Rail On #02

1996-12-02 to 1997-02-26

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Dec 2 08:26:34 EST 1996

Okay! I just archived Rail On for the first time! You can access the old stuff by clicking on the "1" mentioned at the end of the introductory paragraph at the top of this page.

I hope everyone had a gluttonous, face-stuffing Thanksgiving (for you Americans) because I feel fat! :)

Xmas is coming up, and soon folks I will get an ISP and put some boots and odds n' ends online. Soon!

Until then, there's always my Listening Booth [no longer exists -- Trav] with its many Cope + others samples.

By the way, Patrick, how're the Soul Desert updates going?


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Mon Dec 2 12:41:46 EST 1996

Soul Desrt update:

Well, it is going on. It will happen! I am working on some new stuff with Patrick. I have put together some new pages and have done lots of scans. Chances are it probably won't happen until the new year though. I have a lot of material to delve through and it is taking a while

Its hard a present to find time to work on it, as my boss keeps giving me other things to do, so keep your eye on the site as changes are a-comin' soon.

http://www.fsa.ulaval.ca:80/personnel/gaumondp/cope/ (just in case you had forgotten).


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Mon Dec 2 12:53:48 EST 1996

Also, while I am here I would like to say that if anyone out there is interested in Julian cope bootlegs then drop me a line at the above address or contact my friend Steve at 101715.1426@CompuServe.COM.

I'm in Canada and Steve's in England, so take your pick. We both have roughly the same number of Cope tapes (about 200), but Steve has loads more too, especially Echo &the Bunnymen.

I'm always looking to expand my collection so if you have any let me know, I know there are some out there that I don't have yet!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Dec 12 10:36:37 EST 1996

Hey everybody!

I finally got my VCR back (my gf was borrowing it) so what was the first thing I watched on it? Copeulation! This was only my 2nd time watching those videos.

First of all, I love the version of "Reynard the Fox" on the video. You hear a bunch of cheering and then Julian says something like "this is Reynard the Fox" and wham, the song hits, drowning out all the crowd noise. The production so closely matches the album version that it at first made me think it was the album version. But then I began to notice subtle differences in the guitar solos, and more obvious differences in the bridge.

So, I wonder if it is indeed a completely different, live version or if parts of it were done in the studio. In any case, I dig it. It has more manic energy than the album version, and manic energy is what "Reynard" is all about.

Also, Copeulation adds a live version of "Spacehopper." I forget if it's the same version as on one of those EPs, though.

Has Cope made any videos since My Nation Underground? It would be cool to see what his recent, more "intimate" gigs are like. Is he touring with a band again? Anyone have tapes (audio or video) of his TV appearences in the U.K.?

I have an ISP now, so it is just a matter of time (and motivation) before I get around to uploading some Cope music to the web pages. I'd still like to find out the legalistics on it, though! For now, I will consider putting up a bootleg or two. Sound good? Anybody listening out there? :)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Dec 12 11:14:53 EST 1996

Okay, I've had Interpreter for a month now and here's my current evaluation of it (I don't have the track listings in front of me so if I butcher a few titles please forgive me!):

Track Rating Other Comments
1. I Come From Another Planet, Baby A This is the first time Cope opens an album with a single since My Nation Underground. It makes a good, peppy start.
2. I've Got My TV and My Pills A Well produced remake; the original was on Skellington II. I wonder what song he will recycle on his next album!
3. Planetary Sit-In A Lovely!
4. Since I've Lost My Head It's Awl-Right A Cope's right; nice organ solo at end!
5. Cheap New-Age Fix B Nice energy but it breaks the gentle/cute/catchy mood of first 4 songs. Very much like something off of second phase of Jehovahkill.
6. Battle for the Trees C It's not pretty, not peppy, not trancy; the only cool part is the fast rocking bit in the middle.
7. Arthur something C Bland.
8. S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K. with me C Nice energy, but kill the opera singer!
9. Redirected Male A Repetitive, chanty, funky. I dig it.
10. Maiden of Constant Sorrow A- Jazzy, catchy. I just wish the solos were even more wild!
11. The Loveboat B- This one has grown on me. Cope's rapping never bothered me; it was the ultra-cliche hooks that drove me off. But as long as you don't take it too seriously (as with "Just Like Pooh Bear") it slides down rather harmlessly.
12. Dust B+ The chorus is the only weak spot; I really dig the verse and the end. Well, not the very end; soft piano noodling in the rain is a tad cliche.

Overall, I think it's a great album, his best since Jehovahkill. Once the U.S. version comes out, I think we should have another "favorite song/album" poll!

Actually, what songs would you pick to be on Floored Genius III, covering everything since Jehovahkill?

