Rail On #04

1997-06-04 to 1997-10-03

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jun 4 14:54:00 EDT 1997

Hey, y'all! Nice and clean again!

I went ahead and installed an http server at my dad's work, and have been making major updates to my web pages while I move them over. If you are curious to see what I'm up to, check out http://tripalot.com/ [link edited].

Once I get a CGI server running on cyclone, I'll move Rail On over as well. I'll keep you posted!

Anyone try to order anything from the Head Heritage site yet?


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Thu Jun 5 12:17:31 EDT 1997


I have ordered from the head heritage site, but it was only last week so I haven't heard anything yet. I think I ordered the Propheteering 45 and Rite 2. I'll let you know when I hear anything from them.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jun 9 11:58:51 EDT 1997

Welcome to the new home of the Rail On! pages... As you can see, I've made some mods in the process of moving them over here. Hopefully they should be easier to use. Let me know of any other tweaks you'd like me to make!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Jun 9 12:02:32 EDT 1997

Also, you might want to check out the newest posts first / oldest posts first option!


Derek Burgess dburgess@bigwave.ca Wed Jun 11 18:50:11 EDT 1997

Hello, everybody.

I've just finished reading NME's review of Interpreter. They don't make it sound so terrific.

I just ordered it a couple of days ago, and it's going to cost me around $30 (then I find out the domestic release is on June 24).

Anyways, as someone who listened to Jehovahkill for 8 months straight be dissapointed?


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jun 12 12:19:53 EDT 1997

Is anyone still having problems getting hold of copies of Interpreter? The Virgin Megastore here in Vancouver has three copies of the UK release, the one in the special box with the map in it. I was there yeaterday and saw them. The price is $26.99 (Canadian $), which I guess is around $19.00 US. If anyone needs a copy, let me know and I can send it out!

And, has anyone else got a copy of Followers of Saint Julian yet? I haven't, and I'm interested to hear what people think - it seems to have gone very quiet on the subject out there....


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Jun 13 19:32:04 EDT 1997

Quick note about a few changes made to my Cope web site, Trampolene. It now includes a discography compiled by Russ Sanders. The discography covers both The Teardop Explodes and Cope solo, and is probably the most complete discography out there. It includes all the formats, catalogue numbers, variations from all countries, plus lists of demos, sessions, merchandise, interviews, fanzines etc...so check it out.

Also the biography section has been replaced with a very extensive bio written by Russ too. My thanks to you, Russ, for letting me publish both of these incredible items on Trampolene!

If anyone sees any error or ommission, please contact me. There are still a few catalogue numbers missing from the list.


Russ Sanders pk43@dial.pipex.com Sat Jun 14 04:56:24 EDT 1997


Thanks to Andrew for using my Discography the record numbers listed show the records I have if anyone can fill in any of the record numbers or knows where I came buy the items please let me know I'm mainly looking for items from Japan I also had my collection of live tapes and videos stolen along with photos and fan club packs so if anyone can help here it would be a great help

Thanks Russ

p.s The Followers cd Is better than I expected it's good to hear the tracks again and not have to risk getting the vinyl out

Slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Sun Jun 15 08:29:28 EDT 1997

Heard a rumour last night well actually the girl who works in the local chippy claims she saw JC 6 or 7 years ago at the Brixton Academy fronting That Petrol Emotion. I just wondered if the chip fumes had gone to her head or something. Does anyone know anything?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jun 16 12:10:42 EDT 1997

I thought the story was going to say that JC used to work in a chippie or at least have his own chip van! Fronting That Petrol Emotion? No idea.

Did hear yesterday that my copy of Rite 2 had arrived at my parents house in the UK, so I should be recieving that in the next week or so, hopefully the propheteering 7" is there too, although they didn't say...

mike fiddler fiddlerm@mail.dec.com Wed Jun 18 08:29:04 EDT 1997

Well - I quite like Rite 2, but its not as good as Rite 1.

The first one was very rythmn based, the drums getting into a good groove, but this second CD is more keyboards based. Tracks 3 and 4 are very like Tangerine Dream from around 1973. You have been warned!

Not bad...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jun 25 14:28:48 EDT 1997

Super! Y'all found these pages again! :)

I just got back from a week of travelling and will head out tomorrow for another 2 months, so I won't be back until the end of August. So please be extra careful with HTML coding, since I'm not here to do fixes.

