap to it. Bit of a pisser! And I can't cancel it through their 'Remove' address.....


andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jan 15 10:20:30 2002

I was wondering where all the spam was coming from! I knew it was either from this list or from Head Heritage because the emails I have been getting also have people like Russ and Morfe's addresses attached to them too. Initially I though it was from a break in at Head Heritage, simply because the email address here is optional, but at HH you have to enter one to register. Bastards!

Because of the recent attachment viruses that have plagued us I am now in the habit of deleting anything that I don't recognize (or has Cope in the subject matter!)

I did watch a good show the other night on TLC about the history of hackers. Quite interesting, but just left me thinking if only that knowledge and intelligence was put to some good use instead...same old story really.

Ron, its good to hear your voice again, hope all is well with you, I think it is although its hard to tell from your posting!

Johnny Tue Jan 15 11:10:45 2002

Some old time hackers have made successful businesses out of roles as security advisers to large financial and commercial institutions recently. Poacher turned Gamekeeper I think you'd call it!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jan 15 11:27:59 2002

Spam! Yes, I get tons of that stuff too! However, I don't post to the list very often, but I *still* get SPAM and those "Re:" attachments and the good-old-Sircam virus every day...

There's not much we can do about spam, but for the virri, what I did was create an "Attachments" folder (in OE) and a Mail Rule that sends all mail w/ attachments to that folder. I place this rule at the end of my rule list, so my other rules have a chance to act first.

When viewing the "Attachments" folder, I turn off the Preview pane but clicking on the Preview button. Then, I can safely scan through the attachment-carrying emails, check out any ones I trust, delete the others.


Mothra whospammingme@theleaststopit Tue Jan 15 15:32:22 2002

Why oh why did I think it was that Love Muffin??

Who sends things into space without a thought for the receivership? It's weird and scares me.

AO Thu Jan 17 05:26:57 2002

I get loads of stuf about 'improving my business profile' Really dull, really inapropriate

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Thu Jan 17 18:29:56 2002

For those who aren't aware.

Copey has finally agreed to re-release QE2, the words are from the man himself over at Head Heritage, although when I checked yesterday it wasn't yet available to purchase.

Good news.

StarSonic Fri Jan 18 11:03:46 2002

Does anybody know where should I get BrainDonor Lyrics ?

Yes, I know where you can get Brain Donor lyrics Sat Jan 19 12:36:48 2002


http://www.brainwashed.com/coil/main.html Mon Jan 21 22:51:13 2002


January 19, 2002

A brief news update from Balance:

Thighpaulsandra has left COIL choosing to work with Spiritualized instead. It's terrible. We want him back.

Anal album due (on Eskaton) 2nd week in Feb, It's called I Am Newport. Flourescent limited LP and CD. Newport is Jody's home town in Wales.To be followed in 2 months by a live album called Kiss Me Ringland.

We have completed three extra tracks for the CDR special edition of Moon's Milk (In Four Phases). One is an unpublished poem by Angus MacLise set to musick. No titles yet.

http://www.spiritualized.com/ Mon Jan 21 22:58:05 2002

Following the release of Let it come down last year, and a series of sell out shows in UK, Europe, America and Canada, Spiritualized are touring again in 2002.

Check the news section for ticket details and any further announcements.

February ...
15th - Greece: Athens Gargarin
16th - Greece: Athens Gargarin
21st - Denmark: Copenhagen Amagher Bio
22nd - Sweden: Malmo KB
23rd - Norway: Oslo Rockefeller
24th - Sweden: Stockholm Berns
26th - Germany: Cologne Live Music Hall
27th - UK: Norwich UEA
28th - UK: Milton Keynes Sanctuary
March ...
2nd - UK: Edinburgh Corn Exchange
3rd - UK: York Barbican Centre
4th - UK: Manchester Apollo
6th - UK: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
7th - UK: Southampton Guildhall
AO Fri Jan 25 06:38:40 2002

Is it me or are both the Brain Donor Orange- and Pink-Op-Art wallpapers red?

Boolbar Tue Jan 29 06:55:44 2002

Due to technical fault (aka loading new version of MS windows) I lost email addys (amongst other stuff) and was wondering about Morfe and BillionDollarProject - the site hasn't been updated for ages. My cheques have't been cashed. What's up ?? Just wanted to warn that my account is yo-yoing like mad at the moment so if he cashed them today they would bounce like an excited impala, the day after tomorrow no problems.

ron whoa horse@da ranch Tue Jan 29 07:19:47 2002

possibly itz our eyes that are red? er...look out. ummpphh...had an isabel moment sunday, horse stop... ron go... crunch... face plant... uummpphh... gettin too old for this shite... speaking of gettin old... http://www.petemachine.com/ thanks for that nat, had no idea how old i wuz... wheres me beautiful amazon been hanging lately... hmmm, such a lovely wonderful creature, by the by I'm still harmless.... er... getting ready for poland paulb? i am ;)


Mothra Tue Jan 29 07:31:05 2002

Synchroniciteee! Boolbar, I updated today after a long busy/sick spell and no action on the donation front. Behind the scenes stuff is REALLY exciting. Can't cash cheques until have £1000 to open a business account. I'll send a mail out when that happens to warn everyone.

Mothra morfe@morfe.com Tue Jan 29 07:32:13 2002

Julian Cope wears big boots.

ron drude@mounet.com Tue Jan 29 07:48:16 2002

as do i...

Boolbar Tue Jan 29 08:31:58 2002

Thanks for update Mothra !

amazon Tue Feb 5 17:37:25 2002

I have those too.

Mothra Tue Feb 5 19:47:22 2002

You have big boo...

AgentOrange Thu Feb 14 04:02:46 2002

Finally got Love Peace and Fuck yesterday. It made me grin very much. Thank you Holy for the jolly artwork. Anyone hear the Clinic session on Peely - phawww!

amazon Tsk. Thu Feb 14 12:26:33 2002

Yes, Morfe????

Mothra Fri Feb 15 06:50:04 2002


Hey Izzy, I just heard 'porno' by Clinic last week, and it's got me by the short and curlies, hurrah!

jorgen jgrahn-http@algonet.se Sun Feb 17 16:08:07 2002

Short question: around New Year, Julian mentioned on HH shows in <mumble>, <mumble> and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Does anyone have more info on this?

/Jörgen (off to see Spiritualized on Friday)

Howard howardmorrison@hotmail.com Tue Feb 19 05:49:56 2002

Hi, Is it just me or is HH unavailable at the moment?

Betty BettyHaus@hottiemail.com Tue Feb 19 06:11:37 2002

Hi, It is you.


AgentOrange Tue Feb 19 08:36:07 2002

Mothra: mmm, I try not to go on, cos it puts people off (still cant listen to Hefner thanks to the efforts of some friends) but...

Great weekend, got high, the fog cleared and the valley below was awesome...you?

Mothra Tue Feb 19 09:30:51 2002

Hurrah Agent Orange!

Me too. Great weekend, got high, the fog cleared, and the valley ahead was both awesome and warstricken :-(

AO Wed Feb 20 06:32:01 2002

Oh! Perhaps you should try the next valley on? I can hear the babbling brook and the sphagnum in the breeze already...

I witnessed a dear friend with great energy and imagination having all destroyed within seconds by her drunken, worthless boss. A horrible thing to see. Why does management so often mean soul-destruction? Why do people who can't even manage or value themselves become managers and supervisors? Why?

Went badger watching last night. Saw none, but was a pleasant evening's jaunt. A huge and living sett which has well and truly got the landowners and developers running scared. Ha ha, a tiny triumph that gives me a little glimmer of hope...

Mothra Wed Feb 20 13:30:11 2002

mmmmm, sphagnum! Heading off to coccoliths and dolphins soon, that'll do the trick!

AO Fri Feb 22 13:17:54 2002

And sunshine! I hear its what you get in other countries. It makes it warm and lazy. Im not so sure, how do you wash your boots without puddles?

AO Thu Feb 28 09:19:40 2002

Dont worry eric, you wont be inundated...

AO Thu Feb 28 09:20:26 2002

Sorry - finger-spasm! Eric, you've got 3 whole emails now...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Feb 28 16:16:41 2002

Good news. Spiritualized will be touring North America again in April. From what I have read they are touring europe right now with the band reduced to 7 members (from the 13 piece band that toured in the autumn).

A few dates have been confirmed but I guess there will be more to come. Here are the ones announced so far:

01 April 2002 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
15 April 2002 Houston, US Numbers
21 April 2002 Philadelphia, US Trocadero
23 April 2002 Boston, US Avalon

Hey Trav, are you going to come up to Vancouver this time?

amazon Fri Mar 1 17:52:53 2002

Does anyone know if Ron's still alive?

ron Sat Mar 2 09:40:24 2002

hmmm, possibly u should check my pulse...;)


(Anonymous) Tue Mar 5 06:49:09 2002

Here is the date &venue information for Julian's April shows in Ireland:-

11 - Dublin, Vicar St (1890 925 150)
12 - Cork, Half Moon Theatre
21 - Belfast, Empire

Julian's show at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen has now been rescheduled for 5th April 2002.

More shows in selected European cities will be added throughout the year.

All of these shows are solo performances.

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Mar 5 10:31:43 2002

Some more Spiritualized gigs announced, here's the list so far:

1st: Vancouver Commadore
2nd: Seattle Showbox
3rd: Portland Roseland
5th: San Fransisco Warfield
6th: San Diego Cannes
7th: Los Angeles Mayan
11th: Denver Gothic Theatre
13th: Dallas Gypsy Tea Room
14th: Austin Stubbs Outdoor/ La Zona
15th: Houston Numbers
17th: New Orleans House of Blues
19th: Chapel Hill Cats Cradle
20th: Washington 9:30 Club
21st: Philadelphia Trocadero
23rd: Boston Avalon
24th: New York Beacon Theatre
27th: Detroit St Andrews
29th: Chicago Vic
30th: Milwaukee The Rave
1st: Minneapolis First Avenue

Shows in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Rochester, Toronto and Lawrence are also pencilled in, but yet to be confirmed.

Another good opportunity to support Brain Donor as Thighpaulsandra, Doggen and Kevlar are still part of Jason's ever changing line up!

ron Tue Mar 5 13:43:25 2002

thanks for that andrew! the chapel hill show is with black rebel motorcycle club, a group i've been wanting to see. this should be a great show if'n i can get my ass in gear to go...


ron Wed Mar 6 14:54:35 2002

well for wot itz worth i've bought my ticket for the chapel hill gig, and went down at lunch an got the brmc cd, as it's been reccommended a few times from reliable sources (first couple of listens have been enjoyable). honestly had been considering julian's dublin show, but i've finally got my head wraped around the paint scheme for my motorbyke... so maybe wait until brain donor do sumpthin? hopefully late fall?


andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Mar 7 13:14:12 2002

Hi Ron, I heard that Black Rebel Motorcycle are only supporting them on the US dates unfortunately, so I'll miss out in Vancouver. I got an email from Marc though who recently caught Spiritualized in Cologne and he said: "I went to see Spz at Cologne this week. They were absolutely brilliant this time ! 2 hrs 35 mins of spacerock, no horns, just guitars and synths as well as really unexpected songs."

As far as Brain Donor goes, you might have to wait a bit as Spiritualized tend to tour for ever. I did hear though that when they do play live it'll likely be in Scandinavia first, as Cope wants to explore his Odinesque roots!

Nat Bloodyhellitsquiet@shhhh.com Mon Mar 11 11:52:38 2002

Helloooooooo all you loverly people out there..... I've finally found you all again.... yep they've given me an internet connection at work, so let the drivel begin!!

Oh by the way for those of you who don't know yet... I GOT MARRIED YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE well Pagan blessed anyway, on the 16th Feb down the Avenue at Avebury by a stone that looked like a willy (tee hee) its' great and for all you people out there who haven't done it yet, go and do it, its fab!! Steve and me are mushy as mushy can be... sigh...

Oh went and saw Stiff Little Fingers on Saturday wot a cracking night out, was in room full of big sweaty men! And I tell you something for nothing, there was no queue for the ladies loo! Now thats what I call a good gig! Hoorah...

Nat xxxxx

amazon Tue Mar 12 19:38:55 2002


Is that what you call it in America, Ron?

Mothra Wed Mar 13 05:44:07 2002

Ron, go for Ducati red with a a black no. 9 in white filled circle on the fairing.

Well, that's ..one suggestion.. ;-)

Paul Gething paulgething@bambyrghresearchproject.co.uk Thu Mar 14 13:41:04 2002

Does anyone know how I can contact Julian Cope direct. I need to discuss an archaeological matter with him. Any help would be appreciated. Or just pass on my E Mail address to him and he can contact me direct.


Maxwell S. Thu Mar 14 14:40:27 2002


Several of Julian's mynions, (Merrick Godhaven for example) hang out at the link below, and possibly would know better if your matter was 'worthy' of Julian's attention. Contacting Julian directly is rather difficult at best. If you do post at the MA site, I wouldn't mention that you need to contact Julian, you'll be slagged off very quickly. I would state my case and if anyone is in 'current' contact (again Merrick for example), they might possibly pass on your note.


Good luck!

amazon Thu Mar 14 18:29:25 2002

Paul, please retype your email address cos that one won't receive my messages. Maybe it's a typo?

ron paddy@greenguinness.com Sat Mar 16 17:11:56 2002

believe i'd hava ducati red ducati... go bostrum! mmm....i'll be callin it anything u desire mizbehavingamazon;) hmmm, nat's been blessed, well.... hell.... cor's i've wrapped mericks 'you can love more than one' into the fabric of my spiritualized belivefs, just lacking soul m8's.....


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 22:33:54 2002

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I posted on here... It's also been a whiule since I drank alcohol on an empty stomach (hic)

I've been spending a lot of time converting my web pages from FrontPage to Homesite-friendly HTML. By "HomeSite-friendly" I mean I'm now hand-coding HTML, making it neatly organized, search-and-replace friendly, and validated by HomeSite's HTML checker.

FrontPage is great for quick (Word-like) WYSIWYG editing, but the actual HTML it produces is crap: buggy, hard to read, and full of FrontPage-specific codes. Maybe FrontPage 2002 fixes the problems (I'm using FrontPage 2000) but I kinda doubt it, and the only way I can be ceertain to have "good HTML" is to do it by hand.

So, what have I been up to? Well, 99% of you won't give a crap, and probably 50% of you don't know who I am. That's okay. I've been a hermit (a happy hermit), so I don't exactly except any sort of "Oh Hi Trav We Missed You" reception. :)

As 10% of you probably know, I recently moved to the Pacific NorthWest. Bellingham, Washington to be precise.