Later guys. Hope all this HTML came out okay!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Fri Dec 13 18:09:41 EST 1996


Hope you got my email about the Reynard video.

Here is a list of all the video stuff I have of Cope solo. I left the UK in 1991 but I know there is other stuff around. If anyone is interested in anything after this try contacting my friend Steve in England at: 101715.1426@CompuServe.COM.

There were videos for Beautiful Love, Head, and I know he has appeared on Top of the Pops several times since 1991.

Sunshine Playroom - Phonogram Promo Video              84    5m
The Big Club Turin (Bootleg: 15 Songs)           28/03/86   60m
World Shut Your Mouth - Top of the Pops          01/11/86    5m
Trampolene / Spacehopper - The Tube              09/01/87   10m
Westminster Central Halls (BBC TV: 6 Songs)      23/01/87   30m
Westminster Central Halls (Island Vid: 3 Songs)  23/01/87   20m
Westminster Central Halls (Bootleg: 16 Songs)    20/01/87   70m
The Last Resort - Interview                      23/01/87   10m
Live at the New York Ritz (MTV US: 14 Songs)     28/02/87   70m
West German TV MIni Concert (4Songs)                04/87   15m
Trampolene - The Saturday Show (BBC)                04/87    5m
Eve's Volcano - French TV                           04/87    5m
Island 25 Party (Channel 4: 2 Songs)             04/07/87   10m
Werchter Festival - Live + Int (RTB Belgium)     05/07/87   10m
Rock in UK - Interview (Central TV)                 07/88   10m
Eve's Volcano - Video + I'view (MTV US)             04/87   10m
Island Instore Promo for Saint Julian               04/87    1m
The Last Resort (Channel 4: 1 Song)              07/10/87    5m
Charlotte Anne - Wogan (BBC 1)                      10/88    5m
Glasgow Pavilion Theatre (Bootleg: 17 Songs)     15/10/88   80m
Copeulation (Official Collection: 14 Songs)            88   60m
Startest - Interview (Channel 4)                 13/06/89   30m
Battle of Trafalgar - Cope Clips (Channel 4)     31/03/91   10m
Beautiful Love - TOTP Vid Clip (BBC1)            01/02/91    4m
Beautiful Love - MotorMouth (ITV)                   02/91    5m
Beautiful Love - Going Live Int/Vid (BBC 1)         02/91   10m
The Late Show - Profile and Interview (BBC 2)    06/03/9    15m
East Easy Rider - The Chart Show Video (ITV)     01/04/91    5m
Friday Night At The Dome (Channel 4: 2 Songs)    10/05/91   10m
Bristol Bierkeller (Bootleg: 18 Songs)           15/05/91   90m
Head - The Chart Show Video (ITV)                27/02/91    5m
Much Music - Canada (Videos +Interviews)            07/91   15m

I also have the following Teardrops video stuff:

Reward / Ha Ha I'm Drowning - OGWT                     80   10m
Reward - Top of the Pops (2 Versions)                  81   10m
Reward - Tiswas (Video)                                81    5m
When I Dream - Swap Shop (Video Clip)                  81    1m
When I Dream / Poppies - Swap Shop                     81    8m
Treason - Top of the Pops                              81    4m
Nottingham Royal Theatre (Official: 7 Songs)     16/08/81   40m
Whistle Test Special (BBC 2: 9 Songs)            04/01/82   50m
Passionate Friend - Top of the Pops                    82    5m

Unfortunately it is all on PAL format, except for Copeulation and the Much Music interviews/videos. So be prepared to pay big money if anyone wants copies made to North American NTSC or whatever, sorry!

Also if you need any bootlegs for the site let me know, I have some excellent quality ones.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Dec 15 13:21:17 EST 1996

Hi everyone!

I just put one of Julian's concerts on line (Astoria Theatre, 1 November 1986). You can listen to it with the RealAudio Player (2.0 or greater) and it's on my Sounds page.

Let me know how it sounds and handles!



Jeff spy@bga.com Tue Dec 17 18:26:48 EST 1996

Question: Who is Gary Mitchell? Cope talks about trying to get into "Gary Mitchell's drawers" on Cheap New Age Fix. Just trying to find out the significance of the reference.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Dec 18 07:44:01 EST 1996

I did an excite search on "Gary Mitchell" and got several hits. The most "famous" Gary Mitchell seems to be a guest character on one of the earliest original Star Trek episodes ("Where no man has gone before", and he was played by Gary Lockwood).

There is also a J Gary Mitchell Film Company, which focuses on making first aid and help-the-children videos.

There's also a Gary Mitchell computer guru, but I have the feeling that he's not what Cope's talking about.

So, the mystery remains!


