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Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 7 19:52:12 EDT 1998

Okay, guys, at long last...

The Tribute CD is DONE! Sleeve, label, everything!

I have #1 on my shelf, and am currently listening to #2 while I print out its sleeve and label. Two down, N-2 to go... :) The release is underway!

Ordering information:

Even if you're a contributor, please send me email saying where you want me to send the CD.

My goal is to cover (no pun intended) the costs of materials: blank CDs, ink, labels, jewel cases, envelopes; as well as equipment: burner, printer, scanner, etc. I figure 1/3 of the $10 goes towards materials, 1/3 towards production equipment, and the other 1/3 should go to the contributors (not including me).

This means each contributor gets around 50 cents per CD, so if I sell 20 CDs, each contributor gets $10, or another CD. The money goes towards people's production costs, not their time. Since I doubt we'll sell more than a few dozen CDs, no one's gonna be making a profit.

If you would like to help assemble CDs, let me know.

Okay, second topic... I archived Rail On (it needed it). I also redid the ZIP file of the complete archives; it had errors in it before.

Thirdly, Rail On is now 2 years old! Happy anniversary, everybody! :)

Basic chronology:

All right, that's enough info for now!

I'm anxious to check out Modern Antiquarian!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 7 19:55:00 EDT 1998

Oh yeah, I asked the sys admin about the mail problems on here. He's looking into it.

CD #2 is now fully assembled.


wayved wayved@aol.com Wed Oct 7 23:28:25 EDT 1998

Alright! Julian Cope website...DOnt really have much to say except for that i cant find FRIED here in the springs for the life of me.....

Glad i found this! Thanks

spaceship_mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Thu Oct 8 13:47:00 EDT 1998

I got the Mod. Ant. yesterday and shit is it the breath of life that my new office job needed.

Julian wasn't bullshitting when he said that the archeologists wouldn't be able to ignore this thing, or the etymologists, or the pre-historians for that matter.

The essay type bits at the begining are masterfula nd the guide is all those things it said it would be. Never again will we go to sites only to find out a few weeks later that there was some huge fuck-off stone circle two miles away that wasn't in the book we were using that day.

'Field Guide'? That's my only arguement, the thing weighs a bloody tonne! But that's small price to pay for such a great book.

Check out the Knapp Hill poem.

Love to Y'all

Spaceship Mark

Colin Morrison cnmorrison@aol.com Sun Oct 11 11:21:57 EDT 1998

I bought The Modern Antiquarian on Wednesday from Dillons. It looks pretty damn impressive. It's obvious why it took Julian so long - the level of detail is amazing.

John john.simmons@cliifordchance.com Mon Oct 12 07:59:53 EDT 1998

If anyone's looking for a bargain priced copy of the Modern Antiquarian, Waterstones are selling it for only 20 pounds at the moment (or, at least, the branch next to St Paul's tube station in central London is, anyway).

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 12 10:46:41 EDT 1998

I asked the Head Heritage folks about how U.S. customers can buy The Modern Antiquarian, whether we could use a credit card or pay w/ check. The reply was:

hi travis, yes, you can purchase the book with a credit card, but it would be kind of expensive for our overseas friends. £25 UK must be at least $40... plus £3.00 P&P... all i can say is that it is worth every cent. the book is absolutely beautiful. -- wendy

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Tue Oct 13 09:50:34 EDT 1998

Waterstones in Birmingham have 20% off (ie. £23.99) The Modern Antiquarian during October (because it's one of their recomended books of the month). I assume this will apply to all branches of Waterstones.

It's also incredible, so buy it ! I can't believe how many sites I missed when I was down in Cornwall last month. Next time I'll go armed with The Modern Antiquarian and a wheelbarrow to cart it around in *grin*.

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue Oct 13 10:15:04 EDT 1998


I've started reading Modern Ant what a piece of work and i think i've found the cheapest of the lot £15.99 from a branch of DILLONS in liverpool (thats with a friends staff discount).It's not a pocket book that is for sure but its somthing Julian can be very proud of. its better than i expected by about 200%


spaceship_mark Tue Oct 13 13:30:17 EDT 1998

Yeah Yeah Yeah,

And talks are underway for a Gore-Tex bag to carry it in. And flashing lights so you don't loose it (or Lu's it, like it's Lu's book, but it is Lud's and Lug's and Lu's and Loose cos it's wild)

Get the etymosophy bit, we can make it work worldwide...

Love to y'all


Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Oct 14 20:12:24 EDT 1998

Glory be! I received a post card from KAK today with a card from the Arch Drude(mass duplication of course) But here in the sticks, we be happy with what we get. Heady stuff indeed. I had planned on ordering on-line, but had some difficulty with a fussy address screen not liking my North American flavour.

According to KAK and per Travis' note, should be able to order via the voice line. Do you actually get to talk to someone? or is it a recording? Guess I'll find out, sure would like to talk to one of those 'chippy' chicks that Slap goes on about. Has anyone heard from Sir Andrew of Vancover of late? Trav 'the check is in the mail'.

If you go to the signing next Tuesday (10/20), nope it's 20/10 in the UK? anyways...wish Julian a happy birthday for all of us. I can't make it...there's this water barrier that my motorbike just can't cope with...

By the light of the Silbury moon...

Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Oct 15 11:55:24 EDT 1998

Hi Ron, I'm still here, trying to find somewhere to order a copy of the Modern Antiquarian. Not much else is new.

Best wishes, Andrew

P.S. Has there been any reviews of the Mod Ant yet? Reviews generally happen in advance or release, but I haven't seen any.

Ron drude@mounet.com Thu Oct 15 23:08:54 EDT 1998

Well I spent most of the morning ordering 'THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN'. Thankfully my boss is on vacation. First time dialing international and all. Couldn't get the number right. Finally got thru, and no 'chippy' chick, just a recording, but she had a nice voice. 2 1/2 minutes to order. I was greedy and tried to order 3 items took to long, so I didn't get my phone # in. So, I tried to fax my order. Difficult is an understatement trying to use an auto fax with a calling card on an international number. I have no idea if I have ordered, ordered twice or not at all. If I get two, I'll bring one with me in the spring to Vancover Andrew. But I'm sure you'll have one by then.

I'm toying with the idea of petitioning Jay Leno to try to arrange to have Julian as a guest/performer. A snowball's chance? I dunno, any ideas? We got to come up with a way to get him over here. Superbowl tickets? Who knows, we have some clever lads in here, ideas?

Ps Won a trophy for my motorbike at the local pub's bike night tonight.

spaceship_mark Sat Oct 17 07:49:06 EDT 1998


The 'subscribe' thing doesn't seem to have worked, although it may just be that no-one posted until I left work yesterday...

How y'all getting on this the Manty? It's hard work reading a gazeteer when your not at the sites...it just makes you want to be there...



Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 17 10:06:39 EDT 1998

Hey guys!

  1. Shipped the first batch of CDs yesterday. Postage was more expensive than I thought it would be. I'll do another batch next week.
  2. I told the sys admin about the mail problem. He needs to fix it; it's definitely a problem with the mailer. There is nothing I can do about it except continue to bug him. I hate feeling helpless!
  3. Ron, congrats on your trophy! Were you riding or showing your bike?
  4. Still need to get "Manty" (heh heh). Will probably try to order it today, maybe through Head Heritage - is any place cheaper for us U.S. folks?


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sat Oct 17 11:14:46 EDT 1998

HI Trav,

Yay the CD is on the way!!!..About (what the kids are calling..)"mManty"..had no luck finding it here..can be ordered through Amazon.Uk...but they won't ship it through their U.S. site(two totaaly different operations)..Hard to get too many things on this side of the pond..still don't have Head On!.nor the $$ at this time to order either thruough Head Heritage..such is life..dadgum it~s~


wonder if Julian would come over if I promised him a trip to the Serpent Mound here in Ohio..need to sweeten that deal...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 17 14:38:05 EDT 1998

Started a web page for Interpreters. You should check it out. I'll put all the bio info on it.

Made another 4 CDs today, for the next shipment. Please send me your mailing addresses in email so that I can ship your CDs right away.



wild boy with staring eyes Mon Oct 19 11:09:19 EDT 1998

hey there!... so y'all been spending yr pennies on that old stone book eh? is there a peter arty in the house?

peter arty Mon Oct 19 11:14:42 EDT 1998


peter arty Mon Oct 19 11:16:58 EDT 1998

my apologies for raising my voice in that last post but i got a little excited.....

boy with... Mon Oct 19 11:20:04 EDT 1998


WE should hook up some time .... a reckon we could have ourselves some mighty good times

you free tonite?

peter Mon Oct 19 11:25:32 EDT 1998

al.right, you talking to me? sounds like a party if you don't mind me saying, where we gonna shake our skin?

peter Mon Oct 19 13:05:58 EDT 1998

how about the usual.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 19 19:20:29 EDT 1998

Speaking of stone circles, I started reading a sci-fi book someone gave me. The author is Stephen Lawhead and the book is called Paradise War, and is the first in the Albion Trilogy. Anyone else read it?

It's about two Oxford grad students who find some weird portal to another world. Kinda goofy premise (hey, but then again that's what sci-fi is), but it's easy to read and it takes place in Scotland. Neat to read about the places Cope has played: Inverness, Midlands, etc. They talk about stone circles and cairns and stuff.

I just checked it out on http://www.Amazon.com - people seem to like it (average rating was 5 stars). But then again people at Amazon said Melanie Rawn was good and I thought that was crapola (no offense to Rawn and her fans).


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/home.html Mon Oct 19 21:44:57 EDT 1998

Just to let people know that the Screaming Secrets website is undergoing a big redevelopment at the moment. There will be more pages and more articles *very* soon! Anyone interested in the Julian Cope magazine should pay it a visit at http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/home.html

See you all at the talks and signings in London!

rick maymi yojji@sirius.com Tue Oct 20 05:24:10 EDT 1998

Hello everyone! I'm trying to find the 'fear loves this place' cd singles.So if anyone has any spares or could help me out,I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you very much and take care!

Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Tue Oct 20 19:26:11 EDT 1998

Hi. Just wondering if anyone knew if there were any specials (radio streamline or otherwize) planned for JCs b'day tomorrow? Last year, i did a three hour special on my radio show and I hope to get to a lot more next time I'm on, which is a little after the fact on Saturday.

Also, I've found a CD EP called "Dancing Heads" featuring "Head" and "dancing versions of Head, Beautiful Love and East Easy Rider." Does anyone know who "Meg &her daughters" of the "Long Meg and her daughters mix" refers to?

Lastly, I also found an old 45 of "Eve's Volcano" with a sticker plastered all over the pic sleeve offering "highlights from the live concert footage of the Westminster Central Halls gig on January 23, 1987." It only has 3 clips on it, but has anyone ever sent in for this and what is the footage like?



St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Wed Oct 21 07:51:30 EDT 1998

So did anyone make it to the Virgin megastore last night or what? Was it packed, what topics did he cover, what was the buzz like, etc? Tell all, I can't wait to hear. A mate, and a cope head, tried to just turn up but apparently all the tickets for yesterday and tonite are sold out. Damn and double damn, i was quite looking forward to my signed copy (sad but true).

Anyway, before I sink into a morass of despair, did anyone else see the times last Friday, (I didn't but my ex being a sweetie cut it out and sent it to me). There's a half page(44), Arts section, MA prompted interview by Caitlin Moran (by far the prettiest journalist if her header picture is anything to go by). She gives the MA the big thumbs up and basically shoots the shit with JC, nothing startling as such, but it does show that even the heavy titles are sitting up and taking notice.



(Anonymous) Wed Oct 21 08:08:10 EDT 1998

PS. John, since there's no point in hanging out for a signed copy, is the Waterstones by St Pauls tube stop still selling the MA for twenty quid. If so I can get my man in London on the job and he can bring it out to me.

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed Oct 21 12:04:33 EDT 1998

Happy B-Earth Day,Julian

and may there many more to come!

spaceship mark Wed Oct 21 14:22:12 EDT 1998

Long Meg and Her Daughters is the third largest stone circle in Britain (after Stanton Drew and Avebury). It is situated near Penrith in the East of the Lake District. Long Meg herself is a massive red sandstone pillar (formed when the North of England was a desert fact fans) with carvings of spirals and cup marks. The daughters are of Shap granite which outcrops about 10 miles away.

It's one of the few stone circles that you can drive through, though fortunatly the road is a farm track as opposed to Avebury's main road.