The first thing I *need* to say is: "I Love It Here".

It's so awesome. Beautiful, great Travis-friendly weather (cool with fresh air and comforting precipitation)... The views of the bay are tremendous. I go jogging every Saturday (including today) and am repeatedly blown away by the god-damn-fucking-awesome scenery. It has lost none of its novely, and I've been here since August.

A couple of weeks ago a big Milestone happened. My family came and visited me. First of all, it was the first time I had talked to anyone face-to-face that I actually *knew*. Yes, that's right, I have made zero (0) friends here in Bellingham.

No, it's not because I'm pathetically shy or physically grotesque or socially inept... It's because I work at home (as a telecommuter) and happen to have lots of fun indoor hobbies (music making, game playing, movie watching, etc.). I get outside on Saturdays during my jog, but as you fellow runners know, running is a mostly solitary activity.

Dear oh dear, I got pizza all over my arm while I was typing.

Time for another swig of cheap-ass Merlot (Gato Negro, $6.99 for a 1.5 Litre).

[okay, I'm back... ahhh....]

Are any of you actually reading this word-for-word?

I doubt it...


[For those of you who have actually met me in real life (Billy, Andrew), just picture me sitting smiling at my computer, peeling pistachios and laughing in my dorkily self-conscious way every five seconds....]

[For the rest of you, picture, this extreme good-looking guy with girls dripping off his shoulders having to wrestle his fingers free of their sensuous mouths in order to type these words...]

No one reads this shit, and that's the sad thing. In the "good old days" of Rail On (sniff) we used to actually communicate. It wasn't just masturbatory "I did this", "I accomplished that", "I'm American", "I'm British" sort of stuff... It was actually warm *analog* communication, two (or more) minds trying to establish an empathic valence.

This doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Or more precisely, it doesn't seem to exist for me anymore. Yes, I've been a total hermit, but up until now I had thought it was just a physical condition rather than an emotional or intellection one (a mental one). However, I'm beginning to suspect that my most active communication on here happened to coincide with my most active periods of real-life socializing.

What do you think?

Am I full of shit? Or is there a correlation between e-communication and Real Life communication?

Is this an obvious fact to you? Do you already know this? Am I stupid?

Or, have I just stumbled across a "secret lesson" to which only perceptive minds have access?

I wanna know!

More later...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 22:37:51 2002

[I know full well that there will be a resurgence of activity (of intellectual nature) on this page. That is power, folks. The cool thing is that it's not me empowering myself; it's me empowering everybody.]

READ this post, people. READ it. Pretend it's an email directed to you from my heart. Pretend I am a long-lost girlfriend (or boyfriend). READ IT....


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 22:39:25 2002

See, *this* is what's been lacking, both from Rail On and from me. Intellectual aggressiveness. Dominance. An attempt to out my fucking foot down on point. It doesn't matter if the point sucks; it's the effort of putting the foot down that counts.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 22:44:09 2002

Is this alcohol talking, or a Liberated Travis? I don't know.

I'll attribute the typo ("out" instead of "put") to alcohol, as well as the general imprecision of my spelling, grammar, and the Point I'm trying to make.

Alcohol does that. It blurs the movements, the implementation. The design is solid (I do have a point, a destination), but the route to that point is sloppy.

Imagine a drunk with a genuinely great idea, but he's staggering and stuttering and spitting all over the place in his attempt to reach it, or to get others to visualize it. Why is he telling others? Well, in part, he's afraid of losing the idea. he doesn't really have 100% faith in the Quality(tm) of his idea.

oh, fuck, I'm starting to ramble... gotta bring this train back on course...

after another swig...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 23:13:43 2002

Anyway, my Great Idea is this...

I'm an introvert. Period. I've always been that way, and probably always will be that way, until the day I die. How I die I don't know, but that day will definitely come. And on that day, I will be an introvert.

I am also, at times, an extrovert.

Shoot, time to look at a dictionary...

Introvert = one who is wholly or predominantly concerned with and intrested in one's own mental life

Extrovert = one whose attentions are directed wholly or predominantly toward what is outside the self

Okay, sounds like I'm an introvert, at least as far as a lifetime-net-description is concerned...

Anyway, my Point is this...

Why fight it? Why pretend to be interested in things other than myself? If I *am* interested in them, then fine, but why try to care about what goes on outside of my head? Why not just care about stuff about which I feel compelled to care [how's that for stilted-yet-precise English?] and leave the pretention and empathic effort to Others?

Of course, Others might not be pretending or exerting their "hearts" when they experience and express a repeated and "comfortable" interested in things outside of their own heads (memories, instincts, detectable cognitive tendencies).

Oh, my Point (which I've lost, thanks to the alkeehol)...

What I've been thinking about doing is writing a book *about* self-interest. I want to say that it's not bad, that it's natural, that there are individual and societal benefits to having individuals or entire societies benefiting from self-interest.

I'm not talking about "self-interest" in terms of greed and selfishness; I am talking about intellectual interest in the mechanisms that define one's self.

A toe-in-the-water First Step would be a book (or article or web page or email or AIM) analyzing the value of (intellectual) self-interest within the domain of music.

Cope is definitely interested...

[hark, did Travis actually mention Julian Cope???]

...moreso than, say, Robyn Hitchcock or Pat Fish. Cope talks (and sings) about Himself, and he doesn't [seem to] give a shit about the "appropriateness" of the "self-obsession". That's one of the things I like most about his music; he's continually aware and descriptive of his mental and emotional responses to his environment. He is defining himself in his songs [and books], and it just so happens that he's a person I like.

Primal, honest, self-interested.... Why do people call him "psycho" or "freak"? He's more "real" to me than any other musician I know. He's like me. I can relate to him.

No, I'm not putting myself up on Cope's pedestal. Ha ha ha. Not at all. I'm just saying he feel like "pack".


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 23:29:14 2002

Anyway, my Point (and I am starting to slow down and get a headache, as expected) is that I want to "prove" to myself and others that introversion has a social benefit. To do that, I need to actually benefit society.

Right now I'm not benefitting anybody. I don't even exist for half of y'all. I'm just another e-identity, almost in the same category as Spammers and virus writers. I'm just an email address.

What I'd like to do is use my [self/entertainment-directed] energy to create something from which others Clearly Benefit.

Will I write a Great American Novel or sell a Hit Album? Probably not... Most likely not... Chances are I will die and only a couple hundred people will actually be able to remember my complete name. (Billy, Andrew... quiz time)

However, maybe what I need to do is focus on my true strengths. I'm not a "real" musician, and I'm not a "real" writer. I am, however, an indisputed expert on myself. The more I read (and observe) of other people, the more I realize that I am, in much of my behavior, dramatically different from 90% of the population of the US.

How many people do you know who leave their homes once a week, and go for months without having a conversation with someone else face to face and yet remain happy and intellectually/creatively active?


I honestly picture my circumstances as "unique", and with any rarity there's value... Right? I'm living a Hermit's Life, but I am not (yet) incapable of expressing my circumstances in a positive light in such a way that Other People will say, "huh, that's interesting..."

Of course, I might be wrong. Maybe 90% of us feel and live the same way I do. Maybe we all go through our semi-drunken evenings of semi-bullshitting like I've been doing... Maybe none of use feel like we were *really* just spanking the brain-implant monkey while we wrote about ourselves...

In any case, I'd like to hear what you think!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 23:29:37 2002

Time for another swig...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 23:34:42 2002

Guys, I lost my point... but i hope the journey towards that point was at least interesting... that's part of the point...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 23:39:17 2002


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 16 23:50:10 2002


ron wnydoensen;t. tab .....@ work...... ye Sun Mar 17 00:36:44 2002

yeah trav ur fuk up i loost ur point toooooo... no mor shotss................ du i hav hte redorod... wowo... im fuked up .... natalie... could du ur piercin for ....................................................... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Mar 17 12:30:55 2002

Wheeeeee that was fun! :)


ron head space@knackerd.com Sun Mar 17 22:13:47 2002

yo trav, dude ru ok? kinda got me worried... sorry i didn't read ur post word by word until today, and have been thinking about you and sending positve vibes ur way... don't minimalize ur existence, this site has been an anchor in my life, if not for it i would have never known u, or andrew, or louise, or roger, paulb, richard heyward... etc... forward thinking mofo's for shure... i would deffo take andrew up on his offer to meet up in vancouver, it sounded like y'all really connected on ur road trip last year, and sounds like u need a good reason to get outta da house... personally i'm looking forward to hookin up with andrew one of these daze, don't know when or where, but i'd say it'lll be a blast... oh andrew, fyi... vh1.com has trampoline as one of the 'very cool sites' but the link is old... don't know how to fix it but thot u'd want to know... u-know? don't give up on the human race yet trav.... i know it sucks alot of daze, been goin thru some seriously tuff tymes myself that caused alot of pain and mistrust of fellow humans but, thankfully there are some people that can be trusted and they have been helping us through this particularly rough spot... wish i could say that it's all behind us, but possibly / probably the worst is still yet to come... i guess saturday nite both of us had a little 'unwinding' to do... it's been a while for me to get that schnockerd, but the release was good. i danced til i fell down, and someone nice unexpectedly helped me up... someone unknown, someone that wanted to help...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 18 11:39:20 2002


Of course I'm okay! I wasn't actually looking for positive vibes or "cheer ups" or anything like that b/c I wasn't depressed or anything.

Rather, I was (and still am) trying to spark up an intellectual discussion about how self-interest (a tendency toward self-awareness and self-analysis) can be perceived as (or converted into) a set of behaviors or products that directly (even financially) benefits the individual and/or group. I'm particularly interested in how this applies to musicians (like Cope).

The alcohol made it a little hard to stay focused on that point, but it's also the alcohol that prompted me to start spitting out ideas about the topic. :)

I don't get "drunk" (more like "extremely tipsy") very often, so when I do, I try to make the most of it. Many of my most memorable ideas and interpersonal experiences occured when I was in an intoxicated state. It's like kicking the editor (or producing) out of the room for the evening... :)

Anyway, Ron, I'm glad you had a positive interpersonal experience yourself! The falling down (verbally and physically) is just part of the alcohol, but it's how you respond to it that defines YOU, and it sounds like YOU inspired a satisfying connection. :)


Johnny Mon Mar 18 12:16:49 2002

Hallo Trav,

I personally cannot agree with your ideas about self interest. It seems you just want to opt out, do your own thing, and have nothing to do with anything outside your direct sphere of influence. What a dull life devoid of many of life's emotions that must be! I remember you saying you think everyone should have GPS implants, so that we can all be tracked wherever we are and that you wouldn't trust anyone who disagrees with that view. Oh Boy, you really are in your own little fluffy cocoon where only nice things happen and the bad people can't get you. Well, that makes me feel a little nauseous to be honest. I'm sure you're a nice guy, but there's a world out there that needs people to take part in the game if only for the little bit of good they can do. There are enough people who either sponge off the rest of society, or try to take advantage of the decent folks. It's only those who get involved and have some sort of social responsibility that can offset the poorer natured individuals that we're confronted with day in and day out. Folks have gone off to give even their lives such that others may enjoy freedom and the finer things in life. They didn't all want to. I'm sure many were scared, but they did it. The alternatives are too horrendous to contemplate! Ever read/seen HG Wells 'The Time Machine"? You remind me of the people who were quite happy to be eaten by the underground dwellers as long as they could sit around playing with flowers and making music. I've a friend who would simply describe you as an 'oxygen thief'.

I don't want this to seem like some vitriolic attack, Trav, but come on! Life isn't meant to be easy. All through civilisation people have had to stand up and get involved, or suffer the consequences. Of course it would be nice to have no crime or suffering or disease or poverty, but it's a harsh life and you ain't making it easier on anyone except yourself....


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 18 15:29:39 2002

Okay, if we're gonna use me as an example...

*I* like to contribute by creating (or discovering) things for myself and then sharing them with other people. There *needs* to be other people (recipients, an audience, tutorees) for me to feel fully satisfied with my behavior.

I'm not just creating and experiencing things by myself and keeping them to myself. No, I definitely feel an urge to *share* my "daily accumulations"...

However, the actual pursuit of those accumulations is, for me, most gratifying when I can work independently of others. I don't mind if other people are around, as long as I don't have to pay attention to them when I am focusing on my work. I'm like a medicine man who goes out into the bush to look at herbs and try them out on himself. I feel the need to pay attention to the effects of my behavior on myself. It's a pure instinct and has been with me from Day One.

The medicine man who eats a berry and then fails to pay close attention to the effects of that berry is not a good medicine man. He needs to have an tendency to focus on himself, at least during the majority of his day (when he is working). In my (possibly biased) opinion, an introverted medicine man is more valuable to his tribe (and himself) than an extroverted one.

The introverted medicine man *doesn't* ignore, avoid, or neglect people when he gets back to the camp. Sharing his findings with other people is a key part of his role, and he feels that instinct. How those people (his patients/audience) use or feel about his findings doesn't really matter to him, and shouldn't. His role is to collect stuff (information, berries) and then share them, and that's it.

Does he lead a "dull life devoid of emotions"? No!!! To him, a new berry or a new symptom or curing technique is exciting, perhaps just as exciting to him as a new kind of deer is to a hunter, or a new dress or hairstyle for the "social butterfly" types. The fact that the berry or symptom doesn't involve other human faces is just not "sad"; it's just different from maybe 90% of the other members in the tribe.

Anyway, the medicine man is just *one* example where introversion "helps". What are some other examples? Can you counter my "medicine man" example? This is the kind of stuff I'm interested in discussing!

How about artists? Are your "favorite" artists introverts or extroverts? We all like Julian Cope, who seems [at times] very interested in his own behavior (current and past). He also has a need to "share" his findings (song, poems, books) with other people, focusing [these days especially] on what excites him rather than what excites "most people".

Are we really interested in druidism or Poll Taxes or even standing stones? Well, not really... At least not me. However, I *love* the fact that Julian just keeps churning out whatever interests him at the time. I love his apparent "immunity" from fashion and that, I think, is a result of introversion.

Also look at The Fall. I've read several times that Mark E. Smith is very self-focused. I think that shows in his lyrics (about himself) and also in the music, which seems extremely self-referential (many of the songs sound like or borrow from former Fall songs). Again, there seems to be an "impervience to fashion". I don't know how "fun" Mark E. Smith is as a person, but the music that he creates is consistently fun to me, and I have an will continue to trade my money for it. Mark's introversion, I believe, is turning out to be what's making his existence very valuable to others.

Now, I'm not saying Mark E. Smith (or even Julian) is my Idol. I'm simply using them as examples.

