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1996-10-04 to 1996-11-29

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 4 13:49:56 EDT 1996

Hi everyone! Rail On is up at last! Enjoy!

Let me know how I can improve the interface.


Patrick Gaumond patrick.gaumond@fsa.ulaval.ca http://www.fsa.ulaval.ca/personnel/gaumondp/cope/ Fri Oct 4 14:35:28 EDT 1996

Maybe someday I will find time to update my pages...

Does someone is interrest in becoming co-keeper at The Soul Desert Pages ?


The Soul Desert

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 9 13:50:14 EDT 1996


> New Cope album is out on monday in the UK - Interpretor. Gets 7

Already? No push back? Wow? Way to go Echo! :) Is "Interpretor" the name of the album or the title of the mag you read this in? The minute the album, whatever its name, is available at CDNow, I'll let you guys know.

By the way, I haven't seen FRIED or WORLD SHUT YOUR MOUTH at CDNow yet.


I've been listening to those "I Come from another planet, Baby" minute-long clips over and over again. Funny how "motorman" sounds so World Shut Your Mouth-ish (the albbum not the song). Almost as if the music had been written way back in the early days and then Cope added new lyrics. Do the EP's liner notes say anything about it?


I'm still working on building up that Cope tribute tape. So far there have been three or four submissions. If you are at all interested in contributing a cope cover of you own, let me know!


I've added a URL field to this page so that they can type in a link to their favorite or personal Cope pages. Also, if you know HTML you can actually create links in the body of this text. For examples, here's a link to CDNow.com (I have to type the actual html code):


I have some code I wrote back in Virginia that will automatically expand something that looks like a URL. When I get back there I'll try to add it to this page so that you don't have to type the HTML code yourself.


It would be neat to put all the unavailable Cope B-sides online, in RealAudio format, but I wonder how legal that is. Also, what about bootlegs? We could put an entire 60 minute concert online. I would love to be able to sit here at work with an hour of Cope playing in the background!

I will be more than willing to put boots and stuff online once I get back home, but I want to make sure it's legal. It certainly seems ethical to me, since RealAudio can never replace a CD or a live performance, and rather I suspect whets people's appetites.

Take care y'all,


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 9 14:31:32 EDT 1996

I found Interpreter, the Fried and WSYM reissues, and all the recent EPS at CD-Europe:

Title                  Label    Release  Media       Price
Interpreter + 2        ECHO     10/18/96 CD album    $55.95
World Shut Your Mouth  FONTANA   9/13/96 CD album    $25.95
Fried                  FONTANA   9/13/96 CD album    $25.95
Interpreter            ECHO     10/11/96 Vinyl album $22.95
Planetary Sit In 2     ECHO      9/15/96 5"CD single $13.95
Planetary Sit In 1     ECHO      9/15/96 5"CD single $13.95
I Come From Another... ECHO      7/21/96 Dig Com Cas $12.95
I Come From... (remix) ECHO      7/15/96 5"CD single $13.95

I hope I typed in everything correctly.

The scarey thing is that their EP prices are very close to CDNow's. does that mean CDNow's gonna charge $56 for Interpreter on CD?!? Probably not. CDEurope wants $52 for Rite and $52 for Skellington Chronicles. Hopefully the fact that they are NOT ripping us off for the EPS is a fluke. :)

CDNow's prices, for comparison:

Title           Format                 Price   Availability
I Come From... (EP) + 2 Tracks #1  CD  $12.49  (available now)
I Crom From... (EP) # 2            CD  $12.49  (available now)
Planetary Sit-In (EP) + 2 tracks   CD  $12.49  (mine's on order)
Planetary Sit-In (EP) 1 20min trk  CD  $12.49  (mine's on order)
Krautrocksampler BOOK            BOOK  $20.99  ?

Anyway, if you know of any additional, hopefull cheaper sources for recent latest Cope releases, post 'em here!


louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk http://hyperchat.co.uk/u/louise Thu Oct 10 06:57:06 EDT 1996

just peeking in to see what you've been up to, Travis!

It looks good!

Did anyone tape Julian's session on Mark Radcliffe? I forgot it was on! *bashful grin*

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Oct 10 19:53:27 EDT 1996

Thanks, Louise! I see you're versed in HTML!

For those of you into creating your own music you might want to check out my UNME pages. They're just barely started so I could use some suggestions!

If anyone here in into the Comsat Angels (almost all my favorite bands start with a 'c') you should check out their web page [link broken]. Pretty cool!

Take care everyone,


Louise louise@hyperchat.co.uk Fri Oct 11 06:56:30 EDT 1996

*blush* Awww... shucks! I suppose it comes from being a web-chat user addict! *laughing*

Actually, I've just had a mail through from the NME to say that there's a review of Interpreter at their web site. You can find it at http://www.nme.com/961012/reviews/lps4.html if you're interested!

And for fans of Oasis Have a click here [broken link] for a little photo I found whilst tidying my drawers recently.... *giggle*

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 11 18:04:03 EDT 1996

Inspired by Louise, I went hunting for Cope info today! By the time I was done, I'd found a whole bunch of cool Cope-related links (web pages, interviews, reviews, sounds, etc.), and added them to my Cope Page. Enjoy!

I wonder if the remake of "I've Got My TV and My Pills" is as drastic as the remake of "Safesurfer" from DROOLIAN to PEGGY SUICIDE. Wouldn't that be cool? Also, anyone know how long INTERPRETER is supposed to be? Still no sign of it at CDNow.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 12 17:00:24 EDT 1996

Now you can listen to Floored Genius and Jehovahkill online, or at least parts of them!

I collected all the Julian Cope RealAudio excerpts from Floored Genius and Jehovahkill at CDNow.com and put them in two .ram files, one for each album. If you want to check them out, along with all the other Cope audio clips I've run across, see the Sounds page.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 12 18:41:53 EDT 1996

To add to your RealAudio listening pleasure, here are Edwyn Collins' Gorgeous George and Stereolab's Refried Ectoplasm albums (old links), from CDNow's Internet Jukebox. These are not just 35 second excerpts; they are entire songs, 45+ minutes long each!

You have to shift-click on these, since my http server is not configured to handle RealAudio. Once you download them, (they are only a couple K big) load them into your RealAudio player and the Internet Jukebox will stream the audio to you.

Enjoy, and I'm anxious to hear y'all's music findings too!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 12 20:17:55 EDT 1996

By the way, Edwyn Collins and Stereolab both remind me of Cope, especially the 13 minute song towards the end of Refried Ectoplasm.

Another neat thing to put into RealAudio is Cope interviews. I have a couple that Joe Silva made back around Jehovahkill and Autogeddon. Anyone know where Joe is these days?

You know, we can assemble a Best-Of-the-Boots or a Best-Of-the-B-Sides collection entirely online! We each can encode our favorite songs in RealAudio and then concatenate them together much as I did the excerpts from CDNow.

Opinions? Other ideas?


louise louise_franklin@hp.com Mon Oct 14 03:03:44 EDT 1996

...And this morning brought a new postcard from Julian...(photo of Templewood Stones at Kilmartin of Argyle, Scotland ...