Legend has it Meg was a witch and the daughters her coven who got turned to stone for their naughty shenanigans.

When some farmer guy tried to get some other blokes to cart the stones off there was a thunderstorm so ferocious that no-one dared touch the stones again...

The MA probably has a better description but that's what I can remember of the top of my head,

Happy Birthday J,



Andy McLellan edinburgh.megastore@virgin.net Wed Oct 21 16:02:53 EDT 1998

Just a note to anyone who wants a signed copy of "The Modern Antiquarian", Julian will be at the Edinburgh Virgin bet 1-2pm on Monday 26th October and he's either at City Cafe or Waterstones later in the day. We'll be happy to do an informal phone order for the book if we have any signed copies left. Don't e-mail any payment stuff, just call me at the Edinburgh Megastore (0131) 220 2230 and I'll take your order. If anyone wants any info on the signing, or anything else, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Andy McLellan, Virgin Megastore. Edinburgh

John Thu Oct 22 07:41:11 EDT 1998

It's no longer 20 quid at Waterstones by St Pauls. It's now 20% off, which, by my calculation, makes it 24 quid. They told me today that the 20 quid offer was a "mistake" (i.e. they didn't know how to calculate 20% off 30).


Richard P.F. Hayward R.P.F.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Oct 22 10:06:04 EDT 1998

Julian Cope London October 21 1998: A review.

1230pm - 130pm:scheduled book signing at Borders Bookshop, Oxford Street.

I arrive at 1230pm for what was supposed to be the first of two book signings that afternoon. The signing was going to take place upstairs on the 2nd floor on a round table by the windows located next to the cafe. There about 20 fans here waiting to meet Julian.

We are soon told by the Borders staff that Julian Is running late and that he will be arriving shortly. About half an hour later we are told that he is in the building and that he has just gone to the toilet and will be here shortly. A few minutes later Julian Arrives through the double doors to my left approaches the table and sais hello to everyone that has turned up to see him and everyone wishes him a happy birthday I then procede to take some Photos for my collection.

By this time a short quew has formed and Julian begins to sign copies of the book for the people that have turned up. After signing books for a handfull of people he complains to the borders staff that the pen they have given him is too brutal. So a member of staff then goes of to find a different pen while Julian continues signing books.

After signing a couple more books Julian goes over to talk to a member of the borders staff. Then suddenly he goes towards the doulble doors and walks out. At this point we all assume that he has gone to the toilet again. A few minutes later a member of staff comes up and says that 'we are very sorry but Julian Has left the building and that we will give a refund for those that has brought copies of the book.' He had only been there for around about 15 minutes. At the time he seemed fine, there did not seem to be anything wrong.

Throughout the rest of the day the talk is about Julian Walking out at borders. It soon emerges that at borders Julian felt Costrophobic he, couldn't deel with being there in front of all these people especially those in the cafe and passers by who kept asking the borders staff what was going on? and who he was? later at the book reading I hear that after he walked out he locked himself in the Borders Toilet for about half an hour with members of the Thorsons publishing group there trying to talk him into continuing with the rest of the events planned that day and that he had been unhappy with the schedule that had been planned for him that day

Helter Skelter scheduled book signing 130pm - 230pm.

After Leaving borders I head down to Helter Skelter and join the short quew that has formed. It is now about 130pm and the owners of Helter Skelter come out and tell us that The Publishers , Thorsons have been on the Phone to say that Julian has decided to cancel the book signing. I wait around with a Few other fans, (including Paul, and Bruce Who I hang out with For the rest of the day), in the hope that Julian will change his mind. ( while waiting am given the new issue of the fanzine Snorer Explorer). After about 40 minutes We are told that Julian will be turning up in the next hour to sign copies of the book that have been reserved by fans to be signed. Meanwhile members of Thorsons are there trying to sort out the situation.

Soon Julian Arrves Says hello To The fans waiting, Goes inside the bookshop and for about the next 30 minutes remains inside the stoor with the owners and signs the books left to be signed. He then comes out with his publishers Thorsons, Again says hello and talks briefly to the fans gathered and walks off. I then Collect My signed book and go of with other fans around London While Waiting for the Book talk in the Evening.

Scheduled Book Talk 7Pm Books Etc Charing Cross Road.

Throughout the day I wander whether the book talk will be taking place. I arrive at About 530 pm find that event is going ahead as usual.

At about 710pm Julian appoaches the flurescent yellow and purple lectern and the talk begins. Soon everyone is singing Happy Birthday and Julian begins talking. The talk last for about 45 minuetes During the first part of the talk he talks about the essays, it's colour, it's practicallity and so on and then he proceeds to talk about the Gazzeter. Then there is a ten minute break before Julian Comes back and Beggins the signing session. I don,t stay for long for I have a train to catch, but I do stay long enough to hear that Julian will touring next year and that it will be sooner rather than later, possibly February, March time. I then say good by to Paul and Bruce and head of home.

All in all it was an enjoyable day, though I was a little dissappointed by the cancellations earlier but Julian More than made up for it at the book talk which was brilliant. If you get the opportunity to go to other readings on the Tour then go it is well worth it.

I must go now Have College work to finish.

Richard Hayward


Thursday 22nd October 1998 C.E

Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Oct 22 12:21:42 EDT 1998

Happy birthday Julian for yesterday and happy birthday to me for today!


The video offer from Eve's Volcano is long gone unfortunately, but I did manage to get a copy way back in 1987 when it first came out. The video is a 3-track live video taken from the Cope gig he did at the Westminster Central Methodist Halls on January 23rd 1987.

The gig was filmed by the BBC and parts were used in a half hour "Late Night in Concert" and broadcast on BBC 2 in about April of 1987 as well as the three tracks being used here in this Island video. The three tracks on the Island video are:

  1. Eve's Volcano (Covered in Sin)
  2. World Shut Your Mouth
  3. Reynard the Fox

Although it is short it is an excellent video, lots of different camera angles, great sound and captures the old build-up bit that Cope did before launching into WSYM. The catalogue number for the video is JCV 1.

Somewhere out there, deep in the BBC archives probably, is the whole gig on film, wish we could get our hands on that baby!

The track list for the BBC 2 Late Night in Concert is:

  1. Trampolene
  2. Pulsar
  3. Eve's Volcano
  4. Spacehopper
  5. World Shut Your Mouth
  6. Reynard the Fox

For all those who have the Copeulation video compilation, you will probably know that the videos for Reynard the Fox and Spacehopper both feature footage from this same Westminster gig.

Hope this helps


Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Thu Oct 22 17:33:35 EDT 1998

Greetings y'awl--

It's been a awhile, BUT:

  1. JULIAN--happy, happy birthday and many, many more!
  2. The reason I haven't written is because I just got married two weeks ago and I've been trying to get our new life settled--we live in what was my bachelor "pad", but now it's a real home with our (they were my) three cats. She knew who J.C. was when I met her and when she said "Teardrop Explodes", I knew I had to marry her a.s.a.p.... you can't let this type of woman get away!
  3. I'm really happy about the tribute CD--it sounds really terrific and I'm sure everyone's contributions are stellar--this whole thing was a labor of love and I'm quite certain it shows.
  4. Andrew--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I still owe you a tape, but now I've been back to writing and next week start recording fresh material, so please be patient--many apologies--I think my life is now in order...

Anyway, to everyone--groove on, wee bairns and funksters! Blessings on y'all--it's nice to get back in the swing of things...

Much lurve on ye--

Modfather Rob

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Oct 24 12:58:41 EDT 1998

Hi All

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Oct 24 13:04:14 EDT 1998

hi All (thats it let me finish)

I wrote a while back saying that I was going to be a DAD well today 24/10 at 2.15pm UK time my wife gave birth to a baby boy who's name is Joel it must be said this is the best day of my small but perfectly formed life. Now I will have someone to pass the Julian Cope Collection on to !!!


and I will get his first signed Cope item at one of the book tour dates

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sat Oct 24 15:58:02 EDT 1998


Love to you and the whole clan

Take care of her and Joel,man


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Sun Oct 25 14:29:20 EST 1998

Congratulaions Russ, to you and your wife. I hope all goes well with you and your new born, Joel. All the very best wishes to you and your family for now and the future from this side of mother Earth.


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed Oct 28 12:19:26 EST 1998

Trav &everyone,

Listening to INTERPRETERS Vol1...very nice job everyone..great trip Autumn..very gold out...........

Found out that my old (dinosaurmono)synth back next week..Its weezy lungs will be breathing soon!



Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Oct 28 22:16:08 EST 1998

Pretty quiet on the Western Front 1998 C.E. for the Arch-drude to be roaming the countryside. Has anyone seen him this week? Or did he mysteriously cancell all events? Congrats Russ, hope you've got plenty of sleep under your belt. Trav, is the check still in the mail?

sideways @ 45 degrees...

St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Thu Oct 29 04:31:49 EST 1998

Congratulations Russ on your bouncing baby.

Trav, I seem to have missed the mail about ordering a copy of Interpreters Vol.1, I hope i haven't missed the boat as well. Can you let me know where, how, what, how much again (I'm in Germany, so you can take that into account). It'll be interesting to put voices to the names.

Slán go fóill,


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Oct 29 09:37:00 EST 1998


Ordering information is the first entry on this page. If you're overseas and wanna chip in a little extra for the increased postage, I think the difference was around $3.

For all the people who've subscribed to the email version of this list (there've been a bunch of recent subscribers)... Right now the mailer on this computer (cyclone.swa.com) is not working. The system administrator said he will try to fix it.

The problem is the mailer always thinks addresses are local, and it drops the network name from the addresses. So I get the email just fine, but it probably doesn't work for anybody else... yet.

If anyone actually *has* received or is receiving email from the list please let me know!

But don't worry, guys, you're not missing anything. The email part of the list just sends out each message as it is posted. It's a read-only affair; people can't reply to the list, so all group discussion remains on here.

So, subscribing to the email mirror buys you convenience; you don't have to keep logging into the web and checking the Rail On page itself. And since email is sent every time someone posts, you always stay up-to-date.

It's *very* convenient, yes, and that's why I'm pressing the sysadmin to fix the mailer. You'll know when it starts working! I don't think you will get a backlog of emails. Hopefully the really old ones will have timed out by now! :)

Richard, thanks for typing in that huge memoir! :)

Rob and Russ - congrats!

Ron - does your last name start with a G, and you have really neat handwriting? If so, your CD's in the mail as of a couple days ago. Should be getting it soon.



Russ Sanders Fri Oct 30 06:25:37 EST 1998


Thanks for all your messages Joel's doin' fine and so are we apart from the lack of sleep !!! . If anyone is going to the signings in Manchester or Leeds let me know and we'll meet for a drink


PS Trav I'll get my cash off for the CD as soon as I can

Ron drude@mounet.com Sat Oct 31 17:44:09 EST 1998

Trav...sshhhhh, yes my last name begins with a 'g' but, don't tell anyone. Am listening to INTERPRETERS Volume 1: Tiny Children as I write this. Aces! Bravo! Very nice work on the packaging. And the music is incredible. I may just have to send an advance deposit for Vol deux.

Ain't but the one way...

Ron drude@mounet.com Sat Oct 31 18:26:44 EST 1998

Double post double vegetation on all-hallows eve. This is for the American Drudes concerning the cost of ordering Modern Antiquarian from Head Heritage. I got my phone bill today, the cost of 1 wrong number, two two minute calls to HH and a 1 minute fax - $28.10 US. If you have not dialed international, the HH number is actually 441672539454, I discovered the 0 was not necessary. At least thru Sprint.

According to my creditcard company HH posted my order to them last Monday, so am looking forward to receiving in the next week or so.

Is everyone else/anyone else getting the email for the screaming secrets site? Not bad.

Paranormal in the Western Hemisphere...

Russ Sun Nov 1 06:22:24 EST 1998


Yes the new SS Site looks good can't wait for a new fanzine


Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Sun Nov 1 08:56:21 EST 1998

Just writing to say that if anyone wants to read some of the features about Julian Cope and the Modern Antiquarian that have appeared in some of the UK Newspapers over the last month or so, then they should go online to a site called 'Daily Newspapers' there address is:


This site gives lists to all newspapers online. The following Newpapers in the UK list have recent cope articles up on there sites.

The Herald, The Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph,and The Times.

Just go to the papers search section, type in Julian Cope and it should list the articles.