Jeff spy@bga.com Fri Dec 20 13:29:01 EST 1996

Does anyone here have the other Fear Loves This Place single? I have the one with this listing:

Just wondering if the selections on the other CD single are as good.

mike fiddler fiddlerm@mail.dec.com Mon Dec 23 03:48:48 EST 1996

Happy Xmas/Holidays/Midwinter pagan festival all!


Ron drude@gnn.com Wed Jan 1 11:25:36 EST 1997

I've had Interpreter for a couple of weeks now and have really enjoyed it thus far. Re-directed male tends to be my fave for the moment, I rather enjoyed the piano at the end of the cd.

When the cd arrived it was wrapped with page 30-something from the Los Angeles Times. There was a very small article entitled 'Woman checking Car Alarm is Shot to Death'. Pay special attention to the last line! It read as follows:

A 45-year-old woman was fatally shot in South Los Angeles on Saturday morning when she confronted would-be thieves who had triggered an alarm on a car that her husband, a mechanic, had repaired, police said. Olinda Maldronado was shot in front of her house in the 1400 block of West 58th street when she went outside to check on the activated alarm,said Los Angeles Police Det. Carlos Velasquez. Velasquez said it was uncertain if the thieves were trying to steal the car or its wheel rims. He said it was also unclear how many thieves were involved. Maldronado died at the scene. The car was not taken.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jan 7 14:33:58 EST 1997

Hello, hope y'all had a nice break!

The 2nd Fear Loves This Place EP has 3 more songs, "Starry Eyes," and two others, whose names I also forgot. (You might want to check out the discography - it's on Soul Desert I think, and is definitely in the Culture Bunker archives. All three songs are mellow compared to the rockers on the first EP. One of them is a rant about city dwellers along the lines of "If I Could Do It Over Again I'd Do It All Over You."

In the past 2 weeks, CD-Now has made a few additions to their Teardrops/Cope catalog:

Everybody Wants to Shag    out of print - cut  $13.99 - Fontana 842_439-2
Kilimanjaro   US Version - out of print        $13.99 - Fontata 836_897-2US

Compare that to:

Kilimanjaro                                    $20.99 - Fontana 836_897-2
                                                        Origin: Germany

Any idea in the differences between the US version and German versions? Different cover? Different contents/order?

I have two different versions, one on CD (flowery/blurry cover and "Second Head" instead of "Suffocate") and one on Vinyl (zebras w/ Mt. Kili in the background, "Suffocate" instead of "Second Head.") No idea which one's the US and which is the German, though.

Radio Sit In (EP) + Tracks                     $12.49 - 766482597628

Compare to:

Planetary Sit-In (Remix) (EP) - 1 Track, 20 minutes  $12.49 - Echo ECSCX25
                                                              Origin: UK

Anyone know if these are the same thing?



p.s. Oh yeah has anyone had a chance to check out the concert I put on here yet?

Patrick patrick.gaumond@fsa.ulaval.ca Wed Jan 8 09:26:10 EST 1997

Is Julian Cope his real name ?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 8 11:18:20 EST 1997

I'd assume it is; never seen anything to hint otherwise.

Oh yeah I looked at my Kilimanjaro CD last night and it had a picture of the band (not "blurry flowers" - I was getting it confused w/ Wilder I think), is by Fontana, and is out of New York, New York.

One thing I have thought about doing is creating a Julian Cope purchasing page, where we can provide links to all the currently available online sales of Cope CDs, etc. We'd list prices, etc and people would just click to go to the actual online store and buy it.

Whacha think?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 8 11:20:35 EST 1997

Oh yeah the track listing of the 2nd Fear Loves This Place CD:

  1. Paleface
  2. Nothing
  3. Starry Eyes
  4. Fear Loves This Place

I might have gotten 2 and 3 in the wrong order; sorry!


Kevin Somerton Thu Jan 9 07:26:06 EST 1997

What I want to know is who sent me details of this page(? I'm not very au fait with internet terms). I return from my christmas holidays to find a e-mail guiding me here. Devine guidance or what? Well who ever it was thanks a lot, it better than researching ethics n' health promotion!

As a new browser to this discussion group, I have a few questions:

1) After browsing is it all the same hard core of people who produce Copey stuff? A few names have seem to come out again and again and the Culture Bunker and Soul Desert keep being mentioned!

2) Why has Julian Cope's new album come out with such a wimper? The first I've heard of it was here on this very page, even though I knew that it was around after buying the interplanetry sit-in (radio sit-in) CD single. I avoid the music press because of there sycophantic wimperings to whatever is in (Kula Shaker till tea-time) but even so its not like I haven't been into a music shop for the last 3 months!!

3) How does this page work? I'm busy typing in a message but what happens then? Is it posted for all to see?