If we go back to me (yay!)...

Yes, my life is probably "easier" than most people's (heh heh heh), but I'm not gonna throw away that Ease just to make other people's lives easier. No, instead I'm gonna try to analyze what makes my life easy (and easier) and *share* that knowledge with other people.

You see, that sharing is key to me... I observe, create, and collect by myself, and then I share with other people. It could be music, list of favorite bands, whatever. The data and products are very self-focused in that they *must* be of great interest to me (and usually are about me), but at the same time I am aware that I am a member of a tribe, and for the creation/collection to be "complete", it needs to be shared.

That's just how my personality is...

"do your own thing" - yes!

"nothing to do with anything outside your direct sphere of influence" - yes!

"dull life" - no!

"wouldn't trust anyone who disagrees with [my GPS view]"? - no! I was just sharing my opinion; whether other people agree with it is a matter of philosophy rather than trustworthiness. I trust people who "act" trustworthy, which is a matter of observed behavior (and gut-feeling) rather than opinion (and spoken words) :)

"little fluffy cocoon where only nice things happen and bad people can't get you" - sure, that sounds about right!

"a nice guy" - I'm attentive to and generous with people who "behave well". If people "misbehave" (in my mind), I usually either try to find out why they are "misbehaving" or I just stop interacting with them. I guess that means I'm "selectively nice".

"sponge off the rest of society" - no. I definitely feel an urge to contribute; that sharing instinct is very strong.

"try to take advantage of the decent folks" - no. I'm inclined to fairness and symbiotic relationships. I like things to benefit both me and other people, not just one of us. [I guess this means that there is a desire to receive some sort of positive acknowledgement of my contributions. I wonder what would happen if Mark E. Smith got absolutely no positive feedback from an album....]

"social responsibility" - This is the really root of my question... Is the medicine man (or writer or musician) more "socially responsible" if he spends his day interacting with other people, or if he spends his day focusing on himself? I've been making arguments for the latter.

"poorer natured individuals" - ummmm.... do you mean the "misbehavers"? I don't have any feelings for them. Zippo. If you misbehave and are unhappy with your life, then that's your own damn fault.

"give even their lives" - If someone attacks my "direct sphere of influence" I will defend it, but I don't care enough about the rest of the "super-tribe" to sacrifice my time or life "helping" it. Sure, if I get drafted (unlikely at 29) then my "direct sphere of influence" will change, and I will probably become very interested in life-defending and life-giving, but until that happens, my interests remain very local.

"The Time Machine" - yes, I read it. It was a pessimistic book. I'm an optimist.

"oxygen thief" - I'd say that this ties into the "social responsibility" issue. It's my hope that by the time I die my introverted phenotype will have made more people happy then the average, "socially focused" individual. Have I "surpassed" the average individual yet? I don't know.

"vitriolic attack" - no, I understand: this is an academic discussion (the kind I wanted)!

"Life isn't meant to be easy" - hmmm.... I try to make life easier, both for me and for others. Easy = minimal stress. Sounds like a good goal to me. Of course, that's just my (medicine man) instinct talking. I'm not one of those big Warrior guys itching to go attack some other tribe and carry back some feisty women.

"stand up and get involved" - again, this has to do with social responsibility.

"you ain't making it easier on anyone except yourself" - ditto; as long as I continue to create stuff *and* people find that stuff valuable, it seems like I *am* making it easier for other people. If I write a book about "embracing your introversion" or something like that, maybe I will be helping people become happier and more productive (and themselves more effective contributors).

So, to sum up...

1) is introversion genetic?
[my opinion: yes, there is an evolutionary advantage in having a subsets of the individuals in a tribe tend towards introversion. Someone has to try the berries...]
can "natural" introverts benefit the group (including themselves) more by continuing to focus on themselves or by "forcing" themselves to focus more outwardly?
[that's my main question]


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 18 17:15:58 2002

Okay, and now for a totally unrelated issue...

My CD-changer [about a year old] has been having trouble playing CDRs that I've created. The symptoms are skips and distortion. The first few tracks are usually okay but by the 10th track or so the skipping and distortion start...

I can play the same CDRs in my PCs' CD-ROM drives with no problems, so I don't think there's anything "wrong" with the CDRs themselves. It seems to be CDRs with "sticky paper labels" that cause the skips and distortion in my CD-changer; "label-less" CDRs seem okay.

Last week I also noticed my CD-changer skip for the first time, and it even failed to "recognize" some CDs; it wouldn't play them unless I re-inserted them... Also, I noticed the carousel was moving very sluggishly...

So, last night I took the lid off the CD-changer and "blew it out" using compressed air. There was some dust in there, but it wasn't nearly as dusty as a computer. I put the lid back on, and at first the CDRs seemed to play okay, but soon the distortion and skipping were back.

My Dad recommended I buy a CD lens Cleaner, so I ordered one today (Allsop CD Laser-Lens Cleaner, $10). It'll be a few days before it arrives (I also ordered a Makers CD) but in the meantime:

I am curious if other people have had similar problems, where CDRs (possibly with paper labels) start skipping and sounding distorted in certain CD players but not others. Have CD Cleaners worked for you, and if so, which one(s)?

Also, has anyone had any trouble playing the "Interpreters" CDRs?

If sticky-paper labels do indeed have a tendency to make smooth playback less likely (something which I didn't suspect until now), then what's a good way to make CDRs' labels look "nice"? Sleeves can still be paper, of course, but how about the CDR surface itself?

Does adding *anything* to the CDR surface impact playability? Should we not even write on our CDRs if we want to maximize playability (and longevity)?


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Mar 18 18:06:29 2002

Hi, Y'all

I haven't been away, I've kinda following the principle, lately, that 'if you haven't got anything worth saying, then don't say it'.

Frankly, I'm far from sure about whether this is worth saying, but some of the postings of the last few days got me thinking about The Man Who Fell To Earth, or more specifically, a line from it.

You know the one: David Bowie is an alien who comes to earth with the aim of saving his own beleagured planet, by using his superior knowledge to bring human technology up to the grade where it stands a chance of providing some practical help. And, to do this, he creates a Sony type business - "World Corporation" - to raise the millions required.

Naturally, he attracts bitterness from his rivals, who can't understand his success. And that's where the line I'm thinking comes from.

"Hey, heard the latest about World Corporation?"

"What's that?"

"They're getting rid of the computers - they don't make mistakes."

Right now, I'm not so much thinking in terms of whether or not computers make mistakes, but whether they're actually making any real valuable contribution to human society.

Travis, it's not for me to say, "Hey, you should get out more" - you're a grown adult. However, I do think it might be time to start worrying when I hear of kids who have spent so long with a computer, that they have really difficulty communicating - face to face - with another individual.

To Ron - when it comes to bikes, I tend to wait until I like the colours of one I see, and then I buy one. For example, it didn't specially matter whether the RF900 was my kind of bike...it just looked sooo good in purple and silver - with dayglo orange 900 logos - that I just had to get one. Same goes for my white/yellow DR350, with graphics in raspberry fading to peach, with a powder blue outline.

To Nat - congratulations! You mentioned a while back about a ceremony to take place at Glastonbury - is that still on (for June) or did you bring everything forward?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 18 22:43:46 2002

Regarding computers' contribution to society...

I think computers are still in their inconvenient, embryotic stage. They are tools, and let you do lots of cool stuff (like music, games, email, etc.), but they are also really big and anchor people to their desks. The more uses we find for our computers, the more we find ourselves sitting at that desk.

What I'd love to have is a truly portable, durable, wearable full-fledged computer. I'm not talking about a palm or a laptop; I want something is so convenient to hold/wear that we don't notice it (like a watch) but that gives us as much functionality (or more) as today's most souped-up desktops.

I want a portable (perhaps voice-driven) interface that gives me full-time and easy access to communication, entertainment, and productivity wherever I might be. If I can take a computer anywhere, and use it to make music and share my experiences and explorations via real-time video with my friends and family, then I'd never have to stay at home... I could be walking outside while I work, rather than exercising inside.

I think at that point, people who use computers a lot will at least be able to get out of the house, and into the company of nature and even other people. We can still focus on ourselves while we work/play, but we will at least be exposed to other people; there will be opportunities for meeting people and sharing ideas face-to-face.

You know, I think at some point in history, writers may have lived relatively secluded lives. This wasn't because they wanted to "hide"; it was because their tools (pens, inks, papers, folders, etc.) weren't very portable.

Nowadays, with notebooks, laptops, and dictaphones, writers can work outside, inside, in the car, wherever they please.

If all you need is a word processor, the work-outside option is already there. *Those* writers, I think, have not had their lifestyles dramatically changed by computers.

However, for those of us who work via the Intranet and/or exercise while we use computers, it's hard to do that outside. Wireless broadband communication isn't readily available (or cheap), and you can't really jog and use a laptop at the same time without risking severe damage and data-loss.

mp3s let us put our entire music collections on portable devices, which is great, but it's hard to carry a 61-key synth with you on your jogs around town).

Computers need to get smaller, more durable, and more "connected" before they will cease to be "anchors". A "computer setup" needs to become more like an item of clothing, or a book... You shouldn't be afraid to use it or break it.

Maybe one of the biggest helps will be remote storage. If our data is never stored locally (on a hard disk) but is instead housed at some centralized location (or better yet: redundantly distrubuted) and streamed to your interface, then we won't need to worry about "losing" any data when we go jogging with our computers. Sure, we might break an interface or two if we take a tough fall, but hopefully by then interfaces will be cheap enough to not stress us out.

There will still be people who prefer to stay in their caves, but I'll probably be spending most of my "alone time" outside on walks and jogs. I'll have my solitude, but it'll be more like driving in a car than staying in the same room every day. The fact that my "main tool" will be a computer rather than a bow and arrow or an herb collection basket won't matter a whole lot; I'll still be able to behave in my "natural" way, which is to go off and do stuff by myself during the day and then return to the "pack" at night...

Right now, computers are anchors, and that, I think, lessens their positive impact on society. Give 'em time, and they'll probably be as "transparent" and "non-invasive" as pencil and paper. They'll have a net-positive effect on people's ability to entertain and help each other, much as pen and paper have.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 18 22:46:24 2002

(Think of how long it would've taken to type all that on a Palm Pilot!)

ron Tue Mar 19 08:03:40 2002

awww, see wot'cha did nat, coulda had a bunch-o dead sexy biker boys in leather at your blessing but, nooooooo.....;) trav, u mite check with 'The Borg' as i believe that they are seeking to assimilate new recruits ;)


Nat Shotgunblessing@yeehaww.com Tue Mar 19 09:00:31 2002

nah nothing like that Ron! Leather clad bikers would have been fun... the reason we brought it forward (Roger) was because my mother got involved in a BIG way and wanted me to wear a big flouncy dress and Court Shoes and have a reception with a finger buffet and speeches, and trifle and cake yukky... I wanted to wear wellies and then get drunk in a pub and eat crisps! Which I did Horrah.....

As for my piercing Ron hmmmmmmmm thats all I've got to say about that one ;op

I'd personally love to be assimilated by the Borg and then get rescued by hmmm Captain Jean Luke Picard and end up looking like 7 of 9... perfect....

Johnny Tue Mar 19 12:01:56 2002


Well, you seem committed to your principles. I do think it is a selfish lifestyle. I don't know what you do for a living and I'd be more hacked off if you lived like that on Social Security, but I don't believe you do.

Ron, liked the 'Borg' quip!

Anyway, just as I get into a Rail On discussion I have to bail as I've a 300 mile helicopter journey over the North Sea in the morning and I have to seriously psyche myself for that. Be the 1st for months so it's not that bad... Gotta earn a living somehow...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Mar 19 12:43:15 2002

Johnny, have fun on the North Sea trip! That sounds awesome... I've never been in a helicopter before; it seems scary, especially over all that water; are you nervous? What's your job, if I might ask?

Guys, sorry that I've been so self-focused on here... I've been working on updating my personal web pages and am in that "talk about me" mode. I'm sorry! Briefly, in answer to Johnny's questions, I'm definitely not a "social security" bum and hate the idea of being a "leach". I like to contribute, but prefer to do so individually; I like to work independently. :)

Speaking of Star Trek, Enterprise seems to be turning out pretty cool! Sure, the theme music and first couple episodes were cheesy, but now that they've got "character establishment" out of the way and are focusing on environmentally triggered conflicts, it's become quite fun to watch and even (occasionally) intellectually stimulating. I definitely prefer it to Voyager, DS9, and the original Trek... Hey, maybe Seven of Nine will somehow time-travel back to Enterprise-days and become a regular cast member! Or maybe Jeri Ryan can play Seven's great-great-great... grandmother. :)

I've received some more email from people who'd like to contribute to the next tribute CD: Interpreters 3. Time to send in your submissions, folks! Email me and I'll tell you my mailing address.

I'm still curious about CDR-playing problems. In particular, what do y'all think (or know) about sticky-labels: do they significantly decrease the universal playability of CDRs?


Billy IDOL itz a nise day@white wedding.com Wed Mar 20 07:22:46 2002

ssssssnnnnneeeeeeeeearrr, shwrong wit'a white wedding luv? ssshhure has been guud ta me....

ron lookout izzy@itz a ramble.com Wed Mar 20 20:22:09 2002

yeah, nat wot would be so bad about a 'white wedding', we could all come as our fav character from fav movie/tv show/wotever... now that woulda been a hoot... probably scare ur mum silly;)

oh johnny, ur a rotter, 300 miles mon, ub crazy m8... i've been on a helicopter before, but thas a trip dude... guess no worries about being shot down, unless u happen to pass over the greenpeace rainbow warrior... er, look out.

oh man, did i bring up star trek <cringe> i guess dark angel (iz jessica alba hot or wot?) is about as close as i get to star trek these daze. knowledge o'da BORG exhausts my expertise... never heard of '7 of 9' tho, she sounds cute, deffo like to check out '10 of 10' tho;)... or would that be jessica? hmmm...yummm

not had any problems with cdr's myself trav, cor's i've only a few... not sure about the 'sticky' labels.... hmmm, possibly ur more 'lonely' than we imagined?... maybe u need to check out sum 'o dem island babes with me an andrew next time? we could all have met for natalie's white wedding, then adjourned to the local for pints, but nnnnooooo... she's had to ruin it for us... an i don't believe that story about ur mum, i think u just didn't want us to em-bare-ass u ;) i mean how could u deny us the sight of izzy hobbling down the isle on crutches? besides i like fingers (just ask the barmaid in shepherds bush ;)), and i'm just a speachin' fool... me an mothra coulda probably done a doozy... especially after me and miz amazon did our tequila shots;)... just selfish i say, selfish... hey! i got into ur original subject trav, nice segway huh? oh well... oh eya mr. belbin didja get ur cd yet? damn... nat-a-lie... i coulda finally met roger's hottie italian girlfriend, or least checked out his bikes... u may not get b-day pressies for that young lady...;oP

sumwhere between zero and onehundredeighty degrees...