Winchester 1.11.98

Steven explode!@total.net Tue Nov 3 02:34:44 EST 1998

Hey it's Steve of Poppy Seed &the Love Explosion Orchestra... I'm new to the internet and to this group. I'm a huge fan our music reaks of the arch drude if you ever get a chance to check us out. So what's up with J.C. and when's he touring, releasing etc?

rock on Steve Poppy Seed

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Nov 3 13:05:50 EST 1998


Just writing to let anybody who is interested know that there was an interview with Julian Cope about the Modern Antiquarian In the 28th August 1998 issue of the trade magazine called the Bookseller. There is also a Photo taken at the Books Etc Talk in London on 21st October in the news section of the current issue dated 30th October 1998.

They still have Backissues of both these issues and they are avaliable by phoneing the subscription Hotline 0171 4206080. When I phoned instead Of charging me £2.50 per issue they sent me both issues for free and I received them the next day as well. So phone soon before all remaining issues go.

there address is:

The Bookseller
12 Dyott Street

The are also on the Internet at http://www.thebookseller.com/


Winchester 3.11.98.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk - Wed Nov 4 12:34:04 EST 1998


There's a small review of the Modern Antiquarian in this weeks Melody Maker.

Richard Winchester


Billy damanob@farmvilleez.net Wed Nov 4 19:39:56 EST 1998

I applaud you Travis for an excellent job on "Interpreters vol.1" CD. I know you've spent alot of time &money on that project. OK folks, wait till you guys get a hold of Vol.2!


spaceship_mark Fri Nov 6 13:13:10 EST 1998

Hi y'all,

Went to Manchester th'other night. I splendid time was had by all, the talk was about half to three quarters of an hour. Julian signed books till about 9:45! He talked to everyone individually and looked glammer than a glam thing in his knee high patent black platform boots fake fur outfit and fake fur headband (er...look out).

Anyways he reckons the new book will be finished in a few weeks(!) and that Citizen Caned is coming out soon.

See ya later


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/home.html Fri Nov 6 14:37:28 EST 1998

There's an article with pics up on the Screaming Secrets website on Copey's London signings.

Expect more articles soon(ish) and a new issue of Screaming Secrets is being planned.



Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Fri Nov 6 15:34:13 EST 1998

Hey Trav--

Please save at least ONE copy of Interpreters Vol. 1 for me--today is payday, so I'll send a check on Monday!

Have a good weekend everyone--


le Modfather

Kevin Kokoszka kevink@worldes.com Mon Nov 9 11:50:13 EST 1998

Howdy- not sure if anyone mentioned this previosuly, but all of us Americans (and non-UKers) can get the Modern Antiquarian from amazon.co.uk for a great price, and very, very quickly. Although I haven't ordered it myself, I did just order a new Syd Barrett book, which (although just published in July) is impossible to get in the US. I ordered it from amazon.uk, and it was in my hands in 6 days!!! And that was for standard shipping price, which I believe costs about 5$ american. I checked for Julian's book there, and they are currently quoting a less than 24 hour shipping time after placing an order for it. Check it out, amazon rules!

Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Wed Nov 11 12:12:17 EST 1998

Hey - I checked out amazon.co.uk yesterday and I noticed there was a place where people can write in thier reviews of the books. No one has written anything yet in the section under "The Modern Antiquarian". So all you speed readers then get a cool review on the amazon site.

Looking forward to ordering my own copy......soon


Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Wed Nov 11 12:15:01 EST 1998

Something got screwed up in that last transmission, and it left part of a sentence out -- should read:

So all you speed readers should finish up with the book, then get a cool review on the amazon site.


mike fiddler Thu Nov 12 08:23:17 EST 1998

HI All,

saw Julian in Swindon last night...good evening, but he only spoke for 20 minutes or so, and seemed a little meandering....

He did mention a new book, I can't remember what he said it was called, but it seemed to be a book about megalithic sites around Europe from the point of view of people from Indochina. Honest.

I guess the prize promo possesion of the moment is the CD of The Modern Antiquarian. Seemed to be about 20 mins of Julian reading from the book, finishing off with a poem, and some atmospheric music in the background. I have no idea how you get a copy...

And Louise wasn't there! Just someone who looked like her...

As usual, I actually spent longer talking to Dorian about children.


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Nov 12 14:44:24 EST 1998

Someone has to tell Julian that there's a huge land mass due west of Ol' Blighty chock full of bookstores to appear at and people to fill them! I guess I just feel left out of the party!

Set a course bearing due west please, without delay, we're feeling neglected over here.

skellngtn@AOL.com Thu Nov 12 19:26:13 EST 1998

i vaguely remember a 260 pound (moneywise, that is) MA for sale, right with the regular Modern Antiquarian on one of the book sites. Anyone know what that one has? Is the cd promo popping up at import shops anywhere??

Brian Bean bigby@bnbcomp.net Thu Nov 12 21:33:02 EST 1998
_________CHARLOTTE ANN/BOOKS/____________ISLAND____________UK
______A QUESTION OF TEMPERATURE/________12IS 380_________1988
__________CHRISTMAS MOURNING_________________________________

i have the 12" single above for sale.

interested parties make offers to bigby@bnbcomp.net

(Anonymous) Fri Nov 13 10:24:27 EST 1998

Yesterday I received the New Universal Pansies Cd in the post and I have played it several times already. All four tracks on the album are great. My current favourite has to be track 1 which contains some excellent Guitar playing, lasting in totlal for about 18 minutes. In total the albumn lasts for about 55 minutes and at present I would have to say that this is one of the best albums I have purchased this year. I would reccomend geeting hold of a copy of this Cd for I feel that this will sell out rather quickly.

Richard Winchester 13.11.98

P.S As I do not Know much about the Universal Pansies can aybody tell me whether this is their debut release or whether they have had any previous releases, if so can anyone tell me what their previous releases are called and where I might purchase them from.

Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Nov 13 12:26:01 EST 1998

The £260 Mod Ant that you saw Skellington, was probably at the Amazon.uk site as I saw it too. It isn't actually the book but a pack of 12 of the fancy display lecterns for the book, the book itself only comes in the one format. So I think it is probably the lecterns that you saw as I saw it an went "what the hell is that" at first. I think you could buy 12 and get one free. I guess it is really only for bookstores as what would a fan do with a dozen lecterns, I guess you could make some kind of cardboard stone circle thing!

I just went to amazon uk and here is what I think you are refering to, it is buy 12 and get one free.

List Price: £300.00
Our Price: £240.00
You Save: £60.00 (20%)
Category(ies): Reference
Unknown Binding (19 October,1998)
Availability: This title is currently on back order. We do not have a reprint date
  for this title, but we expect to be able to send it to you within 3-5 weeks.

I do quite a bit of work here in Vancouver for a book publisher who is also the largest book distributor in western Canada, and although they do distribute for several large book publishers from Britain, Thorsons isn't one of them which is too bad as I could probably get copies of all the promo stuff free. I'll have to have a word...


Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Sat Nov 14 10:07:30 EST 1998

Regarding the 12 Lecterns priced £260 that you mentioned Andrew. I have some more information. Some weeks ago I was shown a promotional glossy brouchure for the Modern Antiquarian. In the back it mentioned how Thorsons were going to promote the book. One of the Promotions mentioned was an offer open to all bookshops. The offer stated that if they buy 12 copies of the book they will receive a 13th copy for display purposes free as well as a free lectern to house the 12 copies of the book in.

Perhaps this is probably the £260 Modern Antiquarian that was seen advertised.

Richard Winchester Saturday 14th November

Russ Sanders Sat Nov 14 11:45:38 EST 1998


There is a review of the Modern Ant in The Times today (Sat14th) along with 2 other books on the history of world

Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Sat Nov 14 14:06:58 EST 1998


It may be 12 copies of the book, because from my experience of the book industry a book store don't usually have to buy the promo stuff surrounding a book, such as posters or lecterns or whatever. It would make more sense to have an offer to buy 12 copies of the book and get one + the lectern free.

If anyone wants to see the lectern I think I have a picture of it posted on Trampolene as Russ sent me some scans of the glossy press kit you mention Richard.


fried Mon Nov 16 05:51:24 EST 1998

Hey Richard Winchester

Thanks for your positive comments regarding the new Universal Panzies CD. This is actually the second Panzies album, the first having been released on our own label 'Farrellised'. The first Cd is no longer available, although we are getting it repressed very soon. Also available are two EPs and various Panzies related stuff. For more information contact the following address

13 Windsor Street
Tyne &Wear
NE28 8SE
Tel: 0191 295 0810
Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Nov 16 16:28:43 EST 1998

Just a quick note to say I received my copy of The Modern Antiquarian today, which will give me something to read now that winter has set in and it looks like it'll rain until spring. The book looks awesome and took less than 2 weeks to get here (Western Canada) from Head Heritage, plus it has been personally signed by Julian! So if anyone out there is hesitant about ordering from HH, don't be, as I think this is the way to go.


Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Thu Nov 19 03:54:11 EST 1998

The Winter issue of Kindred Spirit ("The UK's leading guide for body, mind &spirit") has Cope on the front cover and a four page interview about the M.A. and how it has changed him.

The Kindred Spirit website is at http://www.kindredspirit.co.uk.

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Thu Nov 19 04:01:29 EST 1998

Oh, please note that the Kindred Spirit web-site doesn't have anything about Julian Cope or the M.A. I only included that in case anyone wanted to get hold of a copy of the magazine. It is available in larger newsagents in the UK - don't know about overseas. If I get time I'll scan the article in and extract the text.

Marc Thu Nov 19 07:09:06 EST 1998

Programme information / important notice :

Julian will be appearing on the "BOOK SHOW" on SKY NEWS on Sunday, November 22, at 11.30 am or 8.30 pm and will be talking about "The Modern Antiquarian", I suppose.

Check out Sky News - videotext on page 269 for more info !


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 21 14:31:15 EST 1998

Woah! Lots of posts! :)

First things first. As soon as I finish this post I will burn the next batch of CDs, and mail them out on Monday. Here's the batch I'm gonna send, using initials instead of names. If you don't see your initials here, email me:

Still need to get around to ordering the Modern Antiquarian. After Andrew's good news, HH is looking like the way to go.

Has anyone heard the new Spiritualized live album yet? Is it any good? Does Thighpaulsandra play on it?


Ron drude@mounet.com Sat Nov 21 19:40:23 EST 1998

Just a note to second Andrew's comment on HH. I too received my copy of MA in less than 14 days, also signed by Mr. Cope. Thus far it is quite an enjoyable read, and would reccommend it to all cope fans.

east easyrider....

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Sun Nov 22 09:56:19 EST 1998

Hi Trav,

Regarding the New live Spiritualised CD/Ltd LP, yes Thighpaulsandra does play on it. This double is well worth getting hold of as it contains some great live versions including Think Im in Love, Walking with Jesus,Come Together, Broken heart, Electric Mainline, Electricity,Happy day, No God only Religion, Shine a Light, and Cop Soot Cop I think in Total there are 16 tracks I can't remember of hand, but they are all good.

Richard Winchester 22.11.98

P.S If there are any fans of Pete Wylie out there then they will be pleased to know that a new Ltd CD EP from Pete Wylie and the Mighty Wah called 'Heart As Big as Liverpool' is scheduled for release this Monday (The 23rd November according to this weeks NME.) From the review of it I saw in The Times yesterday it sounds like it's a good song. The Times said that 'Knowone writes ballards like this anymore not even Noel galagher...it's huge'

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Mon Nov 23 08:34:06 EST 1998


Speaking of Spiritualized...Has anyone heard or heard of their release..'F****d UP Inside'?(how polite of you to use the *,Steven)

Thanks and lurve to all....


Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Mon Nov 23 13:41:36 EST 1998

Hi Steven,

Regarding F***** up in side, It was a mail order only Album released in June 1993. It was avaliable on CD and Vinyl. It is a good Lp to own if you are really into Spiritualised. It contains 8 tracks. Though I personally prefere the Live Albert Hall Lp to this one.

More info on this LP as well as other Spiritualised releases is avaliable by going to the following site


If you are looking for a copy be warned It is deleted and now a collectors Item copies current sell for around £30.00 which is about the price I paid for my copy about 6 months ago.

Richard Winchester 23.11.98

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Mon Nov 23 16:32:28 EST 1998

Thanks Richard,

Just saw it today on the Pentagon CD site for 11.99 US..just curious..Am really into them,but.......Albert Hall is a definate..

heard nothing but great things about it..

