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1998-01-07 to 1998-02-14

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 7 16:47:29 EST 1998

Fixed my BIOS problem (downloaded a BIOS recovery disk, for those of you who are curious) and archived the page. So, who's up for a survey? :)


Ben Maki bmaki@interaccess.com http://homepage.interaccess.com/~bmaki/acetone/home.html Wed Jan 7 21:11:19 EST 1998


Being new to the list, I'd have to say it might help me get the lay of the land, so I'll modestly give my approval for a survey. Mind you, I'm not responsible in any way for my responses.


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Thu Jan 8 03:29:05 EST 1998


Sounds good to me some of the answers should make good reading.

I've also got hold of my tickets for 3 of the U.K. shows

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Thu Jan 8 08:20:27 EST 1998

Hey all. Yes, bring on the survey. Should be fun.

Yesterday, for some weird reason, I decided to forgoe the usual work attire and wear my "Alive Jehovahkill" t-shirt in to the office. It must have been fate, since I arrived home to a much-anticipated package: QE2! I waited until my 22 month old daughter went nite-nite, then pulled out my headphones and Diskman and plopped onto the couch for a listen. I had to shake myself back into my typical stressed-out reality after the first two tracks...I was totally gone and spaced away and didn't even realize that I'd been staring at the same blank spot on the wall for upwards of 30 minutes. So far, I'm completely thrilled with this work. Much more free and moving that QE1, less jarring and more focused I think. I loved the Rites but was indifferent to QE...in my mind, QE2 is a glorious Rite3. I've got the CDs here at work today and should get to explore a bit more...

I too was a bit taken aback in reading about the upcoming year devoid of new-Cope, but it's certainly understandable and quite justified. Take a break, Julian. The promise of "The Modern Antiquarian" should keep us all warm and giddy until next year.

I also finally obtained a copy of the "Fear Loves This Place" 2nd CD single and was lost in wonder at the third track "Starry Eyes", a Rite-like instrumental with Julian's spoken-word poetry dripping into the mix at various points (for those who haven't heard it). A cool companion to the "If I Could Do It All Over Again..." track on the "I Come From Another Planet, Baby" single.

Okay, enough babble. Just had to spout off on QE2.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Jan 8 08:58:25 EST 1998


Just thought I'd let everyone know that the Head Heritage page has finally been updated (incase you'd all given up checking).

Bye for now

Spaceship Mark

mike mike@mystic.org Thu Jan 8 11:04:08 EST 1998

Just bought our plane tickets for a winter vacation to London and will be in town for one or both shows at the Astoria on 14 &15 Feb. Do you think we need to buy tix to the show in advance or will we be able to walk up and buy at the door the day of the show? How about recording equipment? Has anyone had good or bad luck bringing tape recorders into the Astoria?


Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Thu Jan 8 12:42:02 EST 1998

Okay, a few QE2 questions for those of you in the know...

  1. What does the front-cover statement "S.E.C Library Edition" mean?
  2. Who is Sid Mooneye? Does the "(Spiritualized)" after the name mean he's in that band? Likewise for Doggen...is he is some band called "TC Lethbridge" (a name I've seen bandied by members of this list recently)?
  3. Who is that on the back-cover? Is it Thighpaulsandra?
  4. I assume all the track titles refer to ancient megalithic sites in Britain. Anyone know?

Now listening to the "Temples of Ker".

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Thu Jan 8 13:17:33 EST 1998

in answer to your questions mike:

  1. i have no idea......was wondering myself....some sort of reference to those crappy classical type lps done by deutsche grammafonnen (crap spelling methinks!)
  2. sid mooneye (aka Flinton Chalk...see below) is in spiritualized (at least i think he is!!!!!!) and featured also on interpreter. Doggen is a long time aquaintence of the drude featuring as far back as jehovahkill. he also took over from micheal mooneye on guitar for the last live dates copey did with a full band. He is indeed in the legendary TC Lethbridge along with flinton chalk who also is one of the Dj's at the legendary Kosmiche night at the Garage in London.
  3. i think it is the aforementioned sid mooneye
  4. Most of them do yes....not sure about the eisteddfod 69 thing though ....anyone know? I'm not sure about the dianaver either......

Hey....what the heck ......who says i know what the hell i'm talking about!

see ya


ps spaceship mark: do you own the legendary TC Lethbridge album then? If so can you send/get me a copy of it.....you seem to have contacts in high places!

I'm with Spaceship mark on moving the post box to the top BTW....and roll on the survey Trav!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jan 8 13:21:03 EST 1998


Email me or post your responses; I'll tally them and post the results in a week or two!

[see my results page -Trav]


  1. What Julian "period" is your favorite? (rank 'em in order) [question submitted by Mike Runion]
    • (a) Teardrop Explodes
    • (b) The Mercury years (WSYM, Fried)
    • (c) The Video Pop-Star years (St. Julian, My Nation Underground)
    • (d) The Trilogy years (Peggy, Jehovah, Auto)
    • (e) The Present (20 Mothers, Interpreter)
    • (f) The Do-It-Yourself days (Skellingtons, Droolian, Rites, QEs)
  2. During which period (a-e) did you first get into Julian?
  3. During which periods (a-e) have you seen Cope live, and approximately how many times?


  1. Rank all the Cope/Teardrop albums you have heard from most favorite to least favorite:
    • (a) Piano
    • (b) Kilimanjaro
    • (c) Wilder
    • (d) Everybody Wants To Shag...
    • (e) World Shut Your Mouth
    • (f) Fried
    • (g) Saint Julian
    • (h) Followers of Saint Julian
    • (i) My Nation Underground
    • (j) Skellington
    • (k) Droolian
    • (l) Peggy Suicide
    • (m) Floored Genius
    • (n) Jehovahkill
    • (o) Rite
    • (p) Skellington 2
    • (q) Floored Genius 2
    • (r) Autogeddon
    • (s) Queen Elizabeth
    • (t) Twenty Mothers
    • (u) Interpreter
    • (v) Rite 2
    • (w) Queen Elizabeth 2
  2. Which three albums would you recommend to people new to Cope?


  1. What are your top 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop songs (album or non-album)?
  2. What are your least 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop songs (album or non-album)?
  3. What are your top 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop non-album songs?


  1. What are your top 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop EPs or singles?
  2. How is Julian as an author? [Mike Runion]
    • (a) superb
    • (b) good
    • (c) marginal
    • (d) bad
    • (e) haven't read any
  3. In your opinion, what other artists (3 max) occupy Julian's musical corner of the universe? (sorta recommendations for us all to try) [Mike Runion]
  4. Name your highest recommendations (up to 3) for each of the following categories. You should be thinking in terms of "must-sees":
    • (a) bands other than Cope/Teardrop
    • (b) authors
    • (c) movies
    • (d) TV shows
    • (e) vacation spots
    • (f) foods
    • (g) drinks
  5. Write down some of your favorite jokes:
spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Jan 8 14:15:00 EST 1998


I don't have the TC Lethbridge record. When i spoke to Julian before the Manchester gig he promised me a copy but he didn't bring one with him. I should be seeing him this weekend and I've got to try and blag guestlist for the new tour, Rite 2 (that I was promised ages ago), a NEU! vest (ditto) and the TC Lethbridge album, but I'll see what I can do. I'll e-mail you if I do get a copy.

Speak to ya soon (maybe with news!?)

Love n' Hugs

Spaceship Mark

spaceship mark Thu Jan 8 14:15:51 EST 1998


I'll do the survey when I have time but I'm a little busy right now

Love mark

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@digital.com Fri Jan 9 03:21:01 EST 1998

HI Awl....

been away for a long time (perhaps I was never here at all?)...reveling in the joys of fatherhood and generally trying to get my head together after a whole bunch of problems.

Everyone ok?

I haven't seen Julian around Avebury for some time, I guess he has been totally busy. Hey Spaceship Mark - we should meet at Stones sometime for coffee and a currant bun!

I have tix for the Wolverhampton show only at the moment, anyone else going to that gig? Money is a bit tight, so I might not be able to get to any other shows, I'll have to see.

I was thinking of writing to Julian and asking if I could take Photos at any of the shows that I attend...I'm going to take a qualification in photography later this year and I need some practice at 'gig photography'. Maybe it will be worth a try.

Glad to read that others in here love Spiritualised also.

Later, with a hip.