4) Why will your e-mail address not cope with my longer address? For those who are interested it is ntyne241@ntn2.sonm.nottingham.ac.uk

And finally a sort of answer to an earlier question, but please remember it was a pub conversation from about 3 years ago and mind has been through a lot since then;

Someone asked is julian cope really called Julian Cope? I was told that he was not and it was a psuedonym. The friend (and she was unreliable I have to admit) claimed that he was in the Tamworth phone book as something else before he moved south to where ever he is now (near Avebury I think). A bit crap really, but there you go.

Anyway cheers for a top read, Kevin

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jan 9 09:02:43 EST 1997

Kevin, welcome to the list!

The answers to some of your questions (like what are The Culture Bunker and The Soul Desert) are on my Julian Cope Page, which you can access by clicking on the Return to Trav's Julian Cope Page near the bottom of this page.

But briefly, The Culture Bunker was an online Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes mailing list I ran from February 1993 through April 1995; you can access its complete archives via my Julian Cope Page. The Culture Bunker is Patrick Gaumond's set of Julian Cope web pages, partially based on the contents of The Culture Bunker archives; check them out! Again, you can access them via my Julian Cope page.

Rail On! and all the goodies that come with it (such as the Listening Booth, again accessed through my Julian Cope Page) are the HTML sequel to The Culture Bunker. Right now there is indeed a core group of us fans that posts regularly, and not too many other posters, and that is mostly because I'm not allowed to be advertising the existance of this list until I get my new computer, since right now I am using a university computer. Once I get my own computer I'll start putting out "ads" on the usenet and other mailing lists, which worked really well to gather new members back in the days of The Culture Bunker.

Interpreter does indeed seem to have had a quiet release, at least a UK release. When it comes out in the US we might hear a bit more about it. However, I've been into Julian Cope since the early 90s and so far the only fuss I've ever heard over a Julian Cope release has been over Autogeddon; I saw reviews of it in a couple magazines, and BMG (or was it Columbia House) even had a little feature on it in one of its catalogs.

It doesn't matter a whole lot to me, as long as Cope still has the money and motivation to keep writing music and keep being innovative.

more later!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jan 9 10:00:32 EST 1997

I changed the email field so that you can enter an email address of up to 80 characters; the previous limit was 30 characters. Sorry about that!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Thu Jan 9 19:50:03 EST 1997

Julian Cope's real name is Julian David Cope.

He has gone under a few different psudonyms, such as:

But his real name is as we know it best.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Fri Jan 10 12:37:57 EST 1997

Here is a bit of information about the Kilimanjaro album that I was able to find out. I got the info from issue 1 of the fanzine Pure Joy, published by Martin Bull of Bath, England in August 1988.

1. Kilimanjaro - First released October 1980 (Mercury 6359 035)

This original issue had a group photo on the front and various small photos on the back. The photography, by Brian Griffin and Bill Butt, is regarded as very poor. Album reached #24 in UK album chart.

Tracks: Ha Ha I'm drowning / Sleeping Gas / Treason / Second Head / Poppies in the Field / Went Crazy / Brave Boys keep Their promises / Bouncing Babies / Books / Thief of Baghdad / When I Dream

2. Kilimanjaro - Second release March 1981 (Mercury 6359 035)

The four differences between the first and second release are:

3. Kilimanjaro - US Release (Mercury SRM 14016)

This was not the same as either of the above British releases. The US issue did not contain Bouncing Babies or Second Head, but did include the version of Suffocate that was not released in Britain until 1983. Also, Reward is remixed with an added bass and drums intro.

I hope this helps to answer any questions about the various versions of the album that are out there. This information refers only to the original vinyl releases of kilimanjaro. Since then it has been re-released by a couple of different labels as a mid-price special album, this includes the cds that are now available too, as it was not originally released on cd. There are cd versions with both sets of cover artwork on them.

Also the US and British versions of Wilder differed in cover artwork. The tracks were the same, but in different orders on the two releases. Why? Who knows...

This info, as stated, comes from Pure Joy. Unfortunatley it is no longer going, but Martin did manage to put out eight issues between August 1988 and April 1991. If you can get hold of copies it is well worth it as they are chock-full o' good stuff!, especially a very comprehensive list or Teardrops/Cope record releases.


spontaneous search-party cccp@es.co.nz Mon Jan 13 21:33:05 EST 1997

hello, here's a short line as I've been away for a few months and reading what was at rail-on has put me back on to the track.must thank you for all the work that you do to make alot of other peoples day brighter... cheers. spontaneous search-party.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jan 14 08:44:17 EST 1997

Mr. Party, glad you are enjoying this site! :)

The other day I on a whim decided to listen to Everybody Wants to Shag... which I haven't heard in ages. It sounded suprisingly good! "Serious Danger," "You Disappear From View," "Count to Ten and Run For Cover," and "The Challenger" were all great sing-along pump-you-ups, while "Ouch Monkeys," "Soft Enough for You," "Strange House In the Snow," and "Not My Only Friend" are all nice and soothing. However, I was irritated by "Metranil Vavin" and to a lesser degree by "The In-Psychlopedia" and "Pussyface" and a little bored by "Terrorist."