Appreciate the info...


Marc Tue Nov 24 03:52:40 EST 1998

re : Spiritualized live at the Royal Albert Hall

The Sleeve says that THIGHPAULSANDRA plays a Hammond C3 and the piano, but there are lots of synthetic sounds in the air. These might be old Spiritualized samples coming out of a Kurzweill K - 2000 or so. ( Vox / Farfisa ) THIGHPAULSANDRA also sings the male backing vocals on "I think I'm in love" !

Marc - Nov 24, 10.04 CET

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Tue Nov 24 14:52:49 EST 1998

Greetings awl...

Having just received my copy of The Modern Antiquarian, I thought I'd get on here and wish everyone a happy holiday from work or school--I shall be (happily) at home with the lovely Liz (the Modmother), playing with our cats and enjoying the time off together. We're planning on visiting the UK next October for our honeymoon and we'll be takin the MA with us to explore. It will be both our first excursions over to Europe...

About the book.

It's a lovely and remarkable work--Julian should be proud--one can only hope it winds up being a staple of college curricula for anthropology or archeology or mythology...

Hats off to amazon.uk--I ordered the book on Friday and received it today... Brilliant!

Anyway, much peace and love to all ye bouncing babbies...


le Modfather

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Nov 24 22:44:46 EST 1998

..All this talk about MA..and I just got my copy of Head On today(finally!!!!!!)..gives me a good excuse to hide out from a family OD on T-Day..(a happy one to all btw:..giving thanks that I met such a great group of people here)..Oh..and the ever ruling Amazon.com has Albert Hall..CHEAP!!!..if you don't already have it..best price I've seen Anywhere..bless Amazon and all who sail her....

Time to dive in..Head(on)first...

Best to you all!


Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Wed Nov 25 09:35:44 EST 1998


I completely forgot to mention this--

If there's anyone out there who is still looking for "Head On", the Virgin Megastore in Manhattan (Times Square) has about 5 or so copies.

The phone number to the store is 212-921-1020.

Good luck!



spaceship mark Thu Nov 26 14:16:33 EST 1998

Five new Cope compilations on the way...? Er...Look Out!

PS The MA has almost sold out it's initial 20,000 copy run and Harper Collins are printing up another 6,000 for Christmas. It's a movement now...keep it underground.

Love On All Of You,


Andy McLellan edinburgh.megastore@virgin.net Thu Nov 26 14:52:17 EST 1998

If anyone is having trouble getting a signed copy of TMA, please e-mail me. After the signing on the 26th Oct, Julian signed a load of copies and we still have a few to spare.£24.99 + p&p

be well

Andy McLellan. Virgin Megastore.Edinburgh

Russ Sanders Fri Nov 27 05:45:06 EST 1998

Hi Mark

Any news on what the comps will contain


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Nov 27 18:52:15 EST 1998

Hi Mark!

5 comps??!!??!..pardon me whilst I drool in anticipation...


Pablo pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/home.html Fri Nov 27 20:03:54 EST 1998

Five comps?

Er... first I've heard about it. In fact there is another Floored Genius on the way containing the 'lost' session tracks such as Log Cabin.

Then there's the long awaited Citizen Caned but that, as they say, is another story....


PS Travis - remind me to send you that pack of zines over

Russ Sat Nov 28 12:42:38 EST 1998


Following on from Followers Of there could be another 3 one for each LP after St Julian MNU/Peggy/Jehovah ect + one for the lost tracks inc Log Cabin and such jems as Christ Vs and Kilimanjaro plus the long version of Reward for us UK fans and maybe a Teardrop Explodes Session CD or even a live CD from either Julian or the TX


Billy damanob@farmvilleez.net Sat Nov 28 16:37:33 EST 1998

Things are slow here in VA. Hoping to get a copy of MA for myself soon. Cope compilations? Sounds fantastic!

Brian farbcore@aol.com Sun Nov 29 05:58:07 EST 1998

Russ- If by long version of Reward you mean with the 15 second drum &bass intro, that's been released on the Skyclad label out of New Jersey. It has the cover with the zebras, but is the original US mix. So it also has Suffocate too. I'm all for unreleased stuff, but would like: Use Me, &East of the Equator too . Been so long since I heard those two, I hope they're as good as I remember. Heck, all the b-sides should be out...I remember Cope talking about recording a song with Balfe: Flipped Out on LSD. Everybody, does this exist?

Brian farbcore@aol.com Sun Nov 29 06:15:36 EST 1998

The local Ventura CA free paper (The Reporter 11.25.98) has this to say in it's review of the Spiritualized 'Royal Albert Hall'....

"Spiritualized is the stoniest band in the long blurry history of human perception. If you listen to this one you may quite possibly come up dirty next time the Nazi bastards at work drug-test you. Grinding, tuneful, melodic, and totally tripping anthems make Spiritualized sort of like a musical acid trip, except this time, the cops won't care. This one is a 2-cd epic and the heads of the crowd at the show were probly spinning like Linda Blair. Spellbinding psychedelia-everybody else merely pretends.


When they reviewed Jahovakill, they said "...don't be surprised if you see some Angels measuring Julian for a lightning bolt..."

Russ Sun Nov 29 09:19:42 EST 1998

Flipped out is on a couple of bootlegs

Raúl Cachay bigstar@hotmail.com Mon Nov 30 22:24:01 EST 1998

hey there. i'm a peruvian Julian Cope fan (maybe the only one in this country)and I need some information about Julian's last records (Interpreter, 20 Mothers, Autogeddon), because Im writing an article for a rock local fanzine about Julian's work. It's like an artist profile, but with short records reviews. Julian Cope's records (and information)are really hard to find here in Lima. I only have six of them: Peggy suicide (my favourite, a masterpiece), Jehovahkill, Floored Genius Vol.1, Autogeddon, 20 mothers and Interpreter. Of course, I need to find more information for my article. My name is Raul, im a 23 year old journalist (I contribute with 4 rock fanzines, and I work for a newspaper) and Im still studying literature in college (planning a post-grade in Austin, Texas). Im an obsessed Cope fan since I was 15, when I found Peggy Suicide in a record store in Santiago, Chile, during my prom-trip. Thank u very much.

p.s.: please forgive my awful english.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Dec 1 06:23:52 EST 1998

According to the Island Records home page there will be a new Julian Cope compilation released on January 11th 1999.

The Following information is taken from their Home Page, news section

'New Releases: Jan 11th: Albums: Julian Cope - An Introduction To...'

'An Introduction to... Island releases a new series of first-time primers this autumn. The albums, aimed at introducing the work of the label's seminal artists to a new audience...available at mid-price.'

This is all the information avaliable at present. To visit the Island Records news section of their web page then go to:


Richard Winchester 1.11.98

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Dec 1 10:04:51 EST 1998

First: [snipped subscription command -- Trav]

Second, Danny Thomas (drummer for 13th Floor Elevators) would like to announce his new URL:


Third, I am curious how The Modern Antiquarian will read to those of us who aren't currently within driving distance of all the neat featured sites over there in the UK. Krautrocksampler was interesting and fun even though I didn't know anything about Krautrock at the time; it was educational and I eventually did go out and buy a bunch of Krautrock. But I wonder - how's TMA appealing so far to you non-UKers who've bought it? Is it frustrating that you can't get over there and see these structures he's talking about?


spaceship mark Tue Dec 1 14:14:18 EST 1998

Well he may have been exagerating with five but apparently there's the Island thing, a Teardrops thing, an Echo thing (though how you can get a compilation out of two albums I don't know) and presumably some other things, don't take my word for it.

The first 3rd of the MA is an essay section, some of which isn't even about the sites specifically so it works as a stand alone. A bit like me reading all about the pyramids up here in sunny Blackpool (for those of you who don't know Blackpool is the worlds tackiest seaside resort, it even has a tower that's a bit like the eiffel tower, but smaller).

As for our new Peruvian freind I suggest he checks out the numerous home pages of the contributers to Rail On and, of course the Head Heritage site...


There's a cope bio that you can find by following the music links from


And everyones elses sites too

Bye Y'all

Mark (I have no more information) spaceship

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Fri Dec 4 16:46:31 EST 1998

Sorry I haven't written earlier this week--


Thank you so much for the CD--I have it; I've listened to it and it's absolutely wonderful. I have to say, quite frankly that this is the first tribute I've had the pleasure of listening to and feeling from it that it was all truly a labor of love. Nine times out of ten, people (performers,I mean) do these tribute lps for purely mercenary reasons and honestly, I'm no exception because my old band appeared on one several years ago. This time, it's very obvious that everyone had fun doing the songs and they all sound terrific. Cheers to all of you!

I have to wonder about the legitimacy of all the upcoming Teardrop/Cope releases since Polygram is going through their absorption into Universal--I would be quite pleased if it wasn't lost in the shuffle, but don't hold yer collective breath waiting--I work for a record company--trust me, things get forgotten about SO quickly.

Have yourselves a splendid weekend--

the lovely Liz (the Modmother) and I are going to revel in our first musical venture on Sunday...

Love and blessings to ye...

his royal Modness


(new Rob order)

Skwig SkwiggyPop@aol.com Fri Dec 4 20:30:20 EST 1998

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD - I've just found this site in quite an alcoholy smoked out state...I'll try to behave myself when I've calmed down but for now - THANK GOD!!!! By the way - I travelled from Birmingham to Edinburgh to hear the guy speak about Modern Antiquarian a few weeks ago and it was a wonderful vibe...I could've listened for hours - I'll get back in contact when I'm a lot more together...

Love ya Skwig xxx

hairy hairy@ophis.freeserve.co.uk Mon Dec 7 16:28:41 EST 1998

Can anyone actualy say whather the book is any good?

I know for instance that its got a nice cover and is plaki-warped, hence i cant read it before i it, i know this sounds cheap and the rest of that capitalisay shite hit but needs must as the devil drives and at this time of year he's driving a slayed tree draged by chemicaly deranged deer, although i think his red and white get up is rather eye catching at a sort of distanced amused, glad hes not with me sort of way.

what? oh yea is the bopok worth a look?

Paul pabs@netmatters.co.uk Wed Dec 9 17:41:56 EST 1998

Mmm. The problem with TMA is whether you want to read it because you're interested, or because you're a Cope fan.

It is a very good book if you've an interest in ancient sites, but you won't find too many Teardrops anecdotes between the covers....

St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Thu Dec 10 04:48:02 EST 1998

but only for a while as I'm off on me hols. After bugger all breaks this year i'll be hitting London (pleasure), Belfast(family) and then San Fran (the missus=pleasure) for the new year. So any Cope related recommendations for SF (in the next 24 hours) would be appreciated, (i'll have a lot of time to tootle around as m'missus has to see her family).

By the by, top respect to Andy McLellan at Virgin in Edinburgh. I took up his offer to get a signed version of the MA and it only cost including postage to Germany (about 15 quids worth of stamps on the box) 31 squids. Made my week.

Anyway, seasonal greeting and all that,love on y'awl and i hope it snows for you.


bren mcgreen bren_on_tour@hotmail.com Thu Dec 10 07:23:40 EST 1998

If this is a mailing list to the Arch Drude, count me in.



Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Dec 10 10:49:37 EST 1998

Wow, I'm surprised at the number of people who are subscribing to the read-only mailing list. Is it working now? Did all the subscribers receive this message?

I have a couple more orders for CDs waiting for me; I will try to make those CDs this weekend amd ship them on Monday.


kevink kevink@worldres.com Thu Dec 10 13:26:54 EST 1998

To St.- what kind of info do you want on San Francsico? Not much Cope action here! He hasn't been here since he played the DNA Lounge shortly after Peggy Suicide came out in 1991. There is on good store on Divisadero Street at Haight Street that has a staff member who is a Drude-head, and stocks much great and hard to find Cds. The store is called OpenMind Music ( http://www.openmindmusic.com/ ), but somehow I doubt that they would have anything that you couldn't get in the UK.

If I am taking you too literally, and/or you're looking for some advice on the cool spots in the city, feel free to email me. Hope you enjoy it while you're here...


Richard P. F. Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Dec 10 13:51:05 EST 1998

I am writing to find out if anybody managed to tape Julian appearance on the "BOOK SHOW" on SKY NEWS on Sunday, November 22. I have not got access to Sky at college so I was unable to watch the show. If anbody taped the show then please can you make it known on this site in the next week or so, for I would be interested in getting hold of a copy for my collection.