But anyway, back to Cope stuff...

Re Interpreter:

I think it's finely crafted. After having it for a few months, several songs on it still run around my head, which is a good sign. However, the British CD case is oversized and it's so tightly wedged into my CD rack that it's a pain to bring it out so I have pretty much limited my listening of it to a taped copy that I brought to work.

Is it worth getting? In my mind, absolutely. I'd actually recommend waiting for the U.S. release if possible, since they'll probably put it in a more manageable-sized case.

Re Followers of Saint Julian:

This is far less necessary. Yes, it's nice to have some of the cooler B-sides and EP cuts on CD at last, but as an "album" it's not all that satisfying. You'll probably buy it anyway, just as I will buy Queen Elizabeth 2 no matter how crappy people say it is. I can't resist the compulsion to buy Cope albums.

I actually found this CD at Plan 9 Records [(804)979-9999], which is the same place that had Droolian a couple months ago.

Okay, well, take care everybody. I can't wait to hear what you think of Rite 2, Propheteering, and what ever else you get hold of. See you in August!


Ron drude@mounet.com Sat Jun 28 00:15:16 EDT 1997

hey drudes,

For some reason I bookmarked the archive list, something everyone else obviously didn't do. Luckily I was able to bounce in off the Trampolene(thanks Andrew) Anyways, I've had the Followers cd for about 3 weeks and love it! But, I'm just a wanna be, not having all the good stuff prior to Suicide. I do have the St. Julian, and Floored Genuis', but some how managed to miss Eve's Volcano. The followers cd was/is out in usa 06/24? No one seems to know. Maybe it was supposed to be U.S. Interperter? I got both thru Siren CD as imports and although pricey were worth it. What is a Chippy?

Derek Burgess dburgess@bigwave.ca Fri Jul 4 16:42:10 EDT 1997

A Chippy is what the Brits call a french-fry stand. C'mon, get into Julian's native tongue. Try reading one of his postcards. A severe challenge for someone not used to English slang.

I'm going to pick up Interpreter after work....life is good.

I've been picking up on some negative vibes towards 20 Mothers. While it isn't his greatest piece of work, as far as I'm concerned, as long as he puts one song as good as Highway to the Sun on every disc he makes, his legendary status will remain intact.


"You say there is no creator, but you knock on wood anyway"

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemdia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Mon Jul 21 19:28:10 EDT 1997

Hello...anybody out there?

I'm picking up a copy of Followers of Saint Julian today, although there is nothing new on it I'll post my comments soon. I did notice that CD Universe has a listing for it and they say the following about it:

This is the 1st of 3 retrospective Julian Cope CD's. Culled from the "Saint Julian" period, the CD's 14 tracks comprise a selection of B-sides and 2 live tracks, most of which have never been available on CD before.

The first of three? Do they know something we don't?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jul 22 13:56:13 EDT 1997

I got a copy of "Followers..." yesterday. I have to say it isn't bad at all! It is a Cope-fan thing really, as I can't see it creating much interest outside of hardened fans, but it was great to listen to those old b-sides and remixes again, especially the Trampolene and Eve's Volcano 12" remixes. Took me right back, I can tell you.

Someone here had mentioned that they wished there were more sleeve notes, but I think the cd booklet is pretty good, lots of photos, original lyrics, clippings etc all collaged together. I don't think it needs to say anymore about the actual tracks really.

On the whole, I would say it is a good addition to the collection. There isn't anything new here, unless you missed the original releases, in which case it is a must.

I have already updated my Trampolene, Julian Cope site to include it in the albums section, so go check it out if you haven't already got it. I will be updating it again soon, when I receive my copies of Rite 2 and the Propheteering 7" and Russ, if you are out there, I will be updating your discography too, very soon.

According to JoAnne at Head Heritage, there are no other releases planned for this year, except Queen Elizabeth 2 in the Fall, and no tours or live gigs either, except Julian will be appearing at a poetry reading festival in Manchester in November.


Ron drude@mounet.com Thu Aug 21 21:58:57 EDT 1997


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Sun Aug 24 16:54:11 EDT 1997

Hello? Has something happened and nobody told me? Oh well, I'll post this anyway.