Marc raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Fri Jan 9 05:15:46 EST 1998

I think I can answer a few open questions:

That's it for now,


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Jan 9 06:10:44 EST 1998


From what I can remember TC Lethbridge was this archaeologist who was really respected. Then he kind of got a bit visionairy and went round Gogmagog hill with a stick and claimed he'd found the Gogmagog chalk figures (see the old MaGog Logo and J's guitars). Then none of the archaeolgists liked him anymore ('cos they're often dicks) then he wrote some books on dowsing and other new agey stuff and possibly got a bit silly, but he was a great man.

Mike, Stones cakes do rock don't they? I was there in summer for two weeks doing the fieldwork for my dissertation and the daily highlight was coffee and cake in Stones! (as well as being with the effervescing stones of the Marlborough Downs and hanging in Avebury on the pretence that I was doing a geology project)

Bye for now

Spaceship Mark

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@digital.com Fri Jan 9 07:18:10 EST 1998

HI mark - sussing the Geology Project in Avebury was cool...I did mine in Shropshire, which isn't quite the same.

If you're ever down that way....


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 9 09:03:38 EST 1998

Hey guys!

Queen Elizabeth 2 came in the mail yesterday, so most of you Americans who preordered it should be getting it around now. Indeed, it's a lot less irritating than the first one, got some grovy Rite-ish parts and is 2 CDs, which is a big plus in my book. (I love long albums!)

Can't wait to get The Modern Antiquarian this summer... Want to learn all about these different places you guys are mentioning. I also think it would be neat to set up a "Modern Antiquarian"-esque web site, specifically geared at collecting information about standing stones, barrows, etc.

Does anyone have any of the T-shirts mentioned in the Head Heritage catalog? If so, how do they look? Are they single color press-ons, multicolor dyed, or what?

The new Big Takeover has an add in it (near the Gene interview, I think) for a split single between two bands, one which does a Teardrop Explodes cover, and the other which does an Echo and the Bunnymen cover. Has anyone heard this, or heard about it?

Also, please take a couple minutes to respond to the survey I posted a couple days ago! So far I have gotten zero (0) responses! :)



HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Fri Jan 9 11:56:42 EST 1998

Lethbridge was a visionary archeaoligist, he wasn't that well respected by the more traditionalist archeaologists of england because his methods were somewhat different from the norm at the time. However, It didn't stop him becoming the Director of the Museum of archeaology and ethnicology at Cambridge University for thirty years! He generally looked beyond the boundries of traditional archeology into the lives of the people and areas he was investigating.....pretty much like today when you can't go anywhere in England on a Bank Holiday without there being a living history exhibition/event on somewhere. The irony is that nowadays his ideas would be accepted with no problems at all. In fact the use of geophysics to detect what is under the ground's surface is now common place in archeaological study and is not that far removed from Lethbridge's own use of the pendulum to detect items/sites.

He began to look more deeply into the spiritual side of things and wrote some excellent books on this culminating in his final book Legends Of The Sons Of God.....which looks into the purpose of stone circles and ancient sites around the world. Unlike the work of people like Erich Von Daniken, Lethbridge comes acroos with some reasonable ideas and certainly makes you think anout things! Legends... was where I first read about places like Callanish and it is well worth picking up, it's still in print now. His writing style is very similar to Copey's and I'm pretty sure that Lethbridge had a stong influence on Julian.....as I mentioned in some earlier posts (during the Cope philosophy debate) i can see clear parallels between Julian's Visionary nature and Lethbridge's own quest. Lethbridge died in 1971.

I'm hoping to have a number of pieces by Lethbridge on the Cope page of my site (when my mate finally lends me his scanner so i can OCR the books!) so check it out!

Hope the long post wasn't to boring....I'll leave you with some of Lethbridge's own words:

"Those who have any dealings with the odd are not interested in the disbelief of those who have not...."


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Jan 9 17:28:35 EST 1998


You may want to try and get tickets for the Asoria gig in advance, the last few London shows that Julian has done have all sold out fairly quickly and he has ended up adding nights.

I also have one quick question Mike, what is your thing and have you recieved it yet? Intrigue upon intrigue...!

Chris Perry Chris.Perry2@gte.net Fri Jan 9 18:52:16 EST 1998

Oh my, a Julian Cope discussion list! I will be back to this one frequently. I began to get into Cope hardcore during the last year (after several of half-assed following him). Gotta go, but I will definitely be back when I have time! (Being a yank, "Interpreter" coming out here in August and all, it qualified for my top ten list this year...it ranked at #3)

Brian D Buchalo NewAgeFix@aol.com Sat Jan 10 02:21:14 EST 1998

S.E.C. Library edition? Could that possibly stand for Subtle Energies Commission(long form)? I always thought that was a righteous groove and, from what I have read here, it sounds like QEII is more of the same(though I haven't secured a copy for myself yet....) Ben from Chicago: where did you get your copy? I have had pretty good luck in the past finding Copey stuff at Reckless Records, but haven't been able to get over there yet.

Ohio Steve, do you live anywhere near the Serpent Mound, which is somewhere SE of Cincinnati if I'm not mistaken?

Hey, Trav....how long will this survey be going on? I will placing a megalithic order to Head Heritage in the coming weeks, and I would like to make an educated decision.

That's all for now...


Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Sat Jan 10 11:37:39 EST 1998

Here are the results from the Slap jury

  1. d,f,a,b,e,c
  2. d (I'd just turned 15)
  3. e once (the bugger keeps playing when I'm out of the country)
  4. n,j,b,f,l,p,c,a,r,d,e,u,t,h,q,o,m,g,i,s (don't have the others)
  5. Skellington Chronicles, Kilimanjaro, Peggy Suicide
  6. Fear Loves This Place, The Tower, Almost Alive
  7. World Shut Your Mouth, take your pick of any 2 off My Nation Underground that aren't 5 O'clock World or Easter Everywhere
  8. Almost Alive, Mik Mak Mok, Suffocate
  9. Fear Loves This Place, Planetary Sit-In (despite crap B-sides), Sunspots
  10. a
  11. Patti Smith, Longpigs, Elvis Presley (not exactly JC but everyone should get into him)
    • a My Life Story, the three above
    • b don't read much
    • c Bad Taste
    • d The Simpsons, Sean's Show (for having features Jellypop Perky Jean, Elegant Chaos and I Have Always Been Hee Before)
    • e Regensburg in Germany
    • f baked beans
    • g beer
  12. I got stung by a bee yesterday. 20 quid for a jar of honey.
jack alternity@microvote.com http://www.microvote.com/homepage.htm Sat Jan 10 16:05:25 EST 1998

Poet is Priest I'm Beginning to boo

(Anonymous) Sat Jan 10 17:03:48 EST 1998

I had a dream in the middle of the day and now my waekeing dream wont go away- I add that because I have traveled to the nearest efigies closest to me - The Serpent mound and it's sourounding places of intrest. All I can say is that I am deeply conected to all of Jullians fans and especially ,..his music...his music is what helps me travel through the Druiddom that such a special person could create.. <still the Cope Drude> Alternity

Marc raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Mon Jan 12 04:15:49 EST 1998

first thing : to SPACESHIP MARK :

you mentioned something about a "HH Sampler" for 1998. Can you give me any details? A friend of mine does "kosmische Musik" himself, he is just about to release his first CD "Traces of the past" in a couple of weeks in Germany and he would like to be on this sampler.

second thing: sb inquired after HH tee-shirts.

I've got "Propheteering 1995", which is dark blue. Features Julian on the front (the "try try try 45-shot) and the tour dates on the back. The letters claim to be fluorescent but they are not in the dark. Then I have the "Interpreter" shirt. Features the "Devil's den" on the front (a cromlech between Avebury and Marlborough, Wiltshire) and the song title "I come from another planet, baby on the back in red. Third one I have is the "East easy rider" shirt. Features tour dates fron 1991 and the lay-out of the same single on the front and Julian from behind on the back as he walks into a kind of psychedelic tunnel or so.

All three are good ones !

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jan 12 10:31:47 EST 1998

Survey Responses

Thanks for the survey responses - please keep them coming! :) I have about 5 so far. The more responses we get, the more fun the results will be to read, and the more educated a decision Brian will be able to make when he makes his order. :)

In case you just tuned in, the Survey is near the bottom of this page (or top, if you are reading oldest posts first). Emailing me results is probably better than posting them, but either will do.

Dressing Up

Okay, I've got a brand spankin' new topic for us... It's inspired by a recent dinner out with my parents. The proprietor of a little out-of-the-front-of-the-home restaurant was having a nice conversation with my parents when I walked up, earrings dangling, painted nails glittering. The proprietor got really quiet when he looked at me, and gave my parents a sad, "Oh, I'm so sorry" look. He was a cool guy (big white-bearded chef, smart, lowkey) so I was probably smiling at him like you'd smile at any cool person... like admiration for a really tough soldier.