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Thu Mar 21 05:34:18 2002

Actually, Ron, you can see me...and my hot Italian girlfriend! The website of the UK Suzuki Owners Club has various pictures of us.

Click www/suzuki-club.co.uk and check out the 'Other Suzuki' section of the Photo Gallery, and News/News Archives/Highs Of Summer.


izzy@lithpthity.com Thu Mar 21 08:48:54 2002

What the hellth been going on here while Ive been leaving you to it, huh? Trav??? I got rid of the crutches weekth ago, Ron, keep up, Im lithping and a thtarving meself now with much metal and plathtic filling my gob. THounds like Nat had a lovely pinky-blue wedding, which mutht be one of the betht. Anyway I only popped by to thay one thing:

thilly thauthages!


Johnny Thu Mar 21 12:11:56 2002

Hey...they've got Internet access out here!!! .....but no company e-mail access.. Trav, no apologies needed. I'm an engineer with a large oil company.. (I know, "boo, hiss!!") Anyway, my philosophy is I can do more good from inside the company working safely and efficiently with as much regard for the environment as possible than if I was standing outside the gates demonstrating. You all hate me now, eh? My last job I was an offshore production platform control room operator and as such I had direct control of flared gas and oil discharge to sea so I could keep both as low as poss. Now I travel mainly to diving vessels and control deep sea diving work. However, at the mo I'm on a platform 100 miles NE of the Shetland Islands to control some contract work.

The helicopter is a nightmare. We wear a survival suit, a lifejacket and an airpocket that recirculates your own air in case of immersion. Then we strap ourselves in for up to 2 3/4 hours of abject terror in it's purest, noisiest form. ahahaha, character building. I've calculated that I've flown the equivalent of 3/4 the way round the planet by 'chopper' up to now. I won't be adding much to that in the future!

Ron '7 of 9' is def 10 out of 10.. :-)

S'later guys, won't be able to check or post much here but I'll try to look in.


AO Fri Mar 22 05:56:48 2002

Dont hate you at all Johnny, as you say, you can do more from the inside...

On a similar subject, polically Ive been swaying towards the "making friends with your enemy" tactic. I try to think of politics and like a school playground. You aint gonna change someones behaviour by taunting them, but you just may if you get in close...

ron aint no@git'en round.com Fri Mar 22 06:23:51 2002

hmmm, izz that supposed to make me feel better? thot u liked me, but i'm just the enemy after all? :( sigh yeah, johnny u rotter, i had me sus-piss-ions, e addy + north sea... hence the rainbow warrior comment ;) roger, the artful dodger m8, found ur wheelie piccy, but could not locate aforementioned hot itialian babe... and believe me i looked.... an looked... an looked ;(, but did find several articles u had writ, ur a bonifide spike shakesphere... 25 years of punk on the telly last nite, caught the last half... they didn't mention mc5 or vu, hmmm, r they considered 'punk' or just punk influences? interesting... i just picked up mc5 and vu yesterday, as julian does seem to go on about them soooo, so thot i'd check'em out...

itthy thath a dead thhexthy accthent, u make me so hot! ;) get well girlfriend, and they did show clips of billy's white wedding vid, jeez nat that'd been a blast, u shure u don't want to do the rite thing by ole' mumsey?

as awl-ways, bee


oh johnny... if they have a hard rock cafe out there, pick me up a shot glass as i collect 'em... thanks! ;)

Nat me in a dress@not on your nellie.com Tue Mar 26 08:40:34 2002

Nooooooooooo, I am certainly NOT going to do the rite thing by ole' mumsey Ron... wooo hooo you've not met my mother and I'd never introduce you either, she's like ummmmmm scary!

AND Ron, whilst I'm talking to you, what have I done to stop Mr Belbin getting his CD eh! ;o)

Izzy I'm here mate with me whizzer if you need me! ;o)

Nat xxxx

Sliddley sliddley@yahoo.co.uk Wed Mar 27 09:02:16 2002

Desperately seeking...

An mp3 of 'Use Me' from the B side of Treason

Any suggestions gratefully received. (I've got the vinyl but no turntable!)

AO Wed Mar 27 10:35:10 2002

Aha! So now you dont know if Im your friend cos I like you or because I dont. Just like to keep you guessing. Part of the deal is I tell you what I think. I think nat is cool and the only reason i aint taken her up on the whizzer offer is pride, cos that would mean ive given in to the metal and plastic. carrot juice is yum though, and hey my speech is much improved!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Mar 27 18:39:17 2002

The new Chameleons CD is really growing on me. I was bored as heck by it at first (and annoyed by the toasting) but after 5 or 6 listens, I am really starting to like it.

The only thing I really don't like about it is the last track, which is very short and atmospheric. I'd rather have some more long songs!


p.s. I wasn't gonnna buy it until I saw that it was Jack's #1 pick in the new BT!

Mothra Fri Mar 29 04:50:15 2002

Thanks for the card Ronster!!! ur a gentleman dude

Izzy, that is so good news I'm off to buy some carrot juice to celebrate!

"happy birthday to me, all my pants smell of wee, anti-depress-ants and disinfectant, happy birthday to meeeeee"


ron Sun Mar 31 02:27:56 2002

no problems... thas what i'm ere for............ahh, where's me amazon....lauren.........??

sigh numer 9njmber9 number 9 number 9 #9.............ahmthra ....


Marc starchamber1@gmx.de Wed Apr 3 10:50:56 2002

Hi Common Era,

what about Vancouver ???

Traaa Marc

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Apr 3 15:21:20 2002

Hi Marc and everyone,

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Spiritualized gig inVancouver as I was on my way back from England on Monday. I had to make a mad dash over there on March 16th as my mom was very poorly. Sadly she passed away on the 18th but I did make it back in time to say goodbye, just, as it took me 23 hours to get there, and cost me $5300!

It was of course very sad, but that aside it was an honour and a priviledge to be there as she died, knowing she is now at peace and the mental torture she had suffered over the past four years is now gone. The whole thing was the most incredible experience of my life and I know I am a changed person for sure, it sure does put so much into perspective and makes me realise how much crap we fill our lives with and worry about unnecessarily. People matter, end of story.

So love one another as I know you do and don't think about tomorrow as there really is only today.

Love and light


ron Thu Apr 4 19:59:52 2002


So very sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as they always are, but more so now. And, you are so right about the crap in our lives, and how we loose perspective. Be forward my good friend.

Love and light shining back at ya,


Marc Sat Apr 6 03:49:15 2002

Hi Andrew,

I`m sorry to hear that too.

Love, Marc

Andrew commonera@lycos.com Sat Apr 6 16:31:15 2002

Thank you. The love and kindness people have shown me recently warms my heart no end and comfirms my belief that despite what the media says, the world is populated with good people.

Nat Mon Apr 8 04:44:58 2002

Morfey - I am sooooooo sorry I missed yer Burpday! a - because I am crap, and b - coz I was nursing a poorly Stephen (I make a good nurse me!) He's ok now, just got a busted shoulder, bruised leg and bump on ze 'ed... which aparently means he can't do anything like make the bed, cook, wash up, hoover, mow the lawn, feed the cats... ummm but he can lift a pint of lager!! Hmmmmmmmm

Best wishes to you Andrew. I'm thinking of you.

Anyway back to work... yawn.... Oh Izzy my lovely, please make use of my wizzer if you want it! & I still owe you 10 squids, so a beer soon babe!

Nat xxx

ps. for those of you who remember last years conversation - Marvin the bunny was a boy in the end and is now not a boy as I had his bits cut off on Friday - oh the power of a woman!! Hmmmmmm ;o)

(Anonymous) Mon Apr 8 05:53:48 2002

Nat you scare me!

Saw Julian perform in Aberdeen on Friday night. Good performance but his voice was off. Probably due to a throat infection or something. Set included Greatness and Perfection, Search Party, Autogeddon Blues, Sunspots, Robert Mitchum and heaps of others. Nice swipe at the Royals too.... Attire waas, um, interesting. The obligatory platform boots, urban combat trousers and vest top with loads of panstick makeup, blue eye, throat and lips!


Nat Tue Apr 9 08:56:09 2002

Johnny u should be afraid of me, be very afraid! ha ha haaaaa ha haaaaaaa........

Why can't Julian play down here... sigh....

Nat xx

Santisan sicigia@iname.com www.discosoldies.com Wed Apr 10 05:08:16 2002

If anyone is interested in buying a copy of the Droolian Lp, e-mail oldies68@hotmail.com, it's a spanish shop of second hand and collector records I make the webpage, and though the record it's not in the website, I've seen the record in the shop, and as I already have it....


amazon Wed Apr 10 22:56:06 2002

Oh, Andrew. I am so sorry to hear of your bad news. My thoughts are with you. Take care x x x.

(Anonymous) Sat Apr 13 18:11:40 2002

did anyone hear a tree fall?

Marc Starchamber1@gmx.de Sun Apr 14 08:58:55 2002

It seems TC Lethbridge 2 : Mina has just been released. I have won a copy of a promo CD on ebay.

The disc contains 59 minutes of krautrock jams played by Doggen, Flinton Chalk and Kev Bales.

It was produced by Brian Barritt in Avebury. The disc was given away on some ehibition in London a week ago.

I cannot wait to get hold of it.


dave e crimond@onmail.co.uk Tue Apr 16 18:56:39 2002

great memories of the show our man laid on at findhorn around 10 years ago, portable geetar, shorts & vest, he was a man possessed.

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 17 22:36:36 2002

mmm, i thot that was u...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Apr 23 15:33:44 2002

Being the Cope completist that I ordered a copy of the repackaged Queen Elizabeth 2 (Elizabeth Vagina) cd, even though I already have a copy of the original release. Anyway, it arrived yesterday and so I gave it a listen last night.

Now maybe its because I am older or something, but when I got the original release I listened to it a couple of times and really didn't think it was my cup of tea and so I have never listened to it since then. Last night though I thought I'd give it a shot again and I have to say it really is excellent, full of mystery and intrigue and atmosphere. Perhaps I am just getting more used to Cope's "Glambient" adventures, I don't know, but its amazing how putting this double cd on the shelf for five years has improved it in my mind! Well worth a second listen.

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Apr 23 15:34:00 2002

Being the Cope completist that I am, I ordered a copy of the repackaged Queen Elizabeth 2 (Elizabeth Vagina) cd, even though I already have a copy of the original release. Anyway, it arrived yesterday and so I gave it a listen last night.

Now maybe its because I am older or something, but when I got the original release I listened to it a couple of times and really didn't think it was my cup of tea and so I have never listened to it since then. Last night though I thought I'd give it a shot again and I have to say it really is excellent, full of mystery and intrigue and atmosphere. Perhaps I am just getting more used to Cope's "Glambient" adventures, I don't know, but its amazing how putting this double cd on the shelf for five years has improved it in my mind! Well worth a second listen.

andrew Tue Apr 23 15:37:30 2002

oops...double vision I guess. apologies

ron Thu Apr 25 20:57:07 2002

hey andrew, thanks for the qe2 review, i've not got it yet as i kinda exceeded my budget last month on cd's but i'll definitely get it soon. alas, i didn't make it over to the spiritualized / brmc gig last weekend as the weather was great so spent it spreading 5 dump truck loads of dirt in my backyard... er excuse me... my back garden... anyways it made the missus somewhat happy to see some progress on this 10 year project...


Mothra Wed May 1 12:31:16 2002

May your Mays be Merry and Bright :-)

C'mon let's spawn.....

Fionnchu DrJLMurphy@aol.com Fri May 3 19:57:39 2002

A chairde/friends:

I'm a newbie w/ two quick questions, so please don't flame the neophyte. I happen to be via gt-grandma's clan one that traces themselves to a real druid from 350 CE or so in Roscommon, I just found out in a dusty antiquarian tome. I'm only three years or so younger than JC, having been a fan of TE and himself for, well, about as long as he's put out (the vinyl/plastic platters, that is). Coming back to listening to JC and TE after a hiatus (being big Echo/Fall/Buzzcocks/Pavement fan). Exiled from Celtica via my Irish mom's choice to bear me in, of all places, Los Angeles, now, decades later--despite my Net surfing, I find myself unable to find two hard-to-find cd's:

WYSM+3, despite kind moderator's "merchandise page" circa 1999, is not up-to-date on availability of said disc, or Fried+3. I have the original Fried, but lack the bonus songs, and have no WYSM.

Since these seem to have fallen out of stock, as far as I can discern, is it kosher to seek from fellow fans copies of such cd's? Problems of lost royalties to deserving artists prevent me from even having a cd burner, but what about lp's/cd's that one can't buy anymore? While I care little about corporations, and thus get most of my music via used music stores, the situation of the noble artist on small labels, and the self-supporting bard like JC (or Mark E Smith, to make another comparison) puts me in a bind. When such dear music drops out-of-print, what's a fan to do?

How do you purchase Rite and the like--do similar mishaps occur? Suggestions? Rescues to such ethical dilemmas?


Marc starchamber1@gmx.de Mon May 6 14:43:31 2002

Julian Cope and Coil play Den Haag / NL on June 7th

Mothra Sun May 12 19:51:49 2002


Go to www.billiondollarproject.com and Fried with extra tracks is yours for a donation to the cause :-)

(Anonymous) Fri May 24 21:50:20 2002

God Save Barius Morkus III

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Wed Jun 12 06:34:35 2002


Copefan radio is now on air at


and the new webspace for my sites is at www.copefan.co.uk

but the new cope site is far from finished but you can take a look



Andrew commonera@lycos.com Thu Jun 20 10:41:54 2002

Interesting facts about England and the World Cup from the BBC site said that in the run up to the Denmark game Sainsbury's was selling beer at a rate equivalent to 1000 pints a minute, over 200% the normal, and the next day Safeway chain reported selling over 700,000 units of painkillers! (Little hungover were we?). They also expect that the loss of productivity because of the Brazil match will total somewhere in the region of £1 Billion! Needless to say that big screen tv sales are also through the roof.

I think it should be a national holiday on Friday, as who the hell is going to get any work done anyway? Same article did also say that the trade unions are urging employers to be flexible and take the example from Britain's own PM Tony Blair, who has rescheduled several meetings in Seville in order to catch the big game!