Got copies of Rite 2 and the Propheteering 7" from Head Heritage the other day. I like them both! Rite 2 seems more "together" than Rite 1 and Queen Elizabeth. It is still a mediatational glambient groove thing, so it might not be for all Cope fans out there, but it has a great cover and as ambient music goes it's not too bad!

Also got a few new postcards and the Kakalogue, listing all the cool cope stuff to buy. It seems Head Heritage has really got things together, the merchandise, web-site etc, and so far it all looks great. I hope it continues.

Needless to say I have updated the Trampolene site to include Rite 2 and Propheteering and I have also posted the images from all the postcards I have received, there may be some missing. Can anyone tell me if there are any missing?

Also, I have taken the time to learn a bit more HTML, so I have gone in and formatted the list of bootlegs, Copelist, so it is now easier to read, and I have updated it to include a few more bootlegs that I have recently received, about 10 new ones in total (thank you Steve and Jason!). I haven't had chance to listen to them all yet, out of the ones I have listened to the Reading Festival 1996 tape is awesome (especially the funked up version of Sunspots) and the tape of Julian and Thighpaulsandra playing live in the HMV store in Glasgow is wonderful.

Hopefully someone out there will read this, or am I talking to myself?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Aug 29 12:48:01 EDT 1997

Hi! I'm back from my 2 months vacation! It was lovely, in case you were wondering....


Big Al hblanck@uottawa.ca Thu Sep 4 07:44:39 EDT 1997

..hello all teardrop/julian cope fans..i have a vinyl sale list available that includes 7" &12" pic sleeve singles, lp's, promos, limited edition items, colored vinyl, &cassettes..kindly e-mail me for more info..thanks, i look forward to hearing from you..cheers big al

mike fiddler fiddlerm@mail.dec.com Fri Sep 5 02:27:51 EDT 1997

HI All

Sorry I haven't been active recently - pressures of work and baby...

mike fiddler fiddlerm@mail.dec.ocm Fri Sep 5 02:29:49 EDT 1997

Sorry...seems that If I hit tab I get posted...

anyway - I'm about to take a weeks vacation in the North of England, in the Lake District. We'll be checking out some of the Stone circles n stuff up there.

New Julian address on his home page.

Hope everyone is Awl Right, speak to you soon


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Sep 7 11:14:25 EDT 1997

Hi guys! Slowly getting back into the swing of things...

What do y'all think of the latest wave of Britpop?

On my vacation I saw the Glastonbury Festival on MuchMusic (Canada's MTV) and some of the bands sounded really great!

There were more, but I forgot them. So when's Cope gonna start being invited to these things? Or are you crossing your fingers that he *won't* ever get invited? :)

Also, I picked up three CDs the other day:

  1. The new Spiritualized is great! It catches my ear a lot more than Pure Phase did. The first few songs are very catchy, and the last few are almost avant-guarde. An interesting mix!
  2. Catherine Wheel's Adam and Eve kind of puts me to sleep. Jack rabid likes it, but I think it's a bit too mellow. Too soothing. Not very memorable. Not like Happy Days at all. Why do bands have to mellow out when they get older? Well, at least Cope doesn't!
  3. Bennet - never heard of this band, but a guy at Plan 9 said I *have* to try them, so I got it. And it's really quite good. Definitely falling into the realm of pop, almost like a British Green Day (gag), but most of the songs are really catchy! A fun disc!!!

Right now I am listening to the Wipers. One of the few American bands I dig. "Rome, Romeo! Romeo, Rome!"

So what else is good? I haven't picked up the new Oasis, or the new Blur, or as I said the new Echo. There seems to be a growing wave of Anglophilia in America. Mixed blessing, I think.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Tue Sep 9 12:19:47 EDT 1997

Trav &Rail On!

I saw the show you are talking about. I thought Khula Shaker were awesome. I've heard some of their recorded stuff though and it didn't seem to compare.

As far as Cope doing these festivals, he has done a few. The first solo festival he did was the Glastonbury Festival (19/06/83), doing 2 solo acoustic sets on the second stage, unfortunately neither were recorded.

He has also done the following festivals:

He also was at Glastonbury 22/06/95, but not on stage, although he did perform a few acoustic songs for the crowd and was interviewed which was broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

Tapes are around of all of these. Also he has done several festivals on mainland Europe, like Werchter 87, Bree 87, Den Haag Border Crossing Festival 14/09/96. There is an urban myth around that the Glastonbury 87 gig was video taped by someone in the crowd, but I have never seen or heard of this tape directly - has anyone out there proof that it exists?? I would love to be proved wrong about its non-existance!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Sep 12 22:56:48 EDT 1997

Andrew and everybody else who's still awake and not drowned by classes -

First of all, I *really* dig Bennet; check them out if you are at all into BritPop!!!

