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1998-07-03 to 1998-10-07

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jul 3 13:24:27 EDT 1998

Hey guys! Okay, here's the deal on the tribute tape/CD...

I plan to get a new computer system sometime this month (July). I've got a CD (banking, not music) ready to be yanked out on the 22nd, so will have enough money to pay for a new computer.

Anyway, one of my main reasons for getting a whole new computer is to be able to make my own CDs. I'll be getting a CD burner with my system, and as soon as I get things set up I'll be able to start making the Cope tribute CDs.

For those of you who still want it on tape instead of CD, that's A-OK with me. I can make tapes and CDs both.

Do any of you have experience with burning your own music CDs, or do you know a bit about the process? If so, please get in touch - I could use some advice on what type of computer system / sound card / burner to buy.

Oh yeah, there's a side effect of all this - I will be able to start putting lots of "stuff" on CD: this means concerts, interviews, out of print B-sides... You get the picture.

As long as it's legal, I'd be willing to help people upgrade the out-of-print portions of their collections to CD. Since I can get blank CDs at $2 each, well... this'll be a lot of fun! :)


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Jul 4 05:28:57 EDT 1998

Hi Trav

You will have to take care even with the tribute CD because even that is ilegal if the greedheads get hold of it you could make a whole lotta trouble for yourself.If you e-mail people on a one to one and offer goods then you could get away with it but watch your back or if people you know e-mail you with requests then ok but as i have said be careful


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jul 5 11:14:02 EDT 1998

Yeah, I got a little excited there! :)

For the tribute tape, we'll of course say clearly on the tape/CD that all songs were done by Cope/Teardrops. All "profits" can go to Cope/Island/GreedheadCompanyX, which is fine because there *are* no profits. Plus, the tribute is really only for us, a semi-private group of people who've already shelled out a ton of $$$ for Cope/Teardrops stuff.

We're certainly not "costing" Cope/Island any money by listening to each others' Cope covers, because tribute songs don't *replace* the originals.

HOWEVER, I've gotten burnt before. I found out yesterday that the IRS "changed their mind" about whether an IRA I bought counted against my taxable income for 1996. They now say that my IRA didn't count b/c I was already on a "retirement plan" (this is the first I've heard of it).

This hurts because not only is the whole issue over a year old, but the IRS is charging me *INTEREST* on that year and a half, somewhere around 11%. So, *they* make a mistake (either back then or right now; they're the ones who changed their mind), and then *they* take a year and a half to tell me about it and then *they* tell me that they want 11% interest when I was making only around 3%.

The whole shebang makes me feel so out of control... I filled out my taxes and went out of my way to buy an IRA like a good citizen, and now the teacher wants to punish me for it. It's frustrating.

And it's a lot of money, too. I'll still try to get a computer this month, though, so that I can burn CDs. But I think I agree with RUSS:

Until I find out the legality, let me withdraw my offer to upgrade people's Cope collections to CD. At least for now.

As for the tribute tape/CD, I'll be a little braver because we at least did *something* (the actual performances and recordings). Plus, like I said, there are no profits.

Remember the old days (pre-1900s), when the only way to hear a famous composer's music was to play it yourself?

Well, anyway, all this talk about greed and getting ripped off is making me grumpy.


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun Jul 5 13:10:40 EDT 1998


tell me about it the tax man here in the Uk is just as bad my tax if code goes any lower i'll have to get a second job just to pay the tax on the first.

Don't let me put you off there are ways round this like I say if it's done behind closed doors like the tape trading who's to know I have quite a few Burned disc's of one sort or another but if suff appears then who's to say where it came from and who knows most of the

ing to stop them getting ripped off paying over the top prices for items


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Sun Jul 5 18:11:24 EDT 1998

I would suggest that you consider what you do very carefully. Just because it's Copey doesn't mean he's going to turn a blind eye to any fan-based activity (trust me on this one).

The second point is to make sure you do it right. I have bootleg burned CD's (for another artist) that have a fine time skipping across tracks due to the poor quality of the burning process.

Billy ErtlW1@aol.com Sun Jul 5 21:48:33 EDT 1998

Just bit the bullet &bought Julian's first 4 solo CD's. This is the first time I've heard those. My favorite of these so far is definately WSYM!, but I've only had them for 3 weeks. Last week I received droolian in the mail. I'm still getting used to it.

T.H. anlo_33@yahoo.com Mon Jul 6 23:07:33 EDT 1998

billy (aka) willy, you should listen to st. julian one more time..and then theres INTERPRETER ...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jul 8 10:30:59 EDT 1998

Is anyone having problems viewing Rail On?

I'm not, but someone else is.

Billy, you're just hearing early Cope for the first time??? Wow!


Derek Burgess dburgess@sympatico.ca Thu Jul 9 14:08:49 EDT 1998

I bought The Followers of St. Julian a month ago, and I've yet to take it out of the CD player.

I've got Levitation!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jul 9 15:53:52 EDT 1998

Hi Everyone,

Tax? Americans complaining about tax? Shit, you should come north of the border to Canada, which by the way has the highest personal income tax of any country in the world, then there is the additional 14% sales taxes on everything you buy or service rendered. I can drive down to Washington and get a pack of smokes for $1.50US whereas here in Canada they are over $5.00CDN (about $3.50US) and gas (petrol) is half the price down there. Sorry about that little rant...

As far as the tribute cd/cassette, I think it is wise to be cautious, especially if there are cover versions of songs from the island days. Has anyone mentioned this project to Julian? Why not email him with details or could Spaceship Mark mention it to him? I don't know the full legalities of the music industry, are you supposed to pay royalties when you perform another persons song? Having said that, I can't wait to hear this epic cd!


Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Fri Jul 10 11:34:25 EDT 1998

Tribute stuff and copyright

In theory you should gain permission of the owner and copyright holder of the material. ie. Julian and whatever record company hold the rights to publish an individual song. If you are making no money from the recording then I doubt royalties would be demanded although sometimes a set fee is asked for. It probably depends how many copies you make as well, a few distributed amongst friends could be counted as "private use" and I guess wouldn't come under any publishing laws.

Any lawyers around ?

Patrick gaumondp@fsa.ulaval.ca Fri Jul 10 15:38:29 EDT 1998


What Julian is saying in the control room at the beginning of Akhenaten. I hear "...put this guitar..." but what else ?


santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Sat Jul 11 04:35:55 EDT 1998


Re: legal stuff

What is the sense of all this discussion? Is this situation different to if I play a song a tape it and then give it away to some friends? Should I pay something for that? I don't think so.

Please, give me the pleasure of hearing all your covers soon, and "stop making sense".



Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Jul 11 08:01:26 EDT 1998


I've just come across a studio tape of Soldier Blue it contains 4 versions

  1. Radio Mix with RAP
  2. Radio Mix
  3. Dance Mix
  4. Instrumental

They are very different from the original LP mix and I'm giving a copy to a well known source of COPE live tapes so they will be available SOON or you can e-mail me for copies and i'll send you details of where to send for them.I had a letter from Island in 90/91 saying that Soldier Blue would be a single but it never came about but this is the first proof I've seen to back up the letter


I've also got a copy of a Townhouse Three Cassette with rough monitor mixes of Beautiful Love/American Lite/You/Pristeen and also a cassette from the Maison Rouge studio with Head and the remixes on

Russ Sat Jul 11 08:06:20 EDT 1998


You should pay if you re record a tape and pass it on to a friend

what you are doing is the age old chestnut of bootleging which in most countries is against the law

Billy ErtlW1@aol.com or damanob@farmvilleez.net Sat Jul 11 19:02:33 EDT 1998

Yeah, I'm just hearing early Cope for the first times in the past month. I've been a post-"Peggy" fan for years and just recently purchased the first four CD's.

T H, yes I've been giving St. Julian many more listenings &I do think it's a classic! WSYM CD has so much energy, though.

Trav, I've also purcased Skellington Chonicles &Droolian about two months ago. The first of the older stuff that I was exposed to was "Followers". That gave me a taste of the older stuff and prompted me to get the first four CD's. I love the live show boots almost as well as the releases.

Anybody have access to any boots or a list of what's out there?

Trav, If you have'nt compiled your covers tape yet I'd like to send to you a cuople of better mixes for "Promised Land". The one I sent to you earlier was a bad mix.

And to whom it may concern, I have'nt forgotten about the Hitchcock trades or the Glassgow '98 show tape. Please have patience with me!

Verian VEZPIP@Compuserve.com Sun Jul 12 09:21:21 EDT 1998

Hi there,

I came accross these pages by accident and they might just be the answer to my prayers. For quite some time now I have been compiling a manuscript relating to Copey that includes:

  1. Lyrics (some of my transcriptions are a bit dodgy!)
  2. Magazine articles
  3. Reviews
  4. Pictures
  5. Track listings
  6. Guitar tableture (if I can find any).

If anybody out there has anything they could contribute I would be happy to receive it and give full credit. Each chapter is by album title so the whole thing is vaguely chronological. If anybody's interested then I would be happy to e-mail a chapter, you can amend it and then e-mail it back.




Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun Jul 12 13:17:49 EDT 1998


Over the years i've tried to write down most of cope's words and i'll find them out and give them a read through

Derek Burgess dburgess@sympatico.ca Mon Jul 13 00:11:16 EDT 1998

In the Akenhaten intro I always thought he was saying : "Move this guitar back a bit". But that's all I can understand. I'm sure he's refering to how the instruments should be set up for the recording session (always live, and always first take - right??).

