Rail On #06

1997-11-21 to 1998-01-07

Marc raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Fri Nov 21 11:09:20 EST 1997

[forwarded by Travis]

Hi out there,

this Marc from Bochum, Germany talking to you now. I've been into Cope since the glorious days of "Peggy Suicide", and I'll keep this thing rolling...

I have been to the shows at the Shepherds Bush Empire in 1995 and ALSO to the Liverpool Explodes - thing last November in Liverpool, a party organized by Paul Browne of "Screaming Secrets".

Recently, I have seen Spiritualized playing Cologne ( along with thee Michael Moon - Eye and no other than Thighpaulsandra on Farfisa Organ and Roland D 20 - synthesizer.) It was a cool gig and I have started collecting things of Spiritualized, they are highly recommendable !

If you are interested in chatting to a German drude, don't hesitate to send a message to one of the following addresses :


That's it for now, please go ahead !

Yours, Marc

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 21 11:48:12 EST 1997

Speaking of Spiritualized, their latest CD, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, is rather cool.

Hey, you know, this is a great time, with the Anal discussion and the holidays fast approaching, to come up with some lists of "must buys" for fellow fans on here. For instance, we could list our most recommended Cope/non-Cope/books/movies/whatever purchases that we made in the past year (well, roughly). We'd all end up with a nice list of ways to treat ourselves!

For instance, here are my most important discoveries of 1997:


  1. Krautrocksampler - got me into Krautrock, which is really cool!
  2. Rite 2 - gives me some pride in Julian's DIY efforts. My Dad even seems to like one of the songs; imagine that!


  1. Can: Anthology - my 1st Krautrock, got me into lots of cool Can albums
  2. Digital Sex: Essence and Rarities - excellent cross between For Against and Springhouse
  3. Bennet: Supernatural - catchy punk/pop, gives me some hope for the future of British music

Books (nonfiction):

  1. Douglas Hofstadter: Goedel, Escher, Bach - brilliantly crafted and presented look into the theme of recursion. Anyone interested in math, music, art, or computers should read this book!
  2. Tracy Kidder: The Soul of a New Machine - you'd think a story about building a computer would be boring as heck, but this is absolutely riveting! Tracy does what John Grisham has done for law.
  3. Steven Levy: Artifical Life - really cool, but DEFINITELY for computer types.


  1. The Game - very interesting, not a movie you'll forget anytime soon
  2. The Thin Man - my introduction to Myrna Loy (sp?), who's cool, sexy, funny, and smart! Yum!

TV shows:

  1. Southpark - right up there with the Simpsons and King of the Hill in terms of number of laughs per episode!

Of all the books and CDs and movies I've seen in the last year, Goedel, Escher, Bach has had the most significant impact on my life. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Ted Ziminsky TZiminsky@aol.com Fri Nov 21 12:39:05 EST 1997

[forwarded by Travis]

It's good to see so much JC related goings on........with Soul Desert getting stagnant since the release of 20 Mothers and the Echo site being nothing to get too excited about......the Head Heritage site was a treasure to finally see. And thanks to them, I've found Trampolene and Rail On. Things are looking good for Cope fans.

Of course, with all this updated info, now the "problem" arises.......what to get first.?. With the Head Heritage Merchandiser, I've got ...oh, about $100 worth of official Cope releases to pick up-Rite2, QE2 and all the singles.

Also, there's the guy selling his Cope collection off...... he's reserving Love Luv Pink vinyl for me and i'm definitely gonna get it, but is the b-side "Dragonfly" one of Copey's strange instrumental cuts or what?

(Plus he's got the Rabbi Joseph Gordon single for $70 -arghh!!!!)

Not to mention all the bootleg stuff floating about. Have you heard any of those 3 hour shows he did over in the UK? Is there much trading going on amongst the Rail On/Trampolene folks.? Just curious. I'd love to get in on the action.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 21 12:45:53 EST 1997

Ted -

Good to hear from you again!

As far as I remember, "Dragonfly" is a weird one. I don't know so much about the Rabbi Joseph Gordon, except that it's ULTRA-rare! You are lucky if you can get hold of it.

As for the Head Heritage stuff, I'd say your first priority should be to get the books, Head On and Krautrocksampler, if you don't have them yet. As for the music, Rite 2 is cool but QE2 isn't actually out yet. I think a lot of us have it on order, so as soon as it's released, we'll get it and then talk about it on here!


Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Sat Nov 22 23:58:34 EST 1997

First off, are there any reports from the Manc show last Sunday? I'm hoping someone attended (preferably with a tape recorder in tow). Secondly, here's my list (so far) of the best of '97 that some folks might want to add to their holiday shopping list:

Honorable Mentions:

Also: Dylan, Fahey &Cul De Sac, Damo Suzuki's Network

Luv on ya,


Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Mon Nov 24 13:35:15 EST 1997

(1) Just sent off a 100 min Julian mix tape to an interested party over on the Robyn Hitchcock list. He only asked for a suggestion as to the first JC album he should buy, and I just couldn't help myself. Spreading the word/music of Julian is definitely a joy in life.

(2) Some of my favorite albums of the last 2 years:

See ya.

robin robin.fry@strath.ac.uk Wed Nov 26 11:34:31 EST 1997

alright.....i'm new to this game so i won't take long.....just to say that i know the identity of christoph.f as mentioned on the luminous yellow thing which comes with the recent propheteering 7"......anyone else know who he is? bet you don't......and also did anyone go to see faust in edinburgh over the summer????they were totally insane and set fireworks off right in the front row of the audience!!!ha! cool or what.......so here's my favourite bands right now mostly independent and glasgow based but nevertheless good......trout....ganger.....yo la tengo.....trans am.....up.....dominic waxing lyrical.....zzzzzzzz....guess nobody really cares though do you? anyway hope eveyone is well...don't forget to rock!!

Ben Maki bmaki@interaccess.com http://homepage.interaccess.com/~bmaki/acetone/home.html Wed Nov 26 18:27:24 EST 1997


At last I find the hidey-hole for all you Cope fans. It's been a long search of stagnant websites in order to find this place but all that is in the past now.

I've been a fan for hmmm...is it really well over a decade now? I guess it is. All this time and yet never to have seen the man live. Well, I'm on the hunt for copies of live shows. I don't have much to offer in trade (well, nothing of Cope's), but what there is is here: http://homepage.interaccess.com/~bmaki/trades.html If anyone's interested, give a holler.