I'm also becoming a big Can fan! I got ANTHOLOGY right before I went on vacation and now that I've had the chance to listen to it, I find I love it! It's like RITE meets the Fall meets Wire. Very cool! I can see why Cope likes them so much!

So there are 2 CDs you should check out if you haven't yet (actually Can's ANTHOLOGY is a double CD).


A few days ago I called Head Heritage and gave their answering machine my order for a bunch of stuff: RITE 2, QE 2, Propheteering, Krautrocksampler, and the Safesurfer remix. I left them my credit card number. About how long did it take y'all to get stuff from them?

And whatever happened to Kak, Ltd? Are they merged now? Or is Head Heritage to Kak as Rail On is to The Culture Bunker?

Hope everybody's studies, work, and babies are going well!


Russ Sanders pk43@dial.pipex.com Sat Sep 13 12:47:09 EDT 1997

Hi Everyone

I have a few items for sale if you e-mail me I will send a list a.s.a.p.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Mon Sep 15 13:02:37 EDT 1997


I ordered stuff from Head Heritage and it came through pretty quickly, a couple of weeks. My order was delayed a while because they were having problems producing the Propheteering 7" - they couldn't find anyone to make it in the sparkly blue vinyl! Q.E.2 has also been delayed too, but what they have done is kept my credit card number on file and when it comes in they will send me a reminder that it is going to be charged to it etc. Pretty good service really!

And yes, KAK has been merged into Head Heritage and no longer exists.

Also, as I said before, I quite like Rite 2 and have listened to it quite a few times now (I think I've played Rite 1 about twice and QE just once, perhaps I should give them another listen).


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Sep 16 17:20:05 EDT 1997

Andrew -

I'm surprised you don't like RITE that much! I've probably played it at least a dozen times. It's great biking music - gets me in a groove. I like long, repetitive songs to begin with, some favs being Can's 20 minute "Yoo Doo RITE," the Buzzcocks' "I Believe," PiL's SECOND EDITION album and, well, ninety percent of The Fall's catalog... I really dig that stuff!

So RITE's monotony is RITE in there with the rest of the stuff I listen to. It's actually more instantly listenable than a lot of what I blast for fun.

Yeah, RITE's allRITE with me.



p.s. How many songs on Rite 2, by the way? How long is it? Did you ever read KRAUTROCKSAMPLER?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Tue Sep 16 20:18:34 EDT 1997


Yes, I must give Rite another listen to. When it first came out I think I was disappointed with it, despite Julian giving us tastes of this direction before (B-sides to Easty Risin' 12" and the Head 12" remix, Bring Cherhill Down was featured on the latter if I remember correctly before being re-recorded for Rite).

Since then my tastes have expanded and I now love ambient music, especially as I have studied quite extensively eastern meditations and philosophies over the past 2 years (I recommend the old Tibetan Bhuddists, truly amazing sounds). So, thanks Trav, I think it is time to re-Rite what I think of Rite.

Rite 2 has 4 tracks. It is about an hour long. Go check it out on my web site, (sorry but I have to squeeze in a plug for it somewhere!). I have got Krautrocksampler and have read bits of it, though I haven't seriously sat down and read it yet (perhaps I should!).

Finally, I still don't think that Queen Elizabeth is that good! QE2 by the way is supposed to be a double cd album.

Talk to you soon


sloan sloan@magi.com Fri Sep 19 17:11:52 EDT 1997

man, i cant believe ive found so many of you who are into Julian. is this heaven?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Sep 20 20:49:34 EDT 1997

Welcome to the "heavenly" group, Sloan!

Everybody -

CDNow is selling Krautrocksampler and Head On and Interpreter now, for those of you who don't have those yet. I am curious - how many of you don't have Interpreter yet? How many haven't read Head On?

There are two albums I am playing almost constantly: Can's Anthology and Bennet's Super Natural. I just cannot get enough of either! I recommend both highly.

"Hoolah Hoolah!" <-- can't get this song out of my head!