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Mon Jul 13 13:49:56 EDT 1998

Speaking of lyrics, what's the Brummy bit after Christ vs Warhol? And I've never been able to tell definitely if it's going pwrds or thrown upwards at 45 degrees.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Mon Jul 13 14:01:32 EDT 1998


I think it's 'Goin' upwards at...' that can sound a bit like 'Goan upwards...'

Love mark

Verian VEZPIP@Compuserve.com Mon Jul 13 17:16:38 EDT 1998

Before 'Bring this guitar back a bit' I think it's 'Just turn the tape up as loud as it can take it' on Akenhaten.

Russ: If you're looking out those lyrics for me - thanks.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jul 14 12:54:27 EDT 1998

Christ vs. Warhol? Who knows what is said in the good old brummie accent at the end. I always thought it was something like "Christ vs. Warhol? You can't doubt it", but that doesn't make too much sence really, but then this is Cope we are talking about!

As far as the covers tape goes, I agree a little with Sanistan, I think we should just go ahead and copy the tape and distribute it between us, after all how many copies are we talking about here, its not as if the thing is going to go platinum (or is it?). Lets just do it and deal with the greedheads later if at all, which I thoroughly doubt we will have to.

I have been collecting Cope bootlegs as, most of you know, for over 10 years now and I know lots of other bootleg collectors out there and I don't know anyone who has ever got in to trouble over it, except the occaisional being asked to stop recording at the actual gigs.

Russ mentions below the 4 mixes of Soldier Blue he has come across. He will be very kindly sending me a copy soon so if anyone in North America is interested in a copy then please let me know. And as always if anyone is after cope boots etc then check out the cope list section of my Trampolene site (URL is above) and contact me.


John john.simmons@cliffordchance.com Tue Jul 14 13:32:51 EDT 1998

I am an intellectual property lawyer (and so I guess I'm a greedhead) and a Cope fan. I know a bit about copyright, though not a great deal specifically on music copyright (typical lawyer - covering his arse). Strictly speaking from a UK law side, the tribute tape could be a problem, but the fact that no one is making a profit is a big factor.

I agree with Andrew. Record companies have got bigger things to worry about than a tape being circulated amongst a small number of people. Legal actions are expensive and so they'll probably only sue if they think they're going to make money out of it. Suing a person in the US (did I get that right? is that where the tape is being made?) will be particularly costly for a UK copyright owner. I'm sure they wouldn't think it was worth the bother.

Don't sue me if I wrong, though....

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed Jul 15 10:26:30 EDT 1998

Halo awl,

Sorry I've been away for awhilewhilewhile,but the hospital has been a second home as of late..(nothing too life threatening,but if anyone has some internal organs they don't need.....grim,Steven,grim)...

On a lighter note..glad too see positive vibrations coming back again re:the tribute tape/cd/summerblockbusteractionmadefortvmovie...Really looking forward to wrapping my ears around it!(actually after being music deprived during my stay(s),I look forward to hearing anything but,"You may feel a stick".....)

Have a copy of "Followers.."that arrived while I was gone...Time to pop some meds and stretch out with that...

Best and Lurve to awl,


Chris Wilkerson Wed Jul 15 12:59:16 EDT 1998

Hi I've recently purchased Floored Genius 1 and I noticed that at least in phase 2 there is a lot more guitar. Does anyone know if it's got different mixes or not?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jul 15 18:43:14 EDT 1998

The only song that I know was a remix for Floored Genius was Reynard the Fox, which isn't earth shatteringly different to the original mix but enough that you can tell. Don't know about any of the others though.

On another note, I just want to say that the host of my Trampolene site just contacted me and told me that he is now going to have to charge me to host the site because it is getting quite a lot of hits. He said it is being hit about once evry 5 to 10 minutes. Amazing!


Paul pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Wed Jul 15 21:31:27 EDT 1998

Copey was on Radio 4 this afternoon if anyone missed it.

Just to jump in again re: the covers CD. Regardless of profit, it's illegal. If you think Copey's going to be cool about it because he *appears* to be a cool guy then all I can say is good luck. I suspect you'll be hating life by the end of the year though.

Paul B

Ooh, the stories I could tell...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jul 16 10:49:20 EDT 1998

Tribute tape details:

Yeah, it's being assembled here in the U.S.

Total # of copies will probably be on the order of however many people are on this list! :) By "on the order" I mean it might be two times, or five times or half times; doesn't matter, really. I'd say anywhere from 10-50 copies.

I *don't* intend to give the tape/CD to any stores or to even sell it over the Internet or any stuff like that. Instead, this organized compilation is just making it easier to hear each other's tributes to Cope all at once.

Now, if someone hears the tribute CD and decides to try to make a "real" release of it (because I don't), then that person will have to deal w/ the legalities for sure.

But if it's merely along the lines of a mixed tape/CD passed out to friends...

Besides, I think we, in all our talks on here and our Cope web pages, have profitted Cope's labels far more than we've hurt them. If it weren't for discussion groups like this, I doubt I'd have bought even half the Cope CDs I ended up buying. Where else can you get mail order addresses, complete catalogs, and recommendations? Certainly not the labels' sites. I doubt the American and Echo sites are getting hits every 5 to 10 minutes! :)

By the way, Andrew, I'm impressed! How much are they going to charge you?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jul 16 11:01:03 EDT 1998

Oh yeah, by the way... If any of you are Digital Sex fans, I've just created a set of DS pages:


They're kind of bare right now. I'll be getting a packet in the mail in a couple days, a set of articles and stuff... It'll be cool. I'll add what I can to the site.

So that's the third set of music pages I'm doing *for* bands, not just *of* bands: For Against, Springhouse, Digital Sex.

It's kind of nice knowing I won't get "burnt" by them. I can always ask them if what I have in mind is okay first.

It's different with Cope. I've never spoken to him, written him, emailed him... anything. His presence seems somehow unattainable. Maybe it's because I got into him before I got into the Internet? I dunno.

Do you guys feel like he's distant, untouchable? Like he's got a Superstar aura, and you can't touch him or get near him without feeling like you're being a terrible imposition on him?

Anyway, I just meant to tell you about the Digital Sex pages - check 'em out - I put RealAudio samples online yesterday.



p.s. Only 6 days until I'll have the money to buy a computer and a CD-writer... :)

John Thu Jul 16 12:04:27 EDT 1998

Maybe it is illegal, but profit is relevant because usually it's only when someone is illegally making a fat load of cash that they're worth suing.

People don't sue on matters of principal. They sue 'cos they want to make money.

No one's being naive about Cope. It's just that he'll probably have other things to keep him busy. And he quite possibly doesn't own the copyright in his songs, anyway (at least the Island stuff).

Changing the subject, anyone got a good quality mixing desk recording of Cope's 95 tour? Ideally Leeds, but any gig will do......

Andrew andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jul 16 13:25:23 EDT 1998


I agree with you about the tribute tape/cd. I say do it. Julian may not like it or agree with it legally, but this is a non profit thing. Personally I don't want to think about the amount of cash I have dumped into my Cope collection over the past 10 years, probably close to the GNP of some small countries! Yes it pays to be cautious, but I can't see how a tape like this is diverting funds away from Cope himself or the record companies. That would be the only reason I could see for anyone sueing etc. I say lets get it out there and the cards are going fall where they will fall. If you try to work out all the legalities of everything it would probably mean a release of this sometime next year and it would take all the fun out of the whole thing. Yes of course I can sympathise with Cope for being offended etc. I am an artist and if I saw someone deliberately copying my work, even as a tribute I would say "Hey, wait a minute...", but I don't think this project is meant to take advantage of anyone or offend anyone, especially Julian Cope himself. Enough to and fro about this, I don't think we are the first set of fans to be doing something like this surely!

John, I have a few tapes from 95, no Leeds though unfortunatley. Non are mixing desk recordings, but with technology as it is today, i.e. Sony Dat walkman recorders etc, the tapes tend to be almost as good as mixing desk recordings. Take a look at the Cope list section of Trampolene (URL above) and let me know what you think.


Andrew Johnstone Thu Jul 16 13:27:53 EDT 1998


My server guy is offering to register Trampolene as a domain for $100CDN, which would be cool, trampolene.com! And then he will host the site for $250CDN a year. I don't know much about this, do you know if thats good?


Verian VEZPIP@Compuserve.com Thu Jul 16 14:28:45 EDT 1998


I was thinking of sending you a tape of a Cope cover, how do I get it to you and what's already been covered?

On another note, I am still putting together a manuscript and would appreciate some help if anybody's willing. To elaborate, it is my intention, when completed, to distribute the manuscript over the net, free of charge, to anybody who wants it.



Ifan Morgan blewyn@blewyn.demon.co.uk Thu Jul 16 14:51:42 EDT 1998

Any chance of getting those live tapes posted on the website as mp3s rather than real audio ? Real audio's OK for an amusing web plaything but it's not really good enough for proper music.

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Thu Jul 16 17:11:27 EDT 1998

Get the tribute tape done. I've a mate who has a similar thing of Fall covers and Mark E. Smith sounds like far more of a temperamental arse than JC.

Bloke working at Clifford Chance in the intellectual property department: How come you don't know how to get round the law? I thought that was the whole point in the profession. And if you work for Clifford Chance how come you don't know everything about everything? According to the brochure they're the best law firm in the world...ever. Can I have a job? Having a Cope fan in the firm has just sent it rocketing in my estimations.