Everybody does not have the killer songs of Kili and Wilder but I don't think it is nearly as bad as some of our previous surveys would have indicated, and as Cope himself seems to convey in Head On. However, Island must have agreed with Cope, since none of the songs on that album appeared on Floored Genius.

Oh yeah, do y'all want me to put the Julian Cope covers that people have done so far online?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jan 14 11:20:02 EST 1997

Hey, y'all!

CD-Europe has lowered their price on Interpreter; it is now only $15.95. :)

Also, they have a CD called Best of Julian Cope that was released in Japan in October '92. The release date is close enough to that of Floored Genius that I'd suspect it is the same thing.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Wed Jan 15 12:35:14 EST 1997

Here is a game with a familiar name that I found out there, some of you may have already heard of it, but it is new to me. Sounds pretty lame!

Teardrop Explodes is an puzzle/arcade game that has VGA graphics and supports the Sound Blaster for sound effects.

In this game you have to collect all of the teardrops on a level. But you have to avoid the bad guys or blow them up with dynamite to get all of the teardrops.

REQUIRES: 486/25+, 4MB RAM

ftp://happypup.com/pub/charles/pc/teardrop.zip (263Kb)

Its a game for DOS so it is useless to me as I am mac based.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 15 12:50:33 EST 1997

Imagine that! How'd you find it? With a search engine?

I'll try to check it out when I get home. :)

I am curious - how many game players on this list?



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Thu Jan 16 16:18:25 EST 1997

Yes, I found the Teardrop Explodes game through a search engine. It also said there is a home page for this game at:


As I said it is no good to me as I am Mac based, but I would be interested to hear what it is like. Judging by the home page, it is probably pretty cheezy!

Yes, we at Alchemedia heve been known to play the odd game or two!

Rudolph rudolph@linguistics.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Wed Jan 29 09:32:45 EST 1997

Hi guys, Rudolph emailed me his Teardrop Explodes / Julian Cope wish list:



Log Cabin/ Screaming Secrets (January 30, 1982 at St. Stell Coliseum, Cornwall)

Better Scream (John Peel May 1981)

extended version of Christ Vs. Warhol (12" Passionate Friend)

East of the Equator (12" Colours fly away)

Suffocate (7) (American Version) (7" or 12" You disappear...)


The Greatness and Perfection of Love (remix) // 24a Velocity Crescent / Pussyface (remix)

Competition / Belief in Him (7)

Sunspots (remix) // I Went on a Chourney (7) / Mik Mak Mok // Land of Fear

Transporting (WSYM-7")

WSYM (long) / WSYM (short) Julian Cope vs. Trouble Funk - remixes of "WSYM" (12")

Trampolene (Warne Out Mix) (12")

Spacehopper - annexe (12" Eve's Volcano)

Delsi / Crazy Farm Animal / Rail On (12" China Doll)

Dragonfly (12" Love LUV)

Peggy Suicide-CD missing track

Easty Risin' (East Easy Rider remix) // Ravebury Stones

Straw Dogs / Anyway At All / Bagged-out Ken (12" Head")

Heed : Of Penetration and the City-Dweller (Head remix) // Bring Cherhill Down (vocal) / Bring Cherhill Down (instrumental)

Have Always Been Here Before (C) / Sizewell B / Gogmagog (Fear loves-CD)

Paleface / Nothing / Starry Eyes (Fear loves.. CD)

The Indians Worship Him, But He Hurries On / Amethysteria / Bringing Cherhill Down Part 1 / In Search of Ancient Astronomies (RITE)

and all that is unknown of PARANORMAL-EP and INTERPRETER-2


Anyone know where he can find some of this stuff? I have tapes of most of it, but I think he is looking for the originals...



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Wed Jan 29 12:19:03 EST 1997

Trav / Rudolph

I do have all of the stuff listed above, some of it, such as the St Austell Colliseum track you want is only available on tape - it's a bootleg. I think all the other stuff I have on either vinyl or cd. To find all of this stuff on either vinyl or cd is probably impossible, unless he went to live in England and looked really hard!

I waited for five years before I finally found a copy of the Greatnes &perfection 12", and then I found 2 within weeks of each other. I also searched for at least five years before I found the Competition 7".

If he wants any of the stuff taping though, I'd be more than happy to help out.