Otherwise, I bide my time by picking up any and every release I can get my hands on here in Chicago. Hopefully he'll be back someday. Anyway, that's my hello. I hope to be around here a bit now that I've found it.

Oh, by the by, I also host about the only website around for the band Acetone, so if they interest you pop on by the website listing by name at the top.

Ben Maki

robin robin.fry@strath.ac.uk Thu Nov 27 07:23:09 EST 1997

come on!some one must be interested!did anyone see the cope article in mojo a while ago? 'back to my place' it was called or something like that? and who went to see him play the other day? reply now please.

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Thu Nov 27 07:55:57 EST 1997

Yes I went to the manchester show! I was that man! the place was packed out and we were lucky to get seats. Julian talked about all sorts of stuff, spirituality, krautrock, teardrops, balfe and was most entertaining. Don't ask me if i can remember anything 'cos it's one of those billy connolly comedian moments "so was he funny?" "yeah absolutely f***ing hilarious mate!" " so waht did he say?" -cue blank look "I cannae remember......" (watch billy connolly live video to get this joke!) he played two new songs acousticly "everything blows me away" and "cairn druidion" both of which were j.good and also a version of "hanging out....."

Robin who saw faust at edinburgh: you may be interested to know that both the edinburgh show and the garage show (which i went to last december and which was also suitably insane) are both being released on cd this month!!!!!

i'm still thinking on the subject of favorite books lps etc this year....i'll let you know....

has anybody checked out any lethbridge yet????????????

bye for now i'm off back to krautrockland.......

btw if anyone has or knows anyone with: christmas mourning boxed set or the rabbi joseph gordon7" (for a resonable price mind.....) then let me know!!!!

Ess Bee bluerosebuds@hotmail.com http://www.etete.com/krautrock/mb Thu Nov 27 15:38:06 EST 1997

My favorite record of this year was David Byrne's Feelings. I think Cope fans might dig it big time. And my favorite 'thing' of this year is the my Krautrock Message Board.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Nov 27 16:14:35 EST 1997

Hi there folks,

I though i'd write to this thing and say hi. I was at the Manchester thing too. It was very cool and it was the wierdest version of Hangin Out... ever. Just Julian and his infinite guitar.

Look out for when (when?) Head Heritage bring out their sampler CD as it should have a Spaceship track on it with a bit of luck. In keeping with the Thighpaulsandra on the Eastenders milk float in space theme my picture is either going to be me on my 1960 Lambretta (don't worry, I'm no mod) in space or me on an armchair done up to look like a spaceship, in space. Is there a theme developing?

Anyway I'll be off,

Luv onya,

Spaceship Mark, Liverpool

Russ pk43@dial.pipex.com Sat Nov 29 06:26:25 EST 1997


I have a full set of lethbridge and they are a very good read

I missed the manchester gig as i was stuck in traffic trying to get home from london (very pissed off!!!)

I will try and think of my fave stuff of the year

(if anyone has a tape of the manchester gig please let me know)

HEX banth.poo@virgin.net Sat Nov 29 10:32:07 EST 1997

russ, do you have any/access to spare copies of lethbridge books?

I found it a real bind trying to buy them...instead i've had to borrow them from my local library and i'm contemplating not returning them at the moment......!

brilliant if you can help!


robin robin.fry@strath.ac.uk Mon Dec 1 07:14:30 EST 1997

alright...pretty coll page here eh? anyone know anything 'bout the Universal Panzies???????soon you shall. oh and have any of you got the first TC Lethbridge LP produced by cope featuring Flinton et al? It's a classic but I don't think it ever got circulated....or did it?

Mike Runion mrrunion@tng.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Tue Dec 2 07:50:30 EST 1997

Anyone here anything yet regarding QEII? Head Heritage still gives Nov 28 as the release date. I haven't received any responses from JoAnne for a few months (she must be swamped!).

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Dec 2 14:03:45 EST 1997

Hi y'all,

I'm supposed to be getting a copy of the TC Lethbridge LP sometime, but I don't know when...

I realised I should of taped the M'chester gig right after but by then it was too late.


Spaceship Mark.

Eric Muhlheim muhlheim@alumni.stanford.org Tue Dec 2 18:08:20 EST 1997

First of all, someone should get this resource posted to Yahoo -- I've been looking for Cope resources on the Web for a couple of years, and the only one I could find was the defunct Soul Desert.

Second, could someone please describe Droolian for me? I'm wondering whether I should get it. As a point of reference, I'm a big fan of pretty much everything Peggy Suicide-on; I love Skellington, like both Rites (first is probably better), and even enjoy Queen Elizabeth (that square wave in Avebury is _so_ piquant. I also think that 20 Mothers is an awesome album but think that Interpreter tends to flag a little in tracks 8-11.

So, please to describe. I'm excited to be among such exalted minds.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Dec 2 20:17:32 EST 1997

Eric -


Droolian is probably my least played Cope CD after Queen Elizabeth. It's not bad, but I *really* have to be in the mood for it, and I'm usually not!

Stylistically, it's like Skellington meets some of the mellower, weirder Peggy Suicide tracks. (Think "It'll all wash down," "Hung up and Hanging Out to Dry," etc.) A couple songs are short and catchy ("Unisex Cathedral", "Jellypop Perky Jean") but most are short and not-so-catchy. There aren't any looonnnggg spacy jams to "trance out to" like on Rite.

Basically, I think of Droolian as a step down the road towards Peggy Suicide. On Peggy, the looseness, catchiness, jamminess, and simplicity all came together beautifully. Droolian is the embodiment of that looseness, while Skellington represents the simplicity. (Droolian is much less polished sounding than Skellington, despite the additional instruments).

Anyway, I'm just gabbin'. Of course you should buy it!


Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Tue Dec 2 20:56:05 EST 1997

I noticed that Spiritualized was playing in New York tomorrow and I wondered if anyone knew if Thighpaulsandra was still filling in on keys for the recently departed/married Kate Radley?


P.S. As to "Droolian," I enjoyed it for the earlier Work-in-Progress version of Safe Surfer. Other than Sqwubbsy and Jelly Pop, though, it's pretty dispensible unless you're a completist. Also, don't think it really did anything to "Free Roky Erickson." Get JCs cover of "I Have Always Been Here Before" on "Where They Pyramid Meets the Eye" to contribute to that noble cause.