Mike Runion mrrunion@tng.net http://www.spacecoast.net/users/mrrunion/default.htm Wed Sep 24 07:43:58 EDT 1997

Hi all,

Travis, thanks for pointing me here. I've been pining away for a Julian discussion list for some time now. I'm an active member of the Robyn Hitchcock list and hope to post here quite often as well.

Haven't read through all the archives yet (my next venture), but I too ordered a slew of stuff from HeadHeritage back in late May and was thrilled with all of it, especially Rite 2 which I think is tops, a very mature ambient outing into the trance-rock-groove thing. I was also thrilled to finally get a copy of the Paranormal EP.

If anyone out there is into trading live Cope recordings (or video), let me know. I've got a few things on my web site and am in the process of waiting for more stuff to arrive.

Okay, enough for one post. Talk to you all later,

Mike Runion

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Sep 24 11:30:40 EDT 1997

Welcome to our club, Mike!

I'm sure you'll find people to trade boots with. If not, let me know - I have a couple.

Several topics for today:

1. Tribute Tape

Hey, everybody, let's try to get the Tribute Album underway again! We have three songs and we need more! So if you can sing or toot or strum or clap your hands, send in a tape! I'll add it to the album and I'll make a nice cover and make copies of it for everyone.

2. Best of the Boots

Secondly, I'd like for us to put together a Best-of-the-Bootlegs tape. There are *plenty* of awesome performances to draw from (just take a glimpse at Andrew's boot list for example!). Even my own little handful of bootlegs has enough unique material to warrant a best-of tape.

3. Unavailable B-Sides

Also, I'd like to put together a tape (or series of tapes) of B-sides and hard to get studio material that probably won't be released any time soon. This would include demos, old Teardrops stuff, Rabbi Joseph Gordon, etc.

4. Video Compilation

My guess is that most people here have never seen Cope in concert, or even on video. I have a copy of Copeulation, and other people have other videos. It would be nice to put together a video tape that includes Copeulation (~90 minutes) and three or four hours of live video.

Legality and Ethics

I personally do not have any ethical objection to the above four projects. None of the material mentioned is readily available, so we would not be taking away from Cope's (or his labels') sales. On the contrary, I think we would be enabling ourselves to expose Cope to more people, and in a variety of formats.

For example, if someone comes over and you have a Cope video on, your friend might "dig" Cope quicker than if you just have a CD on. Same with bootlegs. The more Cope material we have, the more stuff we have with which to advertise him.

I do not know the legal rules about making tapes of copyrighted material, however. Certainly we wouldn't be doing it for profit.

I say let's go for it. And when we finish the Tribute Tape, let's mail a copy to Cope and see what he thinks.

Let's get on the ball. As I always say:

"Sun like a rocket through the sky / One less day until I die."


Mike Runion mrrunion@tng.net http://www.spacecoast.net/users/mrrunion/default.htm Thu Sep 25 11:01:54 EDT 1997

Hi all,

Well, I just got through scanning the archives #1 &#2 and felt compelled to put fingertips to keyboard.

I read Trav's Oct 96 treatise on art and creativity and how things tend to wind down as we get older. I too used to write extensively and now hardly ever make the attempt. We do tend to get bogged down in ever-increasing complexity. High school (and even college) was indeed an idyllic time...we just didn't have a great deal of responsibility (how I hate that word!). Now here I am with a job, a house, a wife, two step-kids, and a 19-month-old baby girl. I belong to several mailing lists (which really zaps the time), the sinks are perpetually clogged, the brakes on the van need changing...

But it really all comes down to perspective and how you look at things. I'm still as creative as ever, just in different ways. I may not have churned out a novel last year, but I sodded my back yard and expanded on my deck. I may not get to listen to music as much as I used to, but an hour spent sitting late at night alone on my back patio staring up into a tree strung full of little white lights and listening to Skellington on headphones can make up for anything.

And yes, a child is a hell of a lot of work. In the beginning it's a constant battle between holding on to your past (blasting Ministry records on Saturday nights at 3am for example) and letting the future take hold (reading Pooh books and rocking your little girl on Saturday nights at 3am). Eventually you evolve into something else, which in and of itself is nothing new or radical. That's what we've all been doing ever since we popped out into the light. It just comes down to fear of the unknown and nostalgia for the past. It's all bunk.

Blah blah blah...enough of that.