Billy ErtlW1@aol.com Fri Jul 17 00:02:38 EDT 1998


If the only people getting the covers tape are friends/cover contributers then the fucks the problem?

Not to knock Cope, but have any of you noticed the similarities between "Bandy's First Jump" and U2's "I Will Follow" among other Cope &U2 tunes. "Follow" even preceeds "Bandy's" by about 2 years! This is odd because of Copes' frequent bashing of Bono. I'm not a huge U2 fan, but it seems that they may have had some influence on Cope.

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Fri Jul 17 06:39:32 EDT 1998

My mate reckons what I wrote yesterday to Mr. Clifford Chance sounded rude. It wasn't meant to be.

John Fri Jul 17 08:48:37 EDT 1998

Hey Slap. No worries. I didn't take it as being rude at all. What you said is true, anyway.

But I don't know everything about everything 'cos I'm only a trainee. And as for being the best law firm in the World, it would be wrong for me to comment since I'm using their internet facility to get to this site. You know, bite the hand that feeds you, etc........

And it is a big firm. So don't let the fact that one person amongst 4000 is a Cope fan cloud your judgement.

Anyway, enough about them - this is Julian Cope site, after all. And I might get into trouble.....

Anyone who saw Cope on his 95 tour. Was it just me, or was Safesurfer the most awesome live performance by anyone ever?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jul 17 10:34:52 EDT 1998

Tribute Tape:

Billy, Verian, and others - I'm still 5 days away from ordering my computer, so if you want to submit songs for it, it's not too late. I don't have a song list in front of me, but I wouldn't worry about duplicates if I were you. I can either put them on together, or on separate tapes/CDs.

As far as the legality issue, I've got a good friend who's a patent lawyer - I'll see what he has to say.

It'd probably be beast if we treat the CD like a demo, which it effectively is: We, the contributors and friends of the contributors, would like to hear a preview of our CD before deciding whether it is worth going through all the legal and productive hassle involved in making an official, for-profit release of the CD.

If we decide to commercially release the CD, then we'll have to of course contact Island and Cope and all that. But for now, this first CD is for private evaluatory only, and will not be sold.

And that's certainly the truth. I can put a note on the sleeve saying "Not for Sale."

Julian Cope Live page:

When I get my new computer, I'll get a good MP3-er, and will make some MP3s. I'll also make the Julian Cope Live page more prominant. But for now, I've only had one or two people tell me they've looked at the Julian Cope Live page, and only one other person said he listened to the songs! :)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jul 17 10:36:24 EDT 1998

Best, not beast! :)


Andrew andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.netsign.com?~andrew/trampolene Fri Jul 17 14:35:30 EDT 1998

Hmm, little Freudian thing going on there Trav. Perhaps your subconscious knows something about this cd/tape. Do we have a beast in our midst?


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Sat Jul 18 14:05:57 EDT 1998


While we're all waiting how about a proposed track list for the CD\Tape\thing, I'd like to know what everyone's done...

What did J have to say on Radio 4? Has the M.A. promotion begun in ernest?

Love to y'awl


Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Mon Jul 20 04:58:23 EDT 1998

I didn't hear it myself but I was told that the Radio 4 thing was about a hotel in London, (don't know which one) much favoured by the rock'n'roll community, and is where Julian stayed during his T.E days.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jul 20 11:02:08 EDT 1998

Hey guys!

First of all, I just got the new Computer Shopper magazine last night and computer prices have dropped tremendously! I'l now looking at 400 MHz machines instead of 300 MHz machines, and larger hard disks and all the good, fun, computer shopping type stuff.

Prices on CD-writers have *not* come down very far, if at all. So, I'm pretty settled in that area. I will either get the EIDE Panasonic 4x/8x kit for $295 or the Plextor CD-reader/CD-writer/SCSI-controller combo for $700. It'll most likely be the former.

My CD matures this week, so I'll probably be making my purchase really soon. Once I get it my first major task will be to finally churn out the tribute tapes/CDs.

Haven't compiled a full song listing yet. A suprising portion of the songs are from Jehovahkill and onward. Not many Teardrops songs, and that *really* surprised me (though there are a couple)!

As far as legality goes, here's what my lawyer friend has to say:

Travis: I am putting together a Julian Cope tribute tape/CD (lots of different people contributed their versions of Cope songs), which I plan to send to people on my Julian Cope discussion list. We're wondering about the chances of me getting sued for distributing copyrighted work.

David: I, of course, must tell you that it is most likely a violation of their copyright. Your chances of getting sued are slim because there is no money in it for them. What they would probably do is send you a cease and desist letter telling you to stop or they will sue you. You probably wouldn't be sued by the music company because they do not own the rights to the song, only the song recording on the particular album. Whoever wrote the song (Julian Cope?) probably owns the rights to the song and would have to be paid for the right to play his song.

Travis: Do you have any advice/comments/subpoenas for us? :)

David: It's possible that no one will be do anything because you are playing your own personal versions and you are not doing anything for profit. But then again movie studios and TV studios have caused individuals to stop their homepages from containing copyrighted materials. I AM NOT SAYING THIS ANY OF THIS AS AN ATTORNEY, just someone with a little legal knowledge. If you don't think that they will mind then do it and they will tell you to stop if they do mind.


Basically, we seem to be on the right track. I like the fact that he mentions that Big Companies tend to give warnings first. That's comforting. If we're stepping on someone's toes, we'll know it before we get our heads blown off with a shotgun.

Speaking of this topic... Yesterday I thought of a good title or subtitle for the tribute album: Please Don't Suicide.

Heh heh heh... Actually, I could use suggestions. Some cheesy ideas:



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jul 20 16:11:58 EDT 1998

I really like Everyone Playing at Once. I can't think of any other suggestions right now, except maybe Us Singing (instead of Me Singing). I guess some kind of play on words using Cope is a bit too obvious and lame, you know, Learning to Cope or Coping Up with the Neighbours, that kind of thing. I look forward to hearing other peoples suggestions as mine just make me groan deep inside.


Andrew Johnstone Mon Jul 20 18:47:21 EDT 1998

Seeing as how this is Rail On! and presumably everyone who has contributed to this tape also contributes here, how about something like "Off the Rails". Just a thought. Andrew

Johnny j.w.smith@openmail2.uedn18.sukepabe.simis.com Tue Jul 21 05:08:22 EDT 1998

I've been watching this site for quite a while and some of the postings are quite interesting, whilst some are too 'train spotter' for me. This is the first time I've written as I didn't really have anything constructive to add before. I've been into Copey since '78 and I've had the good fortune to meet the Drude a few times. Got the photo's, the signed book and he even gave my girlfriend a 'Peggy' T-shirt (unwashed) that he had been wearing on tour.

Anyway, point is, regarding the tape that you guys are producing, I can remember Copey saying ages ago that he thought it was OK to use any artists work as long as a decent period of time had passed. So as long as you don't use his most recent work, then he should have no problem with it - from the man himself!

I'm surprised that none of you guys have mentioned the compilation of videos released a few years ago - it's one of the best parts of my collection. It even includes the video with Pete DeFrietas who was a friend wiped out in a bike smash. Back a few years ago, and purely 'more by luck than judgement', I found myself in Tamworth. It is just like the map drawn in 'Floored' and is described very well on some of the 'Fried/St J' tracks.

For what it's worth, from a die hard fan; QE was crap, even with the chemical aids.

Anyway, I may submit something again later if it's worth while.



St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Tue Jul 21 09:31:59 EDT 1998

Yeah, "Everyone playing at once" certainly gets my vote, but for a couple more groans what about;

"Elegant covers" or "Elegant copies"

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Jul 21 09:55:58 EDT 1998

Andrew (and all),

Here's a groaner for you;re:tribute titles...

"Count to Ten and Run for Covers"

(someone had to do it..~s~)


Ron drude@mounet.com Tue Jul 21 21:07:56 EDT 1998

...and with a tacky sense of humor, but a true sense of the moment...

St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Wed Jul 22 11:20:32 EDT 1998

Re: The tribute title,

What about "Ain't but the one way"?

Sloan sloang@em.agr.ca Wed Jul 22 13:28:26 EDT 1998

hey all

last time i was here was sept, but i'm back now, hopefully never to leave again!

can i get in on the tape thingy? i do a great spoons version of poet is priest. ;)

well i've had my first teardrop explodes experience since last time we spoke - i bought floored genius. cheesy 80'ness never sounded so sweet.

must work,


Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Wed Jul 22 14:48:13 EDT 1998

How about "Have You Come to Hear US Singing?"

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Jul 22 16:42:33 EDT 1998

How about

Jellypop Perky Tunes

or for those out there who don't like that Copes being covered



Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Thu Jul 23 11:20:44 EDT 1998

I'm surprised no-one has come up with "Interpreters".

Sloan sloang@em.agr.ca Fri Jul 24 13:30:38 EDT 1998

i got fried last night.

Graham Sun Jul 26 08:35:04 EDT 1998

Does anyone know if JC is playing any of the summer festivals in the UK this year....?

Richard Hayward Mon Jul 27 06:50:14 EDT 1998

Writing on College Computer so can't spend long chatting. Over the weekend I received an 8 Page glossy promtional colour booklet for the Modern Antiquarian which will be released in October. The booklet contains extracts from the book such as Gazetteer entries for some of the sites that will be in the book.