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Dec 3 10:13:45 EST 1997


Droolian is a tops album. Try it on acid, or better still really stoned. It's also an excellent coach journey album (if a bit short). The tracks on it show that you can be out there easily (it was all done on a four-track in someones house and masterd onto a C90 Sly Stone bootleg! Hence the odd sounds that come through where Sly wasn't quite taped over). What you have to remember is this is one of the first things done after bleedin' My Nation Underground, I think Julian had to get the extra wierd out to make 'Peggy..' just right.

Interpreter has a pop-side and a not-so-pop side and the only bum track on the album is 'Cheap New-Age Fix'. All the rest are tops.

Aparantly Kate and Richard got married ages ago, split up, she got back with Jason, they split up again and she got back with Richard. Or maybe not, after all I'm not 'Hello' magazine.


Spaceship Mark, Offworld

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Dec 3 16:14:34 EST 1997

As far as I know Thighpaulsandra is still touring with Spiritualized. They played here in Vancouver about 3 weeks ago. I didn't catch the show but I hear he was with them.

Droolian is a bizarre album, but I wouldn't expect anything less. It is deffinately a must for any serious Cope fan. Like most of his albums it has crap moments, but there are also some excellent parts too: Safesurfer, Unisex Cathedral, Yeah Yeah Yeah and I always howl with laughter at the song Kelly, especially Julian's poetic ramblings in a Yorkshire accent! The only bad thing is that it is less than half an hour long (27 minutes I think). It is raw and unproduced, recorded in a day and a half at Pam Young's flat in Liverpool, but is deffinately worth buying, especially as you can now easily get it from Head Heritage. I managed to get a vinyl copy when it first came out in 1990, but it disappeared almost immediately.

It isn't a "Peggy Suicide" and isn't in my opinion as good as Skellington (there's just something about that album!). But I have listened to it quite a bit and was glad to recently get a cd copy of it too. It is a stoner album for sure. My advice - BUY IT! I don't think you'll regret it.

Brian Buchalo NewAgeFix@aol.com Thu Dec 4 04:20:13 EST 1997

Ahhhh, what a great find!I knew there had to be some life beyond the barren Soul Desert.......

Funny thing you should mention "I Have Always Been Here Before," Jeff....that's the song that turned me on to JHC! I had bought the Roky tribute CD on a whim, after hearing "If You Have Ghosts" by John Wesley Harding on the radio. I'm listening to it quite passively when this groove creeps up out of nowhere and takes hold, drawing me away from some menial task to scramble for the CD box to see just who the hell this was. Julian Cope? Awesome! I had just read a **** review in Rolling Stone for "Peggy Suicide" and was thinking of getting it on merit alone! Needless to say, my local record store(also named Rolling Stones ironically...is that really rock's greatest metaphor?)got a visit shortly thereafter and the rest is history.

Although I have all of the commercial CDs, it seems that I have a lot of catching up to do! But that should be pretty easy now that I have access to Head Heritage(thanks, Trav!). I have been wanting Rite for the longest time but every record store clerk just greets me with a blank stare upon mention of it...but now I can have two Rites, and that can't be wrong!(ok....I know that was bad, but its 3am over here and my BS sensors turned in quite some time ago...) Not to mention all of the other stuff I have been wanting but could never find(yeah, I'm even gonna give Droolian a try). So, soon I will be a couple hundred bucks poorer, but so much richer for it....I can't wait!

Well, I guess thats it for now.....I'll write more as read some of the previous posts. Todays ramblings were just a "hello, how are ya" to my new friends. Now off for some much-needed sleep.....



PS: Spaceship Mark! I did get a chance to read yours and obviously yet respectfully disagree!(about "Cheap New Age Fix," of course) Picture it as the opening theme music for the evening news....I think we'd all be better informed members of society if it were fed to us like this!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Dec 4 11:15:29 EST 1997

Hi Y'all

Brian, sorry. I think I was actually a bit harsh calling 'Cheap New-Age Fix' a 'bum track'. The thing is the sentiment and everything are brilliant it's just the tune isn't the best on an otherwise mind blowing album (and anyone who doesn't like 'The Loveboat' should be hung).

As there's a bit of an Elevators thing going did anyone notice that Mark Owen's last single nicked the riff off of 'I Have Always Been...'/'We Sell Soul'/'Don't Fall Down'? Maybe little marky's into his Elevator's. What next, Gary Barlow covers 'The flower lady and her assistant' by the Seeds?

Was anyone at Phoenix a few years ago when Julian played? That was atop gig with the sun setting and everything. And if I remember rightly he actually played 'Raynard...'!

ANyways, I'll be offski,

Take care (and grow your hair),

Spaceship Mark.

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Thu Dec 4 12:52:53 EST 1997

"The Loveboat" was one of two Interpreter songs that I was able to squeeze onto a 100min career spanning compilation tape I recently made for a trading partner (in hopes of really turning him on to Julian). "The Loveboat" makes me giddy everytime I hear it. It's a tiny but brilliant gem.

spaceship mark (again) Thu Dec 4 18:06:34 EST 1997


I'm sure I'm posting far too much on this thing. Anyway I'm not sure what you all think of Queen Elizabeth but the thing is: Don't pass judgement until you've listened to it many many many many times. It is fantastic, a kick up the ass to many of the people doing electronic music today. I want ALL Thighpaulsandra's synths.

See Ya,

Spaceship Mark

StevenWaldfogle sfrennic@aol.com Thu Dec 4 18:20:07 EST 1997

Hi Trav!

Been wanting to write,but have been bogged under by work(literally, a water main exploded at work and turned the whole building into a mucky mire)...Anyway,derive pure joy from the page as always...

Recommended holiday greedbag list:


Hope that holds you for now all.....next post.....

My Julian/Robyn dream

hee-heee that will get some attention!!



Steven sfrennic@aol.com Thu Dec 4 19:52:42 EST 1997

Sorry about the repost...live and learn and leave alone.... [fixed - Trav]

Hey Mike!!

Eric Muhlheim muhlheim@alumni.stanford.org Thu Dec 4 23:07:42 EST 1997

I'm not a huge fan of The Loveboat, but I also don't deserve to be hung. All I know is that (1) Cheap New-Age Fix has one of the coolest grooves on the record, and (2) Dust is a fuckin' monolith of a song that sucks The Loveboat into its mighty gravitational field, where the tidal forces rip it into little shreds.


