Interpreters Volume 4 - (Upcoming)

If you missed the deadline for the previous volumes, don't worry! We are now collecting songs for Volume 4. Hopefully it won't take us 8 years to finish this one. :)

If you have songs you'd like to contribute, please contact me or post a note on the forum (in case the spam filters eat your email).

Tracks (received so far)

# Artist Song Length MP3
- Anton Barbeau Out of My Mind on Dope and Speed 3:02 listen download
- Danny Spacecat Safesurfer 8:18 listen download
- Electric Angels Land of Fear 4:11 listen download
- The Gnats All the Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers
(Will Realise the Minute They Die that They Were Suckers)
3:11 listen download
- The Grandma Sylvias Trampolene 3:41 listen download
- John LaPolla featuring Frank Maglio Electrical Stormgirl 1:54 listen download
- Peter Adcock Las Vegas Basement 4:24 listen download
- Peter Adcock Paranormal in the West Country 2:36 listen download
- Rob Ross Bandy's First Jump 2:32 listen download
- Rob Ross Colours Fly Away 2:38 listen download
- Rob Ross Laughing Boy 5:45 listen download
- Rob Ross Try Try Try 3:18 listen download
- The Runnies Pristeen 3:59 listen download
- The Runnies Soul Desert 5:24 listen download
Total: 54:56 listen all

Cover Art

I'll create the cover last, when all the songs are finalized.