Eh-up, Here We Go Again! Summers almost gone and I've been planning up a storm. I went for the Rock 'n' Roll Olive Oil-look at Reading and the Cope family has mixed sacred sites with rock venues these past 2 months. I took Albany on stage at the Irvine Beach festival. As a singer &songwriter herself, she was totally smitten and has come up with the stage name Tina Estes! Not to be outdone, Avalon retaliated by promptly becoming Teenta! My pension therefore being assured, I have decided to retire - like David Balfe.

The album I've laboured so long over is finally released on October 14th. It's called INTERPRETER, and is 12 songs long, divided into 2 phases. Astral Glamour or wot. The record's Voice speakes directly to the Head, addressing each one thus: Do not presume that everyone hurts the way you do. Understand that many are merely numb from their day-to-day lives. The supermarket enlightenment trip is on Max. Revs for this one. 1996CE is a time of tremendous change as THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN nears completion, so I've given you a fabulous Mythological Mind Map of the Marlborough Downs as part of the artwork. Though it's only a crude first impression of the final style, the map is deadly accurate and a Cyber-Keltic trip, usable with Ordinance Survey maps. Get Carter &I have also puttogether a limited edition box with the initial CD run, which you should all put on your mantelpieces, where the harmonic packaging wil harmonise with your living room. This whole deal comes down on October 14th, so I'll give you a couple of days to plan &pack, and I'll see you on the Ridgeway anytime after the 16th.

Kiddies, I do love, and hope INTERPRETER grabs you by the poopoo. I'll leave, now. Stay safe in the city and remember this - you can't beat your brain for entertainment!



Silbury View: september 1996CE

ECHO NOTE H.M.V. OFFER: Ask at the counter for your free Arch-Drude colour postcard / £1 off. Voucher (Available for a strictly limited period at H.M.V. stores only.)

So... now you know! Right! I'm off to HMV this lunchtime! See y'all.

Louise -x-

louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk Mon Oct 14 03:05:45 EDT 1996

(Forgot to say that I'll try and scan in the photo today... *grin*

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Mon Oct 14 03:31:14 EDT 1996

ahhh...got in here at last... how is everyone? New album today, so I'm zipping off to HMV at lunchtime in my pointy hat. Any UK peeps fancy meeting in Avebury for lunch any time? Louise? Anyone?

Hope the tour dates appear soon for the UK. I become a father next April, and I'd like to take Unborn to a Cope gig before things get heavy for Karen (my other half). It went to a Wedding Present gig on saturday, and moshed ahppily with her kidneys...



louise louise_franklin@hp.com http://hyperchat.co.uk/u/louise Mon Oct 14 05:15:19 EDT 1996

Sorry about the green text, Travis! It's 'cos I forgot to close a (/i) tag! *blush* I checked!

Mike. Yeah, I'm always up for a trip to Avebury. *grin* Anyone else fancy it?

(one-and-three-quarter-hours 'til shopping time!)

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Mon Oct 14 08:28:44 EDT 1996

Well - just got the new CD, in a cool box, but there was some confusion about this postcard thing? I thought I was meant to be given a postcard, but the HMV people didnt have anything, but gave me one pound off the price for mentioning it? ho hum


Louise 100522.2523@compuserve.com Mon Oct 14 08:39:36 EDT 1996

Yeah! Ditto. Bloody HMV. Couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery! *grin* Have just had a similar experience in the Bristol branch... but they said the stores that Julian did his personal appearances/signings at had the postcards now.. and they were expecting theirs in on Wednesday. (Mind you - this was only after showing them the postcard). And the miserable sods kept my Kak postcard (otherwise I wouldn't have had the quid off) GITS! Not impressed.

louise louise@hyperchat Mon Oct 14 08:50:18 EDT 1996


Email the Drude Wessex Direct: headheritage@easynet.co.uk *grin*

Maybe I should ask him for another postcard! *laughing*

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Mon Oct 14 09:03:09 EDT 1996

Louise - sorry that you lost your card, I didnt even have mine with me, was I supposed to take it in? Or was there another postcard involved? I got my pound off by looking pathetic....

If you hear of any signing sessions for the album, let us know!



louise franklin@spira.bri.hp.com Mon Oct 14 09:22:37 EDT 1996

OK - to try and clear up any confusion... *grin*

The postcard I copied the information from this morning was one of those nice Kak ones that JC sends out every-so-often.

There is (allegedly) a second limited edition postcard available (and a quid off) when you buy INTERPRETER at HMV.

But to get this I had to trade in my lovely Kak postcard for the promise that miserable old HMV will send me the limited edition postcard when they get them in on Wednesday. (It'd better be a good postcard - that's all I can say!!!!)

Wow! Travis will get a suprise today when he peeks in here! *laughing* [She's referring to some duplicate posts and bad html, which I've since cleaned up -- Trav]

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Mon Oct 14 09:29:25 EDT 1996

Ahhh...I didnt get the offer of being sent a limited edition card, so I'm going to miss out ...>sob<....

boo hoo


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 14 13:20:33 EDT 1996

Hi guys! :)

I fixed the green Louise; the perils of no-debug HTML!

No Intepreter at CDNow.com yet - you Brits have it too easy! :) Have either of you gotten to listen to the CD yet?

I spent some time fixing up The Culture Bunker Archives, for you newbies and nostalgic oldbies.

Out of curiosity, how many of you use RealAudio?

Take care and thanks to Louise and Mike, our correspondents in the field! ;)


louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk http://hyperchat.co.uk Mon Oct 14 14:01:35 EDT 1996

Well! I'm suprised! I actually like INTERPRETER!!!

So what happened? You see - I didn't rate the last two singles at all. I rushed out, bought them, played them, and then chucked them into the back of the bottom drawer. But suddenly, with Interpreter, everything has fallen into place.

As you may already know - Interpreter has two phases. The first half contains the catchy little tunes that you've already heard on the singles. I Come From Another Planet, Baby opens up the album... and suddenly everything's Awwwl-right! *grin* We trot through I've Got My TV &My Pills and Planetary Sit-In and we're feeling oh-so-comfortable... Followed with the gorgeous strings, harmonies and bass of "Since I Lost My Head, It's Awl-right" and it's sing-a-long-a-Cope happiness. And then lovely tacky cheesy organ sounds bring us into Cheap New-Age Fix, and we're still laughing happily. This is no doom laden Autogeden, lads! I can imagine moshing to this one down the Bierkeller! And to close Phase 1 - its The Battle For The Trees - a typical swaying Cope folk lecture...

And so with some trepidation I approached Phase 2. I'd seen the NME review... and so I wondered if the bubble would burst...

Arthur Drugstore. Oh, what does this remind me of? That guitar work at the start? Oh, is that annoying, or what! Can somebody put me out of my misery, please!!! OK - Julian's lecturing us again, but I can manage... Oh, but s.p.a.c.e.r.o.c.k. with me!!! What the hell is this? Another catchy number - lovely synth - and all spoiled by the wailing of an opera singer. I suppose it's meant to give it a Star Trekky feel - but I don't think it works. Very strange, indeed -but I do like the song. (Captain James T) Quirky. Re-directed Male sounds like it could have fitted on Jehovahkill - again, lovely keyboards and a strong, almost funky bassline - but Julian attempts a kind-of-rap. No. No. No. I don't think this really works. It's actually a good song - that could really rock - given a different approach... And a jazz feel to it's partner Maid Of Constant Sorrow which isn't bad at all (JC lectures again, but I always forgive him!). The Loveboat and more (I hesitate to call it) "rap". Dorian (I think) adds vocals to this one... and he's on his Mothership Trip again! But it's not a patch on Upwards At 45 Degrees which treated this subject way more interestingly. Dust is a good finale. It wraps up the album well, and it's a classic Cope medium paced track, which could make a good single. It speeds up towards the end, rocking out quite brilliantly.