Let me know if I can help


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 4 18:06:10 EST 1997

Hello, everybody. If you can read this then it works! Post away!

HTML but please be careful! I don't advise trying tables. The script that's in here inserts a lot of paragraph markers and tables can look really stretched out. If you want to do a table, don't hit any returns! :)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 4 18:13:24 EST 1997

Sorry about that bit - it was mostly for the new Comsat Angels guestbook I just put up.

You Comsats fans ought to check it out!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Feb 7 13:20:12 EST 1997

Hi guys! Been a while, eh?

Last night I put on Peggy Suicide for the first time in ages! I had just recommended it to someone and wanted to suffer a taste of my own medicine, and what a glorious taste it was! Peggy sounded better than she ever has.

I had my stereo cranked up realllllyyyyy loud (trying to impress the neighbors moving in across the hall) and for the first time ever I heard the excellent groovy bass in "Leperskin." The sax solo during "You..." was crystal clear. "American Lite" was a total bouncy joy. "Hanging Out and Hung Up On the Line" shook the ways... It was an butt-kickingly rocking good time! :)

I had the CD player on random for about 45 minutes and some how managed to hit all the peppy songs. So, no "Pristine," no "Promised Land," etc. Not even the languid but loveable "Safesurfer."

This made me think, what if Peggy had been two albums instead of one? [ Jim Davies and I talked briefly of this back in 1991 - Jim, you still out there? ]

Peggy is great, don't get me wrong. But the juxtaposition of slow songs and rocking songs can be distracting if you are in a certain mood.

For instance, if you're ready to get pumped up by "East Easy Rider" and "Drive, She Said," then when "Pristeen" comes on it can spoil the mood. Or if you are ready to be lulled to sleep by Julian's gentler side ("Promised Land" and "Las Vegas Basement") then "East Easy Rider" can be jarring. Likewise if you are looking for something poppy and simple ("Beautiful Love," "American Lite") and are confronted with weirdness like "Double Vegitation" and "Hung Up and Hanging Out to Dry." I think you get my point by now, eh? :)

These are all nice songs, but their stylistic variety makes Peggy a difficult choice for mood music. It is, instead, an excellent sampler, a brilliant "show off" record. Its variety keeps new listeners interested.

Jehovahkill, on the other hand, is excellent mood music. It has a very consistant feel. Relaxed but alert, poised to jump off the cliff but revelling in the view. It's great walkman music. Take it on your next jog or bike ride!

When I try to think of the perfect place to listen to Jehovahkill, I keep thinking of being on a vacation, driving with a couple of friends towards an idyllic picnic spot, with the windows rolled down and a lovely breeze pouring through... It's about getting away from the crowds, but not being totally isolated.

So what are your ideas for favorite listening spots?


Spontaneous Search-Party cccp@es.co.nz Sat Feb 8 21:09:27 EST 1997

Hello Travis, Long time since last message. Thought I would share with you this wonderful body of music by a German band called: Sun Electric. They are found at:


Their releases contain ambience and dance music, they are so good with cooking with sounds. I have all their albums and on the last release they called a track "Waitati Post". due to my liking their music so much. A little like listening to Julian's music and discovering that there is lots of releases in the past.I am sure that Spinout&mellow (sun electric) will blow anyone away and the one will be very happy.

Cheers for rail-on from Spontaneous. 9-2-97

Jay Ohm flipperohm@aol.com Mon Feb 10 00:48:37 EST 1997

What a beautiful web site! Thanks for hours of entertainment browsing the archives. Interpreter has become my favorite rather quickly. No question about it! Wanted to know if anyone has ordered from K.A.K? Tell me the time it took to receive merchandise, etc.



Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Feb 10 08:43:54 EST 1997


Sun Electric sounds interesting! CDNow.com has the following titles by them:

Titles by Sun Electric (3 total)              CASS    CD
  1) Kitchen                                   --   26.99n
  2) Live - 30.7.94                            --   18.99
  3) O'Locco  (EP) + Tracks                    --   11.99n

Which of these would you recommend highest? Where can we find their other works? What does "Waitati Post" signify? I see that "Spinout &Mellow" is a track on their 6 song Ahhhh album. Do you know how long each of the albums are?


Thanks for the kind words for our humble little site! :)

K.A.K. Ltd. used to be very responsive - I'd receive a CD or book from them within 2 weeks of ordering it (not bad at all for imports). They regularly mailed us post cards from Julian, and replied to all my questions promptly and verbosely.

In the past year or so, however, they have become less responsive/responsible - they stopped mailing me post cards and did not acknowledge my requests for change of address. A number of people have complained about having sent in orders several weeks or even months ago, without any response.

I hate to knock a company that is dedicated to bringing us Cope stuff, but... K.A.K.'s dedication seems to be in question. Maybe they are just having a bad year?