I am not a sports fan at all, and I don't follow football on a regular basis or follow any team, but every four years I get hooked and my life is put on hold as I try to watch as many games as possible.

Good luck England, in my mind you have already made us proud. May it be a good game, and of course I hope you win!

Billy Sun Jun 23 10:35:38 2002

Andrew, sorry about your loss. Time heals all, or that's what folks say.

Trav, I really enjoyed your eassys on introverts! I'm one also. I had always thought that me being an introvert was the result of learned behavior. Could you distinctly define the differences between what you term as a "natural itrovert" and what could probably be termed as an "aquired introvert behavior."

A book about embracing your introverion? Do it, trav!

"...the "misbehavers"? I don't have any feelings for them. Zippo. If you misbehave and are unhappy with your life, then that's your own damn fault." Well put Trav! I agree totally.

As I was walking on the stair I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish! he'd go away.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jun 23 13:22:38 2002

Hey Billy! Good to hear from you!

Wow, it's been a long time since that post (about introversion)...

I think most of our behaviors come partially from our genes, partially from what we learned, particularly as kids, when we were at that ultra-impressionable age.

If you look at the different types of dogs, some have "instincts" to chase balls and sticks, others have instincts to point their noises and tails, others like to dig holes, others like to swim... I don't think they learned all that stuff from other dogs (or us), especially since a lot of dogs were separated from their siblings at an early age. Somehow, though, a pointer "tends" to point (more than other dogs), a retriever "tends" to retrieve, etc.

Even among mutts, I think some of them are still "born pointers", others are "born retrievers", etc.; their instincts might not be as strong as in the pure-breds, but I think they're still there.

I think it's the same way with us, except that we're all kinda "mutts", since we weren't purposefully bred with other people that have the same behavioral tendencies (for hundreds or thousands of generations). I think some of us are born to be pointers, and others are born to be retrievers, just like some people are left-handed, others are gay, others have "perfect pitch", etc. We can't really help that stuff.

I think introversion is one of those genetically-influenced behavioral traits, like left-handedness or the tendency to "retrieve" or "point at" stuff. A long time ago, there was an advantage to paying attention mostly to yourself, your perception, your experiences, and taking your cues from your OWN instincts rather than always looking to see what OTHER people were doing.

The "lone wolf" tendency [in a subset of the population] must have had some evolutionary benefit to the individual and the pack, or else it wouldn't be here today. Maybe the "medicine man" or the solitary hunter who shunned convention, ceremony, and all that social status competition stuff (rough housing, mind games, etc.) was able to make discoveries or connections that the "herd" couldn't (or wouldn't bother trying to do), such as the fact that the river is rising, the volcano is smoking more than before, or that the brown mushrooms make him feel dizzy. Or, maybe the loner is just the guy (or gal) who survives the epidemic, since he's off on his own while everyone else is mingling like a mass of nightcrawlers. Of maybe he's the one guy who the enemy tribe doesn't find (and kill), or the one guy who's the least threat to anyone else (since he's not interested in social status), and lives to a ripe old age., providing the tribe with medicine, advice, and stress-reducing stories.

Of course, there's probably a "nurture" side to it as well, just as there's probably a "nurture" side to homosexuality (as well as a genetic side), although I'm not saying introversion and homosexuality go hand-in-hand (heh heh)... Although, if you think about it, they're kind of similar, in that there is a break from tradition, an "exemption" from the normal social hierarchy, etc.

Anyway, getting back to the nurture... It could be that some kids learn that it's "safer" (or easier) to keep to themselves than to focus on other kids.

For instance, when I was young, I was (and still am) near-sighted, and so literally couldn't focus on stuff that was far away. The chalkboard and the teacher were less clear to be than a book right in front of my face. Kids in the playground were blurs; I couldn't recognize them unless they were REALLY close, and I was hopeless at catching balls. When I got glasses, I could finally recognize people at a distance, but I think by that time it was "too late"; I had passed the ultra-impressionable and my bookreading and "small scope" habits were in place.

Also, as a kid I moved around a lot, to different states and different countries. I never really got the "hang" of a particular culture; I was always an outsider. Friendships were difficult (and poor investments) because just when I was getting to know a country/language/person, I was whisked away to another place. Gradually I think I learned: why bother trying to learn how to socialize if there's never any "reward"? Why not just focus on things I can control, like legos, stories, and music?

When my family finally settled down (in charlottesville, during the mid-80s), I made some friends, and by the time I was done with high school I had lots of friends and was at my "social peak", but then came college, and the slate was wiped clean and I retreated a bit back into isolate. By the end of the college, I had learned enough about the other kids to have some friends (mostly girlfriends), but then I got a job in a new city and zzzziipp, those friends were gone, and so I was alone again. After working for a year in northern virginia, I had a couple local friends, but then was sent to california on travel, so back to zero... After a while I started hanging out with people in cali, but then I was taken back to NoVa, and had to move to a new apartment... After a few months I met some more people, but then quit my job and went travelling... After travelling for a while I started "opening up" and met some people (and a nice girl) but then pffffffffft, it was back to Charlottesville for grad school... After a while i made some friends in grad school but then we all graduated and my friends went one way, and i went the other... I got a job, and for a year and a half was pretty much a hermit; then in the last few months i started hanging out with people, but then decided to move to Washington State.... So here I am, after having moved at least once every year since 1991, and I don't know anyone locally... What can I do other than focus on music, stories, and computers??? [especially since I work at home]

In that sense, introversion comes out of the need for SOMETHING reliable, something constant on which to focus, because I want that focus to be a good time investment. Learning about people but then moving away months later just isn't a very time-investment as far as I'm concerned. What's the point??? At least, that's how I feel.

Now, I know I'm not alone (in the general sense); I'm sure a lot of y'all have moved, moved, moved, losing old friends, having to start from scratch, etc. Probably, y'all are much more willing to spend time getting to know people than I am. I'm only willing to do it if there's a "payoff"; if there's a potential for a long-term friendship with someone with whom I "click". So, if I meet someone, but our brains just aren't in "sync", then I tend to avoid that person, because the conversation and fake smiles just aren't worth my time.

That's what I've *learned*.

Now, at the same time, I believe in the "nature" side of it, that people have predispositions to introversion. Each of us has a loner side and a social side; for some, the "loner" genes are dominant; for others, the "social" genes. What we learn as kids and then, to a lesser extend, as adults, is added to our genetic tendency to produce a net behavior.

So, like, my "loner genes" are a 6, my "social genes" are a 4, and I'm at a point in my life where my "loner learning" is a 7 and my "social learning" is a 3, so my net scores are: loner=13, socialite=7. :)

Now, of course, over time, I could meet some cool people locally [somehow] and start getting out and socializing or performing or something, and gradually it might because "loner learning=3" and "social learning=7", in which case my net scores are: loner=9, socialite=11. I think that's how it was in high school for me, thanks to being in various bands, the academic team, and a couple tight "cliques" of friends.

Anyway, nature and nurture, both important...

Sorry this was so rambly!

Maybe when I'm a 9-11 instead of a 13-7 I'll be able to write shorter, more interesting paragraphs! Until then, I'll be on the lookout for restless volcanos and funny mushrooms.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jun 23 22:29:53 2002

Hey Andrew -

I've got a great radio show for you, if you don't already listen to it yet.... It's "Radio On", hosted by David Wisdom, on CBC Radio 2. For me, it's on at midnight on Saturday and Sunday (out of Vancouver). Lots of GREAT music!!!

Also *really* cool is RadioSonic, on Saturday evenings. They've been playing a lot of garage rock recently, stuff like the Strokes, Hives, White Stripes, etc.

I *love* this recent garage rock resurgence!!! It's even on MTV!!! Yay!!!

Canadian radio (and TV) rocks! It's so non-political, non-trendy, and non-arrogant compared to American broadcasting. Plus, they aren't so paranoid about sex and language, so no bleeps and lots of boobies!!! :) :) :) heh heh heh

[Suddenly Travis has every guy's attention...]

Anyway, Canadian broadcasting is great, garage rock is great, this glorious 70 degree NW summer weather is great, everything is great, yay!!! Now I just need a girl to share it all with...

Hey, speaking of Radio On, there's this thing where people mail in their 3 favorite songs, and every week David Wisdom plays someone's picks. Yesterday I sent him an email about his website and as a P.S. gave him my 3 top picks:

[Guess what - I actually got picked, even though I'm not Canadian, on the 2003-02-15 broadcast! -- Trav]

The first two were no-brainers but it took a while to pick a third. I love the Fall, but no killer songs popped to mind. Ditto for Cope's solo work. Both the Fall and Cope have more of an "album"-type appeal to me, than an individual song appeal.

Anyway, I went through my CDs and as soon as I even THOUGHT of the Wipers, I knew I had the final song. "Youth of America" is, like the other 2, a no-brainer. For those of you getting into garage rock for the first time, if you haven't checked out the Wipers, I strongly advise you to do so! The recent Wipers boxed set is awesome.

This brings me to two survey-like questions for everyone:

  1. what are your 3 favorite songs of all time (at the moment)?
  2. what are your favorite garage rock bands?


p.s. Andrew, I hope everything is going well for you up there. It sounds like you've had a tough time, and I heard about some fires up there. Does it get really hot in the summer? How long are you thinking of staying? Are you on summer break now? :)

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jun 26 13:43:51 2002

Hi Trav, Billy (great to hear your words again!) and everyone!

For a moment I thought I was the only one still reading this, so its good to have some company. I have heard the radio show you mention Trav. CBC does have some great shows and the nice thing is that its a govt. funded station so there's no commercials!

70º summer ? So I guess its kind of cool down there Trav! The last few days have all been in the mid 30ºC range, it hit 36º here on Sunday, so we have been hovering around the 100ºF range. Its so unbelievably hot and dry here, we are desperate for rain. There is a total fire ban right now but new forest fires pop up every day, 2 more yesterday north of the city. The big one that closed the one and only highway into town is now under control after burning about 250,000 hectares. Not a good year for the forests.

Hey Trav, if you fancy a visit to Vancouver between July 3rd and 9th I'll be there! I have a wedding to go to on the 7th, so this will be my summer break, otherwise its work work work.

Hey Trav, I'm going to be in short play during the interplay festival here in August! I play "the man" who is kind of understood to represent the devil. The play is called Flesh. Should be fun! I just designed the web site for the festival:


For everyone else... there is right now a copy of the Ha Ha I'm Drowning 7" on eBay with the withdrawn sleeve. I had almost given up on it even existing but the seller has put up some nice scans to go with it. Its a bit out of my price range, starting at £40, but only a handfull supposedly escaped incineration:


Otherwise nothing Cope to report unfortunately...


Billy Wed Jun 26 18:06:32 2002

Yeah, I can get a couple of CBC stations on the C-band dish, though I NEVER have time to watch a show. Every so often I catch FSTV (free speech tv)and I try to find time for the occaisional movie. I still have yet to see LORD of the RINGS!!!! It's these fucking papers I keep having to write for school!

I did manage to spend last Friday evening in Norfolk, VA attending the Ween show at the Norva. Small venue. I saw them about a year ago in another small venue at the Ritz in North Carolina. They rocked last weekend, but, I enjoyed their show much more last year.

paul Gething paulgething@bamburghresearchproject.co.uk Thu Jun 27 14:02:18 2002

I posted in March asking if anyone could help me get in touch with the man himself regarding an archaeological matter.

My email address was incorrect, so apologies for that. I believe Amazon may have tried to contact me, so if anyone is in touch could they point them in my direction.

Regards and thanks

email address again is paulgething@bamburghresearchproject.co.uk


ron Fri Jun 28 18:27:01 2002

whew... think everyone has been holding their collective breath's... as it were, over the fubar planet situation... glad to hear familiar voices again... and roger, looked for ya on the telly, it's the isle of man tt 1000/600, figured ur cup'o tea... cors i've no idea wot u look like, so just watched for hot looking itailian babes ;) our #9 broke down thou mothra, poor nigel, oh and poor mizz sivlerwolfs band broke up... winthrop missed the point head-on... oh paul, i rang up jules and he'll be contacting u-strait-a-one-way....not.

mmm... hot babes... where's misssamazon sliped off to.... hmmm, a poor boy hitz town on a friday nite, wot deux u figure he'll get up to... down to the dungeon perhaps...


PaulB ss@arc23.com Fri Jul 5 20:08:13 2002

Hi all - Another great night at the BM. Get this - the fire alarms went off at the end rather than the start - and it wasn't Copey's hairspray this time ;-)

More interesting stuff about Avebury - apparently, it's like *years* old!!! Hidden stones! Beckhampton avenue is legit! More hidden stone circles!!

Great to meet up with the regulars again - BMC, Percy and Richard (but where was Helen?). Richard BTW is rapidly becoming more of a friend than a fan ;-)

ron Sat Jul 6 11:06:31 2002

cheers for that paul! glad u made it... i've been trying to find out if the second show... "(Only one show is on sale at the moment, but he will definitely be doing two shows.)" according to h2h... will this be on the friday preceeding, or sunday following.... anyone know? anyone planning on going?


ron Sat Jul 6 11:18:51 2002

nevermind... h2h sez aug 24th and 25th... translated... saturday and sunday...:(


PaulB ss@arc23.com Wed Jul 10 16:16:13 2002

Interesting reading about the Ha Ha 7" - apparently it ended up going for £207!! Not a record you want to accidently sit on ;-)

There's a pic of the single and background info in the Teardrop Explodes discography which will form part of the Screaming Secrets website relaunch. You see? You'd forgotten all about it.

Unfortunately, these days the paying gigs come first and the cool, side projects can end up trailing in last!

ron Wed Jul 17 07:29:32 2002

oh jesus... please johnny be ok... give us a sign...


Johnny Wed Jul 17 09:29:33 2002

Aye, what can you say? Another one down. It's been a while and I suppose we have had thousands of chopper flights since the last one a few years ago, but jeez! We don't know who our guys are yet or the contract guys/flight crew, but I suppose we'll find out once the families have been informed.

Kinda lost for words really. Known a few who've been through it, some survived, some didn't. One of the trainees at my training centre about 16 years ago was the only passenger survivor of a Chinook crash that killed 45 guys off the Shetland islands. I think the only incident we've known with the Sikorsky S76 previously was when the helideck landing officer (HLO) on one of our diving vessels was decapitated. He stood in front of the chopper as the boat took a heave due to weather and the blades came down....

Dunno what to say guys. Heart goes out to the families and colleagues of the dead. I hope they find all of the bodies so they can be given a proper burial.