Pat Lynch patrick.lynch@virgin.net Fri Dec 5 02:36:43 EST 1997


Don't hold back - say what you really think about Dust!!

Droolian is, I think, a must have. It was a real return to form after My Nation Underground. I'm not dissing MNU but, at the time of release, I was really into the weirder side of Mr Cope and Droolian was just that. It was like a collection of B-sides. That might sound crap but we are talking Copey B-sides here. The description it always gets is of an album very much written and recorded as a route, artistically to Peggy Suicide. Very true. Of course, we didn't know that when it came out, but...er...we do now.

Incidentally, is it possible to like The Love Boat AND deserve to be hung? Discuss.

Also, if anyone wants to help out three lonely people then please join the Julian Cope mailing list. Send an email to majordomo@liszt.com, leave the subject blank, and in the body of the message just type subscribe drude.

And another thing: I'm trying to put together a web-site based around the Liverpool Scene of the late seventies/early eighties. it will take forever because I currently hold the record for the world's laziest man, however if anyone's got any memories/reviews/anything from that era then please mail and let me know.

Speak to you later,


Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Fri Dec 5 08:00:26 EST 1997

Hey all, and hey there Steven (sfrennic). Good to hear from you again. So, has anyone received their reserved copy of QEII yet? I'm hoping for a nice Christmas present this year!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Fri Dec 5 09:38:31 EST 1997

Re: Loveboat/hung

I think my point was that some people I know said that 'The Loveboat' was ridiculous and I was reaffirming it's position as a top song. 'Dust' is, of course, one of Julians best ever tunes. I havn't yet met anyone who likes 'The Loveboat' and deserves to be hung. Anyway it's just a figure of speech 'cos no-one desrves to be hung do they?

After all the hanger is as bad as the hangee as it were.

Peggy Suicide remixes...Ultra cool or jumping on the baggy bandwagon? Idon't know, altough I do love them all.


Spaceship Mark

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Dec 5 21:24:00 EST 1997

Howdie, guys!

I second Steve's recommendations of Can, Spiritualized, and Radiohead - those were some of my favorite purchases this year! I just got finished listening to Radiohead - a weird coincidence! Jack Rabid gave it his number 1 pick for the new BT! :) [no mention of Interpreter in the new BT though - Jack's not a big Cope fan although he does dig the Teardrops quite a bit.]

Steve, could you please tell us more about Apples in Stereo? Intriguing name...

Pat - is that "drude" mailing list something you put together or is it one of the already existing label-funded Cope lists? Epic and American both obstensibly "ran" Cope lists for a while, but without much success. As far as I remember, The Culture Bunker was the only Cope list to last more than a couple months, and it was out of [my email address], and not the general majordomo@list.com set.

I got another Cope cover in the mail today!!! So far we have four covers to put on the Tribute Tape. Anyone else who's interested in contributing a song should email me: [email snipped -- Trav]

I noticed a song on the radio the other day, by Cornershop. It's that "everybody needs a busom for a pillow" song. Pretty cool song, and it reminds me a lot of Cope. Does anyone know anything about that band? I vaguely remember someone mentioning them a while ago...

Glad to see there are other "Loveboat" fans out there! It is interesting how people seem to have strong and varied opinions about Interpreter. So has Cope gone back to working on any new music now that The Modern Antiquarian is finished?

Steven - have you seriously not read HEAD ON yet??? You are truly missing out! Have you tried Head Heritage's MERCHANDISER yet?

You also might want to try Amazon.com. I think the last time I check they were selling HEAD ON.

Re Peggy mixes, it'd be great if the next Island B-sides CD could get all those dancy tracks together! Wasn't "Bring Cherhill Down" (vocal) a Peggy B-side too?



Jason Venkiteswaran jjvenkit@uwaterloo.ca http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/~jjvenkit/ Sat Dec 6 09:15:22 EST 1997

hi all,

to pick up on the Apples (In Stereo) note ... i'd recommend any and everything out of the Elephant 6 Recording Company. (http://www.iwaynet.net/~chadvan/eleph/) and (http://www.pitt.edu/~jwfst11/elephant6/).

i'm a pretty big Olivia Tremor Control fan and i recommend picking up what ever you can find. Flydaddy (US) and BlueRose (UK) handle the distribution for most of the recent stuff.

the new exclaim has a review of the recently Canadian-released Interpreter (Cooking Vinyl/Koch) in their December 1997/January 1998 issue. Also a 1/2 page artilce on the new Apples (In Stereo) release. once thier web-site is updated i'll post the URL's for these articles.

let me also third the recommendation of spirtualized although i'm a little torn about their latest released Ladies and Gentlemen... because it doesn't seem to have he dreamy quality of Lazer Guided Melodies or the tranciness of Pure Phase. great release though. and great rendition of Edwin Hawkins' Oh Happy Day during the 1997 tour.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Dec 6 11:22:02 EST 1997

Jason - thanks for the links! I'll check 'em out as soon as I'm done posting.

Everybody -

What should I do about the "Drude" mailing list? If you're like me, you don't want to miss out on any Cope news, but at the same time, you're tired of being swamped with e-mail and prefer the web-page format because it leaves the power of when to read about Cope in your hands.

One option is for me to eriodically mirror all the Cope stuff I get (from the Drude list or any other Cope mailing lists) to Rail On. This ensures that you don't miss out on any content, and you don't have to actually subscribe to the mailing list.

For now, I'll mirror everything I get, probably around once a day.

Let me know if I should stop!