Back in the car, I asked my parents, "Why does everybody think I'm gay?" (yes, there is a point to all of this)

"Well Trav," Mom said. "You wear earrings and nail polish, you have short hair, you're thin, you seem to be obsessed with your appearance..."

"Obsessed with my appearance? But I'm not!"

"Then why do you exercise so much? Why do you try to eat so healthily?"

"Oh... Well, okay."

"Sooo," Mom continued. "If you dress like that and look like that, then it's like women doing their hair up and wearing low-cut blouses and short skirts and heels. They seem, by dressing like that, to be asking people to see them a certain way, and so we don't have a lot of sympathy when they get unwanted attention. It's the same for you."

"Oh. Hmmmm... Good point."

"Hey Trav," Dad said. "Why do you dress up like that?"

This really made me think. I've tried to analyze it before. It's not like I am trying to make myself look beautiful, or that I am consciously or unconsciously trying to send signals to people telling them I'm gay. But why the heck would I want to attract other men [it always causes me stress when they approach me], unless maybe girls have an attraction to gay-seeming guys. Certainly I would think a girl would feel less sexually threatened by an apparently sensitive, "effeminate" guy than a leering, horny "macho" guy.

But anyway, this all reminded me of Julian Cope. Why did he dress up in leotards and make up? Why did he get a mohawk, deck himself out in tight leather, crawl around naked in a tortoise shell? Some of his looks have been downright "feminine" (dresses and tights). Other looks have been just plain weird.

In my case, I'm not really trying to look feminine - I think I am more likely (sub)consciously hearking to the British Punk days. Didn't a lot of punks have earrings, black finger nail polish, short (sometimes spiky) hair, and were really thin?

Was Julian also trying to recapture some of that "dressing up" excitement? Is it a form of rebellion against when he perceives as other people's preconceptions regarding him? (Weren't most middle class boys dressed conservatively back then?)

Anyway, I am curious what you guys think Julian's motivations for wild, sometimes effeminate costumes are. [Ditto for Robert Smith, who is also straight. I don't know about that Boy George, though!] I am also curious how many of you also tend to diverge from the conservative norm as far as appearance. And why do you do it?

We can make similar observations about Julian's music. But I think we should stick with physical appearance first.

Okay, enough blabber from me - send in those survey responses, please!


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Mon Jan 12 11:16:07 EST 1998

Here's my survey response trav.....mak of it what you will!

  1. What Julian "period" is your favorite? (rank 'em in order)
    • (e) The Present (20 Mothers, Interpreter)
    • (f) The Do-It-Yourself days (Skellingtons, Droolian, Rites, QEs)
    • (d) The Trilogy years (Peggy, Jehovah, Auto)
    • (b) The Mercury years (WSYM, Fried)
    • (a) Teardrop Explodes
    • (c) The Video Pop-Star years (St. Julian, My Nation Underground)
  2. During which period (a-e) did you first get into Julian?
    • (c) The Video Pop-Star years
  3. During which periods (a-e) have you seen Cope live, and approximately how many times?
    • (d) The Trilogy years (Peggy, Jehovah, Auto) - twice
    • (e) The Present (20 Mothers, Interpreter) - five times
  4. Rank all the Cope/Teardrop albums you have heard from most favorite to least favorite:
    • (u) Interpreter
    • (n) Jehovahkill
    • (t) Twenty Mothers
    • (j) Skellington
    • (w) Queen Elizabeth 2
    • (v) Rite 2
    • (k) Droolian
    • (h) Followers of Saint Julian
    • (l) Peggy Suicide
    • (e) World Shut Your Mouth
    • (p) Skellington 2
    • (r) Autogeddon
    • (q) Floored Genius 2
    • (f) Fried
    • (o) Rite
    • (m) Floored Genius
    • (i) My Nation Underground
    • (g) Saint Julian
    • (b) Kilimanjaro
    • (c) Wilder
    • (d) Everybody Wants To Shag...
    • (s) Queen Elizabeth
    • (a) Piano
  5. Which three albums would you recommend to people new to Cope?
    • (l) Peggy Suicide
    • (h) Followers of Saint Julian
    • (u) Interpreter
  6. What are your top 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop songs (album or non-album)?
    • Sleeping Gas (live in Liverpool) - Bside to tiny children 12"
    • Upwards at 45 Degrees
    • Highway to the Sun
  7. What are your least 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop songs (album or non-album)?
    • Eat the Poor
    • Most of Queen Elizabeth 1
    • French Version of Treason
  8. What are your top 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop non-album songs?
    • Conspiracist Blues (unreleased)
    • Disaster (12" bside to trampolene)
    • Reynard in Tokio (12" bside to 5'0'Clock world)
  9. What are your top 3 favorite Cope/Teardrop EPs or singles?
    • Trampolene remix 12" (warne Out!)
    • Fear Loves This place double cd single
    • Safesurfer 7"
  10. How is Julian as an author?
    • (b) good
  11. In your opinion, what other artists (3 max) occupy Julian's musical corner of the universe?
    • Cosmic Jokers - very much like QEII excellent stuff!
    • Roy Harper - some of his stuff has a similar feel to copey on his own and their live solo events are very similar - relaxed and chatty.
  12. Name your highest recommendations (up to 3) for each of the following categories.
    • (a) bands other than Cope/Teardrop
      • Underworld
      • Faust
      • Fluke
    • (b) authors
      • TC Lethbridge
      • Douglas Rushkoff
      • Graham Hancock
    • (c) movies
      • Dogs in Space
      • Star Wars Trilogy
      • Backbeat
    • (d) TV shows
      • Fast Show
      • TFI Friday
      • Brass Eye
    • (e) vacation spots
      • Sorry........vacation????? Haven't had one of those in a long time!
    • (f) foods
      • Hmmmmmmm
    • (g) drinks
      • Bushmills Irish Whiskey
  13. Write down some of your favorite jokes:
    • What's brown and sticky?
    • .....a stick!
spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Jan 12 14:14:01 EST 1998


Re: HH sampler. It's coming out sometime and when I do not know. I think the artists have already been picked. There's me and some other folks (one from canada and one from newcastle , among others if I remember right). Basically it's just stuff that people have sent Julian (c/o Head Heritage or given at gigs etc.) and he's listened to and liked. This may be the first of a series, I don't know.

I told Julian about this site and he thought it was fascinating (and a little wierd) that all these people sat around writing about him! Modern Antiquarian still on target. I can't remember anything else.

Re:Travs dressing thing. When you read Head-On you see that most of the Liverpool and other provincial punks were more ripped jeans and knackered T-shirts than the nailpollish chains and make-up of the London punks (I know the guy off those postcards with the punk on he lives here in the north now, he's still got the mohawk, it's a little shorter, but his clothes have calmed down). If you look at Julians clothes they're all old stage costumes that are to messed up to wear on srage anymore, it's all a glambient thing.

Anyway that's enough of that


Spaceship Mark.

Thighpaulsandra thighp@celtic.co.uk Mon Jan 12 22:26:30 EST 1998

Thanks for the kind words about QE2.

Look out for more QE releases in '98.

Also in the pipeline:

(Anonymous) Tue Jan 13 10:49:16 EST 1998

And don't forget Thighpaulsandra Extra Crispy and fizzy glass of Diet Thighpaulsandra. Woo hoo!!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Jan 13 13:57:55 EST 1998


Thighpaulsandra, we are indeed blessed. I forgot to say yesterday, thanks to Hex for the much more informative TC Lethbridge biog. Mine was somewhat conscise.


Spaceship Mark

Ron drude@mounet.com Tue Jan 13 20:22:58 EST 1998

OK, let's just step back and catch our breath.

Thighpaulsandra....I just really hope it is you. You have fallen into a group Julian fanatic's, not just fans. You do not realize how cruel a joke of this nature could be. Otherwise, welcome and of course 'love your stuff!'.

Mike Fiddler, how ya been? How is that daughter of yours?

Spaceship Mark, finally got a moment to run briefly through your site, and I really enjoyed it.

vaya con dios,

Marc (Britannica) raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Thu Jan 15 07:59:31 EST 1998

I've got a tricky question for the real heads :

what instruments are the "Starchamber" and the "Faerial 5" used on QE II ??

Lolo lolo@redbrick.dcu.ie Thu Jan 15 14:21:37 EST 1998

I didn't have time to go through this page in any great detail, but I promise I will in the near future. I'm extrememly intrigued - it's very encouraging to find the existence of a bunch of Cope trainspotters. I'll fill in your survey some time soon.