I've noticed over the years and from a variety of sources that Autogeddon is consistently slagged. I must say that it is one of my favorite Cope albums. The first three songs form a top-notch intro, and s.t.a.r.c.a.r can slip me into a state of bliss like no other. So prepare yourselves. There's an AUTOGEDDON proponent in your midst.

Babbling about nothing,


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Thu Sep 25 13:13:23 EDT 1997

Is Autogeddon slagged? Mike, I'm with you on that one, I love Autogeddon. I didn't at first, but then I haven't liked any Julian Cope album at first since Peggy Suicide! (I still don't like Interpreter, ha!).

Autogeddon is wonderful driving music. I was blasting it out last weekend as I headed for the hills to go camping. It is serious and humerous and I think what I really like about it is that it is only a single record lp. I remember when it came out being disappointed by this at first. First there was the enormous Peggy Suicide, then the almost as long Jehovahkill and then Autogeddon, a single record lp. At first I felt ripped off. Compared to Twenty Mothers though, which I believe shouldn't have been a double album, as there seems to be "filler" songs on it, Autogeddon always leaves me wanting more. I belive it is wonderfully crafted, poignant lyrics and hugely entertaining (Archdrudes Roadtrip, to name one), and the desire for more isn't greed all the time, sometimes its just passion.

Thank you for listeneing while I rant - Andrew

Sloan sloan@magi.com Thu Sep 25 18:28:52 EDT 1997

please excuse me if i begin to rant, but you must be able to appreciate my excitement at finding a list/discussion group that doesnt mention oasis/has semi-intelligent life posting. (of which i like to believe i am one, semi-intelligent that is)

i have to admit, i only have 4 full length cope albums, and the 5 oclock world cds. so i have a ways to go compared to you guys.

its hard when you go to buy a cd and look in the cope section, and theres 15 more cds you dont have by him. so my main mission for the next while is to stock up on him. so many times ive held autogeddon in my hands, now i must buy it, just cause youve said how its slagged. i figure, if its slagged, it must be a classic, cause every one i know slags me for listening to "that weird shit" (julian), and i think hes great.

anyways, im boring myself with my useless post (and i thought i was semiintelligent, oh well)


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Thu Sep 25 18:47:46 EDT 1997


buy them all, go into debt if you have to and if anyone thinks you're weird ask yourself, "Do I really want to considered normal?".

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Sep 25 19:20:41 EDT 1997

Wow, a Cope section with 15 Cope CDs you don't have?!? That's one heck of a store you've got there! Most stores around here only have one or two Cope albums, if any.

If you are curious what CDs are worth buying and in what order, check out the results of the surveys we did back in The Culture Bunker Archives issues 3 and 8 and the survey we did here on Rail On back in the Spring.

Which four albums do you already have?


Mike Runion mrrunion@tng.net http://www.spacecoast.net/users/mrrunion/default.htm Fri Sep 26 08:29:19 EDT 1997

Just for kicks, here's a rough personal ranking of the Drude's output according to how often I pull them off the shelf:

Most played:
Wilder, Fried, Skellington Chronicles, Jehovahkill, Autogeddon, Floored Genius 2, 20 Mothers, Rite 2
Occasionally played:
Kilimanjaro, Everybody Wants To Shag..., World Shut Your Mouth, St. Julian, Peggy Suicide, Rite, Interpreter, The Followers of St. Julian
Rarely played:
Piano, Droolian, Queen Elizabeth

Then again, most any Julian album really is better than half the stuff out there crowding the racks for precious space. And yeah, sloan, you must live near a great record shop! Even the best shops around me (Orlando area) at best have two or three JC selections.

Another bit of personal spewage - Cope songs I often find myself playing (pitifully I might add) on acoustic guitar:

Madmax, Robert Mitchum, Senile Get, Autogeddon Blues, Soul Desert


John Loughney john.loughney@research.nokia.com http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/6792/ Fri Sep 26 09:02:13 EDT 1997

Hey Travis,

You should advertise this thing more. I just came across it (thanks Mike Runion). Anyhow, not too much to say, since it is Fried-day (or at least my mental state tells me it is so).

I'm enjoying the Followers cd quite much, though some of the remixes do seem a bit dated (don't you think?) I think thats always a general problem with dance music, 80% of it doesn't age very well.