OK - I have to agree with the NME - the first half is wonderful, the second has it's moments, a lot of mediocracy, and some truely woeful bits. Still... there's enough wonderful stuff to keep us happy. I'm glad I went and got it (for a while I wasn't going to bother). Now, I'm looking forward to any live dates. *grin*

Louise la-lah@compuserve.com Mon Oct 14 14:16:47 EDT 1996


You know... I think I may have Real Audio installed on my pc at home. I'm still at work (working late 'cos I keep taking time out to read this page! *laughing lots*). I'll see what I can do when I get home tonight (after playing skittles, that is*)

*Footnote for all our US readers - Skittles is a British game played mostly in the West Country. It resembles 10 pin bowling - except there's less pins to aim at - they're smaller and further apart - and the balls are smaller too. Now, don't say you never learn anything new!

Louise -x-

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 14 18:34:07 EDT 1996

Louise, you certainly have a lot of email addresses!

Thanks for your review of Interpreter - are you like me in that you are easily swayed by the reviews of others? Man oh man I'm bloody brainwashed by the Trouser Press...

Guess what I noticed today... The 13th Floor Elevators, who are to Cope as the Teardrop Explodes are to us, have albums entitled Levitation, Easter Everywhere and get this, Interpreter.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 14 19:45:56 EDT 1996

Okay, RealAudio freaks, I've created a Listening Booth [no longer exists -- Trav], where you can check out entire albums, not just Gorgeous George and Refried Ectoplasm but a bunch of other artists as well.

Hopefully one day we will have a complete Cope album up there as well!

See y'all tomorrow, and happy Interpreting!


Louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk Tue Oct 15 02:34:11 EDT 1996

*grin* But this one's my favourite e-mail address!

Mornin' Trav...

I don't like to think that I'm that easily swayed... but then, I did refuse to go and see a movie just because Jonathan Ross gave it a scathing review - so who knows, eh?

And dammit! I never spotted that 13th Floor Elevators reference. *pout* (And I was so proud of myself when I noticed the Roky Erickson reference in the X-Files! *grin*)

mike mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Tue Oct 15 08:36:38 EDT 1996

I havent had chance to listen properly yet, but what I heard sounded quite light and poppy?

I'll listen in depth tonight I hope.

If this is his 20th album, I wonder what exactly he is including on that list? He made a comment n the Radcliffe show about an album that Bill Drummond had put out

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Oct 15 12:24:52 EDT 1996

Let's see: kili, wilder, everybody, piano, world, fried, saint, nation, skel, drool, peggy, floored, jehov, rite, skel 2, floored 2, auto, queen, twenty, interpreter

yep, that's 20, if you count the floored genii.


Louise louise@whatever.i.feel.like Tue Oct 15 13:33:15 EDT 1996

Now.. I'm racking my brains here... (and I must confess that this is Julian stuff I'm not too fond of...) but as well as Queen Elizabeth.. wasn't there QE2? Or are they the same? I could well be wrong, mind... (says someone who spent the afternoon trying to come up with that same list!)

John Hostler hostler.john@tci.com Tue Oct 15 20:29:36 EDT 1996

I wish I could join you all for lunch sometime (there seems to be a very cool atmosphere on this page), but I'm too poor to fly &too weak to swim to England.

It's tough to find Drude Heads in Missouri, so this page is about "IT" for me. Many thanks for the info...

You guys all have a handle on how to get Rite, Droolian, Q.E., etc... Where can a Yankee pick this stuff up?

Also - if you can - pick up "MoonEye" by T.C. Lethbridge (a Julian- "Directed" album). The only contact I've ever had w/ the man was when he responded to a letter of mine by mailing me the L.P. with a very cool note on the sleeve. It sounds like a German version of very old chrome... Amazing stuff.

See Ya!?!


mike mike.fiddler@uvo,mts.dec.com Wed Oct 16 02:49:40 EDT 1996

HI all,

I'll have to suss out what Julian was talking about when he mentioned an album that Bill Drummond had put out then...he sounded very 'mellow' on the radio...

The last track that he did on the radio session was called something like 'Girl part 1', and was an excellent wierdo rock workout that isn't on the album!!! I think? Which is a shame coz it sounded better than anything which is on the album...

Haven't been able to listen to it properly yet, I'll try to later this week if things go OK. The packaging is very cool though.

If I'm at home this weekend, I'll pop over to Avebury for a days drude spotting!

I mailed the address (headheritage), but I've had no reply yet.

Hope Loiuse gets her postcard today!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 16 12:01:26 EDT 1996

Welcome to the list, John!

CDNow (accessable via telnet or http) has:

The Teardrop Explodes       Wilder           $19.99
Julian Cope & D.R. Skinner  Rite             $27.99
Queen Elizabeth (j. cope)   Queen Elizabeth  $27.99

CDEurope (accessable only via http) has:

Teardrop Explodes  Wilder           Polygram  CD album  $26.95
Julian Cope        Rite             ---       CD album  $51.95
Queen Elizabeth    Queen Elizabeth  ESP       CD album  $28.95

Droolian is nearly impossible to find. if you want, I can make a dub for you when i get back home (might be november)

Droolian and the other out of print Cope catalog would be perfect RealAudio fodder, assuming it's legal. Certainly it's ethical, since Cope and the record companies don't lose anything but us being able to listen to them over the Internet as opposed to listening to dubs.

Also, there are three new Interpreter selections at CDEurope:

H349472  Interpreter      ECHO  10/13/96  CD album     $33.95
H349473  Interpreter      ECHO  10/13/96  Vinyl album  $22.95
B451294  Interpreter      MCA   10/14/96  CD album     $36.95

The older 2 Interpreters are:

B194527  Interpreter + 2  ECHO  10/18/96  CD album     $55.95
B338551  Interpreter      ECHO  10/11/96  Vinyl album  $22.95

Still no Interpreter at CDNow, though.

Take care,


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 16 19:19:21 EDT 1996

Hi everyone!

I made several edits to these pages today:

Hope these made things more usable.

I will be on vacation for a few days; see y'all on Monday morning! Hopefully this page will be nice and long by the time I get back! :)

Take care,


Alecto Orange orange@coffey.com http://www.coffey.com/~orange/discord1.html Wed Oct 16 19:43:08 EDT 1996

Greetings fellow Copeheads! Experience the music of Spiral Theory on the Eye of Eris, the URL listed above.

All I've heard of Interpreter is a sample of "Spacerock with me".. is that email the Drude Wessex direct thing in his new album?!?!? Maybe I could invite Cope to visit my web site and download one of my songs!! Heh.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 21 12:37:12 EDT 1996

Interpreter is now available at CDNow.com, for $26.99 (CD). This beats CDEurope's price but is still very expensive.