Johnny Wed Jul 17 09:44:16 2002

Ron, Apologies for the last post appearing a little selfish. Thankyou for the thoughts. A lot of people are hurting badly today. We have a company brief on the tradgedy this aft.

Best Regards,


PaulB Wed Jul 17 16:42:38 2002

Bad news. Sympathies go out to all the family and friends.

ron Fri Jul 19 01:05:18 2002

johnny... my sympathies to all your comrades as well from me... i'm grateful however that u r safe and sound... it sounds like a very dangerous job... i was very afraid for the worse of it, as u had mentioned the anxiety, nay... abject terror of the flight... i've grown very fond of awl u rail on'ers and the h2h'ers as well... i guess the thought of losing someone just really freaked me... i know it's silly, but that report made me sick to my stomach... i hate death... i just haven't/can't come to grips with it... i honestly don't know how people deal with it... it just hurts so bad... i want good positive vibes for awl, as there is just way too much hurting in the world for even just a little bit more... at least for me...

love and light johnny u rotter... 'nd the rest of u please PLEASE please be careful!


Billy Mon Jul 22 22:58:43 2002

...and Clive Mathers continues to pump.

PaulB ss@screamingsecrets.com www.screamingsecrets.com Thu Jul 25 16:21:27 2002

If The Greatest Hit wasn't enough for you, another Teardrop Explodes compilation called simply The Collection is due out next month.

The album is a mix of singles, album tracks and B-Sides.

And still no Log Cabin.... :(

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Jul 26 13:51:34 2002

Its shameless plug time again...

I have recently givven Trampolene a bit of a face lift as I was getting sick of all that orange! So check it out at the address above, and while your there leave a message on the new guest book/message board. If you do have any problems when you get there it may be because you have recently visited the old look version and your memory still has references to that. You may need to clear your memory cache. You can generally do this through your browser prefs. or just try a reload.

Love and light...


Ms Lauren Silverwolf louise@handbag.com Mon Jul 29 12:06:22 2002

Hey guys...

Bill Drummond fans in the West of England might be vaguely interested in this link...


Billy Mon Jul 29 17:44:43 2002

How about another shameless plug? Check out Trash Head's page. Cope fans have a listen to "It's A Tradition." http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/438/trash_head.html

Lauren Silverwolf Thu Aug 1 03:32:06 2002

Hey Billy - v. kewl. When I started it up I wondered why you wanted Cope fans specifically to have a listen, but everything became clear.

Is there a collection of JC's poetry anywhere on the web?

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Thu Aug 1 23:06:40 2002

Lauren, all the JC poetry readings that I have came from mp3's which I'd downloaded from audiogalaxy when lots of things were available. The other readings can be obtained from boots of radio and live shows.

Look for "I Was Trusted" to appear in the following days from the same Trash Head site. Another one named "Fly" will be available soon. These two are much better than the one you've heard ("It's A Tradition"), or I'm happier with them.

Has anyone had a listen to Flower Travelin' Band's LP "Satori" from Head Heritage's LP of the month last June? Awesome Album! I've been awaiting on the arrival of that cd at my doorstep for about 3 weeks now. It would be cool to find a video of that band available somewhere. Anybody out there into them?

Russ russ@copefan.co.uk www.julian-cope.com Sat Aug 3 16:24:03 2002

Well as some of you may know I run the site at www.julian-cope.com and i've been thinking of writing a collectors guide for ages with me having the discography and all the other stuff. I want to know your thoughts on the idea as its not worth me starting it if no one wants it! I will try and put as much stuff in it as I can and will be looking for images and info on the stuff I'm missing.................I'll put it up on the web in PDF format so people can download it and print it out themselves and I know it will take quite a long time to produce what with work-family and the cope website to re-write but let me know your thoughts on the idea...........please e-mail me at russ@timpson.co.uk




www.julian-cope.com www.skyray.info

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com www.screamingsecrets.com Sat Aug 3 20:41:28 2002

The Screaming Secrets website will hopefully be relaunched next week in its new and expanded guise. The Julian Cope magazine has been going through some changes and the website is the first fruit of our labours.

As well as all the old favourites such as archive articles, interviews and photos, there's also some brand new features inlcuding a songwords section, promo gallery, forum, survey and competition page (win a Screaming Secrets T-Shirt!).

As previously mentioned, the site will also feature the first part of an extensive Discography that will feature release dates, notes, trivia, a variety of sleeve shots and also a price guide.

A revised Merchandise section features details for ordering back issues of Screaming Secrets and there's also an extensive section devoted to fansite links and events. You can also search the entire website thanks to our new search engine.

The website has also moved: Update your bookmarks/favourites to www.screamingsecrets.com.

PaulB ss@screamingsecrets.com www.screamingsecrets.com Mon Aug 5 19:50:29 2002

OK - The new Screaming Secrets website is launched::


Check it out and let me know what you think ;)

Billy Tue Aug 6 21:34:24 2002

Ok guys and gals! Check this song out- "I Was Trusted" at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/438/trash_head.html

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com www.screamingsecrets.com Wed Aug 7 06:41:30 2002

Interesting stuff Billy - I especially liked 'I Was Trusted' ;-)

Billy Wed Aug 7 21:23:21 2002

Thanks Paul. I've been trying to check out Screaming Secrets but It just won't come up. I'll keep trying.

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Thu Aug 8 07:21:04 2002

Oops! I forgot how Rail On tags up URL's! The link above should be OK now. Otherwise proceed directly to http://www.screamingsecrets.com

I updated the News page last night pointing a link to the MP3.com page as well.

Knowledge rayliddard@hotmail.com Sat Aug 10 20:46:46 2002

Now Then!

Never seen this site before but it looks cool! I saw Copey on a Saturday morning show with the Teardrops and, ironically, it made me cut my hair! Jeff Hammer was working with me at Polydor when he got the gig and we recorded 3 tracks before JH was pulled into the teardrops deathrow fiasco. 'Katherine Goddard', Pulse 332 and Falling' and 'Semblance'. Love to hear them again - bits appear on Skellington.


Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Aug 16 16:03:36 2002

Just read this at the Spiritualized site:

"Spiritualized drummer and core band member Kevin Bales is currently in hospital in Nottingham recovering from leukemia. After returning from Fuji Rock and a successful tour of Australia with the band Kevin felt unwell and was admitted for tests. Unfortunately the band had to cancel their appearance at the Olyafestivalen in Oslo, Norway last weekend. Chris Davis, drummer from Nottingham combo Six by Seven was keen to help out his friends in Spiritualized and has offered to stand in for Kevin for their Festival performances at Leeds, Glasgow on the Green and Reading which are definitely going ahead as scheduled. Spiritualized have also delayed recording of their next studio album hich they were due to commence work on in September."

I had the great honour of meeting Kevlar last year after the Spiritualized show in Vancouver. He is a really great guy and of course I (and I am sure all of us) wish him the very best for a speedy recovery.



PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Fri Aug 16 17:28:37 2002

I can only echo Andrew's comments - best wishes to the guy and I hope he makes a full recovery.

Billy Tue Aug 20 22:06:23 2002

Fasten your seatbelts! Check out "You Can Fly" at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/438/trash_head.html

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Sat Aug 31 21:21:19 2002

More interesting stuff Billy. I've also flagged it up on the Screaming Secrets website.

Also, thanks to all those that took part in the Screaming Secrets Competition which has now ended. The winner will be posted up on the news page soon.

The Screaming Secrets Forum has also gained some funky Cope-themed avatars. Go and register to post today and nab one for yourself - you know you want to! ;)

Vybik Jon j.knight'aston.ac.uk Mon Sep 2 12:51:41 2002

Julian was in fine form in Edinburgh on the 24th and 25th.

As best as I could recall after the gigs (and definitely not in the right order):



Some splendid (and splenetic) stuff about Balfe and the promise of two albums of songs in the near future. The long delayed Citizen Caned and one with such a good title that we couldn't be told it.


Everything blows me away...

Billy Tue Sep 3 02:08:14 2002

Thanks for your kindness PaulB. I've been enjoying Sreaming Secrets. Excellent job on site!

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston .ac.uk Mon Sep 16 07:34:25 2002

To anyone who doesn't look at any other Cope lists, he's got a new album out. Rite Now is the latest in the occasional Rite series and it's possibly the best yet.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Sep 16 07:36:33 2002

Really sorry about that! [He's talking about a multiple posting, which I cleaned up -- Trav]

Brand new PC's/operating system at work (I'm a long time mac user) and it's proving a bit troublesome.

Hopefully you'll only get this once.

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Sep 17 22:14:49 2002

Wow Jon, I guess you really like the cd! Good to hear from you again, hope all is well is sunny Birnmingham. I'm trying to work out a way to get back over there for xmas, so maybe we can connect for a pint or two.

I have my copy of Rite Now on order so I'm eagerly awaiting it. The first Rite cd was ok in my mind, Rite 2 was awesome and I still listen to it quite often, so I can't wait to hear Rite Now. Ordering it also meant I was able to order the Discover Avebury programme too as the crazy credit card minimum at HH kept that on hold until there was something else I wanted!

Anyone got any ideas as to where the new Brain Donor single is? Wasn't that supposed to be out by now too?


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Wed Sep 18 12:44:17 2002

No release date on the new Brain Donor single yet, but I was lucky enough to get hold of a pre-release version with two versions on. It's called My Pagan Ass and it's a stormer (either version). If this is a taster of the second album, it could eclipse the first.

I may be in Ireland for xmas/new year, but let me know dates when you can and we'll have that pint if it works out.

Barius Morkus III Thu Sep 19 21:16:25 2002
I could see the greenest banana of the bunch high up in the sky
and i smiled about that
there was something rather satisfying about that
the person who would eat that banana
the nourishment gained...
the creativity in that...
all that way to feed neurons
Boolbar Wed Sep 25 11:53:33 2002

What happened to the "Billion Dollar Project" ??

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Sat Sep 28 15:59:26 2002

So we have had the spced out meditation cds of Queen Elizabeth and the Ambient Metal of LAMF and now we have meditational funk! As I write Rite Now is grooving away in the background, having got my copy a couple of days ago thanks to HH's amazingly fast on-line ordering. What do I think? Well, I've only listened to it a couple of times now, but so far it really grooves and it has strength and power and maturity.

As I said below, I didn't really get into the first Rite cd, but loved Rite 2 and now this is another step up again. It ain't Julian Cope as all those who cling onto Jehovahkill and Peggy would want it (hey folks, that was 10 years ago now, shouldn't we move on?), but in my mind this one is a keeper. Excellent grooves, great guitar work...it made my day for sure.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 7 18:51:49 2002

I've gotten some questions recently about how to contribute to Interpreters Volume 3...

What usually happens is people mail me either a CD (good) or a tape (not so good) of their music and then I digitize and normalize the songs and when I have enough to fit on a CD, I pick an order and make the sleeves and then burn CDs, etc. Contributors get a free and in the past other people had to buy them - this is mostly to save me from having to spend large chunks of my free time making free cds for people. :)

In the future, what I would like to do is simply upload mp3s to a web site and let people check out covers that way and make their own CDs (since CD making is so easy these days). It's the label-making that's costly, in terms of time and money...

Anyway, I will probably do a full-fledged Volume 3 (CD with nice sleeves) since that was the plan when people started sending in their compilations, but after that I'd like to switch to a downloadable-mp3 approach.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 7 18:53:17 2002

Andrew - How's Rite Now after a few days' listening? Are you still playing it frequently?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 7 19:14:52 2002

This page loads slowly! Eek! I need to archive it and get rid of the table that surrounds everything... Someday! These days I am working on XML-ifying all my web pages. It's slow going, but will hopefully result in a set of pages that get updated more frequently than they are now...

Meanwhile, in the [far more interesting] music world...

  1. Suicide -- I've recently bought the first two Suicide albums on CD. Wow! The first one is downright scary! I can see how they probably had an influence on Cope and the Teardrops, or on bands that influenced then.
  2. Pere Ubu -- cool stuff! I've had some Pere Ubu CDs for a while now and keep coming back to them. CBC Radio 2 plays recent Ubu and Thomas songs so maybe that's what's inspiring me... Anyway, fun fun fun!
  3. Iggy Pop -- bought my first Stooges CD this past weekend: Raw Power. :) :) :) Horrible sound quality, but lots of garage-rock energy! Yay!
  4. Sleater Kinney -- cool! They are my fav girl band at the moment. I really like catchy garage rock!
  5. DO THE POP (compilation) -- Australian Garage Rock, two CDs, great stuff!!! I really like the Saints, and recently got into the Scientists, and this kind of expands on that kind of sound...
  6. The The - 45 RPM -- nice stuff! It's not a must-have for casual fans IMO (none of the songs blow away the album cuts) *but* it's a solid pair of CDs. It might make a good starting point for a The The newbie, and is certainly a good bargain!
  7. Minutemen -- I haven't been a huge fan of American punk/post-punk, but this stuff is *very* listenable and fun. Right now I am reading "OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE", which inspired me to check out the Minutemen and has me anxious to try Mission of Burma.
  8. Billy Oertel -- Billy's got a lot of great songs up on his mp3.com page. I suggest y'all check 'em out: go to http://www.mp3.com/ and search for "Trash Head" (or maybe "TrashHead") and you should find it. His recent stuff features a lot of Cope samples; I think you'll be tickled!
  9. Tripecac -- I'm not gonna promote my own musical piddlings, except to say that right now I am focusing most of my creative energy on making new songs. The past month has been a bit of a "musical rennaisance" for me; I'm working on music again every weekday morning and am finishing 1 or 2 songs each week, trying to explore different types of music. My favorite recent song is "Convenience". If you are curious, check out ../../tripecac/albums/convenience/

As I said in an earlier post today, I'd like to migrate the Cope tributes to an mp3-download page... mp3.com would be handy, since it would ease the load on this server, but I don't know their policy on tribute songs. Does anyone have info on this?



Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Oct 8 22:09:34 2002

You know how Julian uses lots of wah-guitar? Well, I decided to give it a shot! However, I don't really play guitar (heck, I can barely play keyboards), so I didn't want to invest in a real wah pedal (they can be expensive).

Fortunately, I found a "Wah Wah" control on my Pod-Pro (amp simulator) and decided to see if I could somehow control the Wah-Wah via a foot pedal... After a few hours of researching and experimenting, I found out how to do it; my "Poor Man's Wah Pedal" works like this:

  1. MIDI Foot Controller (like a volume pedal) plugs into MIDI keyboard
  2. MIDI keyboard plugs into computer's MIDI card
  3. computer's MIDI card plugs into Pod-Pro
  4. SoundDiver maps foot controller MIDI events to Pod's Wah control
  5. volume pedal now acts like a wah pedal!