Keep it up.

todd h. anlo_33@yahoo.com Thu Jan 15 19:56:17 EST 1998

Its such a wonderful thing to know theres so many cope fans around.

not so many here in houston tx. but im working on converting many.

just threw in droolian for grins i had forgotten how much i like that one!

well keep on keepin on



HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Fri Jan 16 05:55:33 EST 1998


My guess is that the Faerial5 is some kind of Theremin type device.

not sure about the starchamber however.......Perhaps Thighpaulsandra would educate us all with the real deal.........


Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Fri Jan 16 09:26:53 EST 1998

I second the plea for Thighpaulsandra to elaborate on the wonders and intricacies of QEII production techniques. What an awesome experience that would be.

Anyone like the Olivia Tremor Control "Dusk at Cubist Castle" album? Bought it a month ago and thought so-so, but popped it in a week ago and was floored and awed. A slick mess of brilliance.


Thighpaulsandra thighp@celtic.co.uk Sat Jan 17 18:40:07 EST 1998

For those wanting to know....the Faerial 5 and Starchamber are custom electronic instruments made for us by Adam Fullerton of Rosedene Audio, Hindon, Salisbury. I can't remember his URL but Rosedene Audio is easy to find. He also makes wonderful midi Theremins. These are generally available but sadly the Faerial 5 and the Starchamber are one-offs and quite fragile so they don't leave the studio.


Jason Venkiteswaran jjvenkit@uwaterloo.ca http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/~jjvenkit/ Sun Jan 18 09:39:04 EST 1998

woohoo! it's dusk at cubist castle... what a brillient album. have you heard the bonus ambient cd? aka Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences great stuff.


And thus Mike Runion spake:

Anyone like the Olivia Tremor Control "Dusk at Cubist Castle" album? Bought it a month ago and thought so-so, but popped it in a week ago and was floored and awed. A slick mess of brilliance.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Jan 19 08:47:13 EST 1998

Hi y'all,

Went to Wiltshire last weekend and saw Julian. He gave me the Copeulation video (China Doll video- Julian in a yellow pullover, Er..Look out) and the Synus CD (Rooster Cosby and Mick Swift). Synus is OK, think electronic Kraftwerk and late period Manual Gottshing (minus guitars). Left my Ambulence frisby behind by accident though.

The Modern Antiquarian is looking good and the follow up mindblowing.

Love and Casiotones,

Spaceship Mark.

Marc (Britannica) raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Mon Jan 19 09:03:15 EST 1998

Here's a drudical poem for the followers of St. Julian :

Listen to the sound of the Mini-Moogs
can you feel the ground move below your boots ?
Probably the hippest synthesizer
use it as your tranquillizer !
Listen to the sound of the Mellotron
its sounds are warm and very strong
select between violins, choirs and the flute
and you will soon get to your favourite mood.
Listen to the sound of the Wah-guitar
turn the amplifier loud to hear it far
float on its wonderful vibration
forget time, space and any destination !


Marc (Britannica)

Luigi Lgeronazzo.state@arakis.com Mon Jan 19 13:13:14 EST 1998

Greetings fellow Cope Listeners / followers, Just adding my Two bits wonderfull world of Cope..Since I am in Canada(Calgary) I probably will not have the opertunity to see the Master live, But if Any of you know of a Live video or other books tapes media..Hell I would even settle for a wad of spit out here...

Here is a list of Current J.C C.ds

Fried, 20 Mothers, Autogeddon, Jehovahkill, Saint Julian, World SHut your Mouth, Floored Genius 1 (Cannot get 2 in Canada for some reason), Droolian, Interpreter. Actually I have 3 copies of Jehovahkill..(fear loves this c.d..What can I say)

Anyway, If your a fellow Canadain hoping to see Julian West of Toronto or East of Vancouver Keep dreamin! Also Send me some Email maybe we can make a tour out this way..After all Since I am a Fan..so is my Buddy, And his buddy and his buddys brother etc etc...Im sureI could get at least 5ooo for a J.C concert..Just I dont think thats enough to entice anyone.


Drivin on the far Side of slow..

B. S. Post NewAgeFix@aol.com Mon Jan 19 13:16:37 EST 1998

You've been warned....

A very productive weekend for me this week.....with the help of a friend, I got my entire apartment painted! So what does this have to with the ArchDrude, you ask? Well, not much, I guess, except that 70 minutes of painting was spent listening to Jehovahkill.

Well, my friend was pretty familiar with the songs and since he was kinda concentrating on painting, would just sing a few words here and there. I thought it would be interesting to share with you Jehovahkill's buzzwords:

wanna know, wanna know, wanna know.....it takes up all my time....be and I'll just watch you....reason and denial.....stretch my arms way out(couple times).....not to freak out.......idiot savant.....cause he's an idiot savant.....claaaiiim.....Socrates(his cats name, btw).....won't somebody sign my release?......bye-bah-bye........pleeease, get my ass back to the egg.....knooooOOOOOooooo.....(I joined in on that one).....DON'T TAKE MY LIFE AWAY(all of them).....Kneel!.......various sha-la-la-la's......I'm making soup from your bones....walking.....Albion......it's all I have......heart, heart, heart......questionable f**k......badges, badges, we don't need no stinking badges.....I dig every mo-mo-morning!.......pitiful microscopic nobody.....something that you lack.....an extra length I did not understand.....laaand.......we look at you and we see only trouble.....I could not rescue the night.....mother, mother, mother, baaaaaaaahye

Well, I have about an hour or two of work left to do and was thinking of putting on some Peggy and getting some help! Barring strong negative reaction to this post, you WILL see the results!

Guess you had to be there,


Bri NewAgeFix@aol.com Mon Jan 19 13:20:04 EST 1998

If that went through twice, Im sorry.....I hit reload on the thank you page!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 21 15:54:27 EST 1998

Listening to Jehovahkill for the first time in about a year. It is sooooooooo awesome! And that reminds me...

We need more survey responses! So, check out the questions at the bottom of this page and send in your responses if you haven't yet!

And now for some various thoughts inspired by recent posts:

Do you think QE2 and some of Julian's other DIY albums sound better on headphones than on speakers? I always love to blast my "ass kicking" albums full volume to shake the whole apartment, and most of the stuff I listen to is along those punish-your-neighbors-with-monotony tracks (prime examples being various Krautrock and PiL's Second Edition). But I wonder if the gentler, subtler music requires a more directly-piped-in approach. Hmm, I guess I'll experiment when I have time. What do y'all think?

Okay, for the post box - is it pretty much unanimous that we want it at the top? It's easy enough for me to put it there. How about the next time I archive the page (which should be pretty soon, as this one is getting pretty big already!)?

Spaceship Mark - you mentioned "The Modern Antiquarian is looking good and the follow up mindblowing." Is Julian already working on a sequel to The Modern Antiquarian, or an I reading this wrong?

Very entertaining last post, B.S. Post!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jan 21 17:13:14 EST 1998


Sometimes I think things are created the way they are deliberately to fuck our minds. Example: Why, when VHS was developed did half the world become PAL VHS and the other half NTSC?

Where am I going with this you ask. Well, I moved to Canada in 1991 with all my Cope videos and since that day I haven't been able to watch them because of the difference in formats between the UK and here. I have been hoping to get the stuff transfered but it is quite expensive to do. Anyway, I have finally taken the plunge and I am getting the first of my 6 tapes of Cope videos, TV appearances, Interviews, Bootlegs etc, converted from PAL to NTSC. This one is about 2 hours worth of Teardrop Explodes and Cope material.

So now North America can join in the fun! If anyone would like a copy of the NTSC version then email me. What I am hoping to do is do copies for anyone interested and ask them for a few bucks, say $10. I'm not really interested in making a profit. Any money I get I will use towards getting the other 5 tapes of stuff I have transfered.

Drop me a line if you are interested. Anyone using PAL (Europe, Australia, New Zealand and a few other places) can contact me too if you want a copy of anything and we can work something out. The full list of the video stuff I have can be found in the Cope List section of my Trampolene site.

Here is a list of what I am getting transfered today:

Teardrop Explodes:

Julian Cope solo:

Trav, I will mail you my survey very soon, I promise!


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Jan 21 18:39:33 EST 1998


Yeah the sequels started. I don't think I should say to much and spoil the surprise (and I might get in trouble too). Its a more goddessy thing.

See you soon,

Spaceship Mark.

(Anonymous) Thu Jan 22 20:58:40 EST 1998

cope video would be sweet@!! a friend i recently converted seems to have a strong liking to ''nation'' I said cool!! we need all we can get ..I plan on completing the survey real soon being computer illiterate the entering part is most challenging....excuse me awl... KEEP IT REAL!!!!SEE YA TODD.