For each site in the Gazzetter there will be a page containing a paragraph of writing about each site as well as a paragraph of notes written by Julian on site when he was there. There are also directions to get to the sites as well as grid refernces and colour photographs. the Gazzeteer will be divided up into 7 different Rainbow colours a different coluor for different parts of the country.

In all 5 Gazzetter entries are included in the booklet.

The booklet also mentions that the book will contain over 600 Colour photographs and illustrations, over 50 poems, and that the essay section " examines our pre-historic begginings through the evidence of our Megalithic remains and their surroundings, in order to help us reconcile where we are right now."

There is also a page mentioning the promotional campaign for the book. For example there will be an interview in the bookseller, an A1 double sided poster, a customised bookmark both featuring the Bookcover which is blue featuring the Modern Antiquarian in red letters going round a white circle with a red star symbol in the middle and Julian Cope writen in white letters The book will be housed in a blue wipe clean slip case which fits into a red box. There will aslo be a 20 city coast to coast author signing tour of Waterstones in October. It does not say were the tour will be going though I have been told that my nearest Waterstones Julian will be appearing at will be Bristol. It says there will also be advertising in the Music press, as well as local and national press, Blanket Tv and Radio Coverage and a documentary TV series under negotiation. Also a postcard sent to people on the mailing list. Just looking through this booklet I can see that the book is going to be a big seller.

The extracts included are amazing and I can see why Thosons (Harper Collins) have called the book " This Autumns Most Memorable Promotion." I don't know where you can get the promotional booklet my guess is that you should try you local book store such as Waterstones they might have copies if not write to Thorsons ( Harper Collins)They might send you one.

Other news. I have also just received info on future Head heritage releases From Jo Anne they are

  1. Universal Pansies CD "SEPT/Oct New Kakaloug also due then"
  2. Head Heritage Sampler "Hopefully next Year"
  3. New Anal/ E Recked CD "not sure.. on hold"
  4. New Thighpaulsandra CD "Next Year"
  5. "Also Hopefully Brits Abroad"

As regards a signed edition of The Modern Antiquarian she says "OK but Julian is doing a book tour of waterstones-your nearest would be Bristol" So I assume that she will be able to get hold of copies but she recommends that anyone wanting a signed copy should go one of Julian's book tour appearances.

That is all the news for now. Anybody who has any queries regarding the above please phone me evenings on 01823 66164 as I will be unable to go online for a while.

Richard Hayward 27.7.98 (C.E)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jul 27 10:55:14 EDT 1998

Wow, thanks for all the info, Richard!

Regarding the tribute tape, great titles, guys! We could have a little survey to pick one! You can email me your favorite. Here are all the suggestions we've had so far (in alphabetical order, and some are serious and some are not!):

You can, of course, come up with some of your own - tell us! :)

Also, Dereck Higgins of Digital Sex told me he's a Julian Cope fan! Wow! You can check out the D.S. page:




p.s. I got my $$$ from the bank on Friday and so will be ordering my computer sometime this week - maybe even today! :)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jul 29 10:34:19 EDT 1998

CD Labels

Okay, I bought a scanner and a CD-labeler (the Stomper Pro) yesterday. Anyone know much about CD labels? How risky are they? I'll of course preview every CD before mailing it, but I'm wondering if labels have a significant impact on lifetime and reliability? Maybe I'll let people choose individually whether they want a label or not, just like they can choose whether they want CD or tape.

Contributor Info Needed

In any case, I'd like to include a little bit on each contributor in the jacket. For those of you who submitted Cope songs, please tell me:


Freight Train

I was talking to Dereck Higgins of Digital Sex about his favorite bands and he mentioned Julian Cope. As a followup, he wrote:

Julian Cope is an unrecognized pop music genius. I have most of his albums, including Teardrop Explodes'Kilimanjaro'. I have a bunch of cd singles and limited edition 12" singles from around the 'Peggy Suicide' era. I also have a rare single by Cope's brother's band Freight Train. It's very good English psychedelia.


modfather rob robr65@hotmail.com Wed Jul 29 12:59:36 EDT 1998

been a long time since i got on here...being that i suggested "count to ten and run for covers" back at the start of this, i'm a bit partial to it, BUT i really like "WE SINGING" (geddit--it flows better than "US"). nevertheless, i can't wait to hear what everybody's done--and Trav, i hope you used mix #5 from my tape; i went back and listened to the rest of the mixes i had of "books" and they all sucked except for that one, which was the best--but anyway, it's good to be back from the semi-dead; breaking up is hard to do--if there are any cope-head girls out there--i'm available!

Blessings upon y'awl--

Modfather Rob

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jul 29 13:01:02 EDT 1998

Yeah, Freight Train were pretty cool there for a while, as well as Donald Ross Skinner the band also included Joss Cope I think. I have some stuff on tape by them including their single and a live tape. There was also another spin off band called Remayns. This was basically Freight Train plus Cally, Julian's manager way back when.

Remayns and Freight Train both played John Peel sessions, Remayns doing a pretty good cover version of Spacehopper.


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Jul 29 13:40:46 EDT 1998


I have got both the singles


It came with a fold out sleeve and it was an great single

It was also produced by Steven Lovell

THE REMAYNS (Nrico 29)

It came out in clear multi-coloured vinyl and sounded very much like the Byrds (Why being a McGuinn/Cosby song)

The band did include Cally and P St John Nettleton who designed the Frieght Train sleeve and also worked with Cally at Island i think designing record sleeves including some of Julians.

Both singles came out on the Bam Caruso Records home of the Rabbi Joseph Gordon single and even though the singles came and went without much fuss both command a high price of around £15-£20

thats enough trainspotting for today !!!


Andrew have you recieved the tape yet!!

Russ Wed Jul 29 13:52:55 EDT 1998

Donald was also in a band called STARFISH who had a single out in 95 called TALK SENSE on Bold Records another FAB record that did nothing at all.

What's Donald doin' at the moment anyone know!!!!


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Thu Jul 30 04:18:20 EDT 1998

Hi Again!

I've just recieved the press pack for the MODERN ANTIQUARIAN and it looks great. I'm going to send Andrew some scans for his web site you can take a look there soon but if you would like to see scans yourself e-mail me and I will send them to you


Keith Thu Jul 30 08:14:12 EDT 1998


Just discovered this list. Great to read the news on the Modern Antiquarian. Who sends out the press packs ? I've been unable to locate Thorsons' address from the web.

The book is listed on the Bookpages site which has details of price £25, 432 pages and size 280 x 210mm.

What's happening with the Head Heritage site ? Will it ever be updated again ?

Are there any reviews of the Glastonbury gig ?

Sorry for the questions.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jul 30 13:05:06 EDT 1998

If anyone wants to see the cover for the Modern Antiquarian I have posted the scans that Russ very kindly sent me. It looks awesome! Thanks Russ, and yes I did receive the tape of the Soldier Blue remixes etc. That too is excellent. If anyone is interested in a copy of the tape let me know, I am away for 2 weeks vacation as of this weekend but I can deal with it when I get back! The URL for the cover scans is:


It looks good, and if anyone comes across a spare press kit for it then I would love to see a copy!


Billy ErtlW1@aol.com Thu Jul 30 19:50:47 EDT 1998

To answer Chris's question from a few weeks ago, yes the mix from 'Floored 1' does appear to be different on 'Reynard' than what's on 'St Julian' CD. I listened to a friends copy of 'Floored 1' the other day and this backwards guitar jumped right out at me! Can anyone else comment on the other tracks, or has this issue been covered in 'Rail On' archives?

Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Thu Jul 30 20:14:23 EDT 1998

Who has read Head On? Is it worth the purchase?

I read the excerpt on Head Heritage and it was really good!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jul 31 10:09:30 EDT 1998

Derek - Head On is an excellent book! It's funny, exciting, and very intelligent. Cope's a great writer. You should browse through archives for The Culture Bunker and Rail On - I think we talked about Head On a lot when it first came out. Just about everyone really likes it, from what I recall.

Someone asked me some good questions via email:

Would it be possible for you to record the Teardrop Explodes releases to CD if I can pay for the blanks and your troubles?

I don't mind doing stuff that's out of print, but I think all four of the Teardrop Explodes albums are still available. CDNow.com currently has: Piano ($12), Kilimanjaro ($15), and Wilder ($20). These are the best prices I've seen for those albums!

I'd also be interested in the solo Cope B-sides, different mixes, demos and other stuff you don't get on the solo CD's.

A bunch of us were talking a while back about putting together another series of tapes (which can now be CDs): "Best of the Boots" and "Best of the B-Sides".

Best of the Boots is still ethically doable, since the chances of Island or Echo coming out with live Cope albums are probably slim.

Best of the B-sides is not a good idea anymore, though, because B-sides and EP cuts have already surfaced on the WSYM and Fried reissues and Followers of St. Julian, and will probably continue to surface.

In my opinion, if we can buy it, we shouldn't trade it. That's my philosphy. As an example, Skellington and Droolian were for a long time impossible to find, so I had someone dub them for me. Since then, they've been made available by Head Heritage, and indeed I went out and bought them right away.


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Jul 31 10:15:35 EDT 1998

Hmmm...re:Compilation titles(top three..no order)

  1. Count to Ten and Run for Covers
  2. Everyone Playing at Once
  3. I Was There Singing...or...Listening to Me Singing

Good luck with everything,Trav..