I am curious about the World Shut Your Mouth and Fried reissues. How many of y'all have them? Is anyone there in the U.K. willing to sell some to the rest of us?

I'd be willing to chip in an extra few bucks to make it worth your while. :)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 21 12:50:15 EDT 1996

Remember the survey I mailed out last week? Well, I've started getting responses for it (yay!).

One thing I noticed (and you will see this when I post the results) is that while everybody who responses indicated at least some use (most often common use) of a web browser, very few people have ever used RealAudio.

So, I am wondering, either people don't have sound cards or they are at work when they do their browsing and don't want the office hearing them blasting music...

Are these accurate guesses, or are people just apathetic or too busy even at home?

Sorry to sound like a plugmeister, but RealAudio and CDNow.com have really impressed me with their utility.

Any other really-recommended products?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Oct 21 14:01:07 EDT 1996

Interpreter is #2 on NME's ON Chart; anyone know what "ON" means?

Also, "Planetary Sit In" is #17 on the INDIE 45s (peaked at #4 two weeks ago).

Also, a guy in the UK is selling mint Droolian and Skellington Chronicles for 8 pounds + postage. Don't know if he is selling multiple CDs or just the 2. You can email him at paulst@globalnet.co.uk


mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Wed Oct 23 03:03:59 EDT 1996

Hi All,

mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Wed Oct 23 03:08:15 EDT 1996

bugger...sorry Trav, finger trouble at an early hour.

Interpreter has been growing on me, though I still prefer Jehova Kill.

No news of tour dates yet. and I havent had a reply from the e-mail address on the CD.

Trav - how come the CD prices you showed were so high? Were they imports? And what is 'interpreter + 2'.

ho de hum.

Havent been to Avebury for a while, my other half isn't into walking at the moment (pregnancy...), so I'll have to go just to sample the delights of Stones restaurant


sean kelly sekelly@abc.awinc.com Wed Oct 23 05:06:43 EDT 1996

Greetings and Salutations,drudes and copeheads alike.this is the first time that Ive had the chance to be here and I must say that it is very cool indeed.Basically Im writing to say hello to Trav and I just want to say that Ive recieved your mail to me <thanks> and that sometime this week Ill try to finish that list of questions.Also I might add does anyone know if I can get my hands on Interpreter in Canada.Well anyways got to go so Until another time another Place.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 23 11:55:53 EDT 1996

Hi everyone!

Sean: welcome to the list! You could always try getting Interpreter through an online distributor such as CDNow.com or CDEurope. They are easy to use, have impressive selections, and are in general quicker and less expensive than the average music store (I prefer CDNow).

Speaking of prices, Mike, yes, they are currently imports; Interpreter has not been released in the U.S., at least to my knowledge. I am assuming Interpreter + 2 has a couple of bonus cuts, but that might not mean anything if the CD already has 2 more cuts than the album. They also might be remixes or B-sides from the EPs, but this is all guess work.

How long is Interpreter in minutes?

Also, how does it compare in your mind to the other post-Jehovahkill albums: Skellington II, Autogeddon, Queen Elizabeth, Twenty Mothers?

Responses from the latest survey have been trickling in; I'll post them here once they taper off. So if you haven't filled out the survey, now's the prefect time!

Mike, will this be your first child?

Take it easy, ya'll!


mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Thu Oct 24 02:44:05 EDT 1996

HI Trav - yes, this is kiddie number one. It was a bit of a surprise, and I'm scared stiff to be honest - but Dorian told me that kids were cool in the long run....

We actually felt it move at the weekend for the first time, oddly enough we were listening to Interpreter at the time.... Its already been to a Wedding Present gig, so it should be a cool kid by the time its born next April.

Interpreter - I've only listened to it three times or so, I'm not sure if I prefer it to 20 Mothers or not, I certainly think its better than Autogeddon, which I hardly ever play. Its got some cool tunes on there. Maybe he needs a producer to impose some discipline? Its an Ok album - and comes with a great map!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Oct 24 13:29:21 EDT 1996

Hi Copers!

A bit of a dream motif today. The following have little Cope or Teardrops content, but are preying heavily on my mind these days. I am curious what you guys think, and welcome any insights or similar experiences you might want to share.

Cope-Related Dreams:

I had a dream last night. For some reason I often dream about finding a "long lost" Cope album; I know, that's pretty sad and makes me sound utterly Cope-obsessed, but I can't really help what I dream, eh?

Anyway, in last night's dream I found a different version of Floored Genius. This one had almost no songs in common with the real Floored Genius. Instead, it had lots of B-sides and the "weird" album tracks. I listened to it and can still remember what the sleeve looked like (I'll spare you a description) and the songs I heard I "recognized" in the dream but didn't when I woke up, so my mind was making them up, as it often does in dreams.

Anyway, the interesting thing about this alternate Floored Genius was that it covered material from WSYM through Twenty Mothers (no Teardrop Explodes) and I distinctly remember that the last 4 tracks were new ones that I had never heard before. According to the sleeve, they were from an EP and the main new song was "Violator." I think my mind was trying to remember the name of the new album and confused "Interpreter" w/ Depeche Mode's "Violator." Pretty interesting, eh?



Where'd everybody go? I know there are few things more boring than listening to someone tell you his dream, especially in the morning when it is still fresh in his head and he feels compelled to list every detail... So, you can get me back by telling us about your own Cope-related dreams!

Dreams in General:

Dreams have always interested me. Most of my creative story ideas came from dreams. I think maybe my waking mind is too rigid, too logic-dictated for me to get wild creatively. Anyone have this problem?

And does anyone know about the "waking dreams" Cope talks of?

For you artists and musicians, do you ever have dreams about creating something new and brilliant, and then when you wake up you can't remember anything of it except a vague impression? Or have you ever woken up and remembered parts of it and then realized it was someone else's song or painting that in the dream you thought was your own? Or, have you been lucky and woken up and remembered the creation and been able to write it down or sketch it out and seen that it was indeed original?


(This section gets pretty boring, sorry.)

I am currently working a 40+ hr/week computer programming job which I do not find very interesting or creatively stimulating. Yet it pays pretty good money, and I haven't made an effort to climb out of the rut I've carved for myself.

I have three life dreams: to be a musician, to be a game designer, and to be a writer.

In high school I had a bunch of friends who had the same ambitions, so we'd have story writing competitions, game writing competitions, and all played in a band together. We were extremely productive. One summer (1990) in Paris I wrote three "books" (about 100 pages each) and one play, wrote and recorded 2 hours worth of music, and wrote a computer game that my friends and I would play regularly. My best friend also wrote a couple hundred pages worth of stories, recorded his one and only solo album, and wrote a game that blew mine out of the sky. It was the "golden age" of creativity. I was actively pursuing my dreams.

But the next year I went to college and my creative productivity sank. My circle of friends was gone; the "creative clique" had evaportated when we went off to college. By coincidence, my best friend and I ended up going to the same college. Freshman year he introduced me to the Internet. He and I had two or three story writing competitions like the old days, but that dwindled after a couple of months. He and I also tried writing some computer games, but we were already taking computer science courses and were getting sick of programming. The only hobby that remained strong was our music. We didn't play together any more, but he joined several local bands and I wrote and recorded a ton of my own music.