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Fri Jan 23 07:27:52 EST 1998

I remember on one occasion visiting Castlerigg stone circle at sunset.

When I got to the top of the hill I had an uneasy feeling. Skiddaw was in darkness, the stones looked black and a herd of young cows were gathered around them.

I wandered over to the stones and one of the cows started to advance, eyes red, snorting. I thought "something isn't right here".

A few seconds later I was flying back to the stile hotly chased by the herd of cows. I got the feeling that it wasn't the right time to visit. The following morning I returned and all was well. The cows had gone to the far end of the field and ignored me, the sun was out and warmed me. There's a time and place for everything and I guess the stones knew when it was right.

I recall this now as the first track from QE2 "Eisteddfod 69" has an edgy nature to it that reminded me of my trip to Castlerigg. This track is quite remarkable as its 20 odd minute length seems to pass in but 5 mins. The slight burst of dawn light at the end gave a warm glow like the sunshine of that long ago morn. It also had me digging out my copy of Klaus Schulze's "Cyborg", an album with a similar mood.

I haven't had much time to listen to much of the rest of the album properly but Temples of Ker sounded intriguing and parts of Callanish reminded me of early Nurse With Wound (a favourite of mine). More when I've heard more !

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Jan 23 09:22:02 EST 1998


Cows, in my experience, are strange beasts. I've been chased by them while out mushroom picking. I've seen one snort at me then jump completely off the ground about a foot on the Marlborough Downs (an incident that sent me jumping over a barbed wire fence into a field of wheat). The wierdest thing was the time I cycled from Bristol to Stanton Drew and the within the Great Circle was a concentric circle of cows. Now it may only be a coincidence but in the last few months Archaeologists have discovered that buried under Stanton Drew are a series of concentric post holes in the Woodhenge\Sanctuary\Durrington Walls etc. style. Seems to me they should have asked the cows instead of using all this complex geophysics stuff...

Sheep on the other hand just seem to cause trouble hollowing out the lee side of stones for shelter (see pre-restoration Castlerigg).

In conclusion viva cows but sheep are just a bit daft.

Love Spaceship Mark

P.S. Was the escape of Butch and Sundance the Tamworth Pigs covered widely in the USA 'cos we were told it was.

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Fri Jan 23 11:55:38 EST 1998

Warning Completely Un-Cope Related Post!

As anybody who has been to my site knows I run a (small) business selling Star Wars toys (old &New)by mail order and at toy fairs across the UK. At present business is rather slack and i need to get hold of some of the funky action figures you lot in the US &Canada are getting at the moment to spark up my stock. Here in the UK Kenner are rather crap, we only have around 20 figures available compared to the 100+ that have been available in the US! If anyone is able get some of these figures for me i would be most grateful! I am prepared to pay cash or trade Cope stuff (or krautrock stuff or whatever....) I also do record fairs with a friend so, in theory nothing is out of the question for us to get....(apart from the Rabbi Joseph Gordon single which even i have not been able to get!)If you can help me then mail me please.....likewise if you have any old star wars toys you/your friends want rid of as well (this includes you chaps in the good old uk too!)

Apologies to anyone on the Krautrock MB who has already been subject to this plea!

"This is the end of the Bantha Poo Doo public service announcement....Normal service will now be resumed........."

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Fri Jan 23 16:19:52 EST 1998

Firstly, an apology that this post is going to be a sort of 'Kilroy was here' post, but HEXX has been telling me how good the list is, so I thought I'd drop in and check it out.

So firstly, YO! HEXX! I made it!

Secondly, the list looks pretty c00l! So much stuff seems to be watered down on the net at the moment I've been revisiting lists that I used to enjoy a couple of years back and they've either died, or have *loads* of junk posting (like people advertising Star Wars Stuff <VBG>), but there's definately a spark here!

As far as my own passion for the Arch Drude goes - I can remember being mightily impressed by Reward (too) many moons ago. I never folowed TE closely, but was always impressed by their stuff. I (re)discovered Cope when I bought the Peggy Suicide album. Loved it to bits. From then on, thanks to HEXXs collection and a couple of live dates my interest has gone on from strength to strength. As well as touching base on a few esoteric matters, the guy impresses me with his passion and honesty - and he's recorded some excellent music!

This post is getting too long without saying a great deal, but because I obviously share a common interest with you all, I would like to see if there is anything else we share in common. If I were to ask you to choose one book that you think I should read for whatever reason - what would it be? I am assuming that because we share a common love of the Drude &his art, that something that inspred you may do the same for me - &I'm all for a bit of new inspiration!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Jan 23 16:52:41 EST 1998

Yes, I saw something on tv about the escaped tamworth pigs. Was it widely covered? Not really, it was just a8 "happy" story at the end of the news. Should have been the headline news as who really cares where Clinton's been dipping his wick recently.

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Fri Jan 23 18:06:26 EST 1998

WA-HEY! Gribbles finally makes it to rail on shocker! Nice to see you!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Jan 23 19:38:07 EST 1998


Nice to know people are checking my web page (mail me mail me I love it!!)Yeah the Tamworth two. These two Ginger Tamworth Pigs escaped and swam a river and everything and one of our national newspapers (the Daily 'Tory Rag' Mail) actually bought the pigs. Hey thats a thing who's a vegetarians? Cos no-meat rocks

Love Spaceship Mark

spaceship mark Fri Jan 23 19:42:54 EST 1998


Isn't what we need though, another disgraced pres. Even Lincoln didn't want blacks to be equal to whites. US system=fucked. (mind you UK justice system=fuckter) I won't be surpised if clinton gets off though


spaceship mark Sat Jan 24 09:06:10 EST 1998

sorry about that ranting i was drunk last night

love mark

Jeff Penczak leapday@goers.com Sat Jan 24 22:27:59 EST 1998

Hi. I've been checking out the Julian and TE references in George Gimarc's new Post-Punk Diary and noticed a listing for a 12" version of "Tiny Children" b/w "Rachel Builds A Steamboat" and an 8 minute live version of "Sleeping Gas." Supposedly released on June 11, 1982.

Does anybody have this? I've been trying to add to my collection of rarities, but I haven't seen this one anywhere and haven't seen it listed on any of the recent series of reissues such as "The Flowers of JC."



Graham Thorpe graham@version.demon.co.uk Sun Jan 25 04:52:45 EST 1998

Jeff: re: Tiny Children 12"

Yes, it is on Mercury-Tear172

One of the few TE records I own - I can't remember where I got it from, but I wan't aware it was rare...

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net Sun Jan 25 14:53:50 EST 1998

Tiny children 12" is not that rare.....goes for about £10 - £12 here in the UK. The problem is that (like most Cope stuff) they don't turn up on the market that often. I think my friend Ian who does mail order records and stuff had a few promo copies of the single for £10 - £15 if anyone is interested mail me. The live version of Sleeping Gas BTW is the canines conkers and one of my all time favorite tracks!

Good to see gribbles again!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jan 26 13:13:37 EST 1998

I may have posted this before, but anyone looking for rarer Cope/Teardrop Explodes stuff should check out GEMMS homepage. It is a great listing of records, cds etc for sale by private collectors and record stores.

The URL is:



mike fiddler mike.fiddler@digital.com Tue Jan 27 07:17:09 EST 1998

HI All,

Anyone going to be at the Wolverhampton show next sunday? Fancy buying me a pint?

Hey Ron - Caitlins fine thanks, and she loves bouncing along to '20 Mothers'....Cryingbabies is one of her favourite lullabies (though my voice is not as cosmic as the Drudes).

Wish I had more to say


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Jan 27 13:30:04 EST 1998


This is for all of you UK residents. I just had this idea that everyone should send home secretary Jack Straw a copt of the Cannabis article of the Head Heritage site. He said on Mark Thomas' show that he couldn't legalise for medicinal reasons untill he had proof he should.

His e-mail address is gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk

If you find anthing else interesting send him that too.

Love Spaceship Mark

(now on the list of the UK's subversives no doubt)

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Wed Jan 28 12:14:31 EST 1998

Hey Jeff, you mentioned a Cope reissue called "The Flowers Of JC". I hope this is just a terrible fumbled-keyboard rendition of "The Followers of St. Julian". If not, I must be missing something! I'd heard that Island was considering releasing 3 Julian Cope "rarities"-type albums, of which the first was "Followers..." Haven't heard anything else since. Any idea if this is true or not?