Care to all,Steven

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Jul 31 12:33:30 EDT 1998


Beg, borrow or steal a copy of Head On, you won't regret it. Its funny, entertaining, insightful etc. I read it in a day as I couldn't put it down. Deffinately get a copy if you can.


I agree, if copies of a cd a readily available then don't copy a cd yourself, its always much better to own a copy of "the real thing" anyway. The web site GEMMS is another good resource for cheap Cope cds, www.gemm.com. and last time I looked all Teardrops/Cope cds were available.

I'm still interested in putting together some b-sides cds though, stuff from the Peggy era etc. We should resurrect this project as it seems to have slipped by the way-side.


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Aug 5 06:46:08 EDT 1998

Hi i've just got my Psion hooked up for the NET so this is just a trail message hope to send Andrew an updated discography soon plus the rest of the MA press pack


if anyones seen the scans on Andrews page let me know what you think and whats happened to the Screaming Secrets page i can't find it any more

Russ Mon Aug 10 15:36:21 EDT 1998

Hi now news for 5 days things are a little dull only 2 months left untill we have something to talk about


Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Thu Aug 13 12:00:02 EDT 1998

Hmmm, not much happening around here !

I'm saving pennies for the Mod. Ant. Has anyone heard any details of which stores Julian will be doing signings ?

And how many of you enjoy QE2 ? Disk one gets played regularly. Disk two when I'm sleepy. Hey ! I sometimes even play QE . . . .

Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Thu Aug 13 17:53:34 EDT 1998

I've just come back from a rather interesting holiday in North Wales visiting some ancient monuments. It's intriguing to know that there are still one or two *secret* sites out there..

Some people have had problems accessing the Screaming Secrets site. According to my ISP the problem isn't their end and I'm trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Fri Aug 14 08:44:05 EDT 1998

I've had no problems accessing the Screaming Secrets page. (http://users.netmatters.co.uk/pabs/SS.html)

Derek Burgess dburgess@ait.toronto.iti.ca Fri Aug 14 09:01:07 EDT 1998

I'm still nervous about plunking down big bucks for any of the QE or Rite CD's (around $34 CDN here) because I think they will be similar to the Ambulence EP, which I can't listen to.

Are the QE and Rite CD's listenable, or are they also throw-away experiments like Ambulence?

I bought that EP well before Interpreter came out and I was afraid Julian had gone off in some bizarre direction. But then I finally laid my ears on Interpreter and my faith was restored.


spaceship mark Fri Aug 14 13:20:21 EDT 1998

If you hated Ambulence then I can't see you been a hude fan of the QE stuff as much of it is in a similar vein (although I thought Ambulence was fantastic, especially the guitar solos). Rite and Rite 2 are more groovy, Rite especially. They have beats and rhythm and things absent from a lot of QE stuff.

Paul...where did you get to in Wales, did you got to the momuments around Tal-y-Fan? The poets stone is one rocking dolmen. In that itr Rocks as opposed to actually physically rocks.

I'm off to France on Sunday as my sister is working in Carnac, right opposite the allignments!!!

Have fun y'all


t2 mk.gray@which.net Sat Aug 15 19:39:30 EDT 1998

Hi all,

Just found this board and it looks quite interesting and informative, I'll be sure to pop back regularly. As for contributing anything of value, that's doubtful, however, some of you may be interested to hear there was an interview with Edgar Froese on Radio Scotland this week and Krautrocksampler was mentioned. Froese said he has never met or spoken to Julian but he has read the book and reckons that Julian must be "a madman", he then went on to speculate on what type of chemical enhancements Julian must have used to derive so much from the early Tangerine Dream material. Never having read it myself, his comments were a little lost on me, but they have piqued my interst, is it a good read ? and is it a worthwhile buy for those with only a passing Krautrock interest ?


Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Sat Aug 15 20:02:15 EDT 1998

I was actually in Anglesey for the most part, and also had the advantage of a very old but very scrupulous book on ancient sites. I was also party to a pretty bizarre event that I couldn't even begin to go into.

I was actually surprised by a) the number of sites not officially listed and b) some of the intriguing obstacles put in the way of the official ones (ie a field of bulls!).

The Screaming Secrets site appears to be OK now, although my other pages are still with problems. Oh well.

Paul B

Jason Eyre j.eyre@rpms.ac.uk Fri Aug 21 18:34:05 EDT 1998

I once saw Julian do a poem live, possibly called "get out of London" or some such title. Does anyone know the one I'm talking about? I haven't seen it anywhere or heard it since. If anyone has it and could e-mail it to me I would be most grateful.



Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Aug 25 09:46:30 EDT 1998

Okay, guys! I've moved, I've gotten a new computer, and I've been on about a billion vacations this month! :) But I'm back, and ready to work.

First, my CD-writer got crushed by UPS during shipping, or at least that's what DeVine Computers says. They say that Panasonic is being swamped with orders, so I won't be able to get my burner until early September. The best date they could give me is the 2nd or 3rd.

So, the tribute CD, which I'm very excited about, will have to wait until then. In the meantime, I've been reading up on CD-Rs and the A->D conversion. I've also fiddled around with different WAV editors (Creative Labs' WaveStudio, GoldWave, CoolEdit), and have checked out other peoples' CD-Rs to see what sort of sound and packaging I can expect.

Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted about all that.

And oh yeah, since we have at least another week before I get my burner, we're open for any last minute contributions (cover songs, that is). Just let me know if you're sending something so that I know to hold off on the track selection.

Krautrocksampler was a fun read. I only had a "passing interest" in Krautrock; I believe my only KR CDs at that point were by Can.

As a result of the book, I ended up spending a lot of $$$ on krautrock CDs. The only ones I end up playing a lot are Can, which I was into before the book. The others are all "nice enough" but for some reason I'm rarely compelled to put 'em on.

My new suitemate is into Cope! I was amazed to discover that. She only has Floored Genius, but still... It's really rare for anyone around here to have heard of him.

After the tribute CD, I'd definitely be interested in helping out with a compilation live CD.

I still don't want to touch the B-sides with a 10 ft subpoena. I *might* be up for making a disc of MP3ed B-sides. That's more of a "sampling" media than an obvious replacement for the commercially available material.

Speaking of Autogeddon (I wasn't, but needed a segue), is anyone else a Carmageddon fan? The Carma 2 demo is out and is intensely fun! I recommend you delete data/demo.txt to disable the 10 minute time limit and use the Action Camera on the instant replay (keypad ENTER key) - it's absolutely hilarious!!!

For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, Carmageddon is a computer driving game where you get points for running over pedestrians. In the new version, you also "get" to run over dogs. There's lots of blood and guts... Yeah, it's a sick concept, but it's fun!

Anyway, I wonder what Cope would think about it, or if his anti-driving concerns are more environmental.


St eur.stm@eur.sas.com Wed Aug 26 09:37:23 EDT 1998

So Trav have you decided on a name for the tribute CD yet?? If not here is another dire suggestion to keep the ball rolling.

Ready for it; "Copey cats".

It's ok I'll go off and hang myself now to save you the trouble.

Love, peace and hair grease y'all


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Aug 26 12:52:59 EDT 1998


Have you tried the Head Heritage site for the poem you're looking for, there are quite a few of Julian's poems and musings there. You could try writing to them to ask, but the fact that the site hasn't been updated since January could mean trouble in getting a reply.


Marc Fri Aug 28 05:53:53 EDT 1998

re: the poem "Get out of London"

I think this poem doesn't exist on paper. It was performed by Julian on the Propheteering - tour and as far as I am concerned, it went like this :

get out of London
get out of London
try if you possibly can
try if you possibly can
( then something that I did not get )
... and hang out with me !

This is the last line.

But there are bits missing, I am sorry.

Anyway, it was quite a short poem on leaving the city.


Brian Mon Aug 31 07:55:44 EDT 1998

Still need a name for the tribute CD...?

How about "Covered in Song"

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Aug 31 11:00:04 EDT 1998

Cyclone was down a bit this weekend, probably from the storm remnants of that East Coast hurricane. :)

This week is the week I should be getting my CD-writer. I'll let y'all know when I get it, and give you a sense for when the tribute CD will come out.

Okay, for names for the tribute CD, we have (at least) the following, along with my ratings from 0 to 3: 0 = "ugh," 1 = "I can live with it," 2 = "cool," 3 = "the best".

  1. Ain't But the One Way [3]
  2. Coping Up With the Neighbours [0]
  3. Count to Ten and Run for Covers [1]
  4. Elegant Copies [0]
  5. Elegant Covers [1]
  6. Everyone Playing at Once [2]
  7. I Was There Singing [0]
  8. Interpreters [2]
  9. Jellypop Perky Tunes [0]
  10. Learning to Cope [0]
  11. Listening to Me Singing [0]
  12. Off the Rails [0]
  13. Our Nation Underground [1]
  14. Please Don't Suicide [0]
  15. Tiny Children [2]
  16. Treason [0]
  17. Us Singing [1]
  18. World Open Your Mouth [1]

Feel free to send in your own scores. At the end of this week (or whenever I start making the tape) I'll add up the scores and post the results! :)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Aug 31 11:06:33 EDT 1998

Oh yeah, some more tribute CD title ideas:

  1. 19. Covered in Song [1]
  2. 20. Mimic the Fox [2]
Craig Burrows phish@iconn.com.ph Mon Aug 31 12:19:44 EDT 1998

(Posted by Travis)

Has to be Tiny Children, best title and one of the best songs, also it is unpretentious.