My last year of college, I moved off campus w/ my girlfriend and we got a TV. That whole year I only recorded about four or five songs. No stories. Only scraps of a game.

The next year (last year) was worse. Having graduated from college, I snagged myself a computer programming job near Washington D.C. My girlfriend was 2 hours away, but I had a TV and bought myself a Pentium. Last year, I only wrote one song, no stories, and again, only smalls fragments of game ideas. As the days tick by I have watched my dreams trickle and fade. Gone are they days of sitting hunched over a notebook, scribbling down storylines and lyrics, or sitting hunched over my synthesizer and four track, recording new grooves and soloing wildly, or sitting hunched over my computer keyboard, programming a game that my friends and I are itching to play.

No, the hunching is gone. I must go to work, wear a tie, stand up straight. Talk politely and cautiously to my colleagues. Spend eight to ten hours a day debugging fixing other people's problems. Concetrate on my bosses' interests, not my own. Dignity, subservience, responsibility. Displacement of any personal concerns. I have to ignore my whims. Any creative urges I get I have to stamp out so that I can concentrate on The Job. Five days a week. Week after week.

When I get home I just lie around and watch TV and yearn for weekends with my girlfriend. Am I mentally exhausted? Have I trained myself too well not to follow my creative urges? Or am I creatively burnt out?

Or is it because I lack an audience, a support network? In high school, my clique of friends appreciated my stories, games, and music, and provided me motivation in the form of feedback and competition. In college, my girlfriend appreciated my music, but wasn't into games and stories, so I created plenty of music, and made stories and games only early on, when my best friend still concentrated on me. And then, when I got my full time job away from my girlfriend, I had no audience except my roommates, who were not into my stories, my games, or my music.

Is it true that some creators must have an audience, or they cannot create?

Did you guys feel similar wanings in your creative output? Were you ever able to respark the creativity, or replace it with something as rewarding?

Like having kids (Mike, you there?); will having and raising a child help replace some of the restlessness and ceaseless nostalgia? Do children come to embody our own dreams? What happens to people's hobbies when they are suddenly thrust in the role of a leader and a teacher?

One of the scariest things to me about kids and marriage is the monetary committment. Not to be crude or insensitive, but it seems like the little baby popping out of the mom is in some small and unsentimental way like an anchor dropping from the hull of a ship. Is that part of your fear, Mike?

I also wonder if Julian Cope feels nostalgia for the old, wild and crazy days. Certainly he has come to love and focus a great deal of his life on his wife and kids. And he remains productive! He still churns out an album a year and even writes books now.

Yet I wonder if he misses the creative family of the Teardrop Explodes, or those early solo days when his labels actually liked and respected him. Does he miss the newness and bright eyed wonder of his early years? Does he feel old and cynical now, just going through the motions when he steps into the studio. Is that why he branching out into books now?

What happens when dreams are reached?


mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Fri Oct 25 03:30:05 EDT 1996

HI Trav...

interesting thoughts.

I went into a similar blue phase a few years ago (you have to remember that I am very old). I think it is something that we all go through, youth is the time when things seem interesting and exciting. I think the Drude has done a very good job of mixing creative energy with the process of getting older and having a family.

Fears about children - money, responsibility, not being able to just go off to gigs or Galstonbury Festival...

err...sorry that this is a short/not considered reply, its still early for me! I'll probably rant more later.

Want me to ask the Drude if I go Drude Spotting this weekend?


louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk Fri Oct 25 05:56:33 EDT 1996

Hi folks...

Been a bit busy lately! Ho hum. Ah well, back now.

Mike: I liked your comment about JC needing a producer to keep him in check. I was thinking along those same lines myself. Oh, and I keep meaning to give you my phone no, to arrange any possible Avebury meets.

Been listening to Interpreter a bit more. Caught Cheap New-Age Fix on Radio Wales which sounded suprisingly good on it's own... so much so, I'm thinking of having a go at it for Travis's tape!!! (Cutting out the twiddly bit at the end, that is...)

Am desperately trying to move house, but alas things keep getting in the way (like part of my new bathroom belonging to next-door... that sort of thing!)

And no. I haven't got anything back from HMV!!! I shall go and beat them up tomorrow, i think...

Back to the grindstone.....

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 25 12:00:13 EDT 1996

Regarding the covers tape: Go for it, Louise! You'd be our first female contributor!

Mike, that'd be so freaky if you can just relay any old question we have to Julian! Have you ever had a formal interview w/ him, or mostly casual chats? Yes, that would be great if you could slip in a question or two about his "dreams" both past and present! :)

I just gave out the "last call for survey responses" so if I don't get a torrent of 'em I'll be posting the results soon!

Speaking of surveys (you can see my eyes widen and sparkle) wouldn't it be neat to have one where everyone can contribute a few of their most important questions, so it's not just me asking them? That way everyone can be involved and will be interested in the results!

We might also want to prepare a list of questions for Mr Cope. We could then use them in in-person interviews as well as when he finally comes on-line. Also, whenever we mail Kak Ltd for orders and info, we can include our prepared questionaire (along w/ a pointer to our web pages and discussion lists maybe.)

What's up with Kak Ltd anyway? Do they still exist? And what is their tie to Echo? (I think I asked this before but don't remember if there was a response...)


Louise louise@la-lah.demon.co.uk Fri Oct 25 13:14:05 EDT 1996

Hiya Travis...

Have just been playing around with my bass. Now I don't know whether I ever mentioned, but a couple of months ago I broke a bone in my wrist, which is only just healing... Anyway, have had a bash at the ever-so simple bass-line and every muscle in my arm is aching! *grin* But I am getting somewhere with it! I have 2 other people in mind to help out... so now I just have to apporach them.... and then Bob's Your Uncle!!! *giggle*

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 25 13:27:12 EDT 1996

Louise, I hope this doesn't alarm you, but I broke my left wrist 12 years ago and it's still funky. When I try to lift something heavy w/ it, it feels like it is pulling apart. nasty feeling. is this your first broken bone? "Bob's your uncle???" Hmmmmmmmmm?

How long have you played the bass? Do you have any tapes of yourself? You could join UNME! We need your energy!

Take care,


Tom Marzella Marzellatu@cardinal.com Fri Oct 25 13:29:57 EDT 1996

Hi Travis, I knew there just had to be a fellow Druid with a groovy Cope page. I am still hoping Julian makes a visit here to San Francisco for one of his acoustic sets. Is this wishful thinking? I play with a group called Marzipan and we have a song inspired by an organ riff from Sir Julian- we call the song "Julian's Organ". I have been lucky to see the Arch-Drude perform live, in NYC, San Francisco 2X's, and opening for Souxsie once upon a time. Speaking of dreams, I have a bootleg of an acoustic Robyn Hitchcock show and an audience member yelled out "Julian Cope," Robyn improvised on the spot a new song, "I dreamed I saw Julian Cope, but it was me instead" great song! Well, if you are ever in San Francisco, come and see Marzipan.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 25 13:42:20 EDT 1996

Hello, Tom!

Does your band have a CD? A home page? Great name, "Marzipan!" Yum! Is it at least partially derived from "Marzella" or just a coincidence? What type of music?