The hard part was figuring out how to configuring SoundDiver to map the foot controller onto the Pod's Wah widget. Once I finally learned how the MIDI mapping works, I also mapped my sustain pedal onto a delay toggle, so that I could use delay loops while playing with the wah!

And... It was a BLAST using the wah and delay together! I totally sucked at it, but it was still incredibly fun to "sing" with a guitar like that! Wah-wah-wah!

This is what Cope does in a lot of his concerts (with real guitar pedals rather than MIDI controllers), right? Wah plus delay? I can totally see why he's enthralled by it!

Anyway, if you are curious about how the poor-man's wah approach turned out, check out "Config Sissy" on my download page: ../../tripecac/albums/convenience/

It's not very Cope-like at all, and is more like an electronic version of Phish or some other jam-band. It's also long, sloppy, boring in parts, but catchy in other parts... Hit and miss, just like Cope and all the other music I like...

The wah starts about 1/4 of the way through it.


andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Oct 9 21:13:47 2002

Hey Trav,

Good to read your voice again. Rite Now is wonderful. I've been listening to it tons since I got it, it really lifts my spirits. Its real ambient funk, well worth buying in my mind. Its very different and refreshing.

I also just recieved, thank to the kindness of Holy McGrail, a copy of the Brain Donor "My Pagan Ass" pre-issue single and that is excellent too. Its everything we come to expect from Brain Donor and just leaves me begging for more. I do wish they would release the BD Cornucopea gig.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Oct 28 07:19:16 2002

Common Era - did you get my e-mail?

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Oct 28 23:03:04 2002

Hi Vybik - I just replied to your email, sorry for the delay and many thanks! - Andrew

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Oct 31 20:59:53 2002

Hi, I just recently got the first Mission of Burma CD... The guitar at the beginning of "Mica" sounds a lot like one of Cope's songs! I'm trying to figure out which one...

It's a B-side, I think... or something on one of the Skellingtons...

Anyone know?


Jaime donjaime_@hotmail.com Mon Nov 11 18:22:32 2002

Hello All:

I'm looking for guitar/bass tab for Soldier Blue from Julian's album Peggy Suicide. Can you help?


commonera commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Nov 13 10:13:29 2002

J, I've never seen guitar tabs etc for Soldier Blue, but I know there are lyrics at either:




Joey Station joeystation7@hotmail.com http://gasnewzealand.tripod.com/gas/ Fri Nov 29 05:36:49 2002

Trav - are you still seeking tracks for Interpreters vol 3? Had corresponded with you ages ago about this. At that time I couldn't make MP3s, but I can now, but can't make CDs. Do you have somewhere to upload to? If you're interested in having a version of Books (by Gas). We've got a few lo-fi cover versions on our website in Real Audio.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 29 12:16:08 2002

Yes! I'm still compiling Volume 3! So, tracks are welcome! :)

I'll get in touch w/ you (via email) and let you know how to get your song to me...


NEVEN RIEDERER NEVEN@COX,NET Thu Dec 5 14:17:05 2002



Amelie duboisamelie@hotmail.com Fri Dec 6 00:33:38 2002


i would like to know where i can buy t-shirt from The White Stripes rock band. Is there any web site or something?



eatb Sat Dec 21 22:19:08 2002


test check 1...2...

dan claudezachry@excite.com http://geocities.com/spikeandsofia/PsychedelicEntrance.html Thu Jan 2 18:02:12 2003

Alan Partridge Tue Jan 7 15:52:43 2003







Yashdeep lovebirds_yassie@yahoo.com Thu Jan 9 08:49:53 2003

It's too cool...

Syd Earthling syd_earthling@yahoo.co.uk http://www.earthling.com Fri Jan 10 08:23:13 2003

Eh up me ducks!!

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Sat Jan 11 08:55:37 2003

Hallo Rail On regulars - and a Happy New Year to you all :)

Just a brief note to let you know that the news page at www.screamingsecrets.com has been updated.

A reminder also that the Competition is still running till the end of the month - just answer some trivia questions and you could win some rare back issues of Screaming Secrets - the glossy and friendly Julian Cope magazine!

Russ russ@copefan.co.uk http://www.copefan.co.uk/cgi-bin/everyauction/auction.pl Tue Jan 14 14:00:25 2003


I've had a request to sell an auto'd Head On T-Shirt Julian has signed for a primary school to auction. So please visit


and please help make some money for the school.



Billy Sun Jan 26 01:21:34 2003

Joey Station--Really enjoyed the songs (mp3.com) by GAS! Interesting. Would like to hear more.

Jeff sploog@comcast.net Fri Feb 7 23:30:20 2003

I'm selling lot's of copey subway posters on ebay. alll awesome condition. plus one other copey poster. i may add a teardrop explodes poster all as well


look on page 5 i believe

many thanks

user ID: mermaids_on_mars

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Feb 12 22:44:05 2003

If you don't already know, the new Brain Donor cd was released Feb 10. Its a 2 cd set featuring a studio album and a recording of the Brain Donor gig at the Cornucopea Festival, April 2000. Titled: Too Freud to Rock 'n' Roll, Too Jung to Die! Lots of details to be found at www.braindonor.org

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Sat Feb 15 01:24:37 2003

Trampolene has its own home...

I have finally registered a domain for Trampolene: A Julian Cope Web Site. The address has changed, so please update your bookmark if you have one to:


There is a forwarding page at the old address right now, but I hope to take that down soon.

Many thanks


Andrew Sat Feb 15 01:26:40 2003

If at first you don't succeed, then keep trying and look like an idiot... Sorry for the double post their folks, but it didn't show up the first time! [Edited out - Trav]

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Feb 17 21:45:32 2003

Every now and then I get asked by someone in Britain or Europe for a copy of some of the Cope videos I have. Because of the difference in VHS systems I can't easily do a copy of the PAL tapes, so I have generally lent them out on the condition they are returned promptly, which they always have been.

Last year I lent out 2 tapes: the original official video of The Teardrop Explodes live in Nottingham 1981 (Master Classics Teardrop Explodes Live in Concert) and a tape of the MTV US New York Ritz concert from Feb 1987 which also had a West German TV 4 song appearance on it.

I just noticed they hadn't been returned and I'm pretty sure I lent them to a collector named Barry Vincent in England. I emailed him but the address is no longer working and he has also closed down his web site (http://members.fortunecity.com/baztrade/).

Does anyone know Barry (aka Baz)? I would love to get my tapes back as they are the only copies I have, I don't have NTSC versions of these tapes.

Please email me if anyone has a street address for Baz as I really would like to get my tapes back: commonera@lycos.com

Many thanks


Jeff Thu Feb 20 00:32:16 2003

i really reduced the price of the cope subway poster



ron Sun Feb 23 10:26:41 2003

andrew git urselve a good plan, git urselve a hit man...

johnny ur stilla rotter u r...


bernie bberndogg@aol.com Fri Feb 28 13:33:29 2003

ok wut up////

johnny Fri Mar 7 09:12:49 2003

I am Ron, I truly am!

Had to unsub whilst transferring down to West Africa. Wow is it hot down here! ...and the politicians are all killing each other before the elections. Too many of them everywhere I think!


kayleigh kayleighjones@blueyonder.com Sat Mar 8 14:37:13 2003


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Thu Mar 13 22:24:44 2003

Brain Donor's "Too Freud..." kicks ass!!! Especially the live cd! Anybody out there have it yet?

ron Mon Apr 14 15:02:04 2003



mandy anich1986@yahoo.com Mon Apr 28 11:40:10 2003

hey was up

Lauren Silverwolf Thu May 1 04:02:02 2003

From today's Popbitch...

Julian Cope has a new musical project called
Spazareth. The logo is an image of Jesus
in a wheelchair nailed to a cross.
El Snoreo Thu May 15 08:48:41 2003

Greetings dear Heads.Just thought you should know that JC is in the new issue of MOJO(the one with the "instant Garage" CD).It's an "how to buy..." feature.

Don't hold your breath(well you can if you want but you might die)but there MIGHT be a new issue of Snorer Explorer soon,well when I say soon I mean in the next couple of months.Well,when I say couple of months I mean this year.Well when I say this year I mean this decade.Or not.

This list is very quiet these days.What has happened to everybody?

El Snoreo

Santisan sicigia@ono.com Mon May 26 05:43:22 2003

I haven't sent a post here for ages, but know I want to let everybody know that for the first time I've seen Julian live. After 20 years of wait. And it's been worth.

He played live friday night in Barcelona, in the "Primavera sound" festival. It was a solo performance, not an acoustic one, but he playing electric guitar and great use of pedals, evolving each of the songs into a wall of sound, in and out of a certain chaos. Very intense.

And with an abrupt end. When the performance get to the scheduled time to end, they shut the microphone and he refused to leave the stage, seating on the edge of the stage, begining to scream, simulating a blow job to the mike... well, unbelievable.

Was any of you there?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jun 2 23:41:07 2003

Hi guys!

Long time no chat on here! Well, I have good (personal) news - I am working at home again! So I should be able to keep up with stuff on here (and online in general) a bit more.

I was just checking out Head Heritage and saw that I have some catching up to do... Can anyone recommend (for or against) purchasing the following CDs:

  1. Brain Donor - "Too Freud To Rock'n'Roll, Too Jung To Die" -- Is it as good as the 1st Brain Donor album? (which I played several times for about a week but then gradually stopped playing and haven't touched in several months) Does Julian have more or less influence than on the 1st album?
  2. Sunn0))) - "White-1" -- Is the entire song just 25 minutes, or just the song on which Julian collaborated? What is the rest of the music (if there is any) like?
  3. Rite Now -- Yep, that's right, I still don't have this one yet! Is it as catchy/groovy/trancy as the 1st two? Or is is more like the (snoozy IMO) Queen Elizabeth CDs?
  4. Discover Odin -- Ummm.... Odin... Ummmm.... Or should I say "Ommmmmmmm...." Is this any good? Are Julian's narrations re-listenable? Or is this a CD where people are most likely to rip the songs into mp3s and play 'em on the computer while the CD and booklet sit on the shelf next to the [beautiful but barely-ever-opened] Modern Antiquarian?
  5. L.A.M.F. -- I forget - does Julian actually play on this? Is it a must-have?

Meanwhile, in other-music-land... The new albums by the Buzzcocks and Wire are both great! Yee-haw! I love these post-punk dinosaurs' "creaky old" efforts much better than the hot/peaking outputs of the White Stripes, Strokes, and even (gasp) Interpol...

Does this mean I'm a geezer too?


p.s. anyone else getting annoyed at the "year 200" bug?

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jun 3 12:05:14 2003

Hey Trav, good to hear from you again! So what would I recommend...

Good luck - Andrew

P.S. I'm heavily into the band Gomez right now. Check them out, I think their sound is amazing. I have no idea whether thats "cool" or not. I gave up on that a long time ago.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Tue Jun 3 13:24:10 2003

"I'm so worried about my pagan ass!"

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Tue Jun 3 13:25:47 2003

Sorry about that!! Just call me enthusiastic! [He was talking about a multi-post, which I've cleaned up - Trav]

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jun 6 14:30:44 2003

Wire's new song "Spent" is awesome!!! If you like brain donor's head-banging droning, I really think you'll dig the new Wire album, and that song in particular.

Thanks for the reviews, guys! I will try to write more later...


ron Tue Jun 24 09:02:37 2003

mmm... the elusive ms silverwolf... call me...

some excellent photos of julian @ primivera fest in barcelona

lookin very rob zombie...ish


love and light,


Nat Wooocan'tbelieveit'sstillhere.com Thu Jul 3 08:00:27 2003

Hello y'all.......... haven't been here for blinking years!! Glad to see it's still going Trav... sigh.... such memories from this site all those years ago when we were young!

Julian at Glasto last Friday hmmmmm interesting... :o)

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jul 7 12:03:48 2003

Just like the old days, Nat!

Surprised to see you here. Good though.

I came on to tell those who don't frequent HH that JC is gigging in London in October. From the man himself:

"By the way, in late October/early Nov., I'm gonna be presenting a three day festival called ROME WASN'T BURNED IN A DAY, at Hammersmith's Lyric Theatre. There's gonna be underground rock'n'roll films, coupla lectures, some deadly current rock bands, a Brain Donor show and my first performance with my electric band since 1996CE. The latter will include obvious monolithic barbarian classics such as 'Reynard the Fox', 'Shot Down', 'Spacehopper' and that Shut Your Mouth song, as I've been recently yearning to hang from a large mikestand without a guitar round my neck. I'll keep y'all posted as to the movements and the line-up of other groups, as they are individually confirmed."

I know where I'll be!

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jul 15 13:51:57 2003

just in case anyone still reads this, I got this from HH...

Julian will be playing a warm up gig before the London Lyric Theatre 3 day event in November at the Liverpool Academy on Monday, October 27th, 2003. Tickets available from www.wayahead.com. Not sure whether this is a full band thing or not.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Tue Jul 22 12:51:15 2003

Tickets for the London shows are now on sale, £20.00 per day.

Lyric Theatre: October 30, 31 and November 1


Box Office: 08700 500 511

Todd cutterccbaxter@netscape.net Tue Jul 29 13:53:45 2003

Can anyone speculate whether these shows will sell out, and if so, how quickly?


Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jul 30 10:34:35 2003

There's a good chance they will sell out. Cope's shows in London tend to be sell outs. In 1993 he sold out 3 straight nights at the Town &Country Club and a similar story in 95 at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

As these gigs are Copes first appearances with the full band in a very long time I would expect them to be popular. If I was going (timing and funds too prohibative at this point) I wouldn't hesitate to buy my ticket now and as the Lyric theatre is selling by seat number then the sooner you get in the closer you will be.

Don't delay...but today! (I should be in advertising, oh wait, I already am...)

copefan russ@copefan.co.uk www.copefan.co.uk Sun Aug 3 15:18:25 2003

Well Its been a long time since I was here, just going through some old links and here I am..................................

Todd Tue Aug 5 16:00:27 2003

Thanks for the info Andrew.

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Sep 2 23:35:20 2003

Sorry, didn't mean to wake you all up! I got the following post on the Trampolene message board and thought I would post it here. It reads:

Aug 30th 2003 at 07:13:48 AM

Name: Shepster

Email: candyskin@ntlworld.com

Message: I have the Daredevil (Iss.77, 1971) comic for sale on ebay - the one with the words "The Teadrop Explodes!" in it. Thought someone might be interested. I'm only selling it cos I'm emigrating and "I can't take 'em with me" (she says)



PS If it doesn't sell, someone can have it for the postage price if they want it..