Drude Mailing List drude@liszt.com Sat Dec 6 11:27:17 EST 1997

[ This is from the Drude mailing list - hopefully, you should be able to click on the email address (drude@liszt.com) in order to send a reply to the list. I will of course see your reply there and post it back on here! -- Trav ]

Now we have some members we can start discussing the Drude himself.
What do you all think for Queen Elizabeth/Rite?
Living in the Philippines it was not easy to obtain. May favourite
instrumental is Rite which really is great late night music for
inspired meditation.
I also have  Droolian and Skellington which I listen to more
frequently than Saint Julian and My Nation Underground which I find
to produced and not totally Julian.
Other opinions welcome.
Hi everybody.  Another newbie who comes from the seven-seas list.  I'm a
great fan of JC in what I call his "polemic period," i.e. the
Peggy/Jehovah/Auto trilogy, although the last album I bought was 20
Mothers.  Can y'all please give me a quick rundown on what he's released
since then, and if it's any good, and why?
Glad to be here,
Steven Waldfogle sfrennic@aol.com Sat Dec 6 14:57:58 EST 1997

Hi All,

Thanks for the nice welcome.. greatly appreciated... Anyway it's a snowy day out here in the boonies of Ohio; have a nice Copeulation (thanks again,Mike) on, and a cup of mulled cider,guess I'll tell you all about a dream I had....


ok....So in this dream,I'm walking down street to the elementary school I went to as a child... as I reach the side doors I see Julian and Robyn Hitchcock standing outside, chatting. Of course I try to get their attention (while attempting to be subtle..*s*) and find that my one arm is handcuffed to a bicycle post (what this means is up to you pop psychers).... Anyway, Julian finally notices me and comes over (my arm is free now..hmmmm*s*). He's dressed in a day-glo yellow tie-dyed shirt and matching shorts...He shakes my hand and says,"Hey,your eyes match my shirt"...(????)...I gush something about how much I like "I Come From Another Planet..." (why I picked this song over all the ones I REALLY love*shrug*) and ask why he and Robyn are there...Apparently,they are playing some sort of eco-benefit in the gym...Suddenly we're all there.. Robyn and Julian both playing acoustic guitars and singing while we(the audience)stand around them clapping our hands and singing along........

Sorry for being so long winded, just wanted to share that....

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Dec 6 18:42:54 EST 1997

Hey guys. Quick info. Nice story, Steve!

I just finished up a set of Springhouse web pages. They are in the same style as the For Against pages, but look a little better and are simplified. If you're a Springhouse fan, enjoy!


Drude Mailing List drude@liszt.com Sun Dec 7 10:51:50 EST 1997
Hello, all-
Yup, I'm another new list member who discovered the list from a post on the
Echo and the Bunnymen Seven Seas list! (Good to see another new member who's
on the Robyn Hitchcock Fegmaniax list as well. Hi, Mike.)
OK. Gotta ask: Any DAT traders on the list?
Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Dec 7 13:10:07 EST 1997

Listening to Interpreter for the first time in a couple months... It's really cool! I forgot how much I like it, both sides! Stand-outs this time (ones that broke the membrane of being background music) are:

I've got my CD-player set on RANDOM - do you guys do that too? I usually do that for CDs I've played a million times (like Strange Times and Peggy Suicide).


Jason Venkiteswaran jjvenkit@uwaterloo.ca http://www.science.uwaterloo.ca/~jjvenkit/ Mon Dec 8 12:17:24 EST 1997

as promised the URL for exclaim magazine's review of the Canadian release of Interpreter: here! [broken link] and then click on Reviews and Julian Cope (it's all done with frames so it best to past the address like this.

and the URL for the Applies (In Stereo) article, which talks about among other things the new album, the old albu, the Elephant 6 Collective and Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk At Cubist Castle (Flydaddy) which i can't recommend more highly.


John Loughney john.loughney@research.nokia.com http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/6792/ Thu Dec 11 07:30:59 EST 1997

Hi All,

I don't post very much - I ten do lurk. Lately, I've been feeling that I need to gather the missing Julian cds in my collection. I'm having a lot of trouble finding an easy way to order from Head Heritage (I'm over in Finland; where the banking fees are horendous - and I don't have the proper credit cards to charge).

I was thinking of making an arrangement with someone in the UK. Perhaps if someone could some things for me and we can work out a suitable trade for them (unless, of course, anyone has extra copies of the things that I am looking for, that they don't need). I have quite a few live Julian tapes that I wouldn't mind making copies of.

These are things that I am missing:

I have these Julian release that I could also trade:

If anyone is interested in the live tape deal, please contact me and I'll let you know what I have.

Thanks much,

John Loughney

Drude Mailing List drude@liszt.com Thu Dec 11 19:29:51 EST 1997
Craig Burrows (phish@iconn.com.ph) wrote:
> What do you all think for Queen Elizabeth/Rite?
Hey Craig...I take it from your email address that you are a Phish-head.
Now, I'm not (at least not yet), but I've got a pal here in Cocoa Beach
that is completely and I've been slowly trying to turn him on to Julian
for years now.  Interesting...
Anyways, I really like the Rite albums.  Not sure which of the two is
more my favorite though.  It took me a bit to get into Rite, but I liked
Rite 2 straight away.  Guess I'd been conditioned by that point.  QE is
an odd one though.  I can't say that I've listened to it enough to really
know it (even though I have it on both vinyl and CD) but in general I
like it.  I just have to be in the right frame of mind to actually pop it
in the CD player.  However, I am anxiously awaiting QEII...so go figure.
> I also have  Droolian and Skellington which I listen to more
> frequently than Saint Julian and My Nation Underground which I find
> to produced and not totally Julian.
My sentiments exactly.  Of all of Julian's oeuvre, St. Julian and My
Nation Underground are my least played and probably least favorite...and
that was exactly the time I first heard Julian and when he was getting
substantial radio/MTV play here in the States.  They just don't seem
expansive enough, something I've come to expect from Julian.  I
absolutely love Skellington (1&2) though.
Off to it,
Mike Runion
Here's my first post to this list.  I was introduced to The
Teardrop Explodes music in 1981, which is around the same time I began
to listen to Echo & the Bunnymen.  My favorite Teardrop album is,
entitled, Wilder.  I listened to this album so much I knew it word for
word.  I've seen J. Cope perform twice, once in Providence RI in 1987,
where I actually got to meet him and speak with him for some time.  I
remember, I just walked backstage (it was a small place), and he was so
easy to talk to.  I also had just returned home from backpacking around
England, and spent some time in Liverpool (so we had some things in
common).  I also saw him perform at the Paradise in Boston MA, that had
to be around '91.  Anyway, that's my story.....later.  cheryl
Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Dec 11 20:39:33 EST 1997


Weird how you really don't like Saint Julian! It always struck me as Cope's most instantly accessible album. I always had the impression of "who can't like it?" Nation's a little short on killer songs, and similarly short on atmosphere, but Saint Julian has several catchy, sing-along songs: "MSYM", "Trampolene," "Eve's Volcano," "Spacehopper," "Saint Julian." True, SJ lacks atmosphere ("Crack in the Sky" is the only time it really lets its hair down), but as a pop record it's in my mind a terrific success, and perfect for getting-ready-to-go-out! (We need to think of a name for that type of music... Pep music? Psyche up music? Dressing up music?)