That Hitchcock bootleg sounds interesting! Has Robyn done anything since Respect?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 25 19:41:15 EDT 1996

Okay, last minute before we head off to our weekend... Here's the current results of that little survey I passed out several days ago:


Have a good weekend everyone!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Oct 27 17:09:59 EST 1996

Hi y'all!

I just found a pretty cool place for buying Cope CDs and listening to AU samples:


I'll encode the AU samples into RealAudio and added them to my listening booth.

No, they don't have Interpreter yet.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Oct 27 20:07:01 EST 1996

Okay, it took me all day but I finally finished converting all those AU files into RealAudio. Whew! And I added them to my Listening Booth as promised. So, let me know what you think of them. We now have over an hour of Cope samples online!

See you guys tomorrow!


mike fiddler mike.fiddler@uvo.mts.dec.com Mon Oct 28 02:58:02 EST 1996

Hi All,

Well - the e-mail address seem sto work, I just got a nice mail from Dorian (now, why did I suspect that Dorian would be the one who is together enough to be able to work a PC?).

more later...


PS - Trav, I don't have any special 'hot line' to Julian, I've just met him and his wife a couple of times out at the stones. I'm just luck to live reasonably close I guess.

Tom Marzella Marzellatu@cardinal.com Mon Oct 28 18:32:22 EST 1996

Hello Travis, Thanks for the enthusiasm, no Marzipan does not have a CD, we have a single on an SF label called Echonet, (the label was established by fellow Julian afficianados long before he established his label, cosmic coincidence). The single sold ou;t and I only have one copy. I joined the band after their drummer left to head up the Wanderin' Stars (who have a great new CD out.) Marzipan is rooted in 60's garage and folk but loves everything from Scott Walker to Can to the Monochrome Set (and of course Julian) and are a three piece bass, drum, and guitar. We are recording with Greg Freeman (he works with Thinking Fellers Union and Faust among others) starting December 1 and are very psyched about the prospects. Regarding Robyn, I do not keep up with his releases, although I enjoy many of his early recordings. I have to admit I almost thought Julian was losing it during the Saint Julian period, at this point I began looking forward to the e.p. releases more than the actual lp's. Nothing prepared me for the release of Skellington, Droolian, Peggy Suicide, etc. I now eagerly anticipate each release and am always very pleased. I haven't heard Anal or Interpreter, but money is always a factor. I listen to KALX in Berkeley, the always spin Julian. Just the other day I heard Mik, Mak, Mok! Well, back to work. I'd be into sending you a copy of the Robyn bootleg if you are interested, I'll send along the Marzipan when it is done.

Alecto Orange orange@coffey.com http://www.coffey.com/~orange/discord1.html Tue Oct 29 00:49:17 EST 1996

Hello all

My band (okay, it's just me) Spiral Theory (soon to be featured on Trav's UNME page - nudge nudge) has a brand spankin' new song online at the URL listed above.. The song is called "Revolution Now" and the sound quality is pretty good. The reason I'm advertising here is because Julian is my favorite artist (I am especially fond of his new stuff) and I'd love to be able to share my music with fellow drudeheads everywhere.

Peace, love, and what not.. Alecto

P.S. Any other musicians on this page? Let's trade links!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Oct 29 15:51:21 EST 1996

Hi everyone!

How big should I let this page get before I archive it? 100 K? Right now it's at 61 K...

The Chameleons Mailing List has managed to put together a very impressive Chameleons tribute tape. I made my initial suggestion for one there back in January, and here it is 9 months later and the 90-minute tape's being mailed to list members, band members, record companies. I'm also planning to put it online for them as well. A lot of activity in nine short months!

Hopefully we can get our Cope tape underway as well. It's been a couple years for our tape, and so far all we have is 3 submissions... Go, Louise!

Still waiting for Interpreter to arrive...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Oct 29 16:41:09 EST 1996

CDNow.com is now selling Fried under "Cope, Julian (remastered)":

  1) Fried + 3 Extra Tracks                    --   19.99

Hopefully World Shut Your Mouth is on the way as well...


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Thu Oct 31 13:20:28 EST 1996

Just saw in here that one place was wanting $55 or something for the Interpreter CD and nearly died! If anyone is having trouble try calling either Track Records, (604) 682-7976, or Zulu Records (604) 738-3232, here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Also if anyone is interested in Cope bootlegs, drop me a line, I'm always looking for more! I currently have over 200, so write me if you want!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Thu Oct 31 13:28:09 EST 1996

Sorry, forgot to say in below message that it only cost me $30 CDN and the Vinyl was the same.

sean kelly sekelly@abc.awinc.com Sat Nov 2 22:21:55 EST 1996

Greetings and Salutations one and all. Just want to thank Andrew for giving me the address for Zulu records because that means that I will have interpreter soon! Now as for some of the suggestions that have been put out on Rail On such as Julian Cope is in need of a producer. I have to say I disagree my friends. If you ever had a chance to go through some of Neil Young's musical catalog when he was on Geffen it was eclectic and for him it could have been catastrophic for his career. In this particular case though Neil has stated that this is the direction that He wanted to go on these particular albums, now what is a prducer to do if the enertainer he is producing wants to go in a specific artistic direction? In most cases that I know of the enertainer is declared the victor. All in ALL this little sidestep in Mr Young's career didn't hurt him at all in fact it did the reverse. I'm sure he knew he had a base of fans that loved him when he went to the tried and true formula of straight up folk and rock and roll and when HE MADE THE DECISION HIMSELF to go back to it success would become easy. So maybe this is the where Julian is at. I'm quite sure he knows that he could put out a huge record selling effort but is he willing to sacrifice the ART for money that is what I'm not sure of. What I'm trying to say here is that it will probably come from Julian himself, if he wants to put out an album that is cohesive all the way through but honestly I love the fact that he is so unpreditable and if you have had a chance to look at the survey results that particular quirk of Julian is what people like the best. So my friends I dont think a producer is going to do a hell of a lot. So with that said ............ Another Time Another Place.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Nov 4 13:28:32 EST 1996

HI everyone, have a good weekend?

I moved all the huge RealAudio files to a different computer (disk quota problems, won't be a factor when we move to the new computer). So let me know if you are having any trouble w/ RealAudio downloads!

Good to hear that people are listening to and interpreting Interpreter.

In Cope news:

The remastered, extra tracked World Shut Your Mouth is now available at CDNow.com for $20.99

Also, CDNow says Interpreter was put in the mail for me on the 24th (I ordered it on the 21st), so I should be getting it any day now! :) I am curious - does anyone else besides me ever use CDNow or any other online ordering for that matter?

As far as the "Julian needs a producer" issue, I am wondering what is the role of the producer? Does he/she hover over the musician in the studio and say, "No, that's not right, try it an octave lower. No, stop warbling; just sing it straight. Stop moving around, Julian!" Or, are producers more into the mixing/mastering process?

Hearing songs on the radio today, I sometimes wonder how much of a factor good production is in making music popular. Some songs seem more dependent on crystal-clear sound, dynamics, and overall balance than others.

Anyway, let me know when this page gets too big and you want me to archive it!

Take care,


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 5 19:24:59 EST 1996

The happy side effect of the move of all the audio files to thunder.swa.com was that you no longer have to shift-CLICK in order to download them, since they are using the ftp protocol rather than the http protocol. This makes them much more convenient to browse.