Andrew: Surely someone out there would just love this gem that started it all?

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Sun Sep 7 14:31:12 2003

I haven't seen it officially announced yet, but I just found this tour date list for the upcoming Spiritualized US tour...

Fri 10/10/03      New Haven, CT   Toad's Place
Sat 10/11/03      Boston, MA   Avalon
Mon 10/13/03      New York, NY   Irving Plaza
Tue 10/14/03      New York, NY   Irving Plaza
Wed 10/15/03      New York, NY   Irving Plaza
Fri 10/17/03      Providence, RI   Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Sat 10/18/03      Montreal, QC   Le Spectrum
Sun 10/19/03      Toronto, ON   Opera House
Mon 10/20/03      Toronto, ON   Opera House
Wed 10/22/03      Pittsburgh, PA   Club Laga
Thu 10/23/03      Cleveland, OH   Agora Theatre
Fri 10/24/03      Cincinnati, OH   Bogart's
Sat 10/25/03      Detroit, MI   St. Andrews Hall
Mon 10/27/03      Indianapolis, IN   The Vogue
Tue 10/28/03      Chicago, IL   Vic Theatre
Thu 10/30/03      Minneapolis, MN   First Avenue
Fri 10/31/03      Madison, WI   Barrymore Theatre
Sat 11/01/03      Columbia, MO   Blue Note
Sun 11/02/03      Lawrence, KS   Granada Theatre
Tue 11/04/03      Englewood, CO   Gothic Theatre
Wed 11/05/03      Salt Lake City, UT   DV8
Thu 11/06/03      Boise, ID   Big Easy
Fri 11/07/03      Portland, OR   Roseland Theater
Sat 11/08/03      Seattle, WA   Showbox
Sun 11/09/03      Vancouver, BC   Commodore Ballroom
Tue 11/11/03      San Francisco, CA   Bimbo's 365 Club
Wed 11/12/03      San Francisco, CA   Bimbo's 365 Club
Thu 11/13/03      Hollywood, CA   The Avalon
Fri 11/14/03      Hollywood, CA   The Avalon
Sat 11/15/03      San Diego, CA   4th & B
Sun 11/16/03      Tempe, AZ   Marquee Theatre
Tue 11/18/03      Austin, TX   The Mercury
Wed 11/19/03      Austin, TX   The Mercury
Thu 11/20/03      Dallas, TX   Gypsy Tea Room
Fri 11/21/03      New Orleans, LA   House Of Blues
Sat 11/22/03      Atlanta, GA   Earthlink Live
JOHAN Wed Sep 24 11:02:51 2003

CALL ME 0041227365466

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 18 20:58:48 2003

Congrats to Britt and Spoon on getting into Time magazine!!!

(September 8 issue, page 92)

-- Trav

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Oct 20 09:22:52 2003

A week to go! Gibber, gibber, drool...

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Oct 20 11:12:34 2003

I'm festering in a pool of jealously, Vybik! Wish I could be there... full band experience etc. Wow. Hopefully the bootlegger will be among the crowd and a copy will come forth quickly...

I got the "Rome Wasn't Burned..." cds late last week and have listened to it a few times now. There are some good bits on it, but I am starting to lose track of what's Cope solo and what's Brain Donor as the lines seem to blur greatly when Doggen plays on both.

Hope everyone has a good time in Liverpool and London. I can't wait to hear all about it


Simon Lonsdale slonsdale@symtronics.co.uk www.symtronics.co.uk Mon Oct 27 20:17:23 2003

I'm 40..just; and have been through stuff. I want to tell people what I've been through, in order to inspire all emotions.

I can't do this on my own, I need the the assist of an astute mind and a REAL showman.

I hope you get to read this Julian.


Pissed & off & a tiny bit worried.

Todd Mon Nov 3 12:46:51 2003

I journeyed to England back in January and I certainly wasn't planning on returning this year, but then Julian had to pull a fast one and burn Rome for three nights.

I had to go see him and I was glad I made the trip because it was such a pleasure to see him in the flesh. On the first night he even sang a lyric directly to me as he made his way through the audience which caused the big stupid grin on my face to become even bigger and stupider.

I didn't mind the newer material (and its geetar wankerism) but still the thrill for me was when he performed his "older" material. There was something very liberating whenever the band launched into "Hanging Out" that to me is what great rock and roll is all about.

The crowd singing along to "Safesurfer" on the final night was very beautiful sounding.

Anyway, I hope everyone who attended the show(s) had as great a time as I did.

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Mon Nov 3 16:08:19 2003

It was a blast - 3 days of more Copey goodness than you can shake a stick at :)

Photos and a review are going to be whacked up on the Screaming Secrets website in due course. Meanwhile, pay us a visit and vote for what you consider to be the best day of the whole event!

Nat Wed Nov 5 06:55:50 2003

Ere Vybik I can get on here!!!! ha ha tee hee......

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Wed Nov 5 08:02:08 2003

I am dialling your employer as I type (which is no mean skill for a two handed creature).

Hello, sweetie!


Nat Wed Nov 5 08:11:03 2003


Need a cup of tea, need a kitten, NEED FLUFFY!!!!

Having withdrawals... sigh....

PaulB pbrowne@acreamingsecrets.com Wed Nov 5 20:35:26 2003

Hallo Nat - So what's the story with your employer banning you from the Copey sites??

Nat Fri Nov 7 06:07:57 2003

Hello Paul!!

Just the HH at the mo, and TMA anything with the ISP number thingie (I'm not a techie) of

Thing is I can get on any other internet site even Porn if that was my want, just not the HH, get a DNS Error message, so to be honest don't know if I have been barred or it's a computer fault at this end. The server has been re-booted twice and it still don't work :o(

Bummer hey... I'm as bored as hell without getting into the HH. Have a cloaking thing, so I can occasionally get in and read stuff but can't post. Am sooooooooooooooooooooooo fed up!

Any ideas anyone please let me know. E.mail me at work Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk THere must be a computer techie out there who can help!!

Nat xxxx

(Anonymous) Fri Nov 7 22:49:24 2003

It is as if someone knows you, yet they ignore you.

Quite rude actually.

(Anonymous) Mon Nov 10 13:44:47 2003


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 11 18:47:37 2003

Got the Cope CDs! Will post decent reviews later (or put on my page)... For now, though, the highlights are RITE NOW and ROME WASN'T BURNED IN A DAY, particularly the last song. Great jammy stuff!

Nothing is as boring as QE or Odin... LAMF gets a little grating, but has nice bits... kind of like QE2. Brain Donor live sounds like some of the solos are pasted straight from the studio version!

gotta run,


PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Wed Nov 12 19:15:29 2003

If you attended Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day (or even if you didn't) the Screaming Secrets website now has a write-up on the 3 day event with brand new photo gallery at http://www.screamingsecrets.com

We also have a significant upgrade to the Screaming Secrets Forum. There's also updates to the Songwords section and a brand new Competition to win back issues!

Everything you want with the exception of giraffes (and we're working on that one).

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Nov 13 19:19:44 2003

Hi guys!

I checked out Screaming Secrets and Trampoline today. Both are great! Good job keeping them updated! So, does Cope really have a beard now? A beard?!?

I am planning updates to my own Cope pages soon (including Rail On). Here's some info:

My pages aren't gonna "compete" with Trampolene, Screaming Secrets, Head Heritage, or any other of the more comprehensive Cope sites out there. Rather, I am going to focus on three things:

  1. Rail On -- current discussion and archives
  2. Interpreters -- tribute cds/mp3s
  3. Copinions -- reviews and surveys

In other words, my pages are gonna [continue to] focus more on [the ideas and efforts of] Cope's fans than on Cope himself.

Planned changes:

  1. a. switch to xhtml/css
  2. b. remove [some or all of] our email addresses from the archives (to reduce spam)
  3. c. add reviews of new albums
  4. d. add Interpreter 3 info
  5. e. [maybe] upload Interpreter 1&2 mp3s
  6. f. [maybe] remove realaudio clips (so download 'em now!!!)
  7. g. make the site easier to navigate

You get the gist. Mostly cleanup, updates, validation.

Down the road, I'd like to improve the interactivity, which means:

  1. h. surveys (yum!)
  2. i. user annotations to pages (e.g., add your own review)
  3. j. auto-archiving of Rail On (this page is getting huge!)

Okay, that's enough info for now! I just wanted to let y'all know what's coming, and sort of give myself a "push" to actually get it done (by semi-committing to it).


p.s. Song stuck in my head: "Eccentrifugal Force" (from ROME...)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 18 17:32:04 2003

BTW, the new Fall album is really cool. Catchy and noisy, etc. Much better than Are You Are Missing Winner, which I really wanted to like, but never really "got".

If you're a Fall fan, check out the new CD. I ordered mine directly from Action Records (online).

Head Heritage... Action Records... Pretty cool that these awesome bands are actually using the web to sell their stuff! It makes it really easy for us to get stuff, and probably (my guess) cuts down on piracy.

I like Patrick's recent updates (on the Soul Desert pages). Nice pictures of Cope. Dates would be cool!

As for Cope...

The line between Brain Donor and "Julian Cope" releases seems very blurry. Honestly, some of the BD songs sound more "Copey" (to me) than the ones on Rome. A "best of" BD/Rome would be super-cool. There's 89 minutes there (35 on the studio BD, 54 on Rome)... We could probably whittle it down to 50 or 60 and have a really cool album... Hmmm... Let's see..... what tracks would y'all put on it?


PaulB Fri Nov 21 20:35:32 2003

Interesting point about the blurry line between Brain Donor and standard Copey releases.

Mind you, I think one thing that the Rome event demonstrated was that a few 'proper' Brain Donor gigs would be most excellent :)

Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Sun Nov 23 21:29:10 2003

Hello everyone...

It's been quite a while since I've said anything/posted anything, but it's been a turbulent year; 2 job layoffs and still unemployed on a full-time basis; illness and recovery; reunions and now the year comes to an end but a few minor things to say, especially about music.

The other night, my old band, The Punch Line, reunited for the first time in 11 years and I think we'll be staying together (not in an everyday/every week rehearsal mode) and working our way towards an album in a year or so. The inspiration was the following:

THE UNDERTONES: Get What You Need. First new album in 20 years, no irritating Feargal Sharkey warble. Very "traditional" Undertones (nowhere nearly as musically adventurous as "The Sin Of Pride" or "Positive Touch"). Rocks like a schooner.

THE BUZZCOCKS: s/t. It's The Buzzcocks. Enough said.

WIRE: Send. It's Wire. Enough said.

Please keep in mind--somewhere after The Beatles/That Petrol Emotion/The Teardrop Explodes/The Who, The Undertones and The Buzzcocks and Wire follow (then The Jam, The Beat, XTC and The Small Faces).

So there it is. Oh, and Lloyd Cole's new one is also a thrill. Thank God for lyricists!

Best to all of you.

Russ russ@skyray.info www.skyray.info Tue Nov 25 07:59:40 2003


Ex Teardrop, Paul Simpson has a new website and you can see a preview at


Russ (copefan)

PaulB pbrowne@screamingsecrets.com http://www.screamingsecrets.com Wed Dec 10 09:49:40 2003

Hallo Rail On peeps :)

There's a brief news update on the Screaming Secrets site along with a brand new survey - Which track on the Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day CD is your favourite?

Check it out here: http://www.screamingsecrets.com

Brian Wed Dec 10 23:25:15 2003

The question I have about 'Rome' was what's the deal with the missing track? The sleeve says 8 but only 7 show on my computer... Any ideas?

Thanks, Brian

PaulB Thu Dec 11 16:36:23 2003

I think it's down to the gap between Michelle Of My Former Self and Far Out (ie there isn't any)

(Anonymous) Mon Dec 29 09:52:32 2003

it's christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

(Anonymous) Tue Dec 30 07:54:53 2003

god rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay...

Billy Thu Jan 8 22:02:28 2004

It took much listening to LAMF, buy I really like it these days. As far as "Rome" cd goes, "Black Youth" grew on me well and it wasn't long before I pulled out my guitar and duly learned this one, plus "Michelle." Great to finally hear a studio version of "Way love Is," and it's an easy one to learn. I really enjoyed the live disc of "Too Freud" and the studio cd has some great cuts, but I alway find myself going back to "L,P,&F."

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday!

david ashley davidashley650@hotmail.com Thu Jan 15 11:36:22 2004

I've just listed my copy of julian copes droolian (lp format) on e:bay. Its been sat on my shelf for ages without being played and so had to go. I'd only really hung onto it in a kind of need to have each lp he'd released but with hte rush of not very well thought out compilations and a realisation that I'm more into the poppier stuff , it was time to let go

Good luck if you bid

Andrew info@trampolene.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Sat Jan 24 23:21:46 2004

I now have a new contact email address for Trampolene. It is: info@trampolene.ca.

The old commonera@lycos address is no longer in use, so please don't use it (too much spam crap at lycos).



Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Mar 2 14:44:51 2004

Just noticed two boxed sets:

  1. Cure - Join the Dots
  2. Echo and the Bunnymen - Crystal Days

Does anyone have these? Are they worth $50 each?

I've been waiting to get early Cure B-sides on CD for 15 years! Haven't really kept up with the Cure since Wish, though.

For the Echo boxed set, how much overlap is there w/ the bonus tracks on the recent re-releases of the studio albums? It's hard to tell from looking at the track listings.

Also, do y'all know of good sites to listen to sample mp3s from albums like this? Walmart (ahem) has mp3 samples of all the songs on the Echo boxed set, but no samples for the Cure set.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Mar 4 09:38:14 2004

this is a test to see if i fixed the 3-digit year bug

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Mar 4 09:51:49 2004

Yay, I think that worked. :) We're no longer stuck in the year 200. :)

Okay, here's a question, guys... You know how we've been putting our emails on this page when we post? Well, back when this list got started, that wasn't such a bad idea, 'cause it let us contact each other privately. Nowadays, though, with spam bots and all, having our emails directly displayed on these pages is just like begging for spam.

So here's the question:

Do you think I should remove the email addresses from this page and the archives? Should I do it for everyone (except those who opt to have their emails included)? Or just for people who specifically request to have their email address removed?

This is just a general question; please don't ask me to keep or kill your email just yet... I'll probably setup a mechanism by which we can "register" our email-hiding preferences.

This was inspired by Nat's request, which was a couple years ago. I feel bad about taking so long to make these updates, but I'm determined to get active web-wise again.


Arthur Green Fri Mar 5 14:58:21 2004

Hi y'all did yer know there's a copy of the Rabbi Joseph Gordan (Julian Cope big time rarity) goin' on eBay at the moment? I did.

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