What exactly are you looking for?


CD-Now has been bit by bit reducing their Teardrop Explodes catalog over the weeks since 7 January, when I posted about new submissions, etc. Right now they're back down to:

 Titles by TEARDROP EXPLODES (3 total)         CASS    CD
   1) PIANO                                 *   --   12.77
   2) Kilimanjaro                               --   20.99
   3) Wilder                                    --   19.99

Maybe the cut-outs advertised back in January were limited time only. Did anyone order them? Did they arrive? I wonder if they actually existed in the CD-Now catalog, or if they were "Ghost Issues." Or are rapid fluctuations in a supplier's catalog really that common?



Spontaneousearch-Party cccp@es.co.nz Tue Feb 11 03:15:41 EST 1997

Hi Travis, here is the releases by Sun Electric.

Most of these albums are around 60 minutes playing time. It's like you hear music and wish there was a album that went forever and listening to the above I never want to be far from a record player.The 30-7-94 album is very ambience, the others very good for when out driving the car through landscapes where everything is enjoying the buzz, a bit like how you were explaining Cope's music in the same way. I really like the Present album and still listen to Kitchen heaps. Sun Electric were doing some remix's to some live tracks that they had done and called one track "Waitati Post" after receiving some mail from me, something to do with mail from where I was living at the time. Waitati means something like down by the sea.

Bye Cheers from Spontaneous.

Jay Ohm flipperohm@aol.com Tue Feb 11 13:58:56 EST 1997

Travis - I ordered Skellington2 and the Head-On book a while back from K.A.K, and am waiting patiently. On the radio remix of Planetary sit-in, can anyone make out what the phone-in callers are saying exactly? I am interested to know. Also, Alternative Press magazine give insights on Julian occassionaly. A great review of Head-On was in an issue awhile back.



Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 12 09:47:00 EST 1997

Jay - how long ago did you order your KAK stuff? Was this a couple months ago? You might want to send 'em a follow up letter.

Head On is great! We just need to gather in a circle and start doing a Sequel Dance! :)

I can understand some of the callers on Radio Sit-In. Which ones are you having the most trouble with?

Has anyone figured out what Interpreter-2 is yet?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 12 10:10:31 EST 1997

CD-Europe is selling something weird that is says is by "Cope, Julian" (a different list than Julian Cope):

Pd-clock Interview
  Label: bakta bak
  Rel.: 5/6/94
  Genre: pop
  Number of Units in Set: 1
  Vinyl album

I'm assuming "Pd" is for picture disc.

They also have:

Pd-fear Loves This Place
  "Picdisc 12" In Gold Numbered Box"
  12" Vinyl single

I don't know if it has all 7 tracks or not.

I Come From Anot -2-/4tr-
  B429980, Echo blues, 7/15/96, 1 CD
  ...Another Planet, Baby + "How Do I Under" / "If I Could" / "Ambul"
  5" CD single

Wow, both EPs on one CD?

Saint Julian/My Nation Underground
  B315892, Island, 11/27/92
  "2 Classic Albums Together in a 2cd Jewel Case"
  Compact Disc album (2 CDs)

No other surprises, just lots of different releases of Interpreter for those of you who haven't gotten it yet.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Wed Feb 12 12:42:55 EST 1997

I guess I'll find out about the Fear loves this Place 12" single as I have just ordered it. The Picture disc Interview looks interesting, my budget is pretty limited right now, but if anyone else wants to order it, I'd love to hear about it and maybe get a tape of it (please!).

CD Universe - http://www.cduniverse.com/, has a Japanese copy of Interpreter, which includes 2 extra tracks, Cummer in Summertime and Baby Let's Play Vet. The listing says the following:

CD Stock Status: Special Order (Import)
Street Date: Nov 29, 1996
Catalog#: 261382

Additional_Info: (14TRX) Japanese edition of his latest adds "Cummer In The Summertime" &"Baby, Let's Play Vet" as hidden bonus tracks. It also features the singles "I Come From Another Planet Baby" &"Planetary Sit In", plus a bilingual lyric booklet (English &Japanese) and 10 other new tracks.

Oh yes, the price is $37.65USD

Southland CD also has the following item that may be of interest:

Julian Cope, 5 O'Clock World, US 2 track promo 12" in die-cut Island sleeve w/sticker - $6

They arec at: http://www.ni.net/cdstore.com/

OK, that's all for now.

Jay Ohm flipperohm@aol.com Thu Feb 13 17:17:24 EST 1997

Here is a little ditty from Alternative Press, July 1995. It is a listing of the ten best rock books of the last ten years. Head-on is #2, behind Ray Davies' X-ray. ..."ego dominates Head-On, but it's ego in hindsight, a cooler, calmer Cope looking back and wondering, hey, was I really that horrible? And that stoned? And that, for a time, out of conrol? Sordid and sensationalist, Head-On is rock 'n' roll with its crash helmet off, and a brick wall just three feet ahead."