Please let me know if you notice any bad links!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Nov 7 15:08:08 EST 1996

I found another cool online music store, CD-Universe. It has lots of Cope albums, including Interpreter.

Also, you might want to check out Rough Guides - Rock which has lots of reviews and album recommendations for an enormous list of artists, Cope included.

That's it for now, folks. In less that 24 hours I will be on a plane back to Virginia! It might be a few days before I find myself and ISP so don't panic if you don't hear from me for a while! Yeah, right!

Take care,


Alecto Orange orange@coffey.com http://www.coffey.com/~orange/discord1.html Wed Nov 13 22:29:36 EST 1996

I just shelled out $25 for an import version of Interpreter.. Pretty groovy stuff! Not what I had expected it to sound like at all. I think I like the older version of 'I come from another planet, baby' off of the self-title album beter than the version on Interpreter. I also emailed the Drude Wessex direct, but I'm not sure exactly how 'direct' that address really is. Has anyone had posotive results from it? Also, does anyone know what's going on with the www.echo.co.uk URL? It doesn't seem to even exist.

mike fiddler fiddlerm@email.dec.com Thu Nov 14 02:58:08 EST 1996

HI - I had a reply from Dorian at the e-mail address, but nothing since. I think they use it for business as well as other stuff, but I'm not sure if its at their home or somewhere else.

This months issue of Select mag in the UK has a two page spread on the drude at the back - a pic of him sitting in his room at thome, with comments on what the various bits n bobs around the room are. Its quite interesting.

What was the album with the original version of 'I come from another planet'? I didn't realise that it was an old song?


Alecto Orange orange@coffey.com Fri Nov 15 01:41:36 EST 1996

The original "I come from another planet, baby" was on an EP of the same name- the older version's a bit longer and a lot weirder.

I think my least favorite songs on Interpreter are Planetary Sit-In (too much Morrisey will rot your brain) and Re-Directed Male (too repetative).. My favorites are, well, all the others. It's a pretty varied album, Battle for the Trees is kind of a depressing song, more so than anything on Jehovakill or Autogeddon, I think- while Love Boat makes me want to get up and dance with everyone I see.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 15 13:48:36 EST 1996

Hi, everyone! Just passing through on my way back to Charlottesville this weekend. I'll be moving into my new apartment soon, and then I'll get an ISP and be able to spend a lot more time online.

But a few quick words...

When I got back to Virginia last weekend, I had 12 CDs waiting for me! 6 were Cope:

I Come From Another Planet, Baby 3 songs. "ICFAPB" is great, catchy, listenable. "How Do I Understand My Motorman" recalls the gentle harmonic loveliness of World Shut Your Mouth (the album), but has a mean streak to it as well. "If I Could..." isn't really a song, just a weird rant about glambience and Harry Houdini, with some QE (Queen Elizabeth) style background sounds.

Ambulence (I.C.F.A.N.P.B.) 1 30-minute song. I disliked it the first time, but then it grew on me. It starts off really QE-like, throbbing and chirping, but then it gets more and more structured until it actually sounds like the song. Only listened to it all the way through once, but I must say it's better than QE.

Planetary Sit-In 3 songs. Great single! The title track and the third song, "Torch" are lovely, go-down-easies. I forget if "Torch" is a cover or not. It sounds too structured to be Cope! The middle song, "Cummer in Summer Time" is so-so.

Radio Sit-In 1 20-minute collage of songs and interviews. A weird mix. There are two otherwise unavailable songs on here (unless they are on Interpreter-2); one's called "Every Girl Has Your Name" and I forget the other one. The weird thing is that the "other" song is talked over for large chunks of it, which makes me think it might be on Interpreter-2 but that's just a guess. The interviews are kinda neat, but I don't know if I will get into repeated listens.

Interpreter 12 songs. Don't want to say much about this just yet. I've listened to it 4 or 5 times. I agree that the first side is tremendous. The 1st 4 songs, "ICFAPB," "I've got my TV and my pills," "Planetary Sit-In," and something "...awl-right" are indeed awl right. Really nice poppy Cope. The 5th song is a rocker. The 6th song, the Tress one, starts the weird experimentation part of the album. After that, only the last song, "Dust" fits in with the start of the album. Basically, Interpreter is half-genius, half-barf. Each song has its merits, and its painful flaws. Cope has so many neat ideas, even with the white-rap-techno "The Loveboat," which is 80% really cool. But then he gets weird or out of tune or obnoxious or cliche, as in the other 20% of "The Loveboat." It's as if he either doesn't know or doesn't care what's catchy and what's crap. Imagine the worst of Cope mixed with the best of Cope and that's what Interpreter is: a hodgepodge of unpolished ideas, some gems, some poo-poo. Anyway, I am curious what y'all favorite songs are (not just your least favorites)!

Fried (remastered + 3) They replaced the original liner notes w/ a 6 page mini-bio of Cope, focusing on the Fried years. Three extra tracks: "I Went On A Chourney," "Mik Mak Mok," "Land of Fear." All excellent B-sides.

Gotta run!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Nov 20 15:26:27 EST 1996

Hi! Stopping in briefly again. I must say that Interpreter is impressing me more and more. Yes, there's lots of weird experimentalization, but the irritants I experienced upon first listening to it have been steadily eroding away, leaving a profound sense of satisfaction.

Oh yeah, my mom's favorite songs on the album are my two least favorite: "S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K. With Me" and "The Loveboat."

The second extra song on Radio Sit In, the one Cope talks over a great deal of the time, is "The One I Call My Own." Pretty neat. Keeps running around my brain.

Thinking about buying Krautrocksampler. Anyone know if KAK Ltd. accepts dollars?

The remastered World Shut Your Mouth came for me, so now I'm all caught up! This one adds "Wreck My Car," "Hey High Class Butcher," and "Eat the Poor." Not as spectacular as the extra tracks on Fried but still...

Take care y'all. I should be getting home access in a week or so, making it easier to post stuff and explore for new tidbits! And I also need to put some bootlegs online, too!

Later, railers!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Wed Nov 20 16:47:46 EST 1996

I don't think KAK takes US dollars, but they do accept money orders and they're easy enough to get.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Wed Nov 20 16:54:08 EST 1996

Southland CD store is still offering Droolian LP (vinyl) for $30 US, if anyone is still looking for it. This has been posted for quite a while now, so it may be gone. Worth checking if your still looking for it. The address is:


It is incredibly hard to get a copy now, so if they have it, this is an excellent price!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Nov 21 08:05:48 EST 1996

Listened to the Wipers' The Herd (Jack Rabid's favorite album in the last Big Takeover) again last night, cranked it up loud while I did my exercising. Yes, all the songs sound very similar (same key, same techniques), but that could also be said of The Chameleons, The Chills, The Cure, just about any band when you first hear them. Even Cope.

My Dad thinks Cope songs all sound the same. Yes, even those on the wildly varied Interpreter! But then again, he loooovvveeesss the Blues, which I think is the bottom of the barrel in terms of innovation. And he also likes Jazz, which I do to, but I could see how someone could easily think all Bela Fleck songs sound alike.

But anyway, I happen to like the Wipers' sound, not tons as I do The Chameleons or Bob Marley, but enough so that the sameness is kind of welcome. No melodies from The Herd are running around my brain, though, as they did with The Circle and the awesome Youth Of America.