Could you post a request for lyrics to "World Shut Your Mouth". I am having trouble getting on the WWW right now.


Craig Burrows.

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Mon Aug 31 15:20:48 EDT 1998

Hey all,

Haven't posted in a very long time. Hope everyone is well. One question: can anyone out there tell me what the "picture" is on the Easty Risin' picture disc? (No one out there would happen to have a spare copy they'd be willing to sell, huh? Nope, didn't think so.) My wife and I recently framed a bunch of cool album covers and picture discs, including my Heed disc. It looks so good, I was just wondering what I'm missing on the other one...

Still anxiously awaiting the tribute CD-R. My vote for title: Interpreters. Current and highly relevant. Copacetic.

Back to the copestone...

everett hstc@prodigy.net Tue Sep 1 12:27:34 EDT 1998

These Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes items are from my personal collection and have been gathered over the years. Most are in great shape-NM/NM condition with nothing below VG+/VG+. Standard abbreviations are used (i.e. cc=cut corner, promo=promotional item). There are no minimum bids, but please be reasonable. The auction shall end at midnight on September 8th. I will notify you by September 12th, if you have won or not. Postage will be $2-3 for the US and a bit more for overseas customers. All are shipped in heavy cardboard and plastic cover. If you wish to be notified of competing bids, please let me know in advance. Please do not place a bid if you do not plan to honor it, this is not fair to the other bidders or myself. Thanks for looking this over. Good luck and take care.


7" &Flexi:
*The Teardrop Explodes- Tiny Children+1 (w/PS-Tear 7-small black marker
  writing on upper left corner of picture sleeve)
*Julian Cope/Spirit- World Shut Your Mouth promo flexi (w/PS-Madox 004-
  includes 4 tracks from that album-other side is the band Spirit-very rare)
12" &LP:
*The Teardrop Explodes- Treason +2 (UK 12" w/PS-Tear 312)
*The Teardrop Explodes- Tiny Children +2 (UK 12" w/PS-Tear 712-includes
  great live version of "Sleeping Gas")
*The Teardrop Explodes- Serious Danger +2 (UK 12" w/PS-Drop 112-1990 release)
*Julian Cope- World Shut Your Mouth LP (UK-Merl 37-signed by Cope-inscription
  reads "for Kimberly with K. love Julian David Cope")
*Julian Cope- Sunshine Playroom +3 (UK 12" w/PS-Cope 112)
*Julian Cope- The Greatness And Perfection Of Love +2 (UK 12" w/PS-Merx 155)
*Julian Cope- World Shut Your Mouth +4 (US miniLP w/PS-Island 90560)
*Julian Cope-V-Trouble Funk- World Shut Your Mouth +2 (UK 12" w/PS-12ISX290)
*Julian Cope- My Nation Underground LP (US-Island 91025-CC-promo-with
  press kit &photo)

Thanks again!


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Tue Sep 1 13:53:26 EDT 1998

My easty risin' doesn't have a picture (other that of squbbsy on the box. The picture on HEED: of penetration and the city dweller is Julians head in profile and horizontal. He is lying infront of either the sunrise or sunset at Callanish stone circle on Lewis (the one off Jehovahkill).

Just got back from two weeks in France which included a week in Carnac (or Karnag to give it it's proper Breton name). This is possibly the most cosmic place in the world after Avebury, you literally trip over sites wherever you turn. I think I'm going to go and live there...

Love to Y'all


skellngtn Wed Sep 2 19:35:04 EDT 1998

there's a brief mention of Julian in Rolling Stone's review of Courtney Love's new cd: In describing Love, the writer says she's "... a combination of L.A. messiness and London obliqueness, a mix of the ungovernable expressiveness of Stevie Nicks and the refracted psychedelicism of a British loner like Julian Cope."

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Thu Sep 3 12:57:31 EDT 1998


has anyone out there seen Verian who's looking for Cope lyrics i've tried e-mailing him but my messages keep coming back


Andrew Johnstone http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Sep 4 17:46:55 EDT 1998

Hi Everyone,

A quick non-Cope item: I will no longer be checking mail at andrew@alchemedia.net and it pretty soon it will no longer exist! Unfortunately I don't have a replacement address yet, hopefully within the next week I will. I will inform you all of that as soon as it happens. Thanks!


Billy damanob@farmvilleeznet.com Sat Sep 5 19:39:49 EDT 1998

Jammed with new band last night. We're working on mainly originals. We also are doing many, many Cope covers. Had a blast! Wish I could sing as well as Julian. I lost my voice after about an half an hour from straining, my vocals weren't turned up enough on the PA. Still we had a great time till 2:00 am.

Can't wait to hear everyones cover tunes.


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Sun Sep 6 16:02:29 EDT 1998

Dear all,

Most of you will have probably received and email direct, but just a quick note to say I now have a new email address, which is above.


Matthew Cheatle mcheatle@mc-comms.co.uk Mon Sep 7 12:59:49 EDT 1998

I was lucky enough to go back stage when Julian was playing The Cambridge Junction earlier this year. Me and a mate hung out with him for about an hour. What a nice guy!! Let me consume his fridge's stock of Red Strip beer (amongst other things!) Very friendly. Can't remember much about what we talked but it was the best night ever and has certainly made this 'fan' happy as larry.

spaceship mark Mon Sep 7 18:17:12 EDT 1998

any news on the m. anti. having a phone number aint always a direct line...

love mark

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Sep 11 14:41:21 EDT 1998


I've just seen a track on a Big Country CD called Not Raving But Drowning it can't be the same can it !!!!!!!


Things are a bit quiet no news anyone?

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Sep 12 13:39:02 EDT 1998

Has anyone out there got a web cam

i've just bought one


St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Mon Sep 14 09:04:42 EDT 1998

Hi Russ et al,

I was so (morbidly) intrigued by the idea of Big Country doing a Cope cover that I had to check it out. Sadly it's just "Not waving but drowning" like the original poem by Stevie Smith (http://www.ootw.com/dom/smith01.htm), which copey got his title from. Shame though, who knows if it had been true we could have lived to see the Spice girls doing a cover of Reynard or Boyzone grooving down to safe surfer, oh well, perhaps in an alternative reality.

You're right though things are quiet, what about a fantasy Cope duet mail. I've always thought Cope and Karl Wallinger (sp?) would make a good album together. They've got fairly similar musical and philosophical sensibilities (a penchant for big trippy soundscapes, enviromentally aware, etc), but where Cope (dare i say it)sometimes suffers from lack of discipline Wallinger can be too precise and uptight, they could really bring out the best in each other. Course the down side is they're both admitted control freaks, but as I said in another reality. Anyone else got a suggestion? Well that's my attempt to start something failing any real news.

Slán go fóill,


spaceship mark Mon Sep 14 13:57:19 EDT 1998

You can pre-order the M.A. from the internet bookshop


if you want, you get a discount too.

Is that news?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Sep 14 14:00:04 EDT 1998

Hey guys!

My CD-burner supplier says they won't have burners until the 15th (Wednesday). Hopefully they'll ship mine then, and I should get it by the end of the week. Funny how they said 4-6 days and it's now been over 6 weeks!!! :|

If you have any covers you'd like to contribute, I'll give you another week! Just let me know they're on the way... :)

Also, does anyone have any recent Cope touring info?


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue Sep 15 06:30:18 EDT 1998


anyone needing Cope stuff should try Vinyl Tap they have got loads of stuff at


They have a copy of the Molten Rock 7" and the Copeulation vidio with fold out sleeve.

How about Julian working with the EELS i've just got hold of a promo of their new CD Electro Shock Blues is brill


Andrew Johnstone andrewjo@intergate.bc.ca http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Sep 15 12:19:04 EDT 1998

Cope and the Eels? That would be interesting. I have their first cd, Beautiful Freak, which is excellent, amazing lyrics. Although I think I kind of ruined it by overplaying it and haven't listened to it in a long while now. I deffinately recommend it though.

Does anyone know the actual date of release for the Mod. Ant.? I know its been said September 98, but when? Must be very soon (I hope). I hope all you people over there in the UK have your VCRs and tape recorders poised as supposedly there will be a whole whack of appearances to record!


Russ Tue Sep 15 15:19:03 EDT 1998

Modern Antiquarian will be out on the 19th Oct priced at £25.00

alan right Tue Sep 15 17:05:49 EDT 1998

Did anyone else see DAS UNIVERSAL PANZIES play at the Cumberland arms in August ? they were really good and Cope tells me that the album is monumental and is out October time, limited edition on Head Heritage.

peter arty Wed Sep 16 13:25:10 EDT 1998

re:DAS UNIVERSAL PANZIES,didn't see them @ cumberland arms but I'd like to know more about them if there is anyone out there who knows anything about them or what they are like.

jason jjvenkit@uwaterloo.ca http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/~jjvenkit/ Sun Sep 20 13:26:25 EDT 1998

two bits of news:

1. billy bragg was on this morning on CBC Radio One talking about his new cd in collaboration with wilco and featuring all new songs from woodie guthrie's recently found files.... he played a few songs and talked about working with the nora(h) guthrie. it's about 25min if anyone is interesting in hearing it. there are a handful of bragg fans aren't there?