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Jan 29 06:47:34 EST 1998


On the subject of rarities; when i spoke to Julian he said they were thinking of putting out another Floored Genius with stuff like the Rabbi Joseph Gordon etc. on it. Don't know if or when though.

I heard Island were doing a series too. But wasn't the first one horribly packaged?



Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Thu Jan 29 08:35:54 EST 1998

Hey spaceship mark,

Well, I don't think I'd say "Followers" was horribly packaged...perhaps it was a bit cheesy with the cut-up photo on the front and that street-sign thing on the back, but you know. I think these kinds of releases are pretty marginal anyway. The CD has very little "flow", if you know what I mean, but stringing together rarities will almost never create something thematically whole. Anyway, yeah, not a startling record, but something us completists are bound to relish anyway.

A new "Floored Genius"! Now, THAT would be something to look forward to. I thought #2 was superb. C'mon Julian, please!

Jason Venkiteswaran jjvenkit@uwaterloo.ca http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/~jjvenkit/ Thu Jan 29 19:45:54 EST 1998

talking about "followers" ... my copy has one small dot of a scratch during th japanese interview track and it causes my cd-players to hang-up on the song and skip!

any suggestions (aside from laying down $35 for a new one) to help me out? there are no other scratches and i'm not even sure how that one got there :(



spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Jan 30 07:06:15 EST 1998


I used to have a tape of Peggy Suicide taped off my mates cd that had a scratch on 'Double Vegetation'. I found that if you hit fast forward just before the scratch you can get over it. Addmittedly you miss a half-second or so.

The problem is now I've got a cd without a scratch my brains still here the little vrrrp noise even though it's not there.

Irrelevent but hopefully informative.



Ilias Piknadas iliasp@hotmail.com Fri Jan 30 10:28:03 EST 1998

Hello to all the drudes out there!

I have just found this site and from now on I'll be in contact very often.

I am a Greek student who lives for the last few months in England, in Stoke-On-Trent. I am 19 years old and maybe the biggest Greek Julian's fan. Although the first song of Julian that I listened was the "Highway to the Sun" from the "20 Mothers", now after three years I have almost all his records.

When I came in England for the Uni. I had only one dream. To see Julian live in concert. And this dream will become truth on 11th of February in Manchester!

Is there anyone who will go to this gig?

Do you want to join me because I'll come alone?

Please email me!

Do you know if I'll have any problem if I'll bring with me a camera to take some photos?

Sorry, for all these qeastions but I am really looking forward for this gig!

I'll send my responces to the survey as soon as possible.

Thanx to all the Julian's Fans who make me feel less lonely than I used to be.


P.S. Do you if something that I learned is true? Is Julian's mother-in-law Greek?

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Fri Jan 30 15:12:55 EST 1998


I have heard that putting a CD in the freezer can cure small glitches on them. Dunno. Not tried it myself.

If you do feel like trying it, please sign below

I hereby take full responsibility for freezing my CDs and in no way will blame gribbles if it shags them.

Signed _________________


Re: Re:Scratch

I had exactly the same thing with The The's Infected album. I taped the original off a record that had a small scratch on one of the tracks, when I bought the CD the song almost seemed to be out of time 'cos my brain expected it to jump slightly.

Doesn't take much to fuck us up does it?

Ron drude@mounet.com Fri Jan 30 22:27:18 EST 1998

The Flowers of Julian Cope...I love it! and I think that Sir Jules would approve also. Hopefully the marketing genuis' at Island will be as creative and witty as we fans on the next attempt.

Michael...I would love to buy you a pint, but got this little location issue going on (ie..you and Julian are in the UK, I'm in the US) Have one on me, I'm good for it. Try Eve's Volcano, a little rowdy, but a beauty of a song for Caitlin. Cheers!

Steven sfrennic@aol.com Sat Jan 31 12:10:06 EST 1998

Hey Trav,

The joint seems to be jumping since last I checked... Printing Mike's survey now.. will mail it rather then clutter things up (HEY MIKE!!! got some toughies on there.. can't wait to hear Your answers)...

Anyway, looking back a bit...

Trav,doesn't matter how you look or dress..**** it!... whatever makes you happy..."society" is shocked?..let 'em be.. add some spice to the mundane...

Has anyone recieved any cards from HH?.. I signed onto their list months ago, and haven't heard a thing (not mad, just wondering....)

Love on ya all,


(going to hunch down on the survey,,,tah!)

TOOCG setsq@tinet.ie Sat Jan 31 22:43:41 EST 1998

J.C. a solo performance last night in Dublin, was a religous experience.

Only 50% of the two hour show was spent in song, the rest was "hippy ramblings" posturing and touring the audience with a headset mike. I don't know which half was the more entertaining.

Lots of classic old tracks"passionate friend" with the most recent being "planetary sit in"

When Jah Wobble wrote "Becoming more like god" he must have been listening to recent J>C> tracks.

Q1- Can anybody get me a copy of Piano ?

Q2- As i have all of Julian Cope's albums (except Piano) and i also have all Foetus (JG Thirwell/wiseblood/Scraping Foetus off the wheel /steroid maximus) does this make me a schizophrenic ?

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun Feb 1 07:15:13 EST 1998


Julian will be talking and playing music on the Mark &Lard show on Tuesday 3rd Feb on Radio 1 between 2pm &4pm this can also be recived all over the net from radio 1's web site the address is www.bbc.co.uk/radio1


Marc (Britannica) raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Mon Feb 2 08:15:53 EST 1998

Re.: Sb. wanted to know if Julian's ma-in-law was Greek.

Yes, she is. She is called Helen Beslity and she lives in America. Julian dedicated the instrumental song on 20 mothers to her, calling it "Leli B.", which is Mrs Beslity's nickname. She can be found on the front sleeve of 20 mothers, quite an old woman with black, short hair and wearing huge glasses. She came to America a long time ago.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Feb 3 12:27:58 EST 1998

I received quite an interesting email today, so I thought I'd post it here. Unfortunately I have to disagree with it as I'm pretty sure he was born Julian David Cope, 21st October 1957 in Deri, South Wales, both the Head Heritage site and Head On confirm this. Kevin Stapelton was just a pseudonym Cope adopted in the acid-haze days of the late Teardrop explodes, any thoughts anyone? Here is the email:

Some info: James Eller end Chris Whitten played on The The's masterpiece "Mind Bomb" and the follow up "Dusk".

Further more: Julian isn't called Julian but was born Kevin Stapleton. Where did you get to know he's called Julian David Cope? I'd love to know, you know.

That's all for now,



Reply-To: 56425@ai.fei.hva.nl

Gribbles Tue Feb 3 19:55:24 EST 1998

Just got back from the Sheffield gig - and, yes, it *was* cool.

JC was in his usual verbose mood, but despite him often berating himself for not playing too many songs &talking too much, I kinda like it that way....

Stand-out songs - Double Vegitation, Sunspots (cos I like it &he could fart it &I'd be happy), Greatness and Perfection of Love. Even the mellotron songs sounded OK tonight!

Only spoiler was the neoprene woman (if you were there you'd know...)

Only regret is I'm not going to get to any more shows on this tour....

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net Tue Feb 3 20:01:49 EST 1998

Did he say fart????? Did Gribbles say fart!!!!!????

Yeah we just got back and it was v.groovy indeed.....unusual choice of songs mind....kicking off with autogeddon blues was a turn up for the books and also we were treated to a mellotron version of you disappear from view.....kewl!

My faves were the awsome mellotron versions of Land of fear and an excellent great dominions!

Top form Julian!

Who else was there btw?

I'm hoping to get to the leeds show as well .... is anyone else going????????

BTW my site has finally been updated (thanks to my frontpage beta expiring i was kinda gazzumped for a while!) i've made astart on the Lethbridge page so check it out!

by bye!


Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Tue Feb 3 22:26:22 EST 1998


You are correct. Kevin Stapleton is a pseudonym. In the Nov. 20, 1981 issue of NME, Julian says: "I'm supposed to be championing like ordinary people and 'Julian' just seems too wimpy. I thought 'Kevin Stapleton' had a nice down-to-Earth sound to it."

Confusion continues on the "To The Shores of Lake Placid" LP (Zoo Four). The song "Kwalo Klobinsky's Lullaby" by Whopper is actually Julian, although the song is credited as being composed by Kevin Stapleton.



So who's got those tour "boots" for trade/sale?!?

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/ Wed Feb 4 06:54:56 EST 1998


Whopper wasn't just J it also had Balfe on it (and maybe someone else I can't remember). They actually recorded a whole LP of them playing on keyboards and generally messing about but it has never seen the light of day....yet.

Love Mark.