So I am wondering if melodies, like stylistic appreciation, come with time as well. Or, are there certain types of music that are inherently not specifically memorable, or should I say memorizable?

Blaa blaa blaa, time for work!


Lia Aston l.aston@mmu.ac.uk Fri Nov 22 11:04:55 EST 1996

hi, this is my first message here, so hello all. 2 questions - is the Krautrocksampler CD available now then, or just the book still? And, what's been submitted for the cover versions tape so far? I've just acquired a cool synth/keyboard thang with all kinds of wibbly noises, so loads of fun to be had (perhaps a cover of Queen Elizabeth?). Cheers, Lia

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net Fri Nov 22 13:15:11 EST 1996

This weekend is the Screaming Secrets "Liverpool Explodes" weekend in Liverpool. I guess it is organised by the Screaming Secrets fanzine. Rumour has it that the newly re-formed Bunnymen will be playing (this was a tip-off from a guy who knows these things!). Cope is not scheduled to appear. I won't be going, as I'm on the other side of the world, but I'll be there in spirit.

If anyone is interested in the Screaming Secrets fanzine, I can post the address. It is very good, although not published often enough! It is put together by a guy called Paul Browne in London. I will post the address later.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Nov 22 14:11:45 EST 1996

So far for the covers tape we have "Sleeping Gas" (me) and, I'm trying to remember here, "Know (Cut My Friend Down)" and "Sunspots."

More covers would be great! Once I get settled I'll probably try another one! I also plan to put them online as soon as I get myself an ISP (I should get my phone hooked up next week...)

Also, if you are curious about cover tapes of other bands, there's the Chameleons Tribute album, Harmonies That Make You Cry. I need to put that one online ASAP too.

Oh yeah and if you are at all into creating your own music, you might want to check out UNME.

Anyway, welcome to the group, Lia! :)


Ron drude@gnn.com Sun Nov 24 01:20:30 EST 1996

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Travis....Still would like to know of any live dates in US (esp. East Coast) as I am in your neck of the woods (Tri-Cities TN). Am currently working on getting myself the wife, and my bike to the island and cruise some stones and tip some pints with the locals. Currently recording Faust IV which includes 'KRAUTROCK'. I turned a friend on to Julian with Jehoviahkill and he quickly picked up on the Faust overtones, and lent me his very primo copy. Thank god(mother) that I recently aquired a B&O Beogram(been a digital drude for almost 10 years) so quite lucky.

Where is your spiritual place? I think that the we can pretty much assume the Brits are into Avebury, etc. But, I was fortunate to have started life out west in the Rockies. I strongly recommend Mesa Verde Colorado. What happened there is still anybodys guess. They just built these really cool Cliff Houses 2000 years ago, then disappeared(maybe the mothership did come). The Navajo, Zunis and Hopis call them the 'Ancient Ones'.

Santa Fe is definitely the center of my universe, it is a very spiritual, cosmic place.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Nov 25 09:17:35 EST 1996

My sister's in the Rockies now, and loves it! She's going to school (botany I think) at some place in Fort Collins. Are you familiar with that area?

As for my own "spiritual place," hmmm. I don't really regard myself as a very spiritual or religious person. I have less reverence for dead people and their creations than I do for living animals and plants, life in general.

Religion, Christianity especially, seems to love heirarchy. It elevates people above all other life, and certain people above other people. Priests and prophets and witch doctors and monks are too often, for my admittedly numb-witted tastes, revered for who they talk to than what they actually do to help themselves and others, and therefore help Life in general.

I'd say I'm a very Life oriented person, sympathetic to the Gaia principle, determinism, and all that. That makes me COLD and CYNICAL in the eyes of some people, specifically those that idolize humanity, but hey, there's a lot more non-human life than human life, so if there's a doggie heaven instead of a people heaven, I'll be on my way to bliss, bones, and bouncy balls, while the human-worshippers end up in the land of bears, briars, and baths. :)

Seriously, though, I'd say I am feeling most at peace when I am in the company of other people, not talking to them, but standing a little apart, knowing I can return to them at an instant, but taking the time to look out at the pure natural world, whether it be a dramatic sunset, lightly lapping waves, squirrels running around, ducks quacking, hawks soaring, trees swaying, clouds drifting, ants marching, flowers shimmering, and, as they are Life too, people milling and jostling and heirarching around loudly, but excitedly, just as natural as the trees.


Ron drude@gnn.com Wed Nov 27 19:46:57 EST 1996

Glad to know I'm in the right place, try hard not to post twice this time, but you know us 'old' cobol programmers have a tough time with all this new technology. I did get Interperter ordered yesterday. I usually use a place called Siren Disc, http://sirencd.com/order/htm (sorry HTML illiterate). But I actually talked to a 'limey'/'bloke'? (what do the brits call themselves?), anyway he was real cool said the CD was great, kinda Roxy Music thing going on, which doesn't mean to much to me. Julians my fave, and I find it hard to relate him to much of any one. I am amazed to hear Julian strains in various groups, but never do I hear any one execpt him in his music. As long as he records, I'll stay with it (at least everything that is available).

Spiritual was open ended, however you are on target with the Christianity thing, hierarchy is a much more elegant way of saying it is about 'power and money', no more, no less. One big con. The positive side is that it does attempt to establish some rules for humans, lest we run amuck like the animals we truely are. But, enough of that we can discuss that in another forum.

Fort Collins is rather far north, I was much more South into NM (around the Roswell area). Man, you talk about some strange stuff you see in the Sky. When I was 16 there was a week of constant UFO sightings by hundreds of people. And several times thru the years, I saw and heard about all kinds of weird things.

So, I guess thats why Julian hit me so hard(Peggy), cause you can just walk away from people out there in to the wilderness and be with nature, the universe, and get inside yourself and your place in it. I knew a young Cherokee in Dallas, and he talked about 'walks' of several days, much like I had done. I like in liner note in Peggy that says 'Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool'. I was fortunate to live in an area rich in culture, oldest known man in North America 'Clovis Man' was there, The Conquistidor's searching for the 7 Cities of gold.... so on and so forth. My interpitation is 'how do you know where you are going, unless you know where you came from?

Keep the faith.........whatever it may be.

Louise louise@hyperchat.co.uk Thu Nov 28 07:51:58 EST 1996

Hi all...

Apologies for not having been around much recently, but I've been heavily involved in moving house. I'm now getting settled in, so hopefully I'll soon get organised! *laughing ironically*

I'm hoping to hear soon from the folks at Screaming Secrets as to how Liverpool Explodes went... and somewhere in a box (probably in the spare room) I have Paul Browne's e-mail address... (Of course, the first thing that got unpacked was the Washburn &Trace Elliot! *giggle*)

Travis... Is there any chance of either rearranging this page so that this box is at the top, or archiving some of the posts? It's getting a little bit big! *grin*

mike fiddler fiddlerm@mail.dec.com Fri Nov 29 02:43:31 EST 1996

Hi All,

Not much Druidical stuff happening here, although I may go out to Avebury this sunday to play with my new camera....

I still haven't seen any tour dates at all, buy maybe he is playing in France or Germany?

more later


ps - Hi Loiuse, hope your move went OK.

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