Meeting Cope, fan since '81... Impressive! Where've you been all this time? :)


Do you not have any credit cards at all?


Thanks for the links! I went ahead and ordered Fun Trick Noisemaker from CDNow.com! (There's RealAudio samples there for people who want to check them out.)



spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Dec 12 06:45:01 EST 1997


Re: St.J, MNU etc. It's like listening to the Teardrops to a degree. If you mentally strip away the production you can find the songs underneath are rockin'. I would be cool to hear the demos for those sessions and see how much the songs changed (like the radio session of 'Pulsar' on Floored Genius 2...


Spaceship Mark

Sarah-Jude mfzx6sjw@stud.man.ac.uk Fri Dec 12 11:25:06 EST 1997

Hi Mark,

How ya doing our kid? For the benefit of anyone else Spaceship Mark is my brother and thanks to him I've come to appreciate the wonder that is Julian, and even met him a few times. I was at the thing in Manchester and it was really cool but Julian did stray off the topic of poetry somewhat(!) even though that was what he was suposed to be there for. Anyway, see ya.

Mike mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Fri Dec 12 13:41:13 EST 1997

Trav - Okay, perhaps I sounded a bit harsh on St. Julian. It's just that I'm totally enamored with the 90's experimental weird-out krautlovin' Cope, so in comparison I find some of his older more poppy stuff a bit less exhilarating. St. Julian is a good album though, just not the one I feel compelled to pull out as often. It's odd though, 'cause I entirely love the Julian Cope EP that came out just before it (now thankfully located on The Followers Of...album) and can still play that one ad nauseum. So, what can I say?

Steven Waldfogle sfrennic@aol.com Sun Dec 14 15:29:46 EST 1997

Hi All,

Re:The discussion on St.Julian&MNU/poppy Julian

I remember being very disappointed when St. came out. My friends at college and I were such huge WSUM&Fried heads(*s*)that we were taken aback by Julian all dudded out in leather;looking so "rawk", that we didn't give it much of a chance....As the years went by I would give it other chances and finding myself kinda liking it... Still it is the album(along with MNU)that I listen to least...I don't know,maybe its my nostalgic/sentimental side,but I LOVE WSUM and Fried..two albums (discs... whatever)that I find myself singing along with start to finish...They just make me think of a passionately creative and emotional time in my life(Sunspots and Robyn's song, 'Love' will always remind me of my first true love(told you I was sentimental..*s*)...I had a point here somewhere,guess it got lost in my flashbacks...Anyway,I imagine I was attempting to say that the more familiar you get with an artist over the years,the more you can appreciate their whims and changes...that's all..

Ok,Echo and the Bunnymen....opinions????


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Dec 15 13:51:28 EST 1997

I got Andrew's Mark Radcliffe Sessions today and have encoded and am adding them to the Julian Cope Live! page. They sound great! "Greedhead Detector" blew me away, and the new song, "Girl Part 1" is beautiful!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Dec 15 21:54:41 EST 1997

Okay, this is the first time I've ever put any of my music online...

Tonight I whipped up a Krautrock "Parody in Hindsight." I cannot tell if it's good or bad, or if it is even Krautrock-ish! Anyone want to comment on it? I've encoded it in RealAudio format and uploaded it [no longer there -- Trav]

Please let me know what you think!


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Tue Dec 16 04:29:28 EST 1997

QEII hit earth today! Haven't listened to it yet will post later with my thoughts! The cover is well cool with a great pastiche of the cosmic couriers sleeves on the rear of the cd leaflet!

Bye for now!


Andrew, sorry for the delay with the tape.....bear with me ...you may be suprised!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Dec 16 05:28:49 EST 1997


Tell us all about QE2, tell us we want to know! On a different note the Julian Cope bit of my website is at http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/juliancope.htm

At the moment there's just a biography and a review of the Manchester show but I'll expand it as time goes by. Have a go on the rest of the site while you're at it. It's ok.


Spaceship Mark

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Tue Dec 16 08:40:37 EST 1997

I forgot to mention the tour dates!

It's a solo tour with support from Murray Lachlan Young....

so there you go!

I've listened to the first two tracks of qe2 now and it's coming across like a cosmic couriers/ early t. dream type thing.....way better than the first one.......

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Dec 16 19:45:03 EST 1997

Seasons Greetings!

Glad you got the tape Trav and I'm so glad you were able to post them so quickly! The Mark Radcliffe sessions are probably my favourite sessions, they are hilarious - everyone should know about these and now they can!

I'm not sure how the real audio compares to original tape, my computer just has a shitty little speaker in it and so all audio tends to sound crap. If anyone needs a taped copy of the four sessions let me know . All four fit nicely onto one 100min tape.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. What do I want for xmas? I want Julian to add some West Coast dates to that tour listing... c'mon... pleeeeeease!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Dec 19 19:47:19 EST 1997

From Drude Mailing List:

Hi all,
I found out about this list via the Rail On web page.  Been a fan since
St. Julian came out.  I thought (and still do) that World Shut Yr Mouth is
a great song.  My Nation Underground kind of lessened my interest - but
subsequent albums re-affirm my love of things Copey (or Cope-aesthetic
Anyhow, anyone need any Julian records?  I have a few extra that I
wouldn't mind trading:
"Eve's Volcano" CD single + 5
"World Shut Your Mount" ep + 4 (US issue)
"Trampoline" + 3 (Island) poster pack
"Planetary Sit In" + 2 (Echo) white vinyl
If anyone has extras of the stuff being sold be Head Heritage, please let
me know, I'm having trouble ordering from them.

By the way, Pat, thanks for the plug! :)

I'll concur with Andrew - the Mark Radcliffe Sessions are VERY funny! Hey, what's with the alarm clock in the third one? Was it Cope who set it off or someone else in the studio? At first I thought it was Cope being impish, but I can't imagine that Cope would be that obnoxious (maybe in the Teardrop days, but not now)! Thanks again, Andrew, for getting us those sessions. I keep downloading them and listening to them (easier than hooking up my tape player)!

[RealAudio actually sounds pretty good nowadays. Excellent bang for the buck!]