Richard Winchester 10.12.98

Russ Fri Dec 11 09:06:48 EST 1998

did anyone hear julian on radio 2 last night talking about MA.

a friend told me about it just after he'd finished

Russ Sat Dec 12 06:00:01 EST 1998

This weeks NME has the MA in its top 10 books for christmas list (9) and a little review (which is very good)

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Sat Dec 12 09:29:28 EST 1998

There is a review of the Modern Antiquarian in the current issue of 'fourteentimes' magazine (Juanuary 1999). They rate the book as being good. Also the Book is at number 5 in 'the Face' magazines top ten books of 1998.

Richard Winchester 12.12.98

Alberto stanz@iol.it Sun Dec 13 06:55:22 EST 1998


I'm searching infos about a psychedelic guitarist named Nick Haeffner. There is someone who can tell me what is doing now? Seems vanished after "The Great Indoors" Bam Caruso LP...

Best wishes


Marc Tue Dec 15 03:32:19 EST 1998

re : Julian on THE BOOK SHOW ( Sky News )

I taped THE BOOK SHOW with Julian a few weeks ago.

Anyone who is interested in a copy please send me an e-mail to the address mentioned above.

The interview with Julian was shot in AVEBURY.

It is about five minutes long and deals with the stones of AVEBURY and Julian's views and theories behind all this.


Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Dec 15 13:29:38 EST 1998

There is a great review of The Modern Antiquarian in the January 1999 issue of Mojo Music Magazine. P.123 in the 'Please Your Shelf', books in brief section.

The reviewer Neil Spencer sums up by saying that "...The Modern Antiquarian is a sumptuous, technicolour delight. Erudite, playful and provocative, it spurs you back to the best arguments of all; the megalithic sites themselves. Honour to the arch-drood."

Julian also features in the 'BEST THING I'VE HEARD All YEAR' section of Mojo on page 68 where he talks briefly about the Universal Panzies there is also a small picture of Julian on the same page.

Richard Hayward


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Dec 15 14:20:17 EST 1998

I got a copy of the Kindred Spirit magazine that was mentioned before. It has a good interview with Julian in it plus some nice colour photos of stones, plus a great shot of Julian at Avebury on the cover sporting his lovely red and white checker outfit. Worth taking a look at if you haven't already.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk. Fri Dec 18 06:06:44 EST 1998

Last time I will be on line for a while until mid January When I return to King Alfreds. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Richard Winchester.

spaceship mark Fri Dec 18 07:32:43 EST 1998

As we seem to be playing 'spot the julian' at the moment..my dad heard him on radio two last night but neglected to tell me it was on so i don't know what he said,

As I'm off to Liverpool for a few days I better say:

Have a Merry Solstice, a Cool Yule, a Happy New Year and, if you must, a fucking good Christmas.

All the best to you and yours,

Spaceship Mark.

PS off the top of my head Winter Solstice 21 Dec best spot: Castlerigg where one stone casts a 1km shadow as the sun rises (but if the wind's wrong and there's any clouds you'l just get cold and miserable like me and me dad the other year).

catherine catnip_70@hotmail.com Mon Dec 21 11:10:32 EST 1998

not enough coffee this mornin, 'fraid teh ole typing fingers aren't as nimble as usual.

post again

Keith keithw@talk21.com Tue Dec 22 07:49:03 EST 1998

re: Julian on THE BOOK SHOW (Sky News)

What did anyone who's saw the programme, think of the interview ?

I'm waiting to watch a friend's video copy, but from what he tells me it wasn't a good advert for the book (in the respect that Julian wasted the opportunity of giving a good plug, rather than the book being criticised) and that Julian would be lucky to get Cope fans to buy the MA, ley alone 'the General Public' based on this 'appearance'.

Btw my copy of the MA is sitting nicely under the Christmas tree, can't wait.


spaceship_mark Tue Dec 22 14:05:15 EST 1998

The book show thing:

Yeah, it didn't come accross too good. I think Jules stubborness (ie Platform boots and full leopardskin) could have been to blaim. Also it was too short and was probably edited to bits anyway. But he didn't say much about the book and the guy doing the interview seemed to see him as some kind of spacecake anyway,

not great


spaceship mark Wed Dec 23 10:05:06 EST 1998

Just wondering what time it is in the US, sorry for taking up space

Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Dec 23 19:24:57 EST 1998

Currently 7:30 pm on the East Coast, and... we are no longer dropping 2 ton bombs on a defenseless 3rd world country...land of the free home of the brave, yeah right, land of the oppressed, home of the coward. So much for being an land to be admired/respected. The politicians and greedheads are a plenty. Sorry for taking up space, but the time is a relative concept/multi-dimensional thang.

cool yule to all...

hairy ophis hairy@ophis.freeserve.co.uk Fri Dec 25 17:41:49 EST 1998

Thanks for all the speak on reveiws of MA, but i discovered today that the red suited prowler had put one aside for me, so i dont need to worry about spending my hard earned stash on a pile of crap as someone else used up their stash of cash (mercenary me). From my first impressions i think that it is going to be fun reading to the end, although i will probably just try and get my brother to take me to some of the localish sights and just read about them.

I wonder who will be the first to 'do the tour'?

Simon Darnley zlime@bigfoot.com Fri Dec 25 19:12:34 EST 1998

Hi, I am a huge Julian Fan and was delighted to find this sight. I am looking for as many guitar tabs to as many Julian songs as possible. I have looked through your archives and the Fried stuff was great! I would love stuff from Skellington I and II as well as the eariler stuff from Wilder, etc. In fact anything Julian Cope has done, even Rite!

Please help!


Simon Darnley




Los Huevos Del Muertos griffin@rust.net Sat Dec 26 08:27:47 EST 1998

There's a new mailing list dedicated to Julian's favourite, Scott Walker at www.onelist.com, under the fans section.

It's pretty low-volume now, but if you join, you'll be one more person in on the discussion!

Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Tue Dec 29 13:19:07 EST 1998

Nothing Cope under the tree for me this year. My girlfriend is still listening to Tears for Fears, and my family listens to the 'radio'. Oh well, it's the time for giving anyways, right?

spaceship mark Wed Dec 30 13:50:26 EST 1998

Did you know that in the 80s Tears for Fears actually looped one of the worlds greatest session drummers(who I think is called Manu Katche or something) because they didn't consider his drumming 'in time' enough? Crap that innit? Anyway Manu didn't want his name on the sleeve after that cos he would have been embarressed...



Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Dec 30 14:51:16 EST 1998

Hey, guys... How's the mailing list going? Have people been getting messages? I've had one person tell me he's receiving. That's a good sign, but his email address was all-caps, which makes it different from everyone else's, so I'd like to hear from other people as well.

Secondly, I think it would be cool to have a review/discussion regarding the tribute CD. I can't speak for the other contributing artists, but I for one think it'd be great to get some feedback regarding the songs and production; it'd help in planning the next CD and it will encourage and/or challenge artists to do more songs. :)

Thirdly, I noticed a reference last night to "Rob Ross" in Big Takeover 31; Jack was thanking Rob for getting permission to interview Captain Sensible. Is this the very same Rob Ross as on here?

Fourthly, the new Big Takeover is out; I suggest you check it out. It's not as anglophilic as usual and it waxes political but it's still really cool.

Fifthly, for Simon and others, the best place to get Cope CDs is probably Head Heritage. If you can't find what you're looking for them, maybe someone on this list has, or knows where you can find, spare CDs.

Sixthly... okay forget numbering everything...

The Tribute CD is still available. Email me if you're interested.

Next up on my CD making agenda is a compilation live CD. After that, I can do the next tribute CD (once we have enough songs).

For the live CD, I have a handful of boots (like five or six) I can draw from, but could probably benefit from having more. If someone with a lot of live material is interested in assembling his/her own tape, I can make that into the CD. Or I can do like we did for the tribute CD; people can mail me tapes and I'll select portions of them.

There is a difference, however, between live and tribute material. First, there usually exist only one copy of tribute material, so there's one and only one source. But with live stuff, multiple people could have different copies of the same gig, with wildly varying sound quality and/or sources.

So I think the selection of live cuts takes a little more planning.

And again, feedback regarding the production and layout of the tribute CD would be applicable to planning the live CD as well.

Okay, enough from me for now!


Alfred Pouadahka (aka Danny Thomas) sweetlicks@webtv.net http://www.geocities.com/~solidgroove Fri Jan 1 00:01:12 EST 1999


I had to let the first 13th Floor Elevators web site get lost in cyberspace due to a problem with the web designer but I have taught myself HTML and designed another site at http://www.geocities.com/~solidgroove

.....so update any links and I will do the same. Please visit soon and thanks for the support. Keep the faith.

Di Ewing j50jme@aol.com Sat Jan 2 13:20:35 EST 1999

Has anybody heard about a new tour.Ticketmaster sent me an email just before Christmas, but I deleted it by mistake and when I phoned they only knew about the London one.

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Mon Jan 4 11:34:48 EST 1999

The answer is YES--Captain Sensible is a friend of mine... I am proud to say that when I worked at Roadrunner Records (years ago), I convinced the company to release The Damned's "Machine Gun Etiquette" (we also put out a crummy version of "The Best Of..."), which I oversaw the liner notes and production--Jack Rabid wrote those liner notes... I had the pleasure of spending a glorious evening with the Captain--driving around Manhattan and him getting drunk in the car; seeing The Damned and going back to the hotel with Captain and then spending the rest of the night drinking with The Damned in their hotel room... Captain and I have written and spoken to one another ever since--one of the truly wonderful people on the planet and a BRILLIANT musician.

Happy New Year to all!


le Modfather

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jan 4 12:26:47 EST 1999

What a coincidence! I am listening to Strawberries and I was just telling myself, "Captain Sensible should have sung more!" I really like his vocals on "Life Goes On". And, of course, his guitar work is great...

And then, right at that moment I see Rob's post about the Captain! Wow!!!

For those of you who don't know The Damned, I seriously suggest you check them out, especially if you are at all into the early 80's punk/post-punk music like the Buzzcocks and Wire. I held back on getting into them because of their name and their silly album covers. But once I heard the music, I was hooked. Machine Gun Etiquette is an absolute classic -- thanks, Rob!!!


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/home.html Tue Jan 5 16:58:44 EST 1999

Julian's doing some spoken performances at the end of January in Portsmouth on the 24th and London on the 25th.

More details on the Screaming Secrets News page.

spacehship_mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Wed Jan 6 11:35:28 EST 1999

He's also doing Sheffield Leadmill on March 3rd according to the Leadmills advert in this weeks NME.


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Jan 6 17:29:38 EST 1999

Anyone else going to SHEFFIELD as i'll be there i only live 18 miles away

Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jan 6 21:10:25 EST 1999

Happy New Year to everyone!

Is anyone out there still looking for copies of the Interpreter cd singles (Ambulence, Radio Sit-In etc.) as a friend of mine has spare copies he is looking to sell for good prices. Email me (andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca) and I can put you in touch with him if you are interested.


Marc Thu Jan 7 06:39:49 EST 1999

Happy new year to all the drudes out there !!!

Our local (German) newspaper had a special page on New Year's Eve called the strangest pictures from our archives or something.

I was amazed to see that one of the ten pictures showed Julian wearing these funny wings on his back - this picture must have been from 1995, I suppose.


Having mentioned TEARS FOR FEARS :

I think Paul King used to be the manager of TFF in the eighties.

But wasn't there some relation between Julian and Paul as well ??

Who knows ??

Anyway, all the best to all of you !!


Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Thu Jan 7 12:04:40 EST 1999

If anybody is looking for Ambulence, I would be willing to trade my copy for something else...bootleg or whatever.

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Thu Jan 7 12:26:29 EST 1999


Paul King was the manager of The Teardrop Explodes after Bill Drummond gave up the reins in '82 (I think). It was because of Paul King going broke that the Teardrop did that 3-piece tour in '82, which was a disaster.

I think that's right--it's been a while since I read "Head On".



Apart from your mentioning WIRE and The BUZZCOCKS, let us not forget (for the un-initiated): The UNDERTONES, XTC, (say what you will) The JAM, (later on) THAT PETROL EMOTION, The (ENGLISH) BEAT and well, you all get where I'm coming from...

Feel free to spiel mit mir about any of those aforementioned bands...