May I ask for some opinions? Chronically short of money, I need to know what would be good to buy first:

Also, I have a lot of the singles that comprise the Followers of St. Julian that I wouldn't mind trading - so let me know if there is something that someone needs to complete their collection.

Over and out,

John Loughney


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Fri Sep 26 20:35:29 EDT 1997

In the following order:

  1. Safesurfer 7" (awesome!)
  2. Rite 2
  3. Paranormal
andrew again Fri Sep 26 20:36:22 EDT 1997

Anal? It's a good name for it.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Sep 26 21:52:16 EDT 1997

Hey guys! I just put together some web pages for For Against. They're still under construction, but I am curious what you guys think of the format.

Secondly, hi John! It's been quite a while since I've last seen you!

Of the ones you listed I just have Rite, Paranormal, and Queen Elizabeth. Of those, Rite would go in my "occasionally played" and QE &paranormal would go in my "rarely played."

My 3 most played: Peggy Suicide, Wilder, Jehovahkill

Even though Kili has KILLER songs, I sometimes find its relentlessness annoying? With St. Julian, yes, just about every song is catchy and listenable, but it doesn't have the infectious "groove-factor" that Peggy has, nor the dreamy sweetness of Wilder.



Sloan sloan@magi.com Sat Sep 27 14:03:46 EDT 1997


ive got peggy suicide, jehovahkill, 20 mothers, interpreter.

and just added today, autogeddon (used)!! yippee! although the cover of the cd has been ripped off completely on the bottom 1 or 2 inches, as if used to make a filter for a big joint. hmmmmm.....thats what i call freakily appropriate.

to correct myself, there werent really 15 cds at the stores, sorry to get you excited everyone! at one decent store (that closed down 2 months ago), there was a few copies each of ps, jk, and 20 mothers. then some vinyl too. i am convinced that most everyone in ottawa listens to poo.

well, im on track 4, i gotta walk. and i must say, on first listen, this album kicks bums.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Sep 27 22:37:27 EDT 1997

Guess what came in the mail today?

Safesurfer/If You Loved Me At All - excellent! Especially the incredibly intense version of "If You Loved Me At All" -- Great stuff!!!

Propheteering - very short song, starts of pretty cool but kind of disappears into nothingness. I didn't get a chance to listen to the B-side.

Rite 2 - sounds pretty nice - I have it on now. It's definitely different from the first Rite. More soulfull, less repetititive. Got some freaky QE moments, like the end of the first song, with the ascending synth lines - almost scary!

Krautrocksampler - looks interesting, but also intimidating. Very attractive though!

I'll let you know more about these once I've had time to digest 'em!

Sloan, what did you think of the rest of Autogeddon?


Russ Sanders pk43@dial.pipex.com http://www.vinyltap.co.uk Sun Sep 28 05:01:08 EDT 1997


There's a record shop in Leeds Called "Vinyl Tap" use ULR above and go to the search page they have quite a few Cope items as well as some Teardrop stuff i've used them quite a few times and ordered straight from the web site without any problems!

My most listened to items at the moment are Wilder "still a very under rated lp by the masses" Peggy "you just can't beat Las Vegas Basement"

None Cope LP's are

Russ Sanders pk43@dial.pipex.com Sun Sep 28 05:04:28 EDT 1997

The ULR for Vinyltap Records is


Sloan sloan@magi.com Sun Sep 28 09:50:55 EDT 1997

i thought the rest of autogeddon was great! i tried listening to it again, but my girlfriend started to whine. must remember to find myself a pro-cope companion!

i did get away with listening to dont call me mark chapman a couple extra times. theres something about that song that blows my mind.

(please excuse the terrible excuse for a pun)

on his way to hell,


Russ Sanders russsanders@dial.pipex.com Tue Sep 30 12:26:27 EDT 1997


I've just been playing Christ v's Warhol from the Passionate Friend single and wow is that song a clear view to what Julian was going to do in the future!! It's one of my favorite tracks as well

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 1 08:56:40 EDT 1997

Hey, guys!


I must say, Krautrocksampler is turning out to be a great read!!! I am just dying to make a HUGE order of Krautrock CDs! :) :) :)

So far, I'm looking at:

Anyone know about these? Have any recommendations?

Also, after several listens, Rite 2 is quite cool! Wish I had a record player so I could hear the "If You Loved Me At All" remix... :) :)

Also, Jeff Runnings of For Against told me that his biggest influences were Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, and the Teardrop Explodes! I just about died on the phone! Wowee-wow!