Hey, do y'all want me to put the Cope cover songs online or should I save them for when the tape's done and it'll be a surprise?


Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Sat Dec 20 11:24:18 EST 1997

How do I get to listen to the stuff? (the sessions etc.?)

Andrew, would it be possible for you to tape them for me? I could send you the tape and bung you some cash for postage or we could do a swap for something. Anything you need I might have (I've quite a bit). I could also copy you a video - I've Copeulation and a bootleg of him at Phoenix.

Germany needs more JC fans. At the moment the ony people who listen to him are my neighbours and that's not voluntary.

TODD anlo_33@yahoo.com Sat Dec 20 14:37:40 EST 1997

looking for copy:copulation/video::wilder cd. been cope fan since the peggy days. the U.S. needs more cope fans as well!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Dec 20 23:19:25 EST 1997


The Mark Radcliffe Sessions are online. You need to download the RealPlayer.

It's a regression of HTML form, but in the interest of clarity, CLICK HERE to go to the site where you can download the RealPlayer. After you configure your browser (when you download the player you will get instructions - it's very easy), you can CLICK HERE to look at the Cope Live page. Then click on the session you want to listen to.


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Sun Dec 21 10:27:47 EST 1997


Just to say happy Solstice to all the Rail On folks. For today is indeed the shortest day and from here on in it can only get better. Six months to summer and the return of the Solstice Cafe at Avebury (if the National Trust let Avebury school do it next year)

Not very Copey message this but so what.

Happy Christmas to all the monotheists too.


Spaceship Mark

Julia jrmedina@eee.org Mon Dec 22 06:37:50 EST 1997

Has anyone else's copy of "Head On" fallen apart after only six months after purchasing it?? Cheap binding...

Anyway, I am new so I will supply a bit of background:

Been into Julian Cope since 1987 after hearing "Mock Turtle" and "The Great Dominion" on college radio. "Saint Julian" is the best Cope album IMO..

It's late, I will write more later..



spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Dec 22 12:02:39 EST 1997


The collapse of copies of Head On is a common problem, especially if you lend it to all your friends 'cos it's so good. I think the problem is that it had to be done cheap to make it affordable due to the relatively limited print run. Head Heritage worked out it would have cost £60 to buy 'The Modern Antiquarian' (when it comes out) if they'd published it themselves. So Harper Collins are doing it for £19.99 (a millenial price apparently)

Anyway enough technicallities (I can't spell)


Spaceship Mark

PS Cool Yule and happy New Year

Eric Muhlheim muhlheim@alumni.stanford.org Mon Dec 22 13:27:32 EST 1997

Someone _please_ spill the beans on QEII -- it has not reached dry land as far as mailing addresses in Burbank, CA are concerned.

Besides being the solstice, yesterday was the 47th anniversary of Frank Zappa's birth. JHC has said a few less-than-glowing things about FZ in print (_Uncle Meat_, I think), but Zappa is in my mind a vital realist-materialist counterpart to Cope-y's idealist-spiritualist. The light is getting stronger...


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Mon Dec 22 13:52:38 EST 1997

qe2 is v.good eric. it's a cosmic (kosmiche???) trip of an album, way better than qe1, less analogue extremities, if you've heard the cosmic jokers stuff then thats the closest approximation i could come up with.....cosmic jokers with klaus shultze leading the ceremonies (instead of drumming). in short it's excellent....buy it now.....while stocks last!!!!

It's great that it's come out at xmas cos you can put it on in the background when you have all those annoying christian relatives around! Freak em out with some head heritage! Tell em about the real meaning of christmas, how those wonderful christian types ripped off (another) pagan event etc.......

happy winter festival!


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Dec 24 11:09:41 EST 1997


Happy Christmas to everyone

I've still got to listen to QE2

I should now have the time over the holiday


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Mon Dec 29 06:26:25 EST 1997


I've justgot back from a trip to Sheffield and Julian is set to play

the Sheffield Leadmill on the 3rd of Feb 98 tickets are £10 in advance and £12 on the door inc support band. This is the first i've heard of any dates but the Leadmill say's it just waiting for the tickets back from the printers

Luv on ya!!


Russ pk43@dial.pipex.com Mon Dec 29 14:39:11 EST 1997

I can't reach Head Heritage on the web anyone else having any trouble


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Mon Dec 29 16:24:24 EST 1997

Russ.....check my post ....about halfway down this page for full tour details!

Ron drude@mounet.com Mon Dec 29 21:50:16 EST 1997

No problemo with Head Heritage (other than being hopelessly out of date). Has anyone heard from Mike Fiddler lately?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Dec 30 20:26:58 EST 1997

Checked the Head Heritage, no problem linking to it. I work as a web designer and I know that it is a lot of work to get a site up and keep it running, but c'mon Head Heritage, surely you can throw us something new every month, even if it is a new picture of Julian's dog or something...anything!

To anyone going to the Cope gigs in January/February: Try and take something to tape the show with!

Mark O'Connor marocon@sjfn.nb.ca Sat Jan 3 13:07:04 EST 1998

Sorry about that first non-posting.

I am a fan of Julian Cope's music and stumbled across this website some months ago. It was through here that I learned of Interpreter. I don't know if the recording was ever released in Canada or not, though I recently got a copy of it.

My favorite Cope recording by far is Jehovakill, with Peggy Suicide second. Everything since Jehovakill has been a disappointment, with a few gems sprinkled in to keep my interest.

My favorite Cope songs are Charlotte Anne, Sunspots, Safesurfer, No Hard Shoulder to Cry On, Fear Loves This Place, The Tower, Mystery Train, Slow Rider, Going Upward at Forty-Five Degrees, Ain't But The One Way, and 1995.

There are definitely some other good songs, but those are my favorites. As far as Interpreter goes, there is nothing that blows me away like the above, though there are a few decent songs and some good bits. Maid of Constant Sorrow, Re-Directed Male, and Loveboat, and parts of The Battle For the Trees are what I like best. The other opinions I've seen on Interpreter seem to echo my view that it's an uneven recording, but I seem to be in the minority as to what parts are actually good.

I tend to like darker musical shadings and since Jehovakill Julian has been working in a lot lighter vein. Loveboat, for instance, is a fun lighthearted romp, even catchy, but isn't really my thing. Still, Julian remains creative, productive, and interesting, and no doubt I'll continue to listen.