P.S. the caption in Head On says Kevin Stapleton was an ex- england teen soccer player who "disaproved of drugs" but "liked the odd pint". Not really the Julian we know and love.

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Wed Feb 4 11:30:56 EST 1998

There's also a couple of tracks by "the turquoise swimming pools" on the 12" ep of unreleased zoo stuff in the ZOO Box. I've always presumed that these were from the same sessions although they are only credited to Balfe not JC as well.

trivial fact there everyone!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Feb 4 15:47:53 EST 1998

I managed to record the Mark radcliffe interview off of the BBC Radio 1 Real Audio thingy yesterday. It came out ok, but the quality isn't as perfect as it would be recording it off of the FM radio broadcast. Its also a pretty mellow experience compared to previous Mark Radcliffe sessions etc. Did anyone else catch it? Anyone over there in good ol' Blighty record it from the radio? Let us know, Julian did play one song live, can't remember what it was called now, but it was a new one.

I'm with Jeff in his request for bootlegs of the current tour, given my totally obsessive nature with regards to Cope, please let us know if any arise.


HEX Wed Feb 4 15:55:39 EST 1998


I got a good recording of the Mark and Lard show .... i'll send you a copy with your "package"!!!!!!! I'm going to try and MP3 the song over the weekend if it works it'll be up on my site on Monday. BTW The song was called "Everything Blows Me Away" and it was one of two new songs previewed at the Manchester Poetry festival last year..

By Bye


Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Wed Feb 4 16:35:44 EST 1998

Re: Radio 1 sessions - somewhere I've got a tape of the *last* session JC did for Mark &Lard, when they were on in the evenings. Theres a nice bit of typical JC waffle &he did I got my TV &my pills and a couple of others that I can't bring to mind right now...

If anyone's intersted email me or HEX &we'll see what we can do.

Also, I've dug out of the virtual ether 80 newpaper articles from various sources that mention/interview JC. I'll sort through them &bung them up on the WWW somehere. Once this is done I'll post the URL here....

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemeia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Feb 4 18:34:13 EST 1998


If you need space to post the articles let me know as I can easily include them as part of Trampolene. My intention has always been to have the site be more than my point of view, so anyone out there who wants to contribute, please do. Articles, opinions, photos and reveiws of recent gigs especially... anything!

Hopefully soon, when I get my shit together I'm going to get a domain name for Trampolene too instead of sucking the life out of someone elses.


Louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk http://hyperchat.co.uk/u/louise Thu Feb 5 03:51:57 EST 1998

Ooooh! Ain't it great to be back! *chuckle*

Went to the Bristol show last night... Very little rambling and many more songs - professional Julian! *grins* He started out using a lovely "Howard-Jones-Cliff-Richard-Wired-For-Sound" headset contraption, but soon went back to the traditional mike &stand (which kept rearing its ugly head like a cobra)

Soungs spanned his whole career... loved The Great Dominions & Passionate Friend, Upwards at 45°, Autogeddon Blues, Robert Mitchum... less impressed by the grungy Jelly-Pop Perky Jean... and, of course, those words that sent shivers of fear through my spine... "I think it's time for the Mellotron" Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! *giggle*

Very mellow &laid back gig - although I have to admit I prefered the time he played a similar type of set for the Big Issue benefit at the Bierkeller... I love it when he starts rambling on a train of thought... ah well!

Just a thought - does anyone here have ICQ? I'm 1552156!

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Thu Feb 5 04:30:13 EST 1998

Don't have time to ramble!! But Cope is in the new issue of Select (March) - a one page Q&A session mainly about THE book &the tour.

Hi Louise , fancy meeting you here ! *g* (ICQ 5745722)

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Thu Feb 5 05:23:30 EST 1998

hi y'all,

Julians also in this months 'The Wire' magazine and theres a little gONe feature on the Teardrop in this weeks NME

Gotta Fly


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Feb 5 11:48:22 EST 1998

I'll archive this page soon!

Last call for survey responses... I'll tally them this weekend, so try to get them in ASAP. The questions are at the other end of this page.

I agree on Kevin Stapleton just being a temporarily effected pseudonym. I don't see any reason for Cope to lie about his name in Head On. After all, he talks about drugs and sex and taking dumps in the shower... He strikes me as a very truth-oriented person.

Speaking of boots, anyone interterested in me putting some more live ones online? (see The Live Cope Page for what I currently have up)

Nice to see all the new people and the returning familiar faces! :)


Craig Burrows phish@iconn.com.ph Thu Feb 5 12:10:35 EST 1998

(originally posted to the Drude list -- Trav)

Just a happy old cyber hippy, Julian Cope, Olympia, Dublin

AT THIS stage in his career, Julian Cope is as famous for being a professional eccentric as he is for being a pop star. These days he's more likely to be seen hanging around Stonehenge than the Groucho Club. Having made his name as the strikingly handsome lead singer of Liverpool post-punk pop acolytes the Teardrop Explodes, he went on to forge a solo career that may have had its ups and downs but which has never been anything less than fascinating.

Cope's participation in an anti-poll tax march through the centre of London at the fag-end of the Thatcher administration has already passed into legend. Dressed up as his alter ego, Sqwubbsy, Cope was conspicuous by his presence inside a giant papier-mâché head. Thatcher resigned soon afterwards.

His subsequent records, of which Interpreter is the most recent, find him building ecologically correct sentiments around classic psychedelic pop structures. On his current tour, however, he is in solo mode, armed with only an electric guitar and a fluorescent yellow mellotron.

This being a midnight show on a Friday, there was already a celebratory buzz around the arena before Cope appeared on stage. Wearing tight leggings and sporting a Barbiesque blonde ponytail, Cope looked rather like someone the Kirov had left behind on its last trip to Dublin.

"I operate on stage as a hermaphrodite," declared Cope proudly to the general bewilderment of his fans, and we knew then that this was not going to be your standard pop gig. In between telling us about the patriarchal symbolism of the microphone stand and how he relishes his role as a cyber hippy and a space-age eco-warrior, Cope took requests from the increasingly sozzled audience.

Consequently, the set list was democratically culled from his back catalogue, including everything from Teardrops classics like Passionate Friend and The Great Dominions to solo triumphs like Soul Desert and Sunspots to the current New Age whimsy of Planetary Sit-In. There was even a spot of poetry thrown in.

Through it all Cope was having a ball, even emerging from the stage to meet and greet his ecstatic fans for a hug and a handshake. He could have played on all night, but Out of my Mind on Dope and Speed was the showstopper of a hugely enjoyable show at which no artificial stimulants were needed.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Feb 5 12:35:10 EST 1998

Excellent gig reviews! Of course I'm jealous as hell! But don't stop them coming, I love to read what antics he's up to live.

Trav, I'd love to see some more boots etc on your live page. Any particular era? As I can send you copies of tapes I have to put up there. Some of the later stuff from 93 - 95 are pretty long though, anywhere between 180 and 200 minutes per gig, is this too much?

In the recent Mark Radcliffe interview Cope said that the current gigs are about an hour and a half, is this true anyone?

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Feb 6 06:57:11 EST 1998


From what you've all said I can't wait till Liverpool tommorow. How's Julian been handling the 'REYNARD!!!' hecklers?

And also whats Murray Lachlan Young been like?

ANswers on a postcard

Love MArk Spaceshuttle

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Fri Feb 6 08:22:11 EST 1998

I've managed to MPEG 3 encode the mark radcliffe interview and new song "everything blows me away" they should be up on my site tonight (that's UK time tonight..... i'm not sure what that'll be for you foreigners!)

They came out OK .....the song itself is around 350k so it's pretty good downloadwise!

you need winamp(or similar) to play it back there will be a link for this on the page as well.

If anybody's interested i'll do some more stuff.....let me know what tracks you want and i'll do my best! Mail me or post details here!


Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Fri Feb 6 09:16:42 EST 1998

At Wolverhampton, Julian gave into the Reynard hecklers by giving them a quick burst on the mellotron - just the chorus. The gig BTW was an hour and a half including the encore of Try Try Try &World Shut Your Mouth. He only did one poem and plenty of edge-of-stage leaning-forward posing (how does he defy gravity ? I suspect those groovy boots of his have something to do with it) and decided he could do without the phallic symbolism of the mike stand due to his lack of underwear.

Oh and Murray Lachlan Young was humourous and quick (about 25 mins).

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Fri Feb 6 11:22:21 EST 1998

Need cheering up over the fact that JC is playing Cambridge the year I decide to spend in Germany so would anyone do me the honour of deciphering the line before Live in solitude like Howard Hughes and the line after Christ versus Warhol?