2. from the 4AD mailing list a bit of info about the new spiritualized release:

As far as the Spiritualized live thing is concerned...no, it's not a
bootleg.  It's a 2-CD, 15-song, 95-minute extravaganza "culled from
material recorded at an Oct 10, 1997 gig in London's Royal Albert Hall,
during which the band performed with a full choir, string and horn
Tracklisting: "Oh Happy Day", "Shine a Light", "Electric Mainline",
"Electricity", "Home of the Brave", "The Individual", "Medication",
"Walking With Jesus", "Take Your Time", "No God Only Religion", "Broken
Heart", "Come Together", "I Think I'm in Love", "Cop Shoot Cop", "Oh
Happy Day" (presumably a reprise of some sort).

and one question: does anybody know of any plans to have the modern antiquarian published domestically over here?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Sep 21 13:10:51 EDT 1998

Still no burner yet...

I'll let you guys know when I get it! :)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Sep 21 13:12:50 EDT 1998

Oh yeah, are people getting the email from the auto mailer? Someone said he's not getting email from it. There could be a problem with the mail program on cyclone.swa.com. Please let me know if it works for you.

The following people should be getting email messages every time someone posts to Rail On:

[emails snipped -- Trav]


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue Sep 22 04:17:00 EDT 1998

Hi Trav

I've just installed a HP cd burner work god bless'em decided its the best way for me to transport data around with me

Marc Thu Sep 24 05:43:15 EDT 1998

Hey Drudes,

www.headheritage.co.uk has just been UPDATED !!!!!

please find brandnew info on

CHECK IT OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skellngtn@aol.com Fri Sep 25 17:43:08 EDT 1998

OK, so QE2 and the Propheteering 7" are sold out from Head Heritage........ is there anywhere else a procrastinator like myself could find copies?

Liz LizHFox@aol.com Sat Sep 26 06:29:45 EDT 1998

An extract from 'The Modern Antiquarian' appears in today's Guardian Weekend supplement, with 5 photos from the book ... there's also a special offer on buying the book (£25 + 99p p&p as opposed to £29.99) through their ordering service - Email bid@mail.bogo.co.uk, phoning the credit-card hotline on 0500 600102 or sending a cheque made payable to CultureShop to 250 Western Avenue, London W3 6EE.

Clark Kent cakent@ibm.net Mon Sep 28 01:56:22 EDT 1998

Hi Folks!

I've been a fan of Julian's for years, but only recently purchased a computer. I've spent most of the past few weeks on it reading past Culture Bunkers and Rail On! I'm almost caught up...

I've been chatting with Andrew for a while, but thought I'd throw myself in the thick of the fray here. If you have any questions about Krautrock, feel free to e-mail me, as I have a rather large collection of it. It's good to be in a Cope community at last!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Sep 28 22:51:41 EDT 1998

Happy Day!

Today I got my CD burner!!! Needless to say, I spent the entire day buying cables, screws, and made my first test CD!

For you Chameleons fans, I have the Sun and the Moon on tape; this is something I've always wanted to get on CD but it's been impossible to find. Ironically, it's in the process of being re-released on CD as we speak, but back when I ordered my burner (July) I had set my heart on it being my first CD...

Here's a little Diary of what I did in order to turn a tape into a CD:

Main ingredients:

  1. sound card: SB64
  2. tape deck: pioneer CT-W250
  3. burner: Mitsushita/Panasonic 7582 (IDE 4x/8x)
  4. WAV recording software: Cool Edit, Creative Mixer
  5. CD-recording software: Easy CD Creator


  1. Found my S&tM tape, and adjusted the heads on my tape deck to be as crisp as possible. I connected the tape deck to my sound card's LINE IN.
  2. Used the Creative Mixer to mute all the inputs except for the LINE IN, and cranked the LINE IN volume up to about 90% (I was paranoid about distortion, can probably go higher next time).
  3. Used Cool Edit (demo) to record each of the ten songs on the tape (plus the four songs on Alive; Not Dead) separately, and stored them as 14 different WAV files. I used the standard sampling: 44.1 KHz, 16 bit, stereo. [Time: roughly 8 minutes per 5 minute song]
  4. Used Cool Edit to cut the dead air from the beginning and end of each song, since I was expecting a software-imposted 2 second gap and wanted the pauses between songs to be as short as possible. I also faded out one song which blended into the next song, again because I was expecting the 2 second gap. [Time: 1/2 minute/song]
  5. Used Cool Edit to sample some dead air between songs on the tape, and then applied noise reduction to each of the ten songs from the tape (I didn't bother with the ones from the CD). This noise reduction made an audible difference, even on my little computer speakers. [Time: 6 minutes/song]
  6. Used Cool Edit to normalize each of the 14 songs to 100%. This basically boosted the volume without introducing distortion. I needed to boost the volume because my WAVs were always much quieter than the original source. [Time: 3 minutes/song]
  7. Tested the WAVs using MPlayer, and they for some reason were full of popping and mini-skips. I *almost* deleted all 700 MB worth of WAVs out of frustration, but then I decided to reboot my system. Voila! No more popping. [Time: 5 minutes]
  8. Started up Easy CD Creator. Told it which songs to do, and then did a 4x Disk at Once (DAO) simulated burn. It worked! [Time: 2.5 minutes/song]
  9. Told Easy CD Creator to create a CD. I forgot to tell it DAO (the default is Track at Once) and by the time I noticed, it was too late; the CDR was already trying to burn the tracks separately, and then it had problems making a table of contents, etc. So basically I ended up with my first coaster. [Time: 2.5 minutes/song]
  10. Used Easy CD Creator to burn another CD, this time DAO. I practically shook from nervousness... those whole 17 minutes! (I was burning at 4x). This time, it finished without any error messages. [Time: 2.5 minutes/song]
  11. Plopped it into my CD player, with a prayer.... [drumroll] And it worked PERFECTLY! The sound was great: strong and crisp, as good as or better than the original tape. There wasn't even a 2 second gap (as a result, the songs run together a little too quickly, so I'll have to remember to ADD space when I do the Cope tribute). [Time: 5 minutes]
  12. Danced up and down, called my friend who also has a burner, called my parents, etc. [Time: entirely too long to be considered cool]

So, I am flying high right now!

That's the good news. The bad news is that this is going to be a busy week, and then next week I have a test. So I won't be able to start churning out Cope tribute CDs just yet.

Here's my plan.

Within the next few days, I'll start rounding up and relistening to all the different Cope songs people have mailed me. I'll pick enough songs to put on one 74 minute CD.

I probably have more than 74 minutes worth of songs here, but I don't want to make a double CD right now because I want to get some feedback from you guys on the first one. Also, I doubt that I have enough to fill up two CDs, so it's best to wait.

After I select the songs, I'll start recording them onto my hard drive. I'll do all the noise reduction and normalization, and have them all ready to put on the CD.

I will also start putting together a sleeve and label. Please contact me if you want to help out on this part. I am perfectly happy doing it myself (I enjoy pretending to be artistic!), but I don't want to hog all the fun! :)

Then, when I have the sleeve done, and enough songs recorded, I'll start burning and mailing CDs to people who wants them.

What'd I'd like to find out now is roughly how many copies I should make. It's a continual process, of course; I'll probably churn them out made-to-order. But I'd like to get an idea of whether I need to order some more blank disks or ink cartridges.

Also, I'd like to know if you want a label on your CD or not. I don't know how risky they are. I haven't tried labelling anything yet; when I do, I'll let you know how it goes.

Finally, I'd like to know what you guys think of a price. The CDs are costing me around $1 each, and postage, paper, and ink is maybe another $2 or so, so the total out-of-pocket expense per CD is around $3. The part that's not figured in there is time.

I recently bought a Swervedriver B-sides double CD set. It was created via a CDR like mine, but didn't have a sleeve. It cost me either $15 or $20. I've also ordered another set of Swervedriver CDs, this time two live CDs with a sleeve, and they cost $20. So, around $10 a CD.

Well, we need to pick a price for Cope CD. I'm thinking somewhere between $3 and $15, preferably close to around $10. I personally would feel guilty about paying less than $10 for someone else's CD. But I would also feel guilty about making money off of selling CDs of other people's music in the first place!

What about the other contributing artists? Shouldn't they get paid for their time as well, if anyone is to be? Consider the time they spent practicing and recording their songs; it's probably more than the time I'll have spent on the production end.

"Now that's what I call a sticky situation."

Seriously, though. I'm open to suggestions here. If we make the CD cheap ($3), "royalties" (snort) won't be an issue, and we certainly won't have to worry about Island Records descending upon us, but my life will suck if people start ordering ten CDs at a time (for a whopping $30).

On the other hand, if we're supposed to pay more than $3, we have to worry about who gets what. The really funny thing is that many, possibly most of the copies of the Cope tribute CDs will be bought by the contributors themselves!!!

It's a headache. As a contributor, I wouldn't expect to make any money. As a buyer, I wouldn't expect to pay less than $10. I'd fully expect the producer, the guy who made the CDs available, to keep any extra money as a thank you and as an incentive to make more CDs. I'd be totally happy leaving it at that.

But, unfortunately, I *am* the producer, and I don't want to be perceived as being greedy. Another issue is that I might be helped out by some other people who are willing to make CDs as well. So, they are producers too. Ewwww.... it's so ugly!

If we can find some way to split the profits among the contributors and producers, where no one feels guilty or ripped off, I'll be happy.

So, what do you guys think is fair?


p.s. Amazing that I can go from exhilerated to stress city in a single message!

Santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Tue Sep 29 07:49:56 EDT 1998

Wao! what a long message Travis.

Many thanks for keeping as informed and for consulting us a so sticky problem, as you say.

I'm not a contributor, but i'm interested in having a copy to hear what other people can do, and how they see JC work. I'm sure must be very interesting and surprising.

Well, my point of view as only a buyer (and maybe future contributor) is that contributors might pay just $3-5, and other people at least double that price, that is, around $10.

This way, contributors are rewarded seeing their work spread around the world, and you and other collaborators are payed for your time and effort, so nobody is doing a great business out of all this but can be happy.

But that's only my view, contributors might give theirs.



Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Sep 29 09:27:41 EDT 1998


So happy for you!After all this time,seeing the fruits of your labors begin to ripen(or some such godawful metaphor)..Also enjoyed reading your accompanying mad scientist notes..

As a non-contibutor myself(hopefully I can do something for disc 2,but this whole organ transplant thing has so much of my time and energy wrapped up~~~~~~),I have to agree with Santisan on pricing..I know I certainly have no qualms about paying $10 and I think that those that did contribute(and you as organiser/producer)should benefit somehow..

Getting all re-excited again..entering my favorite time of year with the hopes of material by my fave artist..Huzzah!

Hope to hear an update soon,Trav..keep your head and don't stress..think you have a gaggle of folks about to lend help/support in one way or another..



St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Wed Sep 30 04:48:09 EDT 1998

Yup, I'd definitely like to get my mitts on a copy and Santisan and Steven's suggestion sounds sensible (whoa alliteration) to me, do you have a rough idea about postage costs?


Clem So mailto:ruth.highand mighty@pop3.hiway.co.uk Wed Sep 30 08:33:19 EDT 1998

Hi My names Clem.I used to really be into the Teardrop explodes in a big way and was wondering if any body knew a good source for radio sessions &demos. A few questions:-

Is the material on Every body wanrs to shag.... the same as the demo songs for the 3rd album.if so what happened to Log Cabin.Is there a full band demo version of this?

Can any body remember the exact Marvel comic in which the name Teardrop Explodes was taken from?

Thanks Clem.....Devon.UK

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Sep 30 13:09:39 EDT 1998

Tribute CD update:

I've digitized most of the songs for the CD. There's going to be about ten left over for the next CD. The sound quality is up and down, which is to be expected. I'm using noise reduction to get rid of some of the hiss.

I've started working on the sleeve. I'll try to post it when I'm done so that you guys can give me feedback before I start printing.

Right now I need to know:

Who submitted "Sunspots" a couple years ago? There's no name on the tape (this was back before I started filing stuff well) and I have not been able to find the accompanying sheet. I'll look for it, but please contact me in any case.

I have the Following Contributor information:

The Crayon Theatrical
"Bill Drummond Said
Rob Ross
 Performed by Rob Ross
 All Instruments/voices by Rob Ross
 Produced by Rob Ross
 address: 299 St. Marks Pl. 602 / Staten Island, NY 1030
 home: (718)442-3475
 work: (212)707-2496
"Books #1"
"Books #2"
"Books #3"
"Books #4"
"Books #5"
"Books #6"
Spaceship Mark
 address: 120 Warbreck Hill Rd., North Shore, Baclpool, Lancs. FY0TR, UK
   Spaceship Featuring Go Speed Racer
"Paranormal in the West Country" (Live on Silbury Hill)
"Wayland's Smithy Has Wings" (Live in Wayland's Smithy)
"Great White Wonder"
Willie Oertel and Mickey Jennings
 All vocals, guitars, and keyboards performed by Billy
 All percussion and bass guitars by Mickey
"Double Vegetation"
"Promised Land"
"If You Loved Me At All"
"Soul Desert"
"Going Upwards at 45 Degrees"
"No Hard Shoulder to Cry On"
"Julian H. Cope"
"Fear Loves This Place"
"Paranormal in the West Country"
"Autogeddon Blues"
"Ain't But the One Way"
Britt Daniel
"Cut My Friends Down"
"Sleeping Gas #1"
"Sleeping Gas #2"

I might have room to put everyone's address and email onto the CD sleeve. Contributors, please send me your latest email and mailing addresses so I can be sure they are current.

Also, for a title, I'd like to call the tribute series "Interpreters". This particular CD (volume 1) can be called be "Tiny Children" or, something I just thought of, "Crying Babies". Anyone have any objections to this? I think I prefer "Crying Babies" to "Tiny Children" even though it is *really* self-mocking! :)

I'll keep you posted on my progress...


Clark cakent@ibm.net Wed Sep 30 21:29:35 EDT 1998

Clem- the "Teardrop Explodes" comes from Daredevil #77. The actual panel it's from is reprinted in Julian's book Head-On. It's actually a pretty surreal sequence!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Sep 30 21:44:13 EDT 1998

Okay, guys. I've finished digitizing all the songs, and have run them through noise reduction and normalization. This took FOREVER to do (around 10 hours for around 90 minutes of songs). But I'm getting quicker.

I've finished the front sleeve. Unless you want it to be a surprise, you can check it out: cc001.jpg. It's subject to tweaking, if you have any suggestions.

I gave up on the "Crying Babies" title - it was too derogatory. So, the name of the CD is officially "Interpreters Volume 1: Tiny Children." You can think of the artists as being "Interpreters" which makes sense.

I have the other parts planned out as well. The inside of the front sleeve will contain info about the bands. The back sleeve will contain a list of all the songs and the bands.

If contributors give me enough info about themselves, I'll attach some more pages to the front sleeve.

I still haven't tested the label maker yet, so I have yet to decide what's going to go on the labels.

Ugh, I'm exhausted!!!

Time for some food.


Louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk Thu Oct 1 16:13:45 EDT 1998

Just swiftly popped in to ask if anyone's checked out www.headheritage.co.uk lately... It's changed to include information about the book, which came out today.

Ron drude@mounet.com Thu Oct 1 20:54:33 EDT 1998

Yep, they did it up on the HH site, tour info, signings etc...

We of the western hemisphere are both happy and sad.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 2 23:55:51 EDT 1998

Spent the day tweaking songs, selecting a decent order. I MP3'ed them so that I could try all sorts of playlist combinations. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I wonder how much time "real" artists spend selecting track orders? It really makes a difference.

I also redigitized some of songs, and added fades to others... Some of the original mixes were a little unbalanced. The limiting factor by far the quality of the source tapes, and not the digitizing process. Like when those CDs have the labels, "This CD may reveal limitations in the original recording media..."

Well, I'm now 95% finished with the back sleeve, 90% finished with the inside of the front sleeve. 0% finished with the label, although that shouldn't take nearly as long.

And... here's the really good news... I burnt the first CD this evening. I can't give it a good loud listen until tomorrow, but over headphones it sounds pretty good.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 3 00:14:03 EDT 1998

I've been comparing the tapes to the CD and found that the source tapes (some are type I, all are at least second generation) are definitely the weak link. Hopefully the next batch of tapes that people send will be crisper. Or maybe people will be able to send me WAVs?

In any case, the performances themselves are very good, so the imperfect sound quality is distracting (at least to me). Of course, many of you probably won't care all that much, and to be honest, once I'm out of the role of having to be anal about every little detail, I'll be able to relax and enjoy the music. :)

Seriously, the music is great. Over 72 minutes of it!

I'm anxious to hear what you guys think of it!

Until the next big update...

Tired Trav

p.s. Anyone else here a Kurosawa fan?

Paul Wykes pwykes@homemail.com Sun Oct 4 21:51:39 EDT 1998


Been catching up on your posts and appreciate the hard work you have put into the CD project. I would charge $10 for each CD (including shipping). The moeny you receive over and above cost of materials should go to you for your time and wear and tear on your equipment. I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. Look forward to hearing the final result!

- Paul

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Mon Oct 5 12:30:42 EDT 1998

Hey all,

Haven't posted in awhile, but I've been lurking. I'm ecstatic today, as I just received an email from IBS Bookshop (thanks for the pointer, Spaceship Mark) that my copy of The Modern Antiquarian has been "dispatched!" I take it that's British for "on it's way to ya in the mail." Great discount price too, for those of you that have yet to order.

Trav - Yup, $10 is a fine price.

Also noted recently that Ravebury Stones (off of the Easty Risin' 12") is the same track as In Search Of Ancient Astonomies (off of Rite). I'm not sure if two different titles for the same song bothers me or now. Any other Copian examples of this?

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Wed Oct 7 08:26:21 EDT 1998

Just letting everybody know that at last the Head Heritage site has been unpdated including full dates of the book signing tour. I would also be interested in purchasing a copy of the Cope tribute Cd for my collection please could you e-mail me, Tavis when the CD is to be released and how much it would cost

Many Thanks

Richard Hayward Winchester


P.S hopefully going to the London Book Readings on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st October hope to see some of you there.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Wed Oct 7 12:07:00 EDT 1998


Just got back from looking round Winchester,and I managed to pick up a copy of the Modern Antiquarian (£29.99), From Dillons Bookshop. Just been flicking through the 436 pages and I would like to say What a great book this is it is superbly put together. The Gazetter is amazing, full of many superb sites, writings, photos etc.. This book is a must for any Julian Cope fan. So if you are like me and can't wait to get hold of a copy then I would suggest Going to or contacting your nearest Dillons for most branches throughout the country will probably have copies in stock by now.


Rail On #11

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