Thanks for this website. I'm sure to be checking in to make sure I don't miss out on his future work (particularly when he gets around to making another really good record).

ted Tziminsk@AOL Sat Jan 3 19:47:06 EST 1998

Does anyone know about a Japanese release of Interpreter? CDnow (who have a little JC picture gallery) and other cd services all say the track listing boasts two additional tracks, but the track listing is always "to be announced".

Liz LizHFox@aol.com Sun Jan 4 12:54:24 EST 1998

Hi all,

Well, I've finally passed the initiative test and found this site, only took me 6 months ... never mind.

Anyone going to the Manchester gig?

Spaceship Mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Jan 5 08:05:41 EST 1998

Hi Y'all,

Re: that Japanese CD, this is only a guess, and I have no idea, but the 'bonus tracks' offered on these import things are often just b-sides from the singles that were released off the album. This may or may not be true about the Interpreter thing.

Hope you all had a top New Year. I might be seeing Julian next weekend so if anyones got any burning questions I might be able to get them answered (no promises!)


Spaceship Mark.

P.S. Trav, can you move the post thing to the top, it's quick enought to read the new messages but it takes about five minutes to get the whole thing to load so I can make a post.

Ben Maki bmaki@interaccess.com http://homepage.interaccess.com/~bmaki/acetone/home.html Tue Jan 6 09:13:04 EST 1998

Well, QEII hit the States over this past weekend (at least in the Windy City) I've only had a chance to check out the first disc (while at a friend's house racing slot cars in the dark) but it sounds really good. There's a lot more texture and depth to it as opposed to the first installment.

The little note with the CD was a bit of a surprise. Head Heritage sure are doing their best to let folks know that Julian will be WAY incommuncado for the next year or so. And here I was getting used to the steady output.

Andrew, thanks for the Mark Radcliffe Sessions tape. It sounds great. I especially like the chance to hear the newer material "live" but the solo acoustic stuff is really good too. Thanks for getting it off.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jan 6 11:41:35 EST 1998

Hey, guys. My computer upped and died this weekend (BIOS problem, I think), but as soon as I have it back up I'll archive the current page.

What's Julian going to be up to while he's incommunicado?

Also, I'm itchin' to conduct another Cope/Teardrops survey. I'll ask the usual favorite-this/favorite-that type questions, should be interesting! Also, if you have any suggestions for questions, please email them to me. I'll post the survey questions in a few days. Everyone EXCITED??? :) :) :)

Sunday was a lovely day. 60 degrees, in the dead of winter! Very atypical weather, felt like I was at the beach! Anyway, I turned on my computer to do email and WHAM! it died. "Man, oh, man," I thought to myself. "So now what am I going to do all day?" It was Sunday, so I couldn't get the computer fixed. And nothing was on TV... Hmmm...

So, for the first time ever, this old computer geek who's talk to you grabbed a couple of chairs and went outside on the deck. I poured myself a glass of wine, snagged some liverworst and crackers from the fridge, and the book I'd just started: Douglas Hofstadter's Metamagical Themas.

[That book is essentially a collection of mind games. Very trippy in an intellectually invigorating sort of way (highly recommended for all you science/philosophy/literary/math geeks out there)!]

So I sat on the deck in perfect weather, sipping Merlot, munching liverworst pate, watching gigantic flocks of thousands of birds glide and dive through the afternoon sky. The sunset was the color of my wine, and I just had to take a video of the birds, the sky, and the little inverted image of the world as seen through my nearly full wineglass. I placed Metamagical Themas upside down on the railing next to the wine glass, the very kind of self-reference I had just been reading about.

It was a perfect day, and a perfect evening. Munching and reading and breathing and sighing and smiling, smiling, smiling.

And that moment never would have come if my computer hadn't died. I would have spent that beautiful day all cooped up. Productive, yes, but happy, no. So thank God for faulty BIOSes, I say!

May you have your own unexpected lovely moments as well.


mike mike@mystic.org Tue Jan 6 18:17:03 EST 1998


Been looking at the airfares and thinking about a winter trip to London (I'm from the U.S.) - just found this site while surfing for info. about gigs in the U.K.

I found a listing for a Julian Cope show at The Junction in Cambridge on 2 Feb and I'm looking for more info. about the club... what's it like? will it sell out or can we buy tix at the door if we can get there? will it be a solo show? can i bring my tape recorder? etc. etc. etc.

I've got about 24 hours to decide and purchase plane tickets, so if anyone can e-mail me with any more information about this show (or any other gigs you know about), I would be greatful.



spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Jan 7 08:37:51 EST 1998

Hi Folks,

Re: Cambridge gig (2nd of February). It may or may not sell out as the venues for ths tour are quite small. I don't know much else but you can phone them by getting the code for the UK and then the number here is 01223 511511. The gigs are solo type things so it will just be hime and a guitar doing songs and talking.

There are also London gigs at the Astoria on the 14th and 15th of February and their number is 0171 2870932 (for the c/card hotline).

I'll ask Julian about the 'incomunicado' thing this weekend.

luv onya

Spaceship Mark

spaceship mark Wed Jan 7 08:40:06 EST 1998

Sorry I forgot,

Officially there's no way you can tape shows, however it just depends on the door staff at the venue. If they don't search you for drugs etc. then you could sneak a little one in. But if they find one they'll probably take it off you.

bye, Mark

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Wed Jan 7 09:32:06 EST 1998

Seems odd that Copey is touring and yet the Headheritage web-site hasn't been updated and I've had no postcard through the door. I only found out that he was touring 'cos I found this (most excellent) site !

I haven't yet got my copy of QE2 but people seem to be enjoying it more than QE.

I do find the first track on QE is Ok to listen to (and I have several times) and on occasions gets close to the way Can could make magic out of improvisation. The only fault is that there seems to be distortion on the recording at parts.

The second track is too piecemeal to enjoy. Being piecemeal in itself isn't a problem - I enjoy many early Nurse With Wound tracks which are very fractured - but the individual moments do not please.

much happiness

Boolbar :o)

mike mike@mystic.org Wed Jan 7 09:46:31 EST 1998

Thanks for the information Mark! I think we'll skip Cambridge and try to be in London for the 14th and/or 15th. Can you tell me more about the Astoria? Likely to sell out? What's their security like (again, for the tape recorder - I wouldn't want to lose it).


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