Good news is that I found a 12" of Colours Fly Away last week for 3 DM (about 1 pound).

p.s. Jack Straw drinks in my local (The Spread Eagle, at the crossroads at the top of Saccary Lane, Mellor near Blackburn) and is a twat.

Spaceship Mark Orbiter 5 spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Fri Feb 6 12:06:31 EST 1998

Re: J.Straw,

He did talk to Mark Thomas which was cool. If anyone missed it earlier can I just ask everyone to e-mail said home secretary the cannabis thing off the Head Heritage site.

Once again his e-mail is gen.ho@gtnet.co.uk

I have yet to recieve a reply

Apollo 13

losing it in lpool

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@digital.com Fri Feb 6 12:26:01 EST 1998

Hey Boolbar - you didn't come and say Hi to me at Wolverhampton...I actually left after the first hour though.


Ian Wilson ianwislon@aol.com http://members.aol.com/Ianwislon/home.htm Sat Feb 7 18:42:13 EST 1998

An Audience with Julian Cope. Liverpool L2 Club, 7.2.98. Julian arrives, sporting no hat, a floppy middle aged bulge, clearly visible thanks to the de rigour tight black leggings and a "pink pubic triangle". He does not wear a bra - the strp is a by product of the radio mic - no cosmic asshole stand these days, just a headmic. He delivers; firstly a vocal only Poet is priest and then, having broken a D string in his first use of the guitar, Jelly Pop is presented to us using the E and A strings only. He chats throughout - dispite his promise to just plough through songs, but thats OK. Mr Cope is master of the audience, he does the job better than most struggling comics who need to deal with the odd heckler. There is only him and a guitar, or on occasion a melotron, or in two instances, only "only him". He smiles delightedly and the hour and a half is worth it. If anyone thinks that thats a bit of a con, given his previous three set tours, remember, you can only sing and carry ALL the music for so long. No one else in on stage, just him. I'd like to see the Spice Girls try that. He says he's going, after a quick two song encore and does so, just reminding us all to buy his book due out soon on Stones. Short, extremely sweet and good fun.

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Sun Feb 8 18:22:30 EST 1998

Just to let you all know....i put the MPEG3's of the recent Mark Radcliffe session up on my site. I'm not sure if the links are working ok so.... if you do check it out and it works/doesn't work mail me to let me know....ok?



Boolbar Mon Feb 9 04:33:29 EST 1998

Just realised why "Everything Blows Me Away" from the Mark Radcliffe interview was so familiar to me. He did it on stage at Wolverhampton.

A belated "Hi" to Mike F. !!

mike fiddler Mon Feb 9 08:22:23 EST 1998

Hey Boolbar - you weren't the guy in the bar relating a tale of having been bitten by Smelvin were you...?


Marc (prbably just lonely) raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Mon Feb 9 08:59:02 EST 1998

Hi there,

I don't want to interrupt the gig reviews, but anyone who is interested in German "kosmische Musik" should check out SPHERIC MUSIC, a wonderful Kraut - record label. (tons of trons !)

The address is as follows :

c/o Lambert Ringlage
Messings Garten 7,
D- 45147 Essen,

I think an IRC will do for info.

Bye you Cyberdrudes,

Marc (probably like all the rest...)

rob ross robross@wmg.com Tue Feb 10 16:03:40 EST 1998


I definitely want a copy of the Teardrops'/Cope video comp! Let me know the details and I will get you a check or money order or whatever currency you need!

An addendum, for those who haven't heard--according to a friend of mine who is in semi-regular contact with Julian, Seb Shelton has stepped down as manager--a shame, 'cos he's a good man. And Julian is no longer associated with Echo Records. Just thought I'd fill you in on what I've heard.

Blessings to you all.

rob ross robross@wmg.com Tue Feb 10 16:03:47 EST 1998


I definitely want a copy of the Teardrops'/Cope video comp! Let me know the details and I will get you a check or money order or whatever currency you need!

An addendum, for those who haven't heard--according to a friend of mine who is in semi-regular contact with Julian, Seb Shelton has stepped down as manager--a shame, 'cos he's a good man. And Julian is no longer associated with Echo Records. Just thought I'd fill you in on what I've heard.

Blessings to you all.

Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk Tue Feb 10 16:19:20 EST 1998

Here's some info on Screaming Secrets magazine for anyone who's been curious!

Screaming Secrets is the Julian Cope Magazine and has been running since 1988. Each issue is a full glossy edition packed with features, reviews, gossip, stories and more on the wonderful world of Cope.

Screaming Secrets also organised the first Liverpool Explodes music event in Liverpool in 1996. We took over a hotel and ran a whole weekend of events including guided tours, slide shows and merchandising stalls. We also ran a disco in the evening playing nothing but Cope, Teardrops, Echo &The Bunnymen, OMD, Wah and all the best of the Liverpool music scene!

Each issue of Screaming Secrets is £2.50 and we have a select range of back issues, convention magazines and T Shirts. Anyone interested in learning more can drop me an E Mail. If you include your snail mail address I'll send on an order form.

Paul B

Louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk http://hyperchat.co.uk/u/louise Wed Feb 11 04:44:52 EST 1998

I can also recommend Screaming Secrets magazine (having been a contributor on the odd occasion - and having hung around the odd venue trying to flog copies in the past....! *grins*) An excellent rag!

~waves~ to Boolbar &Mike F

See you at the Astoria on Saturday, Paul?

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Wed Feb 11 09:26:37 EST 1998

NME - (14th Feb 1998) has a review of Cope gig at Cambridge. I tested some character recognition software on it and it worked so if you want a copy (for your web-site or own reading pleasure !) let me know and I'll email it.

Mike F. : Nope ! I didn't get bitten by Smelvin.

Ilias iliasp@hotmail.com Thu Feb 12 05:54:55 EST 1998

I saw Julian yesterday in Manchester!

It was one of the best gigs I've ever been to! Just Wicked!

An extraordinery one-man show. He said only one poem, Socrates Mine Enemy from Jehovahkill. He broke three strings of his guitar.

He sang songs from almost all his career but anything from his latest album, Interpreter. My only complains are that he was on stage only for 1 hour and 25 minutes and that he didn't sing Reynard. But, anyway he sang such beautiful songs with his incredible style.

Murray Lachlan Young was cool too.

The T-shirt of the Tour is wicked!

I can't wait to see him on September reading his new book at the bookshops of the country.

Paul B. would you please e-mail an order form for the fanzine?

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Fri Feb 13 05:01:48 EST 1998

Apologies to anybody who has tried to access my site or email me over the last couple of days but my service provider decided to wipe my site and screw up my email overnight ..... much to my amusement! Everything is now back online and if anybody has problems with links or anything then please mail me and let me know.



spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Feb 13 13:13:21 EST 1998

Hi y'all,

As Julian said in Liverpool, there's no point shouting for a song that it's impossible to play on one guitar (Reynard). Just got QE2 and Rite 2 from Head Heritage. Does anyone know if the tracks with Donald on are new or from the original sessions? I though J wasn't working with DRS anymore.

Love Flying Saucer Over the Mother Space Travellin' Mark

P.S. Hex, did you get your tape?

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/mrrunion/ Fri Feb 13 15:38:53 EST 1998

Hey all,

Love reading all the gig reviews. Wish I could partake one with you. Would anyone be so kind as to snag me one of those supposedly "killer" shirts from one of the remaining gigs? I'll compensate cost and postage to get it over here to the US, as well as chip in something extra for the effort. Please email me if you can help. Thanks.

"Then came the sound of hysterical laughter and freakin' out!"

Mike (oh so far away in Florida)

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Fri Feb 13 18:02:28 EST 1998

Concerning DRS, my mate went to see Prolapse in Preston last October and DRS was playing with them and here we have a snippet of the email e sent me relating the tale........

MR DONALD ROSS SKINNER! and he is a bit of a dude. here are the pertinent facts (as far as i can remember them):

  1. he doesn't like footy
  2. he hasn't spoken to copey for 3 or 4 years
  3. he's never seen copey do a trip cos he gave them up just before drs joined him
  4. copey smokes a lot of pot (shock!)
  5. the songs he played on "fried" were reynard, me singing, search party and, um, another one
  6. he also played on wayland smithy (i was having trouble controlling myself by now)
HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Sat Feb 14 19:50:43 EST 1998

Do my eyes deceive me or was that Mr. Thighpaulsandra resplendent in a groovee moog t-shirt appearing with (the godlike) spiritualised on top of the pops tonight???????????????

where'd you get the shirt then???????

Rail On #07

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