Feedback kmeikle@io.org Thu Feb 20 07:58:29 EST 1997

[originally emailed to me: - Travis]

Is the Julian Cope newsletter still around? I just discovered it and noticed that Pete Wylie's name keeps popping up. Does anyone know what happened to him? I have loads of old Wah records but I haven't seen any in ages. In case anyone is interested, here is a brief (and rough) history of Wah as I remember it.

After leaving Julian Cope and The Crucial Three, Pete Wylie went on to form Wah! Heat! with the brilliant bass player Carl Washington. The first release was the 1979 7 inch "You Better Scream" later covered but unreleased by the Teardrop Explodes. Wah! Heat! released one album (I forget the title) and a number of singles (including "Seven Minutes to Midnight") before changing the name to Shambeko Say Wah! I think the only Shambeko release was the "Remember" single. (I think at this period an official but untitled l.p. of bootlegs and demos came out.) The band changed names once again and became The Mighty Wah! and released a number of commercially successful singles (Story of the Blues, Hope, Come Back) and a single L.P. "A Word to the Wise Guy" which stands as Pete Wylie's masterpiece. He then released a solo album which sprung the top ten hit "Sinful" then released an L.P. in 1991 under the name "Pete Wylie and the Mighty Wah!" entitled "Infamy: Or how I didn't get where I am Today." And that's all I know. Since then, Pete Wylie appears to have disappeared completely. If anyone knows what happened to Pete Wylie and Wah! please let me know.

- Feedback

Scott Schwarzberg sschwartzberg@sprynet.com Mon Feb 24 10:02:31 EST 1997

Hey everybody, I just found this site (actually I just got internet access). I'm a very big Julian Cope/Echo &Bunnymen fan since the early '80s. Can anyone tell me where I can get "Skellington II" or "Rite" (or even if they're still available)? Also, what is "Interpreter"? Thanks,

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Feb 24 11:23:04 EST 1997

Welcome to the list, Scott!

Skellington II and Rite are both available from K.A.K. Ltd, a mail order company in the UK. People have been having problems with their K.A.K. orders recently (see my 10 Feb entry) so I wouldn't advise ordering from them just yet. I say wait until we see what happens to the other people's orders first.

Interpreter is Cope's newest album. It came out in the U.K. back in the Fall but I don't know when it's due out in the States. You can order it from a number of online music stores, including CDNow.com and CD-Europe.

You might want to look through the archives for Rail On and The Culture Bunker. These will probably help answer a lot of your questions, and might just be entertainment in themselves. :)

Take care,


Matthew Young mjryoung@hotmail.com Tue Feb 25 22:58:22 EST 1997

I haven't managed to lay my hands on "Interpreter" yet, but have heard good things about it. Any idea when it'll be released in Japan?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 26 10:33:30 EST 1997

Interpreter is really great. I am listening to it right now as a matter of fact - I brought a tape of it to work which I've played at least twice a week since November).

I don't know about a Japan release (or even a US release) but you might want to check the various online CD stores (like CD-Now and CD-Europe). Do they deliver to Japan? I don't know...

Oh yeah, for those of you into The The or are curious about music in general, you might want to check out my The The Survey Results. There's a list of people's favorite bands in case you're looking for some ideas. I also compiled a list of favorite bands for the people on the Chameleons list. Some other guy did the same thing recently but since I'm banned from the Chameleons list I couldn't post mine on there. I made it for my own reference, but if you're interested I can email it to you or post it on here somewhere.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Wed Feb 26 12:27:47 EST 1997

There is already a Japanese release of Interpreter, so it should be easy enough to get it there (I could be wrong). Certainly all the on line CD stores ship worldwide.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that CDUniverse has the Japanese Interpreter release, detailed as follows:

CD Stock Status: Special Order (Import)
Street Date: Nov 29, 1996
Catalog#: 261382

Additional_Info: (14TRX) Japanese edition of his latest adds "Cummer In The Summertime" &"Baby, Let's Play Vet" as hidden bonus tracks. It also features the singles "I Come From Another Planet Baby" &"Planetary Sit In", plus a bilingual lyric booklet (English &Japanese) and 10 other new tracks.

So my guess is it must be available in stores in Japan.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 26 12:55:51 EST 1997

Found an interesting article about Cope, but am too busy/lazy to add it to my Cope page:


I'm thinking about making a classified adds page, where people can write down whatever Cope stuff they're looking for. Does this sound interesting? Or will Rail On suffice for now?


Rail On #02

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