Tape Projects:

Andrew and I have come up with a tape project agenda. So far there will be three main tape projects.

1) tribute tape - I need more contributors!!!

2) non-album completist collection - this will contain all non-album tracks and will be assembled chronologically. It will probably take up several tapes.

3) best of the b-sides, demos, and live cuts - this will be a tape of highlights drawn from all non-album sources. It will be arranged subjectively, not constrained by chronology or source. If the first best-of goes well, we'll probably make some more!

How does that sound?



Mike Runion mrrunion@tng.net http://www.spacecoast.net/users/mrrunion/default.htm Thu Oct 2 12:09:03 EDT 1997

Hey all,

Trav, I went through a similar phase upon reading Krautrocksampler and delved a bit into the kraut thing. Here's what I got and what my take on 'em is:

Tangerine Dream Alpha Centauri: my only real experience with TD was from watching Risky Business way too many times in high school. These earlier albums are no where near as...techno/electronic? I happen to like this album a lot. Atmospheric, but not numbing...sorta like Rite compared to QE.

Tangerine Dream Zeit: this is QE, but even more minimalist. I've sat through it several times, but it really is more background mood setting stuff than anything else. I wouldn't call it music necessarily. Very SPACE. It makes you realize that staying firmly on the ground is so much more interesting. Might be excellent for a slow acid trip though.

One great thing about the first 4 TD reissues though is that they include excerpts from Krautrocksampler, so there's a Cope connection there (for you completists).

Amon Duul II The Best Of... While it's not Yeti, it does include several tracks from that album and it a great intro into the band. This CD just recently came out and it has about 20 tracks spanning their first 6 albums or so. Um...this stuff seems a bit more dated in my mind. Very "progressive", in the 70's sense of the word. Certainly not bad in my opinion, but it's not really my thing. Someone into old Yes or ELP or something might grok on this a bit more. And yes, there are vocals here (unlike the TD stuff).

I am very much interested in the Can stuff though. That would be my next attempt at Kraut-descent.

As far as the tape projects, they all sound superb. I'd be very interested in #2 especially. And #1 would be great if we got some more input.

That's all for me today,


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Fri Oct 3 12:51:17 EDT 1997

Sloan and Rail On!

I was just browsing through some of the recent postings and noticed Sloan that you don't have Skellington. I was listening to The Skellington Chronicles late last night in a drakened roon through the headphones and very loud. I haven't listened to Skellington in well over a year now and I had forgotten just how good it is; the rawness, the humour, the pure joy (for want of a better phrase). So Sloan, I urge you emphatically to write off to Head Heritage and get yourself a copy of Skellington Chronicles asap, and as it says on the spine of the vinyl - Play this Record Loud as Hell!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 3 23:44:36 EDT 1997

Oh my god.

I just got finished listen to Tago Mago. I am totally awe struck. The album blew me away. That last song, "Bring me Coffee or Tea" is so utterly tender and quietly gorgeous it makes me want to cry. It ended five minutes ago, but I still feel like I just saw the most beautiful and sad moment of my life go by.

I have never been affected like this by music before, never.

It's not just the last, unspeakably emotion-wrenching song (I am actually afraid to put the album back on because of that song - I have to dilute with something else, immediately). No, the first moment came in "Halleluwah," the 18 minute jam. At one point, the drumming was so dead-on infectious I felt like screaming or blasting or turning the music off. It drove me crazy. I felt like someone just set the sexiest woman in the world in front of me and said "look but don't touch." The end "Aumgn" was similar - I literally felt myself falling out of the sky.

I am not tripping. I am not drunk. The music did this. Tonight was a revelation. I feel like I have just been de-virginized.

Okay, moving on... I finished Krautrocksampler. This is an excellent book! Never mind who wrote it. It doesn't matter. It could have been anyone, for all I care. That Cope wrote it is just a bonus.

I will just say this. I bought the book for the same reason a lot of you will buy the book: it was written by Cope. But it has opened a whole new treasure chest of music to me. Can is aweing me in the same way that Denali did this summer.

Jesus Christ --- How can I possibly go back to computers and grad school after listening to Tago Mago???

Screw it. No more news for today. I'm not in the mood for talking.


Rail On #04

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