Lurve on ye--

his royal Mod-ness,


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jan 7 12:51:46 EST 1999

I remember way back watching The Tube and seeing That Petrol Emotion perform. It was the first time I had heard of them and they blew me away. Big Decision was one of the songs they did on the show if I recall. I went out and bought Babble (they had recently done a signing at the HMV store where I got it so it was autographed by every band memeber too). What an awesome band, grossly underated in my mind. The album Chemicrazy is still one of my all-time favourites. I know they came out of the Undertones when they split, are they still around?

Sorry, there's no Cope reference here.

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Thu Jan 7 16:18:54 EST 1999

The Petrols called it a day in 1994 after issuing the powerhouse "Fireproof" lp on their own Koogat label. If anyone ever wants anything by those boys, write to me--I have everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) by them. I was lucky enough to see them every time they played New York; I used to write to Damian O'Neill and to me, That Petrol Emotion is in the Holy Trinity (along with The Beatles and The Teardrop Explodes). I still have the live video; I used to have "Big Decision" and "Genius Move" on tape, but I think my ex-girlfriend (years ago) took it and never gave it back. John O'Neill (who was the founder of both the Undertones and the Petrols) is now in a Portishead-type band called Rare. Lead singer Steve Mack is in a Seattle-based band called Anodyne.

Cope rules!

Andi AndiV123@aol.com Thu Jan 7 17:34:00 EST 1999

I am new to your noticeboard but have been into JC for a long time, I feel a bit out of it as you are all discussing different bands. Anyway I am now technologically linked so can i be in your gang? I live in London, I can't figure out if this is a worldwide thing or just British. I snogged Julian twice no tongues.

spaceship_mark Fri Jan 8 04:05:20 EST 1999


We tend to digress when there's nothing been happening in Copeworld for a while cos we get bored of saying 'ooh nowt doing' or something, but as soon as something happens it's all out 'what do you think of x' carnage and people go, I think it's ace and other people go, i think it'll take some getting into. It's generally all good fun.

Stick around...


PS I snogged Julian three times (again the obvious tongue abscenese)

spaceship_mark Fri Jan 8 08:23:58 EST 1999


There's an interview on Harper Collins' page at


It's mainly the usual but there's some interesting stuff, and some stuff about 'Let Me Speak to the Driver'



Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 8 10:03:56 EST 1999

Hey, tangents are the spice of life! :)

Andi, people on Rail On are from all over, not just Britain. It's actually run out of a small Virginian town in the US.

If you get bored during the gap between Cope releases (Interpreter was released way back in 1996!!!) then you might want to read the old archives, from both Rail On and The Culture Bunker. Reminders of livlier days...

And of course, maybe we can have a survey! :) I'd be glad to put together another one, if there's interest!


Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Fri Jan 8 11:14:47 EST 1999

It's gotta be a worldwide thing -- or at least a UK, North America thing. I'm in the Cope wilderness of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Cope played here during the 20 Mothers tour (95??). There was the SMALLEST add in the local daily promoting it.

My friend phoned me about the concert the next day to ask me how it was. I said "Pardon me? He played here when??". So I looked at the day-old rag and my jaw dropped. I missed it. A nice small club too.

I wonder if I'll ever get another chance....

Snogged? That's one I've never heard.

spaceship mark Fri Jan 8 11:38:43 EST 1999

I suppose it's oneof the downsides of Mr.Cope's continuing mission that he only travels to places with prehistoric sites these days. On the harper collins things he says how, in the eighties, he was, wait for it, big in Japan, yet he never goes there anymore cos there's no stones. On the plus side it means we get a visionairy writer, poet and musician as opposed to some rich, fat, vacuous greedhead.

As a matter of interest does anyone know why pop stars seem to be able to persevere in Japn when they loose popularity elsewhere? I mean Dead or Alive are big in Japan, Shampoo, the Sultans of Ping etc. The Sensless things carried on touring there for a while after they'd split!

Have any of you American continent type folks been to any of the Native American stuff? The Great Serpent Mound and so forth? It would be interesting to know if the experience there is like the experience at British sites...


Bye for now

Spaceship mark

Orbiting at a distance of 200miles

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 8 12:50:52 EST 1999

I've been to a couple Indian ruins on trips out west, but wasn't old enough to be impressed. I still don't think I'm old enough.

This might be because: To the Brits, old stone circles and stuff is part of the culture from whence you came; you are looking at your past, the artifacts of your ancestors. Maybe not your (own) ancestors, but certainly your culture's ancestors.

(Non-Native) Americans don't see any self-made artifacts older than 300 years or so. We've been taught to feel guilty about how our ancestors treated Indians (and white people are taught to feel guilty about how our ancestors treated black people). So when we see Indian ruins we feel guilty and depressed.

It's sad to realize that the artifact-makers over here were pretty much wiped out culturally. They didn't blossum into anything great like the British Empire or even the Spice Girls. Our artifact-makers didn't even influence our culture all that much. So their ruins remind us of failure and guilt instead of pride.

Anyway, this is all a total guess. I don't know if other Americans feel the same way. I never really thought about this before; thanks for bringing it up!

Regarding Japanese taste in music...

I always regarded much of Japan's take on Western culture as being cheese-o-rama. Everything all cute and high pitched and cartoony and cheese, cheese, cheese, poppy to the extreme. Childish, even. When I think of Japanese music tastes, I can't help but snicker. Remember the end of the movie This is Spinal Tap? And do they *still* love Michael Jackson over there???

Don't get me wrong; I'm not anti-Japan and at least the dweebiest of them are out there making an effort at looking cool and having fun doing it. I have a lot more respect for them than today's "generation X" slacker gansta crap coming out of America. Plus, some really cool stuff has come out of Japan's blend of traditional and Western culture. I'm a huge Kurosawa fan and I was big into manga and anime big time back in college.

It's funny to juxtapose stereotpical Japanese and German culture. Very different.

Anyway, I'm gabbing again... :)


Tom Sarris tsarris@lucasarts.com Fri Jan 8 21:38:05 EST 1999

Hey, fellow Copeys. Thought you all might be interested in something about Julian I read in the January 2 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. In an article reprinted from the New York Times about Borders Books expanding into Europe was the following:

"The Borders bookstore here (London) stands four stories tall, with such vast space devoted to words, chilled Chardonnay and house blend coffee that at least one British author felt the acute need to retreat to the new gleaming restrooms for refuge from a panic attack...

"...A British rock singer, Julian Cope, came to the store, signing three autographs to promote his book, "The Modern Antiquarian," before locking himself in the men's restroom, with an attack of agoraphobia, a fear of public spaces."

Not sure if anyone else here had seen this so I thought I'd pass it along.

Best to all.


boy fried Mon Jan 11 07:16:53 EST 1999

hi there.

just to let you guys know about two happenings in Glasgow

- Cope will be giving a spoken word performance at the Arches in March

- the Universal Panzies are playing at King Tut's Wah-Wah Hut on Friday 22nd January.

happy new year

Johnny j.w.smith@openmail2.uedn18.sukepabe.simis.com Mon Jan 11 09:26:53 EST 1999

Julian is also giving a performance at Aberdeen's 'Lemon Tree' in March. A small venue, but with plenty tickets left where I've seen Julian a few times before. Usually a brilliant intimate atmosphere where he wanders amongst the audience. Ticket sales on 01224-642230 @ £8 each. (I'm not on commission, honest).

If anyone wants some scanned close up photo's from his previous Lemon Tree sets then just E-mail me.


spaceship mark Mon Jan 11 11:22:04 EST 1999

Head Heritage need to sort themselves out don't they? I mean we're getting these tour dates by checking posters and stuff.. Oh well keep it underground I suppose,



Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jan 11 13:30:08 EST 1999

Any Drudes in the Birmingham/Midlands area who are driving to the Sheffield or Aberdeen gigs (or any others that come up) and want company/petrol money - count me in!

Post a message here and let me know how to get hold of you.

I snogged him 3 times last year in London, but it was over 2 nights.

Louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk Wed Jan 13 07:52:24 EST 1999

Julian's Modern Antiquarian Spoken Performance Tour Dates:

Hellenic Drude ph871093@stmail.staffs.ac.uk Wed Jan 13 14:23:47 EST 1999

My big Hello to all Julian's fans over the world!!!

I've been reading Rail On for a couple of years but this is the first time I write something. I've been reading the discussion list mainly because it is the only way to learn some news about my favourite artist, J.C. (5 months without updating HeadHeritage, "Keep it Underground" as my friend Spaceship Mark said is not such a good idea)

I've been living in England for 1 1/2 years, I am from Hellas (you might know my country as Greece, but that's a whole different discussion), so I saw Julian in his last year's tour, a dream came true. I was wondering if ayone knows if Julian will sing any song on his forthcoming tour or will it be just talking. Sorry about that, but I love his songs, I respect his work but I disagree with many of his ideas (we may talk about it later on if any of you want).

I was wondering also if any of you all have any news about a new album and a proper,at last, tour with a full band.

Thanks for the space, happy new year, keep listening good music and reading good books so as to be open minded and don't spend more than an hour infront the screen of your PC....

I'll be in touch....

Hellenic Drude

Brian farbcore@aol.com Thu Jan 14 01:41:58 EST 1999

I was listening to WSYM today, and am wondering what the reason was for Donn-eye leaving the band years ago. What's he doing now?


spaceship mark Thu Jan 14 04:01:39 EST 1999

I know Mr Ross Skinner worked with Nick Heyward (?!?!) on an album. The last I knew he was working with a band called Prolapse, he produced their album 'The Italian Flag' and later seemed to join them as keyboard player later. Don't know why he left though. He's on some tracks on Rite 2 but I get the feeling they might be old tracks.



St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Fri Jan 15 04:51:27 EST 1999

back from Calfornia to miserable, cold, wet old Germany, but at least I'm back to my pc so i can check what you young imps have been up to.

Louise, whats the deal with tickets for the gig in Dingwalls? I've a mate over in London who missed the first round of MA promo tour and a ticket would make a nice belated new years.

Kevink, thanks for the pointer. Very interesting, as was Ameoba records, just too damn much there to handle.

Damn ,damneddy, damn, damn, I've still never sent in my order for the tribute tape, but i shall (new years resolution #52).

Blimey, there seems to be a lot of people writing now, so i shall waste no more time with my tittle-tattle....


Marc Fri Jan 15 05:17:56 EST 1999

re : Donn - Eye leaving Julian's rock n'roll band

This is nothing official or something but I once read or heard that Donn - Eye did not like Julian's changing musical style in the mid - 90s. I think he was not that fond of recording another experimental album ...

I think Donn - Eye has worked with "Salad" afterwards, but just as their producer.

In 98, he could be seen at some festivals across Europe, but don't ask me with which band.

I guess it would be best if he returned to the Cope family, wouldn't it ?? ( same with Moon - Eye )

I've always liked him wielding the doubleneck - guitar...



spaceship mark Fri Jan 15 05:57:20 EST 1999

As far as I know Moon-eye and Thighps are now officially in Spiritualized. I'm sure Jason would let them out on loan if they wern't busy though...

I can't see Don-eye not wanting to to an experimental album and then doing the Prolapse album (which is pretty weird) but maybe he changed his mind.



Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun Jan 17 16:44:34 EST 1999


I've come across a site all about stones around europe at


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jan 18 13:32:53 EST 1999

The Stone Pages is an excellent site. I discovered it about 2 years ago now and it has just grown and grown. If it is the same page, then it also has Quicktime VR views of some of the sites, so you can get a panoramic 360º view of the site, as if you were standing right there! Well worth checking out and it's not full of unintelligable techno-talk or spiritual ramblings.

A bonus is that as well as featuring sites from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, as expected, it also features sites from other European countries such as France and Italy, which don't seem to get as much exposure as the British sites.


MA Erbs ErbalM@ix.netcom.com Mon Jan 18 16:40:58 EST 1999

[Posted by Travis]

hi: someone long ago gave me a dub of what i think is a cope song the refrain is "born to entertain, so here i go" can you tell me anything about this song? which album? similar cope material? how to contact his publishing company?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jan 18 16:59:37 EST 1999

Without having the lyrics in front of me, I would guess "Las Vegas Basement" off of Peggy Suicide (1991). Similar material? It's one of the slower Cope songs. In terms of similarity, I'd say Fried and parts of Jehovahkill and Autogeddon.

I suggest you go buy Floored Genius; it's a best-of and covers all his material through 1991. The publisher of that and "Las Vegas Basement" is Island Records.


Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Tue Jan 19 08:41:51 EST 1999

That CD (Peggy) just keeps on getting better as time goes on. Now it'll be stuck in the CD player for a couple of weeks.

I'm not complaining though....

spaceship mark Thu Jan 21 17:29:13 EST 1999

Anyone know any good chords sites? I fancy learning some songs..


(Anonymous) Fri Jan 22 09:11:24 EST 1999

There is a review of the M A in the Current issue of Uncut magazine as well as a review and small interview witgh julian in the January issue of Focus Magazine, Which might still be avaliable depending on whether the new issue has come out yet.

Richard Winchester

P.S Will be going to the Cambridge Junction show hopefully see some of you there.

Hellenic Drude ph871093@stmail.staffs.co.uk Fri Jan 22 13:17:44 EST 1999

Hey!!! At last Headheritage is updated!!!

New QE on the way!!!!


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/secrets/ Sat Jan 23 19:02:26 EST 1999

The Screaming Secrets website has moved - slightly, so please update your bookmarks to the new URL:


The site has also been updated to reflect the new info on the HH site. There will be more articles *and* news on the new issue of Screaming Secrets coming up soon - promise!

Paul B

Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Mon Jan 25 19:48:20 EST 1999

Just checking in to see if anyone posted a review of the show in Camden Dingwalls tonight that I could announce on my show. Guess you're still out partying, huh.

Anyway, if anyone cares to share their thoughts, I will certainly share them with my listeners on my Saturday show (midnight to 3AM) USA Easter time.


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk Mon Jan 25 20:38:15 EST 1999

I couldn't make Dingwalls myself but Screaming Secrets' very own Cope Freak made it and noted that Copey was considering a QE tour.

More on the Screaming Secrets site as soon as we finish the write-up!

Paul B

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Tue Jan 26 13:06:55 EST 1999

I was thinking about Trav's introduction and his getting hooked by St. Julian. The song that did it for me, that moved the Drude from merely great to positively astral was Upwards at 45'. A soaring track on Jehovakill and physically uplifting live, it retains its power for me to this day and was the highlight every night of the last tour as far as I was concerned. Trouble is nobody else I know seems to get it - even other Copeheads. Maybe it's just the ones I know.

Anyone feel the way I do about it?

I think Donn-eye did some soundtrack work on a television programme a couple of years back. Can't remember for the life of me what the programme was called, but I remember being quite stunned to see his name in the credits. Anyone remember?

And speaking of soundtracks, what exactly is the Drude's contribution to the soundtrack of some zombie film from the 80's? I can't remember the name of the film either (Dead something, or something Dead), but I have seen it listed with the man included in the credits.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Jan 26 13:52:36 EST 1999

I Decided yesterday at the Last minute to go and See Julian perform at the Camden Dingwalls. It was another great 'Spoken Word performance', a continuation of the Book readings last year except that this time round Julian was on stage for a greater length of time.

The venue itself was pact a near capacity crowd of about 500 had turned up to see Julian perform for around 1 and 40 minutes. He came on stage at around half past eight. On the stage itself was the same flourescent lecturn he used for the previous readings, a large display sheet depicting the blue book cover, and about 4 boards including the Stonehenge board used previously. As well as all of this he had with him a CD Player which was used on and off throughout the performance to provide him with background music whilst he was speaking. The music played was tracks by Queen Elizabeth.

Throughout the night he talked at length about the book and about topics within the book such as the place names of Ver and Bree as well as reading one of the Poems within. He was talking in greater detail about the topics he talked about on the previous book readings.

He also talked about the Follow up book called 'Let me Speak to the Driver', of which he showed us, a copy of a book, he had recently had bound which contained essays he had already written for the book. Of the new book he said that it would be laid out simular to the Modern Antiquarian with a gazzetter in the back as well as essays. This time round he said that it would contain sites in urban areas such as sites in Prehistoric London.

Other props used included a woodern celtic figure and whilst summing up at the end he held up some of his Antiquarian books he had placed in and on the lecturn including Stonehenge and Averbury by William Stukely. Then at about ten twenty PM he finished to great applause.

All in all a highly enjoyable and entertaining performance By Julian, and at over an hour and a half well worth the £10.00 ticket price. Julian once again has proven lastnight to be great value for money. I for one can't wait to see him again on the March tour in Cambridge.

Richard Hayward


P.S Will soon have back the 30 or so photos I took at the reading, providing they come out, if anybody is interested in obtaining a complete 6 by 4 set of these photos for their Cope collection then please E-Mail me: R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk. The cost including Postage and Packaging should be around about £9.00. Will also consider trading for any Photos you have taken at any of the previous bookreadings.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jan 26 13:58:16 EST 1999

"Upwards at 45 Degrees" had a big impact on me too. It was the first really "primal" Cope song I'd heard, very wild the way he's almost yelling and the music was very powerful [of his earlier songs, "Double Vegetation" came closest to that kind of abandon].

Now that you mention it, I think Jehovahkill is the album that really got me into that whole "second level" of alternative music. Up until that point I had mostly liked the more poppy, dancy, and/or synthy sing-along bands like New Order, the Smiths, The The, the Cure, etc. Those are all great bands, of course, but they are a bit on the "lite" side and though very few people I knew had heard of them, today I would regard them as "classic 80s pop bands". Jehovahkill led me to appreciate not-so-poppy groups like Can, Wire, Soft Boys, Phish, Catherine Wheel, etc.

Speaking of songs and albums, what do you guys think of another survey? Is it time? :) :) :)


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Jan 26 14:27:57 EST 1999

~adjusting my eyes to the glare~

Hullo all,

Great to see so many new faces here...

Trav:what the heck,survey away!It will give this noodle something else to ponder....

I agree as to the power of "Upwards at 45 degrees"...brought out his vibrating yelp nicely..JEHOVAHKILL...which I already loved..still continues to grow more with each listen...Must admit..first think I did when I got back for the hospital was..well....ok..first chance I had "Fa-Fa-Fa Fine" went on..had to contend myself with a mental dervish,but a great feeling none the less...

Enuff for now,

good to see you all

Andrew..the tapes have been a god(des)send..thanks

bless you Copeys


john Tue Jan 26 15:33:10 EST 1999

I was also at Dingwalls last night and agree that it was a pretty good night.

While on the subject of Jehovahkill, I think this is Cope's most powerful album, although I'm not quite decided as to whether it's my favourite (if that makes sense). I agree that Upwards... is a great track, but particularly like the longer tracks such as Subtle Energies Commission and The Tower. Late at night, chemically assisted (just alcohol, naturally), lying on the floor with my head between the speakers. Can't be beaten.....

Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Tue Jan 26 16:01:19 EST 1999

I can't believe all these people citing 'Upwards' as such an important piece of Julian's. At University, where some friends of mine introduced me to his music, all they would do is play that song over and over. People would come to the house and say "what is this you keep playing? It's awful". We would just look at eachother and smile.

In my opinion it is his greatest song ever. And Jehovahkill is his greatest album. It is flawless from start to finish.

It really makes me feel good to see how this music has touched other people besides myself. Since school (about 5 years ago now) I have had nobody share the music with. It's sad.

But the real question is : would we all REALLY want this music to become popular on a grand scale? Would you want to walk into your local CD shop and see a big carboard Julian standing there??

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue Jan 26 16:16:56 EST 1999


Being an old git and being able to remember seeing the TX Christ V's Warhol is my great track that really got me hooked in a big way life was never so straight forward after that track (and can anyone send me a copy of the words as i've never managed to get them right!)

A survey would get us thinking again and might even get me to dust down some of my B sides (i'm going to put them on CD soon as you never know when the scratch fairy might strike)

spaceship mark Tue Jan 26 16:33:42 EST 1999

Funnily enough Jehovahkill was the first Cope I really heard. I was on a geology field trip up Shap way and I borrowed it off my mate and listened to it all the time. It's one of my favourite albums and the best 'Lake District' album ever. We listened to it loads that week and made an innocent hotel room smell very suspect...


PS Donald did music for some manga series that was shown late night on Channel 4 a few years back but I can't remember what it was called. It was around the same time that, even more bizarely, Byker Grove had incidental music by the Ozric Tentacles (sorry non-uk chaps, Byker Grove is this kids drama about a youth club in Newcastle)

Jörgen jorgen.grahn@NOSPAM.opensoftware.se Tue Jan 26 17:28:05 EST 1999

Hi all,

Wathched "The Drew Carey Show" (sort of a watered-down, televised Dilbert) tonight. They used "5'o Clock World" as a signature, sung by someone other than Copey himself. On "My Nation Underground", it is listed as containing "excerpts from 'I know a place'" by someone else. Did Cope really add so little to that original song? - the differences were very few as far as I could tell.

Also, there was a TV documentary about the megalith culture in western Europe and Sweden in particular. Archaeologists tried to prove that the people lived in a matriarchy. This research included digging up two of the stone-age graves around my home town (Falkoping, Sweden), one of which was on my street.

Does this mean we can persuade Julian to come and play here?


spaceship mark Tue Jan 26 17:44:51 EST 1999

What ya gotta do is fax Head Heritage and say 'hey next time your over researching, come play for us' It probly won't work but you never know...


Brian farbcore@aol.com Wed Jan 27 02:44:25 EST 1999

My records are stashed away presently, but I believe the horr(ible) movie was "Fright Night". The song used was 'Spacehopper' though only for about 5-10 seconds. It quickly fades out as an army truck makes it's way across a bridge to set-up a road block to stop the zombies from getting into town and eating the brains of the living...

As far as Drew Carey goes, the version of "5 O'Clock World" playing is the original version from the 60's. The name of the group escapes me at the moment however.


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed Jan 27 07:01:11 EST 1999

Wasn't the group that did "5 o'Clock World',The Vogues??

Russ..got in TX in .80..qualify for git status yet??


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Wed Jan 27 08:28:37 EST 1999

Upwards at 45' - I'm so glad it's not just me.

"Stay on A ..."

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Wed Jan 27 09:52:38 EST 1999

There is a review of Julian Cope's show at the Camden Dingwalls on Monday night in todays section 2 of the Times Newspaper. (Wednesday 27.1.98)

Richard Winchester

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Wed Jan 27 14:41:50 EST 1999

Greetings all...

All this talk about one album...hmmm...

Well--first it was The Vogues w/ "Five O' Clock World" - 1966, Reprise Records (believe me, I know; my mother had the "best of" album)--absolutely correct on that one. Second--Drew Carey = Dilbert--sounds right, but Dogbert, Catbert and Ratbert are the one ones worth looking out for. Not a big comix fan, but I really miss "Calvin &Hobbes". "Mutts" is also pretty funny.

Didn't anyone have their lives musically altered by 'Kilimanjaro'? Or are you lot all just young'uns and don't remember what it was like hearing "When I Dream" for the first time on the radio--like at 2:15 a.m. on a Friday night, just after hearing "Best Friend", the latest single by The English Beat? That, my droogies, was what it was like in 1980, listening to WSIA, Staten Island's only radio station! Also, getting 'World Shut Your Mouth' and hearing that explosive opening to "Bandy's First Jump"--the kind of thing that made you shake your head and say "holy s**t".

And that, cappuccino cats and kitties, is how I became Cope-fied. Praise be to St. Julian!



(new Rob order)

Marc Thu Jan 28 07:35:20 EST 1999

I agree to you all and say that "Peggy Suicide" and "Jehovahkill" put me on a different level musically.

Those two are clearly the best albums he ever made.

I cannot stop listening to songs like the mentioned "Upwards at 45 degrees" as well as "Safesurfer", "Necropolis" and "The mystery trend"(to name but a few).

Sadly, I think that the quality of Julian's albums started to decrease when he concentrated on writing books.

There are some great tracks on "20 mothers" as well ("Highway to the sun", "Road of dreams") but "Interpreter" was the first big disappointment since I have been into Cope.

I am afraid there might not be any "proper" albums left anyway !

All his brilliant musicians move on and all he does is writing books - which really is not bad, but I'd prefer double albums, if you ask me ...

Cheerio, Marc

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Thu Jan 28 10:42:22 EST 1999

At the risk of being put in the old gits corner, I was very taken in 1980 by my first hearing of The Poppies Are In The Field on John Peel's show. It was 100% exotic to a Heavy Metal boy and I loved it.

Interpreter may not have the cohesion of Peggy Suicide, but when it shines it dazzles. I Come from Another Planet Baby is awesome - if you haven't played it really loud, find somewhere you can and do it. Big Grins at the ready! It's also quite amusing I think, and that was one of the threads of Interpreter for me; it's quite funny. Redirected Male is one of the Drude's best puns in years.

Citizen Caned is pretty good though...

Russ Thu Jan 28 11:51:40 EST 1999

Old Gits Well some of the young'uns never got to see the TX or for that matter the sex pistols ect but i did and shit load more

Kilimanjaro the b side to when i dream made more of an impact than the a side but then again when i dream was a great track at the time with nothing else to touch it pure pop at its best


Los Huevos Del Los Muertos griffin@rust.net Thu Jan 28 14:45:26 EST 1999

Does anyone have any information on the new British best-of ?

There's an add in the new issue of The Wire (David Sylvian cover) that mentions three b-sides. Any idea of what these are?


(Anonymous) Thu Jan 28 16:12:24 EST 1999

Re: ''Jehovahkill'' being the last ''rock-solid'' album from Julian; taste varies, but I must mention ''Autogeddon'' as one of the very best.

I ride my bike to work every morning, and most mornings I hum along to ''Autogeddon Blues'' which loops on and on in my mind.

A song that sticks like that for years is Powerful, and there are several songs like that on that album.

Likewise, ''20 mothers'' is a nice album, while I have severe difficulties with ''Interpreter''.

All in my humble opinion, of course...

Brian farbcore@aol.com Fri Jan 29 01:45:22 EST 1999

How I 'found' Cope/ Teardrops;

A friend at a record shop got me to buy the (then new) "Sunshine Playroom". "Hey High Class Butcher" sold me. I soon found a used import of Kilamanjaro (w/lyrics!). As I played the LP, I was getting more and more impressed with it, there was so much I connected with instantly. This was becoming a prized record on the first play. Then it happened. The drum intro played to "When I Dream". I spun around staring in amazment at the turntable. I kept on playing the intro. Yes, this was it. This was the band that a buddy had tried to get me to see about 2 years earlier for 97 cents! (it was sponsored by a radio station.) Boy I blew that one big time.

re: Interpeter. The A-sides are great and the B-side 'Cummer in Summertime'. Also boasts a great song title as one of the b-sides: "If I had To Do It Again, I'd Do It All Over You' 'night...

Marc Fri Jan 29 05:13:17 EST 1999


What I don't like is that there are too many different styles and musical directions on it. Mellotron is used, which is great, but it sounds too poppy and bright.

The philosophy behind this record - release two poppy singles for the greedheads to leave the underground again - is questionable anyway,especially when the rest of the songs is not too convincing.

(Though "Arthur Drugstore" and "Dust" are really good)

"Autogeddon" is a similar record, not too long, but there is no commercial intention behind it (no single was released, which I found great !) and the album is much more independent...

Anyway, that is just my opinion...

spaceship mark Fri Jan 29 07:11:21 EST 1999

Why can't someone release a 'pop' record? I think after the political onslaught of the Peggy,Jehovahkill,Autogeddon albums Julian needed a rest. He said when 20 Mothers came out that it was a pop record but later said that Interpreter was the pop record he thought he was making with 20 Mothers. It had been so long since he'd written pop music he'd forgotten how!

Interpreter is a great record because it does shine. Because of the design of the packaging I always hear the songs in red and gold (just like Jehovahkill is very blue and peggy a blacky red).


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Jan 29 11:42:29 EST 1999

Pop Records

What are pop records Julian in my view has not released a pop record since MNU or St Julian but that is my taste everybody has different views on what is pop. Interpreter and 20 Mothers were OK but nothing special apart from a couple of tracks on each. I think Julian is drifting away from his musical side and going more to his writing that is why he is not writing songs as he used to (with more passion).

I expect i'll get a lot of flack for these remarks but do you agree or not i look forward to reading your postings


PS anyone going to Sheffield in march

(Anonymous) Fri Jan 29 13:44:28 EST 1999

Does anyone know where I can put my hands on a copy of the Anal CD?

Has anyone ever seen a copy of Interpreter not in the white box?

Not only QE3, but Floored Genius 3 too. Allegedly. If there was a new album by Julian Cope as well, 1999 would be a good year.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Fri Jan 29 13:47:07 EST 1999

Does anyone know where I can put my hands on a copy of the Anal CD?

Has anyone ever seen a copy of Interpreter not in the white box?

Not only QE3, but Floored Genius 3 too. Allegedly. If there was a new album by Julian Cope as well, 1999 would be a good year.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Fri Jan 29 14:46:48 EST 1999

You'd think I hadn't a home to go to...

Another question.

Various sources list a Teardrops live CD on the Windsong label - I think it's from a BBC broadcast and isn't a bootleg. I've never seen one and have tried in vain to order it. Any info ?

(This is a wonderful thing you've created, Trav. Cheers up my workdays no end).

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 29 18:40:56 EST 1999

Hey guys.

I've updated my Cope page. I also added a little survey that we can take!


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Sat Jan 30 13:50:15 EST 1999

I recently recieved an email from a Cope fan in Spain, which reads as follows, anybody got any information which can shed some light on these items?

Thanks - Andrew:

...The other day I saw a Teardrop Explodes bootleg in a list and I was wondering If you know something abou it. It's called "Floored" and it's recorded in Toronto and Manchester shows in 1981. It's stated as a CD-R. Do you know it? By the way, is it true that a "Fllored genius 3" is on the way? The other day I saw the cover of "Leperskin", the new Cope compilation on Island. Is on the Wire magazine, january issue (David Sylvian on cover). The ad says it has 3 rare B sides...

(Andrew again): I think someone below talked about the ad in Wired magazine.

Brian farbcore@aol.com Sun Jan 31 10:48:47 EST 1999

Does everybody remember Cope's producer of W.S.Y.M. &Fried? A man by the name of Steve Lovell. His nickname is 'Lovell the Dog'.

I've accidently come across the origin of his nickname. The following quote is from "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins" page 566: "the Rat, the Cat, and Lovell the dog." Probley the author who got in the most trouble for the slightest trifle was the English poet William Collingham, who wrote:

The Rat, the Cat and Lovell the dog

Rule all England under the Hog.

In this couplet, the 'Rat' was royal adviser Sir Richard Ratcliff, the 'Cat' Sir John Catesby, the 'Dog" Viscount Francis Lovell, and the 'Hog' Richard lll, whose crest was a boar. Collingham was executed for his witty rhyme."

Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Sun Jan 31 12:06:28 EST 1999

Anal is still listed as being available from a vendor on the GEMMS site (http://www.gemm.com), as are lots of other rare Cope items. It is well worth checking out, but make sure you tick off the "best price only" check box in the top right corner before you search as then you'll get all the listings they have.

I have seen Interpreter which isn't in the pizza box. It was released in the US on the Cooking Vinyl label and is in a regular cd case, which looks ok but isn't as much fun as the boxed copy!


P.S. Have done several searches on the upcoming "Leperskin" release but no info found, nothing at the island records site about either.

St. Mon Feb 1 03:49:24 EST 1999

Enough of this pussy footing around, all this talk about the end of the Cope as we know him, sounds like pre millenial wangst to me (no offence meant guvnor). As far as I'm concerned Autogeddon is a mighty, mighty album, maybe not as "deep" but just as good as Peggy and Jehovah and certainly the wittiest of the three (ooooh controversial). And while we're about it, Rite is not to be sneezed at either, a peachy creamy album if ever there was one. Admittedly "20 Mothers" and "Interpreter" were not my cup of tea either, but i do remember in the sleeve notes to floored genius a comment of the nature that "Julian tends to follow success with confusion". I guess the thought that he'd jacked the music side in altogether is just to depressing. And he has been hard at it. Maybe 1999. Please.


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Feb 1 08:26:37 EST 1999

In last weeks NME, the Drude was pictured as part of some best 100 albums piece, along with his top 3 choices. It was as you'd expect - the current album by Steps, any Bunnymen album and Metallica. (If I had remembered to bring the piece in to work with me the above details might have been more accurate. I'll try and remember tomorrow.

Thanks for the responses.

Waylands Smithy has wings...

spaceship mark Mon Feb 1 10:43:54 EST 1999

Which last weeks NME was that? I'm sure it wasn't in the one I got.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Mon Feb 1 10:56:14 EST 1999

Regarding the best 100. The Article mentioned was probably last Fridays,(19.1.98),review Section. There was a special feature on the top 100 Alternative Albums of all time. Julian was a member of the judging pannel and there was a small picture of him as well as a list of his top three alternative albums. Which included Iggy and the Stooges.

Richard Winchester

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Mon Feb 1 16:48:48 EST 1999

JC covering 5 O'Clock World. Tenuous link. The 13th Floor Elevators original of Levitation is far better than JC's (in my humble opinion) but he gets let off because he did it in his "unfortunate" period. I think he should redo it now to put the record straight and add all the necessary bloop bloop and peeeeeeooooooowwwww noises.

On the other note, his pop is great to a certain extent. B-sides that make you smile and go plinkety-plonk are great but whole albums of the stuff don't seem to work, probably because the songs aren't consistently great as they seem to be on darker albums. Planetary Sit-In was one of his best singles, but nothing poppy will ever be close to Jehovahkill which I rate to be by far his best album.

Well that's my opinion anyway.

Marc Tue Feb 2 03:54:56 EST 1999

- the German copy of INTERPRETER was a normal CD as well.

Seems to me that the copies outside the UK are normal ones, whereas I have only seen copies of these boxes in the UK.

One advantage of the normal packaging is that you can put them in your CD shelves ...

spaceship mark Tue Feb 2 06:18:45 EST 1999

It always amuses me that Julian refers to My Nation Underground as 'The Scottish Album' as it cannot be mentioned by name...

Speaking of the Elevators, has anyone heard the original of 'I Have Always Been Here Before'? Does Roky get the credit cos of the 'We Sell Soul' middle eight or did he write the whole thing ('From the Long Barrows of Wiltshire to the Pyramids' and 'Like the grey wether stones that you shelter behind' don't sound very Roky)?





Russ Wed Feb 3 05:08:20 EST 1999

I should recieve a copy of Leperskin in a couple of days time

Espirit mail order have a couple of promos for sale (it may even arrive tommorrow

Leperskin 15 track promo Imcd260 inc Trampolene/charlotte anne/safesurfer ect !!!


chris Wilkerson fiveminutel@hotmail Wed Feb 3 11:20:59 EST 1999

Is leperskin going to have any new tracks is it just a compilation

Frazer frazerlee@hotmail.com Wed Feb 3 22:41:02 EST 1999

I remember reading in Head On that JC was involved with an outfit called The Mystery Girls who apparently never actually released any material. I have a 7" single on A&M from the early eighties by the Mystery Girls called Ash in Drag, there are 3 males in drag on the cover, one of them looks suspiciously like JC ..... could this be? If anyone wants to see a copy of the sleeve pic, please e-mail me, or any other info would be gladly received.


Russ Thu Feb 4 03:26:56 EST 1999


Different Mystery Girls i'm affraid I can remember them they were crap sorry about that I can rember seeing them in Sheffield

Uncut magazine has a review of Leperskin and a track from the CD on a cover mounted CD according to this weeks NME

also has tracks by

Russ Thu Feb 4 07:24:48 EST 1999


  1. the track on the Uncut cd is Trampolene
  2. They say that the Cd is called Leper Grin An intro to
  3. Kilimanjaro is in the top 20 records from liverpool
  4. Cope is in the top 20 artists from liverpool
  5. cope is mentioned in the Echo &The B interview
  6. the cd gets 4 stars
  7. traccks mentioned shot down/wsym/crazy animal farm//books/charlotte anne/upwards at 45/safesurfer +8


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Thu Feb 4 13:42:21 EST 1999

Russ beat me to reporting on the Uncut interview with McCullough. Bugger. Love the idea that the Drude is 'mentioned' in the interview - there's no love lost there at all.

Oh yeah, spaceship mark - you were right, it wasn't the NME at all. I guess it was the Guardian Review and I can't find that either now.

Look after your leathers...

Russ Thu Feb 4 14:08:47 EST 1999

Should recieve my copy of the new CD tomorrow

i'll post a full track listing as soon as it arrives


Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Fri Feb 5 09:10:46 EST 1999


about "I have always been here before", the songwas actually written by Rocky Ericson, altough Julian Cope varied part of the lirics, I think.

If you want I can e-mail you a .wav file with the song